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October 2001

Comments on UO:Blackthorn Revenge
On this thread here, Krum (Senior Programmer) made these clarifications on UO:Blackthorn Revenge :
The retail box will include a registration code that you can use to upgrade an existing account, so you will not need to start new characters.

You will need an upgrade registration code for each account you wish to access Ilshenar with the 2D client. This means you will need to buy a seperate retail box for each account. AFAIK there are no plans to give out freebie upgrade registration codes.

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Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2001, 10:59 PM EST by citizenKane2 (GeneralNews)

Black Dagger Interview with Vex of OSI, Part 2 Posted
Thanks to Silk from Black Dagger for sharing the following with us:
Black Dagger Interview with Vex of OSI, Part 2 Posted has posted the last part of their interview with Vex from OSI regarding the UO economy and other interesting items of current UO interest. You can find this part at

Here's a snippet form the interview:

Blackdagger: "Can you give us a hint about what the new "sub-skills" are all about (like masonry and glassblowing)?"

Vex: "...These new skill specializations are not whole skills in and of themselves. There will be a process and some limitations involved with characters learning the skill specializations, but they won't take skill points. You won't have to drop other skills in order to learn Glassblowing, for instance."

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Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2001, 10:21 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

Gargoyles Working Together ?
Calandryll made these remarks in this thread here on gargoyles
Actually, the code for destroyers healing enforcers is new code, very different than the orc mage stuff. They are much more intelligent about it. Enforcers actually "look" for a destoyer and if one is nearby, they get healed. The other stuff (like orcs) is much more random.

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Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2001, 8:18 PM EST by citizenKane2 (QuestandEventNews)

Hollo's Eve
>>> Felucca Facet News <<< Lord Steward Engval of Skara Brae, Felucca, sent us the following:
Generations ago the noble house of Pongrin wrongfully slew an innocent man. Through magic most foul the spirit of Hollo was brought back to bring a curse upon those who had wronged him and his family. Year after year the spirit of Hollo brought pain and mourning to the house of Pongrin and the the folk of Skara Brae who loved those of the Pongrin name. With the passage of time the Pongrin family dwindled away till none were left to feel the wrath of Hollo's anger. Over the passing years something more sinister occured, the spirit of Hollo had become possessed and corrupted by a demon who sought to sow a plague upon the land. Using the anger of Hollo the demon turned the curse upon the children of Skara Brae.

So each year we prepare Skara Brae for the coming of Hollo's spirit. Each year we hide away the children and place pumpkin lanterns upon the doorways to keep the ghost at bay. The citizen's stand ready in the streets to yell the phrase that turns Hollo from its course. "Hollo Ween! Hollo Ween!" For only with the power of these words can Hollo be kept from the children. Our failure to drive Hollo away will result in the death of one of our precious children.

I ask all whom receive this message to ride to Skara Brae upon the day of Hollo's rising and help defend our children from the plague tainted claws of Hollo's ghost.

Hollo will rise from its grave upon the coming of night (between 8 and 10 pm PST) on the 3rd day of November. The unloading of the shipment of pumpkins will start at 8 pm with the telling of the story of Hollo occuring at 8:30 pm at Ailynne's Grove (next to the stables). If time allows before the fall of darkness, a scavenger hunt will be held to while away the time. But, upon the fall of darkness all frivolity gives ways to stern determination to protect the innocent. A breakfast meal will be served with the rise of the sun and with fate's blessing may all our children be safe.

Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2001, 8:02 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Pacific)

Using UO2 Stuff in UO Expansion
On an e-mail discussion, Calandryll explained that the new UO expansion will not just include McFarland’s monster creations for UO2.

…In addition to the monsters made for UO2, McFarlane also concepted about 20 brand new monsters specifically for UO.

and when asked if the new characters were “recycled” UO2 characters, Calandryll responded:

We (the UO designers) concepted some ideas for new monsters about 4 to 5 months ago, sent those ideas to McFarlane who then made the art. They are not recycled and they were never concepted for UO2.

I think people have been expecting us to recycle stuff from UO2 and hence come into this with some preconceived notions. I don't blame them actually since we have already used some stuff originally slated for UO2 and will continue to. We will be using some stuff originally made for UO2, I've been saying that for months. But, we also made stuff specific for UO.

The virtue system isn't even remotely based on UO2's avatar quest (I've
never even seen a design doc for it), nor is any of the AI we are working on.

and….'s certainly a lot better than just letting it sit we can use it to further the fiction which is always nice. It's kind of funny, but before this even became an idea, we had the fiction for Exodus'entrance into UO already written. When the idea came up to use some of the McFarlane stuff originally made for UO2, the fit was so perfect (this will make sense as the fiction unfolds) it was almost unreal. And then when we got him to create 20 brand new monsters (that we got to concept) that we will use in future scenarios that was icing on the cake. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about this. :)

When asked about using UO2’s 3D engine:

Trying to take UO2's engine and slap it onto UO would be a monumental task, certainly not something that could be done by the time new box ships. Remember, UO2 wasn't designed to be a replacement for UO. UO2's interface, client, wearable technology, server code, etc. are all pretty different.

-Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna

Designer, Ongoing Content

a wizard did it

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Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2001, 7:24 PM EST by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

Unused Character Cleanup
Now in testing for next update:

Character data takes up a great deal of space on the servers. Many players have multiple characters that they do not play (characters made for one-time events, made during their regular shard downtime, etc.). Purging characters that are not being used will result in shorter backups, decreasing shard down time and increasing overall performance.

Characters are deleted after not having been used for 6 months unless:

· The character has over 750 total skill points.
· Characters at or below 750 total skill points will need to be "refreshed".
· Refreshing is defined as logging a character in and then logging out. Logging in a character will reset the six month timer.

Characters will be deleted after not having been refreshed (logged in) for a year, regardless of skill points.

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Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2001, 6:50 PM EST by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

2D Players Will be Able to Enter Ilshenar
On the MyUO Discussion Boards, Calandryll’s announcement will make 2D players very happy. The “package” refers to the new upgrade announced in the press release.

Actually, it's not in the press release, but the new package allows 2d access to Ilshenar. :)

Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
Designer, Ongoing Content
a wizard did it

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Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2001, 6:38 PM EST by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

UO Herbal opens
Deane Saunders, creator of the 3D rendered house pictures, sent us the following announcement:
I have finally put the finishing touches on my new website "UO Herbal" ( and would like to announce it on the community news section.

It is a "roleplayed" website, in that it provides information about the many flowers, herbs and trees scattered around Sosaria. It provides absolutely no useful ingame information, but should be of interest to those who may wish to roleplay an alchemist or healer to best effect. Failing that, it provides the knowledgeable mind with a few more useless facts to blurt out! Some of the information is fact and some is fiction, there is a warning however, that if anyone should wish to try the real herbal remedies mentioned on the site, that they should consult a qualified herbalist/doctor first!

Deane Saunders/Myrex of The Earthsea Adventurers [Éa], Europa


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Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2001, 4:48 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

UOCC and UO HoC chat info
The complete log of the Twenty-nineth UO Celebrity chat with Fear has been posted, and is available from the UO House of Commons web site.

And don't forget to tune in tomorrow, for the monthly UO HoC development team chat in channel #uohoc on Stratics IRC.

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Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2001, 3:37 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

BNN - Motives
A new story from Gromm is up on the official UO-Site. Some information is revealed that will ultimately lead us to Lord Blackthorn's Revenge:

The cloaked figure moved silently through dark hallways, only the sound of flickering torches echoing as he passed. At his approach, the doors at the end of the passage slowly pushed open with the heavy grinding sound of metal on stone. As he passed through the doorway, his hand made a small gesture and the doors slammed shut behind him with a deafening thunder.

"Exodus," he spoke in his deep voice, "it seems your lack of understanding of the humans could very well cost us this entire campaign!" His arm shot out and knocked a small statue across the room like an arrow. The small lights on the far wall began to sparkle like firelight through gems.

"Calm yourself. The humans have yet to even discover our security measures." The voice droned on like a constant buzzing of insect wings. "Ver Lor Reg remains under my complete control. The workers have started construction on even more of my overseers. The control device is protected."

"One of my spies managed to bring me a report this morning from Britain. It seems the King's old lackey Nystul has one of the power crystals and is examining it as we speak." The figure began to pace slowly, his cloak drifting behind him slightly.

Exodus paused and the lights flickered for a moment. "The mage could not learn the secrets of the devices we have scattered over Britannia."

"No, but he may learn enough! You underestimate the humans at every turn, Exodus!" He turned and faced the wall of lights, drifting closer as he spoke. "I warned you this man might cause us trouble. You chose not to concern yourself. I warned you that the humans might discover our lair. Again, you did not show concern. Now, not only does this blasted wizard have a power crystal in his laboratory but his search party, although now dead, did discover us and now your very name is being whispered by every human!"

"You believe we will fail?"

"I believe I understand humans better than you." The figure resumed pacing. "Was it not my understanding and knowledge of this world that made you approach me?"

"Yes it was. And the fact that you were human. A human whose diligence for ruling this world would compare to my own. And a human with ideas greater than those of the king who stood in power above him." The lights glinted for a moment. "That is why I gave you power. I have been away from Britannia for too long."

"I would suggest you begin to acclimate yourself by not underestimating the world we are trying to conquer. Had I not suggested you orchestrate the confusion with the savages and orcs, the humans might have found you before a single golem had been built!" The figure pointed angrily towards the source of Exodus' voice. "We risk the loss of the gargoyle slaves and our golems! What then? Since I have joined you I have yet to hear you speak of how we shall conquer Britannia without an army!"

"I assume you have thoughts on the matter?" Exodus replied calmly.

The figure lowered his arm and regained his composure. "I have been studying the records you gave me. I believe we may have other options should we lose the gargoyle city." The dark figure turned away from the lights and slowly drifted towards the doorway. "I have business to attend to. We shall discuss it when I return."

"As you wish."

The cloaked figure moved his hand and the heavy doors swung open slowly. He turned back to Exodus' voice. "As I said before, I will not be satisfied until victory is absolute."

"You will have your vengeance on Britannia,” Exodus said. "Soon all humans will know you as Lord Blackthorn, ruler of Sosaria."

As Blackthorn turned and moved out of the chamber, he could not help but smile.

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Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2001, 12:51 PM EST by Teich Dragon (QuestandEventNews)

Stellerex's Secret Message Revealed!
This latest Press Release from Electronic Arts prompted me to head back to Stellerex's Comments from the Team from September 5, 2001. Remember, the one where he kept saying that he was providing us hints of things to come if we just looked closely enough? Well, I'm happy to say that his code has finally been broken. It was so obvious, yet also so elusive. What was the code? Simple - The first letter of each sentence pulled out to create 3 separate phrases, as follows:



And best of all ----


Well, the first two have come to pass, so looks like we will finally all get to explore the land of Ilshenar as well. Very good to hear! And for those that still don't understand the importance of this hint, Calandryll posted the following on the forums:

Actually, it's not in the press release, but the new package allows 2d access to Ilshenar. :)

Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
Designer, Ongoing Content

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Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2001, 12:38 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Ultima Online: Lord Blackthorn's Revenge
The following Press Release from Electronic Arts was just spotted over at Yahoo Finance:
Todd McFarlane to Collaborate On New Version of Ultima Online

Ultima Online: Lord Blackthorn's Revenge to Feature More Than 30 New Monsters

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 31, 2001--Origin Systems, an Electronic Arts (Nasdaq:ERTS - news) development studio, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Grammy and Emmy-winning producer/director Todd McFarlane, creator of Spawn, McFarlane Toys and, to create characters exclusively for Ultima Online(TM): Lord Blackthorn's Revenge, the latest version in the award-winning Ultima Online (UO) series. The company is also partnering with McFarlane and McFarlane Toys to develop both a line of six action figures based on the new UO creatures and two comic books based on Ultima Online: Lord Blackthorn's Revenge.

``Ultima Online redefined the massively multiplayer online game genre in 1997 and it continues to raise the bar in terms of innovation to this day,'' said Ben Noel, vice president and chief operating officer of Origin Systems. ``Collaborating on the creation of new characters with Todd McFarlane and bringing them to life in the world of Britannia is going to be extremely exciting for the thousands of UO players who are always seeking new content and challenging adventures to discover in the game.''

``I am looking forward to working with the Ultima Online team on the new character and creature art which can come to life in 3D animated form in the next version of the game,'' said McFarlane. ``The UO community has come to expect great things from this evolving online world and there is no doubt that these new characters will significantly enhance the game while delivering a whole new level of excitement.''

Ultima Online: Lord Blackthorn's Revenge will bring players into a dark world under siege where they will discover more than 30 new and exotic characters created by McFarlane. Players will face evil forces that have aligned their powers in an attempt to destroy the virtuous and take control of Britannia. Integrated into the fiction as the evil tyrant who controls most of the new, fantastical monsters is Blackthorn, a character present throughout UO's history but who has now undergone a transformation which has left him half human and all evil. Blackthorn's forces, comprised of many of McFarlane's creatures, lend a dark, edgy twist to the game. Players will encounter and can elect to interact with other McFarlane characters as they wind their way through Britannia.

McFarlane's creatures will be challenging to beat. Their AI will be oriented toward strategic combat tactics as opposed to simple skill gain. For example, players will have to discover which combat or magic tactical combination works on a given species of monster. As players immerse themselves in the game, they will discover a new strain of fiction unfolding, where their actions will determine the outcome of in-game events. For instance, if a group of monsters is trying to overpower a town, the players can band together and push the monsters back. However, without a strong player response, the town can be lost to the monster. A new Virtue System will be woven into UO, adding depth to the dynamic storyline. The system allows players to be rewarded or denied virtues based on their choices and behavior during the game.

New UO players will quickly become engrossed in the latest version of the game with the assistance of an intuitive help feature and stronger starting character templates, which allow new players greater opportunity to strengthen their skills and abilities early in the game. Players will discover more than 30 new items to craft, collect and trade in the world of Ilshenar -- the backdrop for Lord Blackthorn's Revenge and location of Blackthorn's castle.

Origin(TM) is also extending the UO world via two upcoming limited edition comic books based on the UO game's prequel fiction and an action figure line, all being created by McFarlane. The first comic book is an eight-page mini book that will have a limited release prior to the game's launch in February. It includes a cliffhanger ending that players can solve only by playing the game. The second, a full 24-page comic book, will be exclusively available inside the game package, shipping in February. The six action figures will be based on the characters McFarlane designs for Ultima Online: Lord Blackthorn's Revenge.

McFarlane, renown for creating Amazing Spider Man for Marvel Comics, began drawing comic book heroes in high school. In 1984, upon graduation from college, he landed at Marvel/Epic Comics. His credits include Scorpio Rose, The Incredible Hulk, the Batman book, two issues of Batman: Year Two, and Detective. He started McFarlane Entertainment in 1992, which produced Spawn, the best-selling independent comic book of all time.

Ultima Online has 225,000 subscribers and is played in more than 50 countries located in every time zone.

About Electronic Arts

Founded in 1982, Electronic Arts posted revenues of more than $1.3 billion for fiscal 2001. The company develops, publishes and distributes software worldwide for the Internet, personal computers and video game systems. Electronic Arts markets its products under four brand names: EA SPORTS(TM), EA GAMES(TM), EA SPORTS BIG(TM) and EA.COM(SM). More information about EA's products and full text of press releases can be found on the Internet at

Note to Editors: Electronic Arts, Origin Systems, Origin, Ultima, Ultima Online, EA SPORTS, EA GAMES and EA SPORTS BIG are trademarks or registered trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. EA.COM is a service mark of Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2001, 12:28 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Standing Against the Empire
White Lotus writes today telling of a weathered warrior that seems to have entered the frey against the EoA. A "hired consultant" so it seems.

Time will tell

Squinting into the clouds of dust raised by the horses racing around her, she watches the wily old warrior.

He stands yelling out orders to the eager pupils around him. "Buddy heal...stay together...", he screams above the din. "Ach, you'll die that way", he taunts one of the warriors.

Seeing how the warriors and mages try hard to please him, White Lotus smiles. "They will learn", she mumbles to herself.

The old warrior strides to the center of the circle of horses and yells to the group. "Let's try that again", he yells, "This time try to stay together. If you get too far apart, they will pick you off one by one."

Wiping the sweat off his face, one of the warriors shouts "Die you filthy Drow". Grinning he glances at the old warrior. "When death looks you in the face, I doubt you will have time to shout insults", the old warrior snaps back.

Satisfied that the CDB will be properly trained to engage in the battles with EOA, White Lotus walks back to the house and stares across the vast expanse of water. "I know you are out there EOA, but be warned, we are going to be ready for you", she silently says to the wind.

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Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2001, 10:11 AM EST by Barth VanDorn (GreatLakes)

Impy's Weekly Offering
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<The "imp's" over at Impy's left this scroll for me a few days ago, but my quill ran out of ink to scribe it over. Hope this faded text turns out ok.

Impy's Weekly Events

Auctions and Costume Contests: Wednesday and Thursday, 9pm EST.
In the spirit of the holiday, Impy's will be holding a costume contest in conjunction with the weekly auctions. All who attend will be glanced at and judged. Just before the last item is auctioned on either night, the winner will be announced.

This week has certainly been full of surprises at Impy's. The rares chests are over flowing a bit more than normal. Flour sifter, a Pure Mare, and Pure Garlic top the list. Followed closely by bags and bags of Holiday Items (bells, fruitcakes, easter eggs, egg nog, ect). Coal Ingots, Rope and Treasure Hunting Packages can also be found up for auction. We have tons of Armor and Weapons. Stop out this week for what will surely be a great couple of auctions.

As always, Runes to Riches and the Mystery Chest games will also be played this week following the auction, so please stick around and take a chance with lady luck. Impy has asked that you please stable your pets before the auction as he is allergic to wet fur.

If you need a rune visit one of our rune vendors located through out the lands. Vendors can be found at: StarLite (Vesper, Trammel), next door to the RD Stables (Felucca), the Sandlewood Box Inn (Dead Heaven, Felucca), Kazola’s TreeTop Keg and Winery (Felucca), Cove Merchant’s Guild and Blacksmith Shoppe (Cove, Felucca), the Mystic Portal (Trammel), the Garden City Mall (Cove, Trammel), or at Kishan's Vendor Expo (Trammel).

~Impy’s Staff

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Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2001, 9:56 AM EST by Barth VanDorn (GreatLakes)

On NPC Adjustable Pricing
On the MyUO Discussion Boards, Vex (Designer) responded to the concern that allowing players to sell commodities to NPC’s at 1 gold below the current NPC price, not matter what the price the player bought it for. The player expressed a concern that this system would be exploitable (like the old house deed loop hole).

As soon as you begin selling back to an NPC, that NPC begins dropping its price. Yes, you can make limited short-term profits buying low and selling high -- but ultimately all that does is help stabilize prices between shopkeepers across a shard.


The NPC price of ingots will be able to reach a fair market value, buyers will always have a ready supply, and sellers will always have a ready buyer. It's all good. :) .

and Vex responded to concern that rich players would pay very high NPC prices for ingots:

That would be good for miners, then, because they would be able to make nice profits if prices ever got up that high. I seriously doubt the price will get that high, though. But it will be very interesting to watch. .


…If you simply couldn't get an ingot for less than 30gp anywhere, all that means is smiths will have to adjust their prices upwards to match. If anyone tries to undercut the competition too much, you could make a profit buying their stuff and smelting it down and selling back the ingots. And, all those worthless metal weapons and armor pieces that are usually left on monster corpses would suddenly be more valuable than the gold found on the corpse.

But that's assuming ingot prices ever got that high. I'm betting the price will stabilize somewhere between 10 and 15 per ingot. As the price climbs, ingots will fall out of the woodwork and be sold back to the NPCs, quickly bringing the price back down. .

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Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2001, 7:26 AM EST by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

Map Technology Updated
On the MyUO Discussion Boards, a poster noticed that the map updating technology was included in the patch. The dev team responded:

It also allows us to change Trammel and Felucca independantly of each other. :)

-FierY iCe
Programmer: Ultima Online


1). Yes. Terrain and statics...
2). It is for differences between existing terrain and statics.
3). No plans to nuke green acres, at the moment.
4). The system is not shard specific, once turned on.

UO Live Designer
Happy birthday to UO!


The whole map is just data. This system allows us to modify that data. Any data in the map that is considered terrain and static artwork can be modified.

UO Live Designer
Happy birthday to UO!

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Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2001, 7:04 AM EST by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

Grand Opening of Jeremey's Resource Shop
A new shop, full of a veritable treasure trove of items is about to open its doors.

When: Thursday 1st of November at 6PM Sydney Australian time

Where:Ice island 120(deg) 3'N, 178(deg) 7'W

Runes Will be placed around Every Major Bank
Hope to see you there!


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Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2001, 1:04 AM EST by Chainsaw Knight (Oceania)

Dark Night of the Soul: The Cards Speak
I curled up by the fire, sitting on my fur and wrapped up in blankets. From my mug, the hot mead was steaming and tracing delicate patterns in the air. Nothing better than a good story on a crisp fall night!'s never fall on Dagger Island. Just snow, snow and more snow. But having something good to read makes it all better!
If eyes were indeed the window to the soul, the eyes of the man standing over her would have been stained glass. They told as much as they revealed, and the facets of the man were as much a myriad as the colors that dappled his satin grey eyes from time to time. Now, as they looked down at the cards, the glow behind them was a deep vermilion, and his anger was only thinly veiled.

She did not fear him, despite the fury that even the casual observer could discern in his movements and in his voice…and in his eyes. Here was a man to be envied, to be wary of, to be entranced by. Few women could resist him, few men could deny him. Those who had done so in the past often found that his fury was doused with their blood.

“The cards lie!” The words were followed by a gypsy curse as old as the first blood spilled.

Rilla looked up at him, a slow smile guardedly growing upon her lips. Her head moved from side to side as if too much movement might break it. “You are Rom, you know tachiben when you hear it from the cards.”

“Truth?” he railed. “What is tachiben but what I say it is? I am Shora here. I say what is tatcho.”

The Romanichal words rang strong in Rilla’s ears, yet for all his words he could not shape the truth. “Dordi! You cannot make what is not into being, and you cannot change the cards that you asked for when they fall upon the table.”

Raif put his hands upon the table, scattering the cards about him, the gold backings flashing in the candlelight, and the swirls seeming to come to life as they fell upon the ground. “Read them again, kamava.” He leaned over and kissed her, deliberately and forcefully. She did not object, but rather seemed to enjoy it. Snaking her hands into his hair, she pulled him closer to her, channeling his anger into a different emotion.

She pulled him back and laughed. “Ah, that passion could make truth!” she said, eyes dancing to a rhythm they both knew well. His stern look dissolved into laughter, and they kissed again, this time with less force and more affection. It was still enough to make ice melt and any sane man jealous. But no eyes watched them, alone in their wagon, in the depths of the forests of Yew.

He picked the cards up, and handed them to her. “Read again, kamava. Perhaps the cards will shift and we may know more.” His voice was thick with many emotions. His very presence was enough to disarm most women. She was not most women, and she was most definitely not disarmed. Were she so, she would have been no more than a few hours’ toy to Raif.

“The end will be the same,” Rilla said as she shuffled the cards. “The path will be the same. What must be done cannot be changed. To have what you seek, you must seek with what you have.”

One by one, she turned the cards over on the table.

..........The Chariot.....................The Star

The Hanged Man.....The Wheel of Fortune.....Justice

..........The Moon........................The Lovers

“This is no normal reading, Raif. If it were, your future would not be bleak at all. Many will cross our paths. We must go out as we are, and find the rest of the Tome of Dark Waters. In it lie the pieces to the past. In it are the hidden mysteries of the past from whence the curse arose, and only by following the path of the cards may we find what we seek. First the book, then the truth, then the curse… and last the lifting of it.” She touched The Lovers. It was the only card that was reversed.

“When the path is followed,” Rilla continued, “you will find the book once again, and with it the truth of the past. In each place must you seek the card. It will not be the card itself perhaps, for the card may be but a symbol. It may be a person, or it may be something more. Only when we seek, shall we find what it is. More I do not know. Only by seeking will we find the book. Only by the book will we find the truth and set right what is wrong. Only then will the spirits of the lost tribe rest. Only then will you not become a Muladi as your ancestors did.”

He took the cards, and with a movement only a man of great power and passion can muster, he stood at the door and scattered them to the winds.

“Let the search begin then,” he said. He turned and surveyed the small wagon. “Not enough room,” he said, a smile widening the light in his eyes. With a look somewhere between that of a small mischievous boy and the visage of some distant God, he took her in his arms and carried her from the wagon to the shores of the river.

“If you call me by another man’s name this time, I swear I will slit your throat,” Raif said sternly. Rilla laughed until he finally laughed with her. “Did you know you talk in your sleep?” Rilla answered, and after a moment’s wary glance, they began laughing again.

“If no tomorrow comes, I shall be happy with what was today,” Rilla whispered to him.

“Tomorrow will come,” Raif answered. “And you will be in it. But enough words, woman!”

No more words, but neither was there silence. Only the night heard their sighs and only the lady moon watched what no man should ever share.

And she, oh, she was jealous… indeed.

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Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2001, 12:58 AM EST by Idun Syn (Chesapeake)

FYI - Testing for the Next Publish,
Posted on the FYI section of the official UO website :
We are targeting to publish the items listed in Testing for Next Update to one shard this week, provided that no unforeseen issues arise during the testing phase. The changes are currently on Test Center 6, and we encourage all players to participate in testing these items and to report any bugs you may find to [email protected] When submitting a bug report to our QA department, please remember to include the following information:

- Your UO account name (do not include your password)
- The time, date, shard, and facet of the occurrence
- What steps you took that led up to the bug
- Whether or not you tried to repeat the bug, and if you succeeded

We will post another update once we have more information on a possible release date.

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Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2001, 8:34 PM EST by citizenKane2 (GeneralNews)

Context Sensitive Menus
The following was added to “Testing for Next Update.”

Speech triggers in Ultima Online can be difficult to use in certain situations, such as buying or selling from a vendor standing behind a counter in a crowded shop. With the variety of speech triggers in use, it can also be quite a task just to learn them all!

Context-sensitive menus are new menus players can use to access the various functionalities available on creatures and NPCs, such as accessing the shopkeeper interface, being trained by an NPC, ordering a pet to attack, or opening your bank box from a banker.

The default method of accessing these menus will be a single left-click on the creature or NPC, although players can change it to use shift-left-click instead if they prefer. For the first few days after this system’s activation, a gump will pop up the first time a player logs in, allowing them to choose how they wish to access these menus (left-click vs. shift-left-click). Players will always be able to go back and change this option later.

If you click on an NPC or creature you can interact with, you can select from several relevant options, such as:

Bankers now have the following menu options:

- Open Bankbox
. Player must be within 8 tiles of banker.
. Player must not be a criminal.

Shopkeepers now have the following menu options:

- Buy
. Player must be within 8 tiles of shopkeeper.
. Player must not have the lowest level of karma.
. Player must not be a murderer.
- Sell
. Player must be within 8 tiles of shopkeeper.
. Player must not have the lowest level of karma.
. Player must not be a murderer.
Escorts now have the following menu options available:

- Accept Escort
. Player must be within 3 tiles of escort.
. Escort must be available.
. Player must not have an escort already.
. Player’s last escort acceptance must have been over 5 minutes ago.

- Ask Destination
. Player must be within 3 tiles of escort.
. Escort must be available or escorted by you.
- Abandon Escort
. Escort must be escorted by you.

Pets and Hirelings now have the following menu options:

(For all pet/hireling commands, player must be within 12 tiles of the pet/hireling, and be the owner of the pet/hireling.)
- Command: Kill
- Command: Stop
- Command: Follow
- Command: Stay
- Command: Guard
- Add Friend
- Transfer

Pets have the following additional menu option:

- Release

Hirelings have the follow additional menu options:

- Hire (NPC must not be employed; i.e. no master.)
- Dismiss

All animals that can be tamed will have the following menu option:

- Tame

. Player must be within 8 tiles of creature.
. Animal must not already be tame.
. Player must have the required taming skill.

Stablemasters now have the following menu options:

- Claim All

. Player must be within 8 tiles of the stablemaster.
. Player must have 1 or more pets stabled.

- Stable Pet

. Player must be within 8 tiles of the stablemaster.

All NPCs who can train, including shopkeepers, will have the following menu options:

- Train

. NPC must not be unemployed; i.e. no master.
. NPC must at least 60.0 in the skill to be trained.
. Player must have any prereqs for skill.
. Player must have less than 1/3 of the trainer's skill.

All human NPCs and players have the following menu option:

- Open Paperdoll

Your own avatar has the following menu option:

- Open Backpack

If you are young and going through the directed experience:

- View Quest Log

House Lockdown and Item Placement, House Banning, and Ship Commands are extremely complex systems, and the menus needed to access all the necessary functions would be huge and unwieldy. New systems for these may be addressed in a later publish.

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Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2001, 8:19 PM EST by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

Testing For Next Update - More Items
More items have been added to the Testing for Next Update section, including the Commodities Update (relating to the 5 specific resources set out in an earlier news post). These items include :

1. Context Sensitive Menus - Context-sensitive menus are new menus players can use to access the various functionalities available on creatures and NPCs, such as accessing the shopkeeper interface, being trained by an NPC, ordering a pet to attack, or opening your bank box from a banker. More information may be found here

2. Bulk Order Deeds - A system that gives crafters (in this case, blacksmiths) the chance to fulfill bulk orders of specified items in return for extra rewards. More information may be found here

3. Changes to Animal Lore - Animal Lore skill will be updated as a stand-alone skill, to accommodate localization issues and player- and Dev Team-driven suggested changes. This update does not include any changes where Animal Lore coordinates with any other skill. Players will be able to use Animal Lore to gain two items of additional information about a given animal. More information may be found here

4. Crafting System Overhaul - Several updates and changes will occur that will eventually affect all of Ultima Online’s crafting systems. The goals of these changes include: creating a consistent interface for all crafting skills, allowing the player to understand a greater level of detail about his crafting activities, greater CPU efficiency, and adaptability & expandability as crafting systems are modified at later dates. More information may be found here

5. Updates to the Faction System - A comprehensive list of changes and fixes being made to the Faction System. More information may be found here.

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Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2001, 8:16 PM EST by citizenKane2 (GeneralNews)

Client Patch 3.0.5
We will be releasing a client patch on Tuesday, October 30th at approximately 2:40pm CST. This patch contains the following changes:

2D Client

- Radar in 2D will now resize when double-clicked

- Bulletin boards will no longer display garbled text when displaying messages without a subject

3D Client

- Stack gumps close themselves if the item they are being used for gets deleted

- Fixed a bug resulting in inaccurate color selection

Both Clients

- Pop-Up help has been disabled

- Fix for a bug that resulted in the orkish kin mask being drawn on a player’s paperdoll and avatar when it no longer actually existed

- Various fixes in regards to putting pins on course gumps

- Fix for a bug that caused a party member’s paperdoll to become unclothed when the party member ran off screen

- Various localization fixes

The current versions should now be 3.0.5d (2D client) and 3.0.5e Build 81 (3D client).

If you have any difficulty receiving this patch, please check the following:

- Check the “Patch” directory within your Ultima Online directory (the default location is C:\\Program Files\Ultima Online\Patch). This directory should be empty. Any files in this directory should be deleted.

- If you are unable to connect to the patch server at all, and are using an original (Non-T2A) version of Ultima Online, you may need to update your verinfo file. For details on updating this file, please see the information posted at

- Run a virus scan on your computer. Undetected viruses may cause conflicts with patching Ultima Online. For information on up-to-date virus detection software, please visit

If after trying the above, you are still experiencing difficulty patching the Ultima Online client, please contact Technical Support at [email protected].

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Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2001, 7:34 PM EST by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

UO's Economy, Part II
Vex made these comments on as part of the on-going “Comments from the Live Team” program:

Howdy! This is the second installment in a series of comments from me on the state of, and our future plans for, the virtual in-game economy of Ultima Online.

Recently, we made some changes to UO that were intended to increase the availability and stabilize the prices of reagents. Those changes worked as intended, but there was an unfortunate side effect. The availability of many other commonly used supplies increased enormously as well. Leather, boards, ingots, arrows, and crossbow bolts suddenly became widely available at cheap prices. In-game resource gatherers were heavily impacted by this.

Now, we just need to do some fine-tuning.

One thing that the original UO designers and the current design team share is a desire to see a well-functioning economy in the game. As I've stated before, I believe we are halfway there. However, certain economical factors (namely, NPC prices) cause choke points that adversely affect pricing and availability of commodities in Britannia's marketplace. Here are the biggest issues:

1> Inflation

Currently, the way UO is set up, the amount of gold in circulation steadily increases over time. Basically, the amount of gold that can be created through monster loot in any given day is a considerable amount. Gold cannot leave the system at a comparable rate. Over time, with gold in greater and greater supply, two things happen. First, for the big-ticket items like rares and houses that are traded strictly between players, prices will tend to rise. Second, since prices for many items are fixed by the system and can't rise to meet inflation, they inevitably lose some of their value.

How do you address inflation? Basically, we need to find ways to take gold out of the system. An issue we face is that we can't simply take the gold away. We have to return value for the gold lost. This means things like taxes may not be all that effective. Instead, we feel a combination of two approaches will help the situation. First, we need more big-ticket "gold sinks" that sufficiently motivate players to spend the money. And second, we need to find ways to attach reasonable and small recurring costs to new game features that don't hurt players but steadily siphon off gold a little bit at a time.

Ideally, it should be possible for gold to exit the system about as fast as it comes in. This can be accomplished by having gold drains that are proportional to the amount of gold in the system. If there is a limit to the amount of gold created per unit time, and a percentage of that gold is drained out of the system per unit time, then there is an equilibrium point where gold enters and exits the system at more or less the same rate. This point would vary depending on many factors, like how much people hunt and loot, and how much people utilize the gold-draining features of the game.

2> Hard-coded prices

This is related to #1 above. When prices are fixed and can't adjust to inflation, the value of different items becomes skewed. The prices that NPCs charge for their limited supply of things are vastly different from the prices that players charge each other for larger quantities of the same things. For example, the way it used to be, players would tend to pay more per ingot based on the size of the transaction. Players were exchanging gold for time -- it was worth paying an extra few gold per ingot to get a huge number of ingots all at once. The player-to-player ingot price reflected fair marked value based on real supply and demand and inflation. NPCs didn't figure into the picture because they didn't stock many ingots. Now, all that has changed. Huge quantities of ingots can be bought at a fixed price from NPCs, and the player-to-player ingot trade has been affected by this.

To address hard-coded prices, some fair means must be found to take NPCs out of the equation. This basically means a system that allows NPCs to adjust their prices based on the actual market, using a non-exploitable algorithm. We think we have found a workable solution, which will be discussed in a moment.

Given the need to combat inflation and the undesirability of hard-coded prices, there are other factors to consider as well. Number one is availability. The game's virtual economics shouldn't adversely affect anyone's playstyle. This is why, for example, we couldn't just remove NPC merchants from the game completely. If nobody is on selling what you need, then your time is being wasted. You'll either resort to playing differently than you want to (like, making a sword instead of just buying one to kill monsters), or you'll log out and go elsewhere.

So, here's the solution. For those commodities that can be gathered/created by players in bulk, NPCs will now adjust their prices based on actual activity and have unlimited quantities in stock. For now, these items are: boards, ingots, leather, arrows, and crossbow bolts. All other items (like reagents, etc.) will continue to be traded by NPCs exactly as they do now. But, for these five items, NPCs will trade them differently.

1> Players may buy or sell up to 500 of these items to/from an NPC at one time.

2> For every 1000 units sold to a player, the NPC raises its price by 1 gold per unit.

3> For every 1000 units bought from a player, the NPC drops its price by 1 gold per unit.

4> The NPC always pays players 1 gold per unit less than the price at which it sells the item.

5> NPC prices for these items are stored in the backup, meaning they won't reset in the morning.

6> There are other features in place to prevent problems cropping up from shopkeepers being killed or deleted.

This means that players who need these items will find them always available. It also means that the prices for these items will adjust to meet a fair market price. The idea is that as consumers buy these items, their prices steadily increase. As prices increase, players will be motivated to sell back stockpiles (or go create some more and sell them). Now, since NPCs pay one gold less than they charge, their activity begins to act as a gold drain that is only a small amount per transaction, but over time will remove huge amounts of gold from the system.

The new NPC behavior lessens the possibility of exploits. It may also make available a new in-game merchant profession, where players will buy from one NPC at a low price and sell back to another at a higher price. Players will be able to profit by this short-term, but since that activity will stabilize prices, the profit potential is limited. There may be big gains to be made early on, but down the line prices will have to be watched carefully and price differences used quickly. It's even expected that this change will somewhat increase inter-facet travel, as enterprising merchants expand their horizons in search of a better deal.

If successful, we would eventually like to expand this system to cover everything traded by NPCs in the game. However, in order to do something like that, it would require a lot of changes to be made. Foremost, players would have to be able to gather or create any commodity (like reagents, blank scrolls, etc.) in amounts large enough for supply to meet demand.

For those who have questions or concerns, visit the Discussions forum. I'll try to answer as many questions about this as I can.

Michael "Vex" Moore
Designer, UO Live

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Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2001, 7:21 PM EST by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

2v2 PvP Tournament Scheduled
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<Hail combatants of Lake Superior! This Thursday, November 1 at 10:30pm Eastern Time, there will be a 2v2 tournament at MeRLiN Black's tower, located in the swamps south of Trinsic in Felucca. ENTRY FEE IS 15k PER TEAM, WINNING TEAM TAKES ALL. Spectators are 2k.

The rules are the following, further rules to be explained later:

-No potions in mage vs. mage duels
-No hiding or fleeing the arena
-No pets/summoned creatures
-No poison more powerful than Greater Poison
-No magic items of any kind
-No tribal spears or Virtue Shields

Please note that while it is preferred that you already have a partner, there will be a few soloists that will be without a partner that we can hook you up with. It would be appreciated, however, if everyone comes with a partner.

Please bring enough reagents, potions, and bandages to last you for several rounds of fighting. Griefers (theieves, faction fighting, O/C fighting) will be banned from the tower and their entry fees will not be returned. Any violation of the rules will also result in forfeiture of the entry fee and the expulsion of the offenders.

Gates will be provided for all players who do not know where the tower is located. Gates will be provided at the Moonglow and Skara Brae banks at 10pm EST, as well as at the Chaos Shrine for red/faction players. Any questions will be answered on the thread in the LS Stratics forum. Until then, my friends, fight and die well!

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Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2001, 5:14 PM EST by Lugh (LakeSuperior)

Commodities Update
A new item in Testing for Next Update:
Five specific resources will be affected in how they are purchased from, and sold to, by NPC shopkeepers. These five commodities are: leather, ingots (iron), wood (boards), crossbow bolts, and arrows. These changes are designed to help accommodate consumers, allowing them to purchase these five commodities in bulk, while not excluding the efforts of related resource gathering professionals.

The details of this update are listed below.

Five specific resources will be affected by this change, referred to in this document as the “five commodities.” They are:
  • leather
  • ingots (iron)
  • wood (boards)
  • crossbow bolts
  • arrows

These NPC shopkeepers will track the sales and purchases of these commodities, and adjust their prices based on how much of these items they buy from or sell to players.
  • NPC shopkeepers will always have 500 of their respective commodity for sale.
  • Each NPC will track prices individually for each of the five commodities.
  • If the NPC sells more of these commodities to players than she has bought from players, her price for that commodity will increase.
  • If the NPC doesn’t buy or sell any of a particular commodity, her price for that commodity won’t change.
  • If the NPC buys and sells similar amounts of a particular commodity, his or her price for that commodity won't change.
  • If the NPC buys more of a commodity from a player than he or she sells to players, his or her price for that commodity will decrease.
Players will be able to buy or sell up to 500 of each of these five commodities from an NPC shopkeeper at one time.

Players will be able to sell these five commodities to related NPC shopkeepers for 1 gold piece less per item than that shopkeeper’s current selling price, regardless of the original price paid for those items.

All NPC shopkeepers will now have unlimited funds for transactions. On occasions where NPC shopkeepers must be deleted & re-spawned, they will immediately have 500 of their respective commodity available, instead of restocking at slower-than-normal rates in the days that follow their re-spawning.

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Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2001, 2:32 PM EST by Teich Dragon (GeneralNews)

Sunday Night Fights: Results from 10/28
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<The second weekly Sunday Night Fights was held at the roof of Dungeon Wrong this past Sunday! We had about ten participants, and the blood flowed freely! Duelists at hand were Iced Earth, Winton, Kaale, Sion Verdox, Raszagal, Lokie, Shifty McSwift, and Alkan. After many bloody battles, the combatants said their farewells and returned to their homes, eager to rearm and come out to duel next week! Here are some of the highlights: we have a protracted duel between hybrid legend Iced Earth against hybrid Kaale. Iced Earth was ultimately the winner, Shify McSwift had already been slain in a previous duel. we see Raszagal take a rather... unique approach to dueling. The ice staff, long since used by bank posers, finally has its day in PvP. It was about as effective as a redlined mongbat provoked on an ancient
wyrm in actual combat, but it managed to get a few laughs from the spectators.
The last order of the night was a few 2v2 team duels, which are always fun. Iced Earth and Kaale wait for the wall to drop so they can begin their assault on duelist Sion Verdox and his partner Raszagal. Sion Verdox and Raszagal were the ultimate winners of this duel, which lasted for over ten minutes.

Overall, it was a successful night. Look for Sunday Night fights every Sunday at the Wrong Roof in Felucca at approximately 10pm Eastern Standard Time. Make sure to bring enough reagents, potions, and fresh weapons/armor for several duels. Don't be afraid to mix it up with the legends, you may be surprised how well you do! Until next week, combatants of Lake Superior, fight and die well!

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Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2001, 1:19 PM EST by Lugh (LakeSuperior)

Hokuto - Trick or Treating in the Dungeon of Hythloth
I received this message :
Trick or Treating in the Dungeon of Hythloth
Friday, November 2nd
7:30pm CST
East Brit Bank, Trammel

Eric the Dagger of Suckers will be hosting this event.

All players of Hokuto are welcome to join in. Bring your pillow cases ready to fill with all kinds of goodies we may find from the residents of Hythloth.

We will be meeting at eh East Brit bank in Trammel at 7:30pm CST and be leaving for the Dungeon no later than 8:00pm. This event will last until 11:00pm CST. I hope to see all of you there. Any questions may be sent to me at [email protected]

sincerly; Eric the Dagger
Suckers Guild of Hokuto

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Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2001, 12:24 PM EST by citizenKane2 (AsianShards)

Ravenshires First Halloween Bash Results
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<The Following was sent in by Lady Bronwyn

Ravenshires First Annual Halloween Bash Results

Thank you everyone who participated and helped out witht his years Halloween party! It was a huge success!

To begin with, amidst the roaming deamons and howling ghosts, was the costume contest. I must say...I never saw so many great costumes! There was everything from convicts to savages and deamons!
First place group costume went to The Wizard of Oz group. Lady Cassandra played Dorothy with Toto, Starr played Glenda, Handel and Anabel Lee played The Wicked Witches. Each was awarded a check for 25k.
Second place group costume went to Aragorn and Sephiroth, who were a pair of savages. Each was awarded a check for 10k.
First place single costume went to an Ewok, played by Missing Note. He was awarded 10k.
Second place single costume went to NiNja, who of course played a Ninja :) He was awarded 5k.
Honorable mention goes to Cinnimon Flame who played Little Red Riding Hood and Julie who was the Grim reaper.

Next we moved on to the Trick or Treat raffle held by our local witch Willow. Each person purchased a random rune for 1k, and at the appointed time everyone recalled to thier rune. Only one of these was the correct rune. Cinnimon Flame , from the Sisters of Britattania, won. She received a chest full of magical items, paintings and checks for various amounts.

We were visited by Ghosts then. It seemed they flowed through the streets! People raced to bring them back to life, and those that did were awarded a prize.

Then off to the City of the Undead we rode, and cleansed the hordes. There were very few casualties, and we laid those unrested souls to a final sleep.

We in Ravenshire hope to see you all again come Thanksgiving!

Lady Bronwyn, The White Raven of Ravenshire

Thankye Lady Bronwyn!

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Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2001, 8:08 AM EST by Lady Rachel (Baja)

The Gathered Spirits Tavern
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<Cursed Wind, Community Coordinator for The Gathered Spirits Tavern, sent us the following notice:
Hail Fellow Britannians!

The Gathered Spirits Tavern has now hired several new bartenders and staff, and would like to remind everyone that we are open every Friday 7pm to 10pm pacific time. Our tavern is a neutral zone, so every one of all faction and colour is welcome! Our Tavern is located in Felucca just southeast of Yew along the main path leading to Minoc/Vesper and Britain/Skara. Our coordinates are 47°N, 17°W. A map can be found here.

As always, all food and drink is free!

Cursed Wind, Community Coordinator

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Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2001, 8:06 AM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Pacific)

Saying 'Thank you!' to a Stranger
Busy as a bee, our friend Nacrom Sable has been wandering around Britannia spreading good cheer with his trivia games and his never-ending enthusiasm. It is good to see that his efforts are so well rewarded by the people he meets.
As the afternoon sun begins to set in the darkening sky, and the cool breeze whisks around his back during his evening walk in the Britannia forest, Nacrom hears a man's voice calling to him in the distance.

Slowly, Nacrom turns and starts to search for the one who is calling his name, and he sees a man on a black stallion riding up to him at a quick pace. The man on the horse slows to a stop at Nacrom's side and speaks in a deep tone..

Talon: Are you the one they call Seer Nacrom Sable?
Nacrom: Aye M'Lord, that I am. How may I help thee this evening?
Talon: My name is Talon Mondain, and I have heard rumors of your group running quests within this land. Is this information correct?
Nacrom: Aye M'Lord, that is correct. We are the UO Seers and are here to bring the spice of life back within this land, through the task of holding Special Events and Quests for all to be in and enjoy.
Talon: And you do not use what the people of this land donate to your cause for your own gain?
Nacrom: Nay, Sire. All gold and items donated are used strictly for events and quests, never for myself.
Talon: In that case, I wish to help out your cause, because I believe that this land needs people like you and your friends to bring that which was lost sometime ago.

...Talon hands the Seer a check for 1 million gold coins. Nacrom takes the check and bows to Talon...

Nacrom: Talon, thank you very much for your donation. This will help us greatly in our near future events and quests.
Talon: I am trusting you that this will be used for the greater good of all Britannia.
Nacrom: Talon, you have my word of honor that it shall be so.

...Talon suddenly turns and begins to ride off into the night as a faint sounds is heard...

Talon: Good Day, Seer Nacrom and if you need anything else, please feel free to call upon me.

OOC Note: I wish to thank Talon for his donation. Without people like him, the Seer's program would not be. Thank you Talon Mondain from all the Seers.

Nacrom Genesari Sable,
Lead Seer,
Chesapeake Shard,
[email protected]

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Posted on Monday, October 29, 2001, 8:51 PM EST by Idun Syn (Chesapeake)

UO E-Mail Servers Were Down This Weekend
On the MyUO Discussion Boards, Sannio posted this announcement about the e-mail servers:

Over the weekend, there was a problem with one of our e-mail servers, and this problem has since been fixed.

This problem affected two aspects of our message boards:

- If you forgot your message board password and were using the "I forgot my password" retrieval system, you never received that e-mail while this e-mail server was down (although you will now).

- If you set messages to automatically send you an e-mail if someone replied to your post, you also never got those messages (but should be getting them now).

The related message board e-mail server is now fixed, and both aformentioned aspects of the message boards should now be working properly (in fact, some of you may now be receiving backlogged e-mails due to it's return to service).

Online Community Coordinator, UO
Origin Systems

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Posted on Monday, October 29, 2001, 8:50 PM EST by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

RoT in Siege Perilous, Characters named after Osama Bin Laden and Test Centre 6 with a *Spoiler* on Golems
Over here, Sannio made these comments regarding RoT in Siege Perilous :
In reply to:
When will ROT be added? It was my understanding that it would be added with this publish yet it is not functional. As well as reds are getting guardwhackd when PC's call guards on them, my understanding is that they were fre to come into town as long as they were not aggressor or commit a criminal act.

RoT is actually in on Siege Perilous. However, some have already noticed that powerhour seems to be superceding the RoT skill gain caps, and this is ont as designed. We're looking into how to correct this.

There's also an issue that we're looking into where reds are being attacked when any PC or NPC calls the guards on that red while that red is in town, and this should not be happening. We're looking into fixing this as well.

On this thread here, Sannio posted these reminders regarding characters named Osman Bin Laden :
There's actually a lot being done about this. The short of it is that whenever we find someone with the "Osama Bin Laden" name, or a derivative of that name, we delete the character and take action against that account. Something to keep in mind thwn you do searches, such as through the MyUO character search, is that the character information may not have cycled out of that database yet. It can take a couple of weeks to drop out of that search display.

(edited by CitizenKane2)Guild titles would be in the same category as character names. Anything that is inappropriate for a character name is also inappropriate for the guild title, and anyone found with such a name would have action taken against their account.

Regarding Test Centre 6, Calandryll posted on this thread here :
If you want to check out this week's update before it is on your shard, it is on TC6 as part of a merge test between this content update and publish 14. It's public now since the content update is on Napa anyway.

So far, I have heard no reports regarding the golems or any of the other content. If all goes well, we'll be publishing the rest of the shards tomorrow morning (US - active Tuesday morning) and tomorrow night (nonUS - active on their Wednesday morning).

I'l confirm this with you later tonight. Thanks all!

Week 13 is the craftable golem and a new monster. Don't let week 13 confuse you with publish 13/14. Week 13 just means we are in the 13th week of the scenarios, going back to the first orc update.

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Posted on Monday, October 29, 2001, 8:38 PM EST by citizenKane2 (GeneralNews)

Serpent's Hold: A Town of Possibilities
I have been in Serpent's Hold a few times. It is quiet there, not many people around, and yet it is lovely. A distinct atmosphere pervades its shops and its shady streets, curiously littered by the bodies of dead ogres. Some mystery in its past? Maybe Lothar can unravel its secrets, with your help.
Today, I bring a relatively old idea to a new light for the shard of Chesapeake. The idea of role-playing in an NPC town has been thought of before, but not effectively employed in our shard. So what my guild and I have decided to do is to attempt to spark interest in role-playing in the NPC town of Serpent's Hold.

There are many good aspects to role-playing and holding RP wars in a town. Things such as food, shops, and healers are all handy and right there when you need their services. Also buildings and structures are free for the public to use, and up to this point have not been utilized to their full potential.

So right now what we are looking for is RPing guilds, guilds that want to get into RP, and individuals who would be interested in joining us in starting this great town off. I have seen this done on other shards effectively and to great lengths, and I am optimistic that this will work. So if you are in any way interested, please contact me at [email protected] or icq me at 59646938. I also have AOL Instant Messenger at Lotharthebrave.

I will be holding a meeting for all those interested, after we find out how much feedback I get, but please contact me in any way you can!

Thank you and good luck.

-Lothar and Mary Rane.

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Posted on Monday, October 29, 2001, 8:09 PM EST by Idun Syn (Chesapeake)

Halloween Bash in Mythndale
Aye, I do admit to loving parties. Is that such a bad thing? Well, according to my older sister it is. She feels I should be more studious, working harder to become a good mage and earn my keep. But it's Halloween, and my friend Black-Ram needs my presence and most of all yours, to this event!
The Chesapeake UO Events Team would like to invite all Chesapeake Players to join them at the Mythndale tavern, on October 31st, 6pm EST-8pm EST. There will be lots of games and prizes including a Trick or Treat Vendor (50gpcs per box), Build-a-Witch competition and also a Fancy Dress competition.

The Village of Mythndale is located just south of Britain across the small Bay! Walk across the west bridge and go south, take the 2nd path turning eastwards and follow the coast round.

Companion Black-Ram,
Lead Events Co-Ordinator.

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Posted on Monday, October 29, 2001, 7:53 PM EST by Idun Syn (Chesapeake)

A Drawing for Great Prizes!
In the true spirit of generosity so vivid in the people of Chesapeake, our friend Khellendros has decided to hold a drawing for some really great prizes! Read on...

I have decided that I am going to hold a drawing for prizes that I have accumulated in my gameplay on Chesapeake. I am doing this to give something back to this shard which has been extremely entertaining to play on. I have been playing UO for approximately 2 1/2 years and have had tons of fun.

Basically the rules for the drawing are as follows:

1. Only one entry per account please.
2. Must email your entries to me at [email protected].
3. Entries must include your email address, character name, and type of character i.e. Tamer/Mage, Bard, etc.
4. Entry into the drawing is free, so old and new players are welcome to enter.

Prizes for this drawing are as follows:

First place: 1 Million UO gold.
Second Place: Your choice of a One or Two year Vet reward - for possible choices look on either the Stratics site or UO site.
Third Place: 4k of each Reagent.

Drawing will take place on Nov. 9, 2001 at approximately 4:00pm Eastern time. I will email the winners to let them know they have won and to set up a time to deliver the prize.

Thank you,
Khellendros of Chesapeake.

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Posted on Monday, October 29, 2001, 7:41 PM EST by Idun Syn (Chesapeake)

Ideas Den topic of the week: Virtue system
Thodin UO Ideas Den moderator here again!

This week over at the Ideas Den, the topic of the week is the Virtue system:

What do you think of the current implimentations for Humility and Sacrifice?
What should be the 'gaining' methods for the other virtues?
What should be the rewards for achieving the various stages of them?
Are rewards needed?
Could the system be expanded further?

As normal, at the end of the week, any ideas posted relating to the week's topic will be compiled and sent to Calandryll to assist him in the development of the system.

So, if you've got any ideas to do with the virtue system, pop over to the Ideas Den and post them! Don't forget, you can also vote on other people's ideas!

More general ideas of improvement to UO are still welcome, of course.

Got ideas about Massively Multiplayer games in general? Try the A href=" ndesign" target="_blank">Stratics Central Game System Design And Development forum!

Thodin, UOSS, SC and WoW moderator and UO-Europan player
[email protected]
ICQ# 46499380

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Posted on Monday, October 29, 2001, 7:33 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

Hints on Pet Golems
On the MyUO Discussion Boards, Calandryll gave us some hints about the pet golems.

There's some interactions with golems that people may not have realized yet. They are by no means a simple task of just owning them like a pet.


Controllers have a much better understanding of golems than players do. ;)

Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
Designer, Ongoing Content
a wizard did it

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Posted on Monday, October 29, 2001, 6:16 PM EST by Lady Malynn (QuestandEventNews)

Celebrity Chat with Fear from
Sorry for the late annoucement folks, but we have an Ultima Online Celebrity Chat TONIGHT, 7:00PM CST in #Ultima-Online on Stratics IRC.

The UOCC is a forum wherein we bring to you celebrity guests from the UO community, ranging from OSI personnel to people from your very own shard. Tonight our guest is Fear from, he'll be around to answer your questions about their website, interviews, and more.

Never been on Stratics IRC before? It's easy. Download an IRC client such as mIRC or use our Java Client located on the Stratics IRC homepage.

Then, connect to one of the following servers:

- - USA – Pennsylvania
- - USA – Colorado
- - CAN – Toronto
- - USA – Texas

Hope to see you there!


Channel Administrator, #Ultima-Online
Stratics IRC -
News Updater and Content Writer,
World of WarCraft Stratics -

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Posted on Monday, October 29, 2001, 6:26 PM EST by Lady Malynn (CommunityNews)

Picture of Virtue Gump [Spoiler]
Calandryll shared the picture of the virtue gump with participants in an e-mail group. If you would like to see the picture, please look here.

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Posted on Monday, October 29, 2001, 6:01 PM EST by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

Picture of Virtue Gump [Spoiler]
Per Calandryll:

...This is the virtue gump, filled in for each virtue at its highest path. Note, this is not a mock up, but an actual in-game shot, based on code that looks at the variables on my character for each virtue, of what it will look like.

Lowest path (path 0) is light gray for all virtues. Then they shade towards the actual virtue color for paths 1 and 2.

-Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
Designer, Ongoing Content
a wizard did it

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Posted on Monday, October 29, 2001, 5:52 PM EST by Lady Malynn (Spoilers)

UOBoards Now Open to All
Hail and greetings,

Need a forum for your guild?
Need a place for discussions?
Need to send out announcement to all your members instead of doing mass icq msg or mass emails?

If you answer yes to all the questions, read on.

If you are in a highly involved guild, this is something you may want to definitely check out.

We at used to only host UO Guilds forums/message board for the Oceania Shard, now we extend the invitation to guilds from all shards.

Please email me at [email protected] for further details.

Thanks & Regards


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Posted on Monday, October 29, 2001, 5:29 PM EST by Lady Malynn (CommunityNews)

GUL Pit Fight Results
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<Hail and well met
This just in via carrier pigeon:

GUL Pit Fight Results

We had a another great turnout for this week's 2v2 tourney. After many outstanding fights, three teams walked away with cash prizes:

  • 1st Place (250k) - Arcanus and Tusk
  • 2nd Place (100k) - White Wolf and Sauron
  • 3rd Place (50k) - Flip and Don King

Thanks to everyone who participated and to the Oc'Nivelle staff for keeping the troublemakers at bay ;)

See you all next week!

Your humble servant
Raeven Aurora

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Posted on Monday, October 29, 2001, 5:07 PM EST by Raeven Aurora (NapaValley)

The Black Staff To Chat With Tajima
Thanks to Nathaniel for giving us a heads up about the following interview:
November 2nd, 2001

Ultima Online Fansite, will have an Exclusive interview with Tajima, Producer of Ultima Online. With questions covering a range of topics from the latest game additions through scenario progression to the Dev team itself. This is one chat you won't want to miss!

- Nathaniel, The Black Staff Owner.

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Posted on Monday, October 29, 2001, 3:19 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

Collection of Rare Weapons to be shown
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<As a lover of the axe, I may go myself to see what rarities they have.

Greetings citizens of Britannia,

This weekend, Saturday the 3rd of November at 8 PM eastern time, the Knights of the Crimson Order will be opening to the public it's Virtue Weapon Collection.

The collection is far from complete, but we think you might enjoy viewing the results of our labours thus far.

If you'd like to take a peek beforehand, our guild headquarters is
located a short ride south of Trinsic (Trammel) at x2034 y 3115 {131, 2 S / 49, 59 E for you UOAM users.}

At the grand opening, there will be food and drink for all that attend, plus some contests we think you might enjoy. An all time favourite, the scavenger hunt, boat races, and a post-Halloween costume contest. Prizes will include, over 200k gold in checks, various semi-rares, magic weapons and armor, and even a few virtue weapons!

At 7:30 PM, a member of our guild will be waiting at the entrance to Trinsic to gate any who wish to attend. You can identify him/her by the guild abbreviation (KcO).

We look forward to seeing many of you there.

Yours in Honor and Loyalty,

Sir Syndic Thrawn
Sir Panishim Creel Windraven
Guildmasters, Knights of the Crimson order
Posted on Monday, October 29, 2001, 11:43 AM EST by Dmitri Ne'Sveti (Atlantic)

A New School For the Young!
I found this note posted at the local bank.

Hear ye! Hear ye!
We are proud to announce the forming of a new school. We shall soon begin taking on students to teach them about the the world around us. We are looking for volunteers to become teachers in this new school, known as New Beginnings. We need you to help us bring more people into the roleplaying community. We shall teach the basics of roleplaying, and show youngs how to live in the lands of Brittania. If ye would be interested in teaching any classes, please send us a pigeon. Our doors will be opening soon, so we need teachers now. Whether ye be a Follower of Virtues, or a Follower of Darkness matters not. We want to help teach those around us about all they are missing. Help us put more of the Ultima back into Ultima Online! If ye art a young, or just new to the lands of Brittania, then send us a pigeon to get enrolled now.


Dayn Elderan
Pigeon 129503370

Pigeon 91151101
Posted on Monday, October 29, 2001, 11:37 AM EST by Dmitri Ne'Sveti (Atlantic)

Final Fight Off at Oasis Pits
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<Five proven duelists came to Oasis last night: Mae West, Davey Havok, KMSEMPERFI, Papa Poop and RAIDER. Only one would walk away with the grand prize - 2 million GP and a set of Valorite plate made by Oasis Tavern.

In the first fight, Mae West faced Davey Havok in a fifteen minute spell-fest. Mae put up a valiant effort, but in the end, Havok was the one left standing. Then KMSEMPERFI went up against Papa Poop in another long Mage versus Mage festival. Both were millimeters from death more than once, but neither could land the decisive blow. At last the No Heal rule went into effect, and Papa Poop triumphed. Davey Havok then lost the draw and went back to the ring to face RAIDER. RAIDER, the only warrior in a sea of mages, led with a vicious right hook. He was strong and fast, but alas, he could not withstand Havok's ferocious Mana Dumps.

Havok needed to restock, so one fetching member of the Fight Night Staff, Amber, entertained the waiting crowd with a half-time show. Amber performed the "Red Cowboy Boots and Apron Dance," a dance so naughty it is illegal in Trammel and several parts of Ilshenar.

When Havok returned, he and Papa Poop decided to battle naked in Amber's honor. Never let it be said that Oasis is a sexist town. They are equal opportunity objectifiers! Both buff boys stripped to their skivvies and faced off. For the final battle, the No Heal rule was waived. The fight would continue until one of the two powerful mages was kissing sand, or until three hours had passed. After three hours, said smitten w love, the fight night staff would be forced to gank both competitors and use the prize money to pay for the therapy and drinking binges they would need after watching a three hour fight.

The crowd held its breath as Judge Drizzt cast Wall of Stone. When the wall came down, both mages released a vicious onslaught. Spells flew back and forth so quickly it was almost impossible to follow who was casting what. Twice Havok had Papa Poop on the ropes, but each time Papa rallied and returned fire, until at last Havok dropped to his knees and then toppled forward to lie completely still.

Havok did not leave empty handed. He was resurrected and given a set of GM Golden Plate made by Oasis Tavern in honor of his achievements. Papa Poop was given the Val plate and a one million GP check donated by smitten w love. He also received a one million GP check donated by OTE.

smitten w love wished to extend a heart-felt thanks to the staff who put in long hours to make this season a success. Also, several large guilds like KP, OTE, =G=, and B^G donated their time, money and resources to support Fight Night. And of course the competitors and spectators who showed up every week to battle their guts out or cheer on their favorite. A new season of fights is expected to begin in January, and anyone wishing to help out should contact smitten w love at ICQ #60003378 or PM Tarapazu through the Stratics Message Boards.

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Posted on Monday, October 29, 2001, 9:14 AM EST by Pluffina (Sonoma)

Demonic Attack - The conclusion
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<It is with a heavy heart that I write this. My name is Morpheous and it falls on me to end this tale.

We had already defeated some demons by the time we got to the fourth level. We entered through the dark entrance into the hell beyond. As soon as we emerged we knew we were in big trouble. Marcus quickly jumped to the side and pulled his bow out again. He quickly had arrows flying through the air. Lucien, Evelyn and Brett hefted their weapons and jumped to the attack while Whisper and I stayed to the back casting spell after spell. Lucien waded in to the swarm of imps and lesser demons attacking him. His axe flew left and right beheading and destroying the creatures in his path. He wielded the axe like an avenging angel that day as dozens of creatures fell by his hand. He did not see the final blow. A large demon had walked up behind him and smashed its hands together. Lucien’s head was unfortunately between the two hands and was crushed like a rotting watermelon.

Brett and Evelyn formed up into an awesome fighting team. Back to back the fought swords in hand. An imp came running towards Evelyn but Eve cut it aside and Brett took its head off as it hurtled past him. They fought further and further forwards trying to get to the larger demons which were visible towards the back of the cavern.

Whisper and I cast spell after spell into the evil hoards. Marcus kept us protected with his bow and we soon started to see the tide fall back. Energy bolts and other spells were thrown into the faces of oncoming demons in a wave of magic I don’t think I will ever see again. We were so focused on our target it seemed nothing could stop us and soon the demons would be stopped. Finally only a small amount of imps and two large demons remained in sight. We all grouped together ready for a final assault to rid the world of a great evil.

We were too late. Behind the demons a pinkish, red swirling mist appeared opening into a huge gate. From inside the gate floated the demon from my vision, its head whirling through its four faces.
“Are you trying to stop us?” it asked, sounding amused “ You do not stand a chance in defeating us. Not now. I have been brought through to your world and I will be the harbinger of your doom. Kill them” He screamed

The demons, imps, hellhounds and other various creatures attacked us and we stood ready to defeat them. We were not ready for what happened next though. We cut through the wave of creatures attacking us but while we were occupied the four-faced demon finished opening the portal. More demons emerged of types we had never seen before. We fought valiantly but we didn’t stand a chance and we all knew it. Marcus was swept up by a demon on four legs and arms. The creature dwarfed Marcus but he still fought it to the last. His life was ended when the demons jaws closed over his upper torso and bit him in two. Blood rained down over us all but we did not have time to mourn his loss.

Evelyn and Brett again fought back to back. They feinted back and forth cutting through the demons that attacked them. Their swords were blurred pieces of steel as the two danced a dance of death. Countless creatures darted in but were sliced away. It was graceful but also very, very deadly.

Whisper and I were also hard pressed. I had cast an experimental spell around us, creating a bubble of protection through which the demons could not attack. Our spells however could penetrate out and were doing a lot in the way of damage to the creatures. After a few minutes I noticed that Whisper was no longer casting and my protection bubble was getting very thin and was threatening to break.
“Morph look” Whisper said, pointing towards the four-faced demon at the back of the cavern. It was waving a glowing red staff and making the portal more solid.
“It is making that gate permanent” I said, “We have to stop it”
“And how are we going to do that?” Whisper asked.
“I think the only way is to take that red staff back through the gate. I think it is the catalyst that is creating the gate. If I take it back I should be able to destroy it on that side of the gate. I would say it is impervious on this side”
“Oh, that sounds easy” Whisper said.

Meanwhile Brett and Evelyn were getting tired. There swords were still moving quickly but their arms were tiring.
“Brett. Are we getting anywhere?” Evelyn asked
“I don’t know. Morph and Whisper are in that bubble. We have to give them some time”
“Oh, that sounds easy” Evelyn said

“Are ye ready Morph?” Whisper asked
“Yes, lets go” Morpheous said. With that Whisper dispelled the protection bubble and cast a wave of spells, clearing the path between them and the four faced demon. I rushed forward through the opening, gathering power to me, readying myself to cast the largest spell in my life. I kept running forward and then let loose with a massive chain-lightening spell. It caught the demon on its head puncturing many holes in its torso and making it drop the staff. I swerved to the side and was about to pick up the staff when the four faced demon picked me up in its clawed grip and threw me across the room, slamming me into the rock wall right near the entrance.

Brett and Evelyn were fighting strong. They seemed unstoppable until Evelyn slipped on a patch of blood. An approaching demon took advantage of this and punched his clawed fist through her chest and out her back, gore and blood spraying all over Brett’s back. Brett quickly did a forward somersault and came up with his blade facing forward ready to defend himself again.

Whisper saw it all and saw that it all rested on her now. She cast a teleportation spell on herself to move herself to a rocky outcropping above the four-faced demon. From there she leapt downwards towards the demons back. Brett saw this and saw the demon that would stop her. He threw his sword end over end towards it taking it through the throat and knocking it off Whispers path. He now was weaponless and was soon covered by a horde of demons that feasted on his flesh.

Whisper landed on the demons back and cast an energy spell into one of its faces driving it backward. She jumped off and gave it a huge kick knocking it even further towards the gate but it wasn’t enough and she knew it. So she ran towards it and launched her whole body at it. She had a tiny frame but her will as much as her body pushed the demon through the portal carrying her with it. I could just see her through the other end of the portal grappling with the demon and wrenching the staff from its grip. My last sign of her was of her breaking the staff over her knee. With that the portal exploded knocking me backwards into the outer chamber and knocking me unconscious. I struggled to my feet and hobbled back towards the fourth level entrance. I looked inside but there was nothing left. The floor had turned to molten lava and all the demons had been killed. I knew they would come back, they always did but for now they were gone, as was Whisper. I knew the others could be resurrected and they would find there way back to me in time but Whisper was gone forever.

Whisper was a great friend to me, a great wife to Brannon and a great lady of Britain. I urge all that knew her to take some time to remember her smile and her unswerving loyalty. I have consulted with Von Ravend and will be taking over Whisper’s role of reporter in honour of her. Her memory will live on, if only in our memories.
Goodbye Whisper and thank ye.

Posted on Sunday, October 28, 2001, 11:49 PM EST by Whisper (Oceania)

UOSS - A Blast from the Past
Do you remember when UO Stratics was called UOSS? Do you remember when the menu was not even half as long as it is now? Do you remember news for all categeries being posted on one page? Do you remember the maroon colored backgounds? Do you remember the forums being just a handful of boards? If you do or if you don't, have a look at how things used to look here, by visiting the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Thanks to Beans Baxter, also from waaay back, for the heads-up. :)

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Posted on Sunday, October 28, 2001, 5:16 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CandidCoverage)

Garr's Travelers guide to Sinmoor: part 2
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<Well, here we are again, in Sinmoor. We will start out tour today with the main tower, dead center of the village…NbN Playhouse. Greeted at the doorstep by a tame alligator and Avita the town crier, you can tip Avita some gold for secret rumours but I, alas, had lent my last gold to Dain for some secret excursion of his so I could not.

Setting foot inside, first impressions are that you are in another, more serious, town as you are greeted by an exquisite study room with a huge rune library adjoining. The atmosphere is enhanced, Sinmoor style, though with carefully placed monstrous statues, flaming heads and skull candles…well done, but not overly so to upset the serious scribe. Having made sure not to drag any swamp muck over the fur on the floor, I proceeded upstairs to a very nice, relaxing gaming area and food hall.

I did try out the snooker table, but dwarves are just not built to play odd games like that, although the cards were much more to my taste (shame I could only have friendly games as Dain has still not paid me back!). The food hall is one of those new, upmarket, places where you can see into the kitchen to watch your food being cooked….*grins*…. And good food it is to! But, enough of the repast, on to the next floor…

This floor obviously belongs to the owners of this tower so I will say no more than the black and purple colour scheme and fully plumbed in bathroom need to be seen to be believed….but shackles and whips???

So, onto the roof……just make sure you hold onto your jaw as you come up the stairs…..there is a farm up there…..and the shock can literally crack your teeth on the flagstones! But not only a farm, complete with llama and cow, there is also a full grown apple tree with its own gorilla! But fortunately to help the casual traveller get over the shock there is a nice retreat, complete with food, drink, comfy chairs and a full blown grand piano….damn, there go some more teeth!

I urge you all to visit the NbN will not regret it!

To get over the (pleasant) shock of the NbN playhouse, I took a wander north to the promontory on the map, to the heights of luxury for a village...The Sinmoor beach club...when you come here, just remember to bring your swimming outfit, towel and sun cream! It even has its own private beach, complete with ‘shipwreck’. Once you are tired of playing with sand castles and the shells, then you can proceed inside to the very nice bar, complete with chequer floor and gaming tables. But don’t drink too much as if you are too tipsy you will not be able to enjoy the delights of the 3 hole pitch and putt golf course on the roof!!

Next time in the final part of the Sinmoor guide, photographs of all the major landmarks!

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Posted on Sunday, October 28, 2001, 2:54 PM EST by Moulie (Europa)

Stratics Forums Problems
Our Forum server is experiencing some technical difficulties, and as a result of that none of the forums (both public and guilds) can be used at this moment. We're working hard to solve this problem, and we hope to have the forums back on-line real soon.
Posted on Sunday, October 28, 2001, 9:13 AM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

Here's There
This week, Dark Lord Tinder Box of FOA (well known on the Stratics' Message Boards as Sonoma Sam) was the first brave soul to send in the co-ordinates to Where's Here. Erryn and Eram'aluum also sent in the correct co-ordinates, but alas, just an hour or so too late.

The spot pictured is actually the Cyclops' Fort in Ilshenar. The co-ordinates are 124o 21'N 40o 46' W. To get there, hop into a moongate and travel to the shrine of Valor. From Valor, head east, following the line of mountains until you reach the fort. Warning: This is not a good hunting spot for the weak or faint of heart! There are titans, trolls and a few wandering gazers as well as a football team worth of Cyclops.

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Posted on Sunday, October 28, 2001, 7:49 AM EST by Pluffina (Sonoma)

New at UO Seers
Lead Seer Radnor, from UO Seers, sent us the following:
Greetings All!

We, the New UO Seers, have two welcome additions to our web site at; our Calendar of Events and our Mailing List. We invite you to take a look.

As many of you know, we are players just like you; however, we have decided to volunteer our time to improving the fictional plotlines within the UO community. As volunteers, we are very dedicated individuals who enjoy participating in and running events and quests.

We are in no way associated with the creators of Ultima Online; however, we do provide several services to the UO community:

1) The creation of new quests and events 2) Assisting others in the creation of their own events 3) Provide written resources for the creation of events

Our volunteers ingame provide the first two services, while our third service is available on our website. We feel that this approach is the best way to create a proactive, interactive community that will be able to provide continuous entertainment and enjoyment to all players.

As a volunteer organization we must rely upon donations from the UO community to support the services that we look forward to offering you. On the Pacific Shard, we are looking for a dwelling donation for our quests and events and a meeting place to plan these functions.

We also have need of material goods such as leather, chain and plate armor, weapons, reagents, city and dungeon rune books, blank rune books with Mark scrolls, Recall Scrolls, gold to train skills, clothing/disguises, a guildstone, filled spell books, fishsteaks, a boat, and a pack horse or lama, and rares and other items of value to use as prizes in quests and events.

Please contact Lead Seer Radnor at [email protected], who is responsible for the Pacific Shard if you are able to assist us. Your donations are greatly appreciated. Without your assistance the UO Seers cannot come back to life!!

We also have a public forum on Stratics which you can find here. You will find more information there.

If you think you would be interested in becoming a Seer or Troubadour yourself, please, fill out an application that can be found at our website. We would be glad to have you!

We have added several new members to the Pacific Shard and they are anxious to get things started. We will be announcing our first event on your Shard in the next week or two. Please watch the Pacific News here on Stratics for upcoming events and join us for fun AND profit.

Thank you for your interest in our new program.

Lead Seer Radnor
Western Shards
[email protected]
ICQ 128071387

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Posted on Sunday, October 28, 2001, 7:09 AM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Pacific)

Brute Civilisation
A competition is being held!
The aim is quite simple: To hold the most civilized picnic at an orc dwelling place! The reward for this will be 50 000 gold pieces!

Each picnic must feature an NPC orc of some type they may be wide awake or...resting, if the participant would prefer!

A picture of the picnic must be submitted on the Oceania Shard Forum by Monday the 5th of November

Thats it! The winner will be announced on the Oceania Shard Forum and on Stratics

Lord Skullion

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Posted on Sunday, October 28, 2001, 5:36 AM EST by Chainsaw Knight (Oceania)

New OoC toon!
New comic out at OOC! This one's called Got Gate? and deals with something thats been something of a pet peeve of mine for awhile... you'll see.



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Posted on Sunday, October 28, 2001, 2:35 AM EST by Pelle Svanslos (CandidCoverage)

Looters Hall - new episode
A new episode has been uploaded to the Hall.

Be sure to check it out!

May the corpses of fallen players line thy path!

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Posted on Sunday, October 28, 2001, 2:32 AM EST by Pelle Svanslos (CandidCoverage)

Dragon Tavern Story Night Results
We had 16 noble and valiant souls show up for the event. Numerous tales were told including at least one made up on the spot! We also had the first part of a two part Halloween tale from Wolf of Evermore. The Minds Eye saga will continue on 11-7-01 since it seems that he plans on telling part of the tale every week.

Do to the large number of outstanding tales the rules changed for tonight.

In fourth place came Sydnee, with a poem of a woman so old and gray. Sydnee was rewarded with a prize of 10K.

In third place came Ka-el, with a poem of life, love and beauty. Ka-el was rewarded with a prize of 20K.

In second place (for the fifth week in a row), came Dragyn, with a tale of a long ago Hallows eve and death. Dragyn was rewarded with a prize of 25K.

And in first place came Celban OBanyan with a tale to chill your bones called "It Drank Them In awwwwwwwwww". (Sorry last part was my comment). Celban OBanyan walked away with a Champagne Flute as the first place prize.

Due to Halloween being near I am taking a week or two off in the minds eye saga to tell you a different type of tale.

As Carol of White pulled the covers up and made sure her little ones were all nice and cozy, they looked up with those faces that melt stone " Mommy could you tell it again? Please Pleaseeeeeeeee Mommmmmyyyy."

How could she refuse such a request as she smiled inwardly knowing they had their father’s charms.

She began to tell the tale.

The sun was setting on that special of day. It was all Hallows Eve. The time would be near when the evil creatures would have one chance to carry off the folks of this world. They would not get another try for 12 more months. Thus this was the night that the young of the tribe, if they were ready to move into the adult world, would be sent out to see if they could last the night. For in the Clann of the Wolf this was the way. You had to pass this test of faith and cunning to stay in the Clann. It was a brutal test in that you lived or died. There was no in between as it has always been in the path of the Wolf.

Tonight seemed different then most. Legends told of nights when the great leaders of the past had walked this test. That on those nights the Great Lich walked and only those who were of the purest metal could pass this flame. These where the nights when most if not all failed the test. So as the tribe gathered in the spirit house to await the call 10 young ones gathered in a corner talking about death.

As they attempted to come to terms with their deaths these 13-year-old cubs turned as the door opened and White walked in. He was their peer but he had a light in his eyes that shown in the face of darkness. They all knew he would survive this night and that seemed to make the rest a little bit happier. For death would not win. One of their ranks would see the sun again and taste the sweet berries of spring.

White walked over to them and saw the look on their faces. It was death that was now living behind those young eyes. White would not tolerate this and said, " I will not let you be taken. I will strike a deal with the Great Lich and we will all live".

This was unheard of. No on had ever made such a statement. They nodded and hoped he was right. The time had come and the door opened that lead to the hunting grounds of the ancestors. They all walked out and came face to face with the Great Lich. A demon of the undead and the most powerful welder of magic the world had ever know.

A deep laugh rolled out of its twisted mouth. The cubs looked to White to honor his promise. White walked up to this beast and said, " I order you to leave." To the surprise of almost all the Great Lich turned and left. The rest of the night was quiet and at dawn the door opened. They entered the Spirit house and all had lived. This had never happened before that they all live on a normal night, but on a Great Lich night it was shocking.

The Shaman of the tribe took one look at White and saw that he had commanded the Great Lich. At that moment the earth shook and the worlds of the living and the dead started to become aligned. "You fool in your arrogance will doom us all" the Shaman yelled as the beams of the Spirit house began to move.

"Stop", White yelled and all was quiet. "Come to me and explain" and as he finished the Great Lich appeared.

"What is it master?"

"How dare you attack this tribe. No be gone and trouble us no more." White smiled for he knew he had ordered the undead to leave his village alone but he also knew he would soon conquer the rest of the world.

Come back next week for end of at least part of this tale.

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Posted on Sunday, October 28, 2001, 2:27 AM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

Krista's and Samhain
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<It is with a tear in my eye that I put quill to scroll to write this report. A truly one of a kind establishment in the lands is closing. But they are going out with a festival. Please join Krista at the Ranger Station for the Festival of Samhain.

The seasons are shifting towards darkness once more... and 'tis the time when the barriers between the living and the dead are thinning...

In other words, Samhain is nearing...and that means time for a festival. Actually, it would be one last festival, for soon I shall be crossing that last barrier into the worlds on the other side. So...for those who would feel so inclined...join me, Krista, at my Ranger Station for one last frolic in the Druid's Glade, 'mongst the trees of Yew. We will be holding a feast of epic proportions beginning at 8 o' the clock on October 31st (as the Central skies reckon it), and of course there shall be cookbooks available. Though my sister has already gone missing, I will try to say a few poor words in the spirit of the season.

To find our little gathering, head southeast from the Yew Abbey in Felucca, past the farmhouse at the end of the road...the Ranger Station is the two story building in the next clearing you see. You may also find runes at many of the better known Felucca establishments, such as the CMG, Kazola's, the Sandlewood Box...maybe even RD's Storefront! My pigeon is sheltered in cage 24124261, if there is need to contact me further!

Blessed be!

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Posted on Saturday, October 27, 2001, 8:50 PM EDT by Barth VanDorn (GreatLakes)

RedDevil Auction This Week
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<Rattler from over at RD's left this scroll on my steps this morning.

Greetings to all Britannians,

This past week's Auction was a great success, and this week's Auction should be even better.

As I have stated before, our Auction Tower is a Neutral Zone for all Players, but if you cross the line then you will either be Removed or Banned from the Tower. If you are removed The Guard will explain why you were removed and then let you back in. If you are Banned the Guard will explain why and to inform you that you cannot return to the Auction. If you are Banned then all of your Chars on that Acct. is banned. The Auction Guards and the Auction Staff can remove and ban. There will be no lifting of a player that has been banned by anyone.

Submission of items are needed for the continuation of our Auction. We need high end weapons, ie; Power, Vanq, Silver. Oddity's, specialty items, M.I.B.'s, Treasure Maps,Rares, semi Rares, etc. If you bring the item on Monday night with a bag and a book, we will do our best to get it sold for you. Our Auction does not charge a percentage to the submitter. Our Auction Tower is located at 34o43N/44o51E, or a brisk 5 minute walk from east Brit following the road. We are south of the desert and the swamp.

We take submissions on Monday night at 8:30 pm CST/9:30 pm EST. As I stated before bring a bag with a book, in the book type in your name and your icq, what the item is and your min bid for that item. Hand the bag over to any one auction staff member that is inside the stage area on the Roof of the tower.
Our Auction starts promptly at 8:30 pm CST/9:30 pm EST. Come early to get a good seat.

As I have stated before in a previous Posting The Guard has a Snooper, his job is Only to Snoop not to steal. This is done for your safety while you are at our Auction. When you come to our Auction it would be wise not to bring in your pack "trapped Packs" as the Snooper has to go thru all of them.

So come on by our Auction and enjoy a nice evening, with many good items up for Auction and buy that one item you have been looking for.

Rattler GLV

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Posted on Saturday, October 27, 2001, 8:40 PM EDT by Barth VanDorn (GreatLakes)

Mimes and Savages and Guards, Oh My!
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<The Second Annual OTE Halloween Fest, in the Town of Tendai, was a howling success. Players from all across the shard came in costume to join in on the fun. OTE did a fabulous job putting together a beautifully decorated town, fun contests and excellent prizes. The Halloween Fest was so successful even the Game Masters had to join for the cow tipping contest.

As if the sight of half a dozen cows topping over wasn't enough, the highlight of the evening came when four Game Masters made a surprise appearance. It seems, according to Game Master Foster, the cows were continually filing harassment charges against the players as a result of their continually being tipped over. The grieved cows attempted to stage a huge protest, claiming their rights to free standing were being violated. Game Master Foster, appeared to all, confessing, "I think the main problem is all the GM's here helping to tip the cows". Promptly, as if on cue, GM's Lady Halona, Spada and Roryn appeared in plain view, standing in front of the cows repeatedly tipping them over.

Four contests and many winners later, the tally is in. The big ticket winners of the day were:
•Cow Tipping Contest: Miraz of PAS
•Drunken Man Race: Fuzz Lumpkins
•Survivor Contest: Diminion
•Costume Contest: Pup Barleycorn

It was a day filled with excitement and fun. If you would like to join the Order of Tendai, please visit their web site for instructions on how to apply for membership.

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Posted on Saturday, October 27, 2001, 8:28 PM EDT by Thalia (Sonoma)

Faction Report
>>> Felucca Facet News <<< The drama continued on the faction front this week, as all of the sigils became takable from Archangel's mighty Shadowlords (currently led by Talon D Bane, but that's only temporary). The sigils exchanged hands all week, but no force is yet powerful enough to wrestle full control from the shadowlords. Fighting goes on at the moongates, and small, brave forces raid and take SL's sigils, only to have those same forces overwhelmed shortly thereafter by M&D and their associates in the shadowlord faction. Countless times this week Minax thief Zhuge Liange made quick darts into the yew crypts and returned with skin colored purple and a sigil in his pack. No doubt other faction thieves have done so as well.

Moongate fighting continues, but it has slacked off a bit due to the guarding of bases and the stealing of sigils. Moongate fighters of note this week were Madoka of SL's M&D, Jeremy, the commanding lord of the Minax faction, Alex The Fighter of SL, and Xanthis, a COM tamer mage. I have seen fierce battles, both at the moongates and at the strongholds. I have seen acts of bravery that defy anything that one might expect of factioners. I have seen a small force of people hold off a much larger force for long periods of time, before finally caving in and dying as heros.

The glory days of factions may not yet have returned, but they are not far over the horizon. M&D is a strong force, and very well organized, however there are other guilds in other factions that are beginning to rival them. Jeremy's Malignants of Minax continue to gain members every day. UMA of the True Britannians is a small, but very well organized guild that has always been a thorn in the Shadowlords side, and COM's Ministry of Pain, led by Reaper is a guild that can make things happen when they set their minds to it. All in all, factions are getting better. I think that when faction messages return, there will no longer be a dominant powerhouse faction. I think that when this happens, it will be a constant battle to get and keep a town, not just for the smaller factions, but for all of them. When this happens, and it will, factions will have returned. I look forward to that, and I'm sure you do too. Thank you, and safe travels to you all.

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Posted on Saturday, October 27, 2001, 5:47 PM EDT by Lady Rachel (Baja)

Multi-Shard Moonglow Summit
I've just been notified of this strange cross-shard event by the Mayor of Moonglow, GreyPawn-

Hail and well met, friends of Verity. It has come time again for us to draw close in unification and brotherhood across the many shards. We are United in our love and passion for the City of Moonglow, and of its peoples and culture. Our city is a strong one, striving in perseverance and dilligence towards a common goal; that of the advancement of man and womankind in Sosaria through Virtue and efficient application of talents.

This is an cordial invitation to all mages, scribes, scholars, knights, palandins and others of good intent and purpose to commune with us on the future and progression of our city. All established organizations and administrations from Moonglow from all the shards are specially invited to gather at a Summit to share in fellowship and discourse with each other on common issues of state and purpose.


This Sunday, October 28th, at 5:00 p.m. EST (10:00 p.m. GMT)


A discussion and fellowship of the governments and citizenry of Moonglow from the many shards. If you have interest in Moonglow, be there! If you live in Moonglow, be there! If you enjoy eating pastries made on Verity Isle, be there!


The Summit will take place on the Atlantic Shard on the Trammel facet at the Moonglow Town Council Headquarters in Moonglow. For directions, please reference this page.


The following organizations are especially invited to come and take part as representatives of Moonglow from their shard.

Moonglow Town Council [Atlantic]
Moonglow Council of Honesty [Europa]
Adventurers n Craftsmen of Moonglow[Great Lakes, Lake Superior, Baja]
Moonglow Defense Force[Lake Superior]
Council of Honesty [Lake Superior]
Administration of Moonglow [Catskills]
Moonglow Council of Mages [Sonoma]
Fighters of Moonglow [Drachenfels]
Protectors of Moonglow [Drachenfels]
Kingdom of Moonglow [Legends]
...and any other governmental or Moonglow based associations or individuals are welcome to attend!

For visiting officials, Honesty the Tailor will be courting to your wardrobe needs a half an hour before the summit is set to begin at the Councilchambers.
Hope to see you all there!

Mayor of Moonglow [Atlantic]
Moonglow Town Council

Ours is the future.

Hrm, what manner of intellectual action is GreyPawn attempting? I suppose I shall find out with the rest of the world! I'll see you there, ale in hand!
Posted on Saturday, October 27, 2001, 5:38 PM EDT by Garrett Granth (Atlantic)

Moonglow Summit
Hail and well met, friends of Verity. It has come time again for us to draw close in unification and brotherhood across the many shards. We are United in our love and passion for the City of Moonglow, and of its peoples and culture. Our city is a strong one, striving in perseverance and dilligence towards a common goal; that of the advancement of man and womankind in Sosaria through Virtue and efficient application of talents.

This is an cordial invitation to all mages, scribes, scholars, knights, palandins and others of good intent and purpose to commune with us on the future and progression of our city. All established organizations and administrations from Moonglow from all the shards are specially invited to gather at a Summit to share in fellowship and discourse with each other on common issues of state and purpose.


This Sunday, October 28th, at 5:00 p.m. EST (10:00 p.m. GMT)


A discussion and fellowship of the governments and citizenry of Moonglow from the many shards. If you have interest in Moonglow, be there! If you live in Moonglow, be there! If you enjoy eating pastries made on Verity Isle, be there!


The Summit will take place on the Atlantic Shard on the Trammel facet at the Moonglow Town Council Headquarters in Moonglow. For directions, please reference this page.


The following organizations are especially invited to come and take part as representatives of Moonglow from their shard.

Moonglow Town Council [Atlantic]
Moonglow Council of Honesty [Europa]
Adventurers n Craftsmen of Moonglow[Great Lakes, Lake Superior, Baja]
Moonglow Defense Force[Lake Superior]
Council of Honesty [Lake Superior]
Administration of Moonglow [Catskills]
Moonglow Council of Mages [Sonoma]
Fighters of Moonglow [Drachenfels]
Protectors of Moonglow [Drachenfels]
Kingdom of Moonglow [Legends]
...and any other governmental or Moonglow based associations or individuals are welcome to attend!

For visiting officials, Honesty the Tailor will be courting to your wardrobe needs a half an hour before the summit is set to begin at the Councilchambers.
Hope to see you all there!

Mayor of Moonglow [Atlantic]
Moonglow Town Council

Ours is the future.

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Posted on Saturday, October 27, 2001, 3:51 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (CommunityNews)

Wedding of Bott and Rowan Antero
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<This notice was just found by Kahlan Amnell:
After Oasis Fight Night, this Sunday at 6 PM PST (9 PM EST) Bott and Rowan Antero will get married.
The wedding will take place in Felucca in the Mystic Black Rose Castle located in the town of Sanctuary near Oasis.
Coordonates: Felucca 63°32'N 55°7'E
Gate will be opened upon request at the main city banks or moongates.

The ceremony will be followed by a small party in the Castle Tavern. Food and drinks will be provided.

Everyone is welcomed to attend the wedding and the party. No pets please.

If you want to recall safely inside the castle courtyard, PM me, I ll be glad to provide you a rune.
Nothing quite like a winter wedding! This one will be performed by the gracious clerics from UO Wedding.

Felucca 63°32'N 55°7'E
Posted on Saturday, October 27, 2001, 1:39 PM EDT by Mina (Sonoma)

Heaven's Forge Halloween Bash and House Decorating Contest
Mirabel posted the results of the Heaven's Forge Halloween Bash here
This evening's Halloween party was quite a success, despite ending a bit early - apologies to the few of you who showed up after things had broken up.
Celestial Spirits was decked out in Halloween colors and looked fabulous. Everyone who showed up had a FANTASTIC costume *claps for everyone* I was very impressed. To see all of the costumes look here
Costume Contest Results:
  • First Place: Rakhir, A Golem
  • Second Place: Empress Cymidei Fier, A Newbie Beggar
  • Third Place: Conrad, Chester the Quester Jester

For the pumpkin hunt, we hid 50 pumpkins all around the town, in buildings, by the dungeon, in caves and in buildings. The participants had 20 minutes to find and return as many as they could.
Results, Pumpkin Hunt:
  • First Place: Ceasar, 13 pumpkins
  • Second Place: Gabrielle, 11 pumpkins
  • Third Place, Tie: Conrad and VoiVoD, 5 pumpkins
First Place
Lady Bronwyn of Ravenshire for the Fall Festival on the roof of their Tower
Second Place - A Tie! The Shadow Imperium - Castle Fier & Morivoshi for "An Ancient Shrine"
To see the winning homes and runners up click here!
Thankye Mirabel! The Halloween Bash was alot of fun!

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Posted on Saturday, October 27, 2001, 11:59 AM EDT by Cymidei Fier (Baja)

Formosa Hero Tournament
Found on the Origin Calendar of Events
Sponsor: Beholder of The Flaming Blade
Facet: Trammel
Location: Nujelm Chess ground
Start Date: Oct 28 2001 12:00AM CST
End Date: Oct 28 2001 2:00AM CST
Recurrance: Weekly

Are you a true hero? You need to prove it here. It is the first Formosa Hero Tournament starting this weekend. If you are tired of horse racing and chaotic faction war, you must take this challenge.

1. one on one.
2. equipment no requirement, unlimited item usage.(potions, reg, bandage, etc.)
3. no pets and riding pets.
4. no looting.
5. no hiding.
6. 3 mins only for each run.

Details about this tournament will be posted in TFB web site.(It is in Chinese.)

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Posted on Saturday, October 27, 2001, 11:51 AM EDT by Xena Dragon (AsianShards)

UO House of Commons Chat
UO House of Commons Chat - Thursday, November 1st
We are glad to announce another UO House of Commons Chat here at Stratics IRC. It will happen on Thursday, November 1st at 7pm CST (5pm PST, 8pm EST) in #uohoc. You can access our network by using an IRC Client like mIRC ( and selecting one of those servers:

The topic for this month will be General Discussion, so make sure to come with a couple of questions to ask the Dev Team. You can also find out more about how this all works at our UOHoC Website. Hope to see you on Thursday! Don´t miss it!

Stratics Lead Event Coordinator
mailto: [email protected]


Daniel - StonegateFischer
Stratics Lead Event Coordinator

Stratics, the massive multiplayer IRC network port 6667

Email: [email protected]

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Posted on Saturday, October 27, 2001, 9:52 AM EDT by Lady Malynn (CommunityNews)

Fall Fair
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<Thanks to Celes and Shanarra for bringing this to my attention:

Circle of Justice (C^J) and Honored Knights of the Stone (H*K) are hosting a fall fair.
The date: November 10
The time: 6pm central time
The place: Skara Brae fairgrounds Trammel Facet.

Festivities to include a scavenger hunt, horse races and many other events. Lots of prizes, lots of fun! Come join us!

Hope to see you there:
Celes (C^J) and Shanarra (H*K)

Hope everyone turns out and make this a grand affair.

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Posted on Saturday, October 27, 2001, 3:47 AM EDT by Richard Cypher (GreatLakes)

Updated Ultima Online: Third Dawn README file, Comments on Siege Perilous and "Speed Cap" and ... Golems are not deaf
The updated Ultima Online: Third Dawn README file (as at October 22, 2001) can be found on the official UO website here.

Sannio (UO Community Coordinator) made these comments here on Siege Perilous :
Siege Perilous has been a shard with a unique nature, with numerous custom designs and special modifications, and in many ways all this are Siege's strength and prime attraction.

However, some of the issues that come up with Siege Perilous are due to it's unique nature. When we test & implement things on the so-called "normal" shards, we can be reasonably confident that when something works on one shard, it should work on another in the same way. Once in a while an update with work differently or incorrectly on a "normal shard," and once in a while an update with work differently or incorrectly on Siege. The difference between the two is that we anticipate that such possible changes are more likely to affect Siege's game balance, and so we must proceed more carefully. And sometimes this means not implementing a feature at the same time as the other shards, such as the recent implementation of Ilshenar on Siege.

It is our familiarity with the bulk of the shards that allow us to develop new systems for them with a certain amount of perceived "ease" and "lack of delay," but we are no less familiar with Siege Perilous. Siege is a different breed of shard, and needs a different mindset to develop it as well as play it, and, if anything, we simply try to be more careful in our evaluations and selections of what changes occur to Siege.

Siege's custom designs have made it difficult to support some aspects in the past, but we see a better future in store for Siege Perilous. The Mugen shard is mentioned elsewhere in this thread, and Mugen is a second "Siege Perilous" type of shard. With more shards of this type we can expect to put better support into the "Siege Perilous shards."

Some improvements and changes may be made to the Siege Perilous shards in order to appeal appeal to a broader audience, but even as we institute these improvements we hope to not remove what makes it uniquely appealing and continuing to allow Siege Perilous to remain true to it's roots.

On the question of whether there is a "speed cap" in UO, Sannio clarified here :
In reply to:
Is there a "speed cap" in UO?
Everyone I chase runs same speed as me if they are fast and I cannot catch up to them usually. And They cant catch up to me unless there is an obstacle of some sort. Im almost positive there is a speed cap of some sort. Is there?!

The answer to your questions comes in two parts: in-character factors and performance factors.

There are several in-character game mechanics factors which affect the speed of your characters. There's a certain walking pace and running speed built into the system to control the movement rates of characters. There's not just one walking or running rate, however, and some characters will move a little faster or slower than others, depending on the players' systems.

Your computer's performance and the speed of your Internet connection could affect how fast your character moves. You might see someone running faster than you because they have a better connection & system, but even with that in mind, they shouldn't be running past the "natural limits" as allowed by the in-character game mechanics mentioned above.

Every once in a while you might hear about some program or method that seems to allow people to break these "natural limits," but we can tracked such things, and when this type of activity has appeared and we've established that there's exploiting going on, we've banned the exploiters.

Something to also keep in mind is that, if you see someone move at "super speed" for 2 or 3 steps, it might actually be because of a short bit of packet loss, and your computer just caught up & is showing where the other character actually is, not where the client thought the other character should have been.

Calandryll clarified on this thread here entitled "Cannot have player controlled golems" that golems aren't deaf :
No going to confirm anything with regards to future updates, but they're not deaf, I clarified this before. The don't hear the same way that creatures do. They're not alive, nor were they ever alive. So they can respond to specific commands, but other sounds have no meaning to them

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Posted on Friday, October 26, 2001, 8:59 PM EDT by citizenKane2 (GeneralNews)

Scenario Publish Update
Posted on FYI :
The next week of the current scenario is scheduled to be published to the Napa Valley shard on Monday morning, October 29th CDT, to be active following its normal scheduled maintenance period. Barring any unforeseen issues, these changes should become active on the North American shards following their Tuesday morning maintenance periods (local server time). All remaining shards should see these changes active following their Wednesday morning maintenance periods (local server time).

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Posted on Friday, October 26, 2001, 8:42 PM EDT by citizenKane2 (GeneralNews)

3rd Annual Seattle Gamers' Luncheon
COME ONE! COME ALL! You are hereby invited to attend the 3rd Annual Seattle Gamers' Luncheon for Massively Multiplayer Games. There will be much feasting, plenty of gaming, lots of players from all walks of life to meet, prizes to be won, and even special guest appearances by Sannio, the Community Coordinator for Ultima Online, as well as a to-be-announced UO Dev Team member. Also attending to discuss their game will be Rock from NCSoft/Lineage. We ask that everyone RSVP ahead of time as space is limited and so we can get a solid headcount beforehand. You can do this by visiting our official Seattle Gamers' Luncheon website at:

Seattle Gamers' Luncheon Information Center

Here are the specifics:

DATE: Saturday, December 8th, 2001
TIME: 1:00pm to 4:00pm
WHERE: GameWorks Seattle (in the heart of Downtown Seattle)
FOOD: Buffet Lunch (Pasta Salad, Cole Slaw, BBQ Baked Beans, Chips, freshly baked rolls, BBQ Chicken, Build your own Burger Bar, Cookies, and Brownies)
GAMING: 1 hour of gameplay at GameWorks included

COST: $41 per person. Prepayment is required with your registration before November 20th. Once we receive both registration and prepayment, you will receive further details on how to proceed.

OTHER: If there is enough interest, we may try putting together a group outing to a nearby movie theatre after the Luncheon to see several great movies that will be out that weekend.

ACCOMODATIONS: For those visiting from out of town we have set up a special arrangement with the Paramount Hotel, a premier hotel in the Seattle area. For more details go here.

We'll see you there,
The Seattle Gamers' Luncheon Staff

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Posted on Friday, October 26, 2001, 6:55 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (CommunityNews)

EA’s Second Qtr Financial Results
In an article titled “Electronic Arts Posts Smaller Loss,” for Reuters, Ben Berkowitz reviews EA’s second quarter results. The article also mentions the staff reductions.

Quotes from the article:

Electronic Arts Inc. (Nasdaq:ERTS), the largest U.S. game publisher, on Thursday reported a narrower second-quarter loss as sales grew for its offerings on all of the major game platforms.


The company updated its expectations for its online division,, for the fiscal year, which ends in March, after announcing earlier this week that it would lay off 200 to 250 staff from the unit.

The cuts, about one-third of the division's staff, were made to keep the unit on track to its goal of reaching profitability in fiscal 2003, the company said. .

Thanks, Beans, for the news lead.

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Posted on Friday, October 26, 2001, 6:37 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (CommunityNews)

Cynthe Updates Us on What She’s Been Doing
On Online Community Relations, Cynthe (Manager of Community Services) tells us what she’s been up to lately. This update is part of UO Live Team’s ongoing efforts to communicate with players.

Hi there!

I've been a little quieter on the boards lately, but I've still been busy behind the scenes, trying to come up with ways to make information more clear and readily available to the players. We've just recently updated the entire Playguide on the site (that’s over 300 pages of updated game material, thanks to Kerowyn!), and the downloadable manual will be upgraded as well. The community and web groups are also working on some major long-term projects that will improve the UO site in dramatic ways - more on that once we're farther along!

For now, I wanted to tackle a couple short-term things that could help players get the most out of the information we’re providing. The first area is the patch message, which has typically only been updated when there was major information to post, and which has also not typically included additions and bug fixes contained in the publishes. The main reason this was the case is the fact that it’s a fairly small window, and we were concerned with not requiring the users to scroll down to get all the information. However, it’s my thought that having the information available to those who wish to scroll down is certainly better than not having the information there at all! Options are always good. :) So now you’ll begin seeing more information on the site’s patch message, including the contents of patches and publishes, and it will be updated much more regularly than it has been in the past.

The second area is the discussion boards. Since our boards don’t mark threads that have had a "red" response, it’s often difficult for our players to know when something’s been answered by a development team member. And of course, when questions are asked more than once, not every iteration of the question will be answered, meaning that some folks will feel ignored. More than once, I’ve seen people post angrily that a certain question has been ignored, when in fact it was answered in another thread earlier that day. The logical option might be to add new functionality to the boards that marks red posts, but unfortunately, just like the development team, our web group has a very tight schedule, and we don’t have time right now to create new board functionality. It’s on my list, though! Something I *can* do, however, is add a board FAQ area. The new read-only forum section on the boards is just that – an area for us to post those questions and answers that we’re seeing often on the boards, as a way to help players find the things that we think are important. So what’s the difference between us posting questions and answers there as opposed to putting them in the game wizard or in FAQs on the website? Well, the questions we can put in the read-only forums can be a bit more current – as in, posting questions about reverts or bugs or impending changes (the kind of thing we wouldn’t typically post permanently on the site, since it would be obsolete within a week or two). Some of the information will probably be repeats of information that’s in our Game Wizard, but if it’s something that we’re seeing asked often on the boards, then we’ll try to put it in the Frequently Asked Questions forum as well.

There are only a couple threads in there so far, but we’ll be adding more as we see things that are more prevalent on the boards. And just as a reassurance, the regular forums are not becoming read-only or fully moderated; the new read only section is in addition to, not instead of, the regular discussion forums. Let us know what you think, and feel free to suggest new questions for us to post there!

So that’s it for now… please feel free to continue posting your ideas to make our methods of communication better!

Amy "Cynthe" Sage
Manager of Community Services
ORIGIN Systems

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Posted on Friday, October 26, 2001, 6:17 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

GM Customer Satisfaction Scores
On the MyUO Discussion Boards, Canyon, Player Relations Training Lead, posted information on customer satisfaction scores for GMs.

I recently received a PM asking about the Customer Satisfaction scores that our GMs have received. The numbers have been very good, and have been trending upwards since we began using the customer satisfaction gump. Below are the results for the last few months. I'm really proud of our team, and we all expect these numbers to continue to rise.

Week Ending 7/22
GM Average 71.15
Week Ending 7/29
GM Average 71.05
Week Ending 8/5
GM Average 71.90
Week Ending 8/12
GM Average 72.56
Week Ending 8/19
GM Average 72.75
Week Ending 8/26
GM Average 74.31
Week Ending 9/2
GM Average 75.72
Week Ending 9/9
GM Average 77.90
Week Ending 9/16
GM Average 77.09
Week Ending 9/23
GM Average 77.99
Week Ending 9/30
GM Average 78.15
Week Ending 10/7
GM Average 77.91
Week Ending 10/14
GM Average 79.38
Week Ending 10/21
GM Average 78.80


1). There is a random chance that players get the gump. Not every call gets the gump. Last week, 4,059 players rated GMs through the gump. Once players have rated the GM, they won't be able to rate for another week. That is to prevent people from abusing the queue by paging multiple times in order to distort the numbers.

2). As stated above, there is a random chance to get the gump. The rating is based on a sampling of customers, and not every single one.


That's an average percentage score. If everyone sampled gave the top ratings, we'd be at 100%. The five scores available are Excellent (5), Good (4), Average (3) Poor (2), and Bad (1).

Our team is averaging "Good", which would be 80%, and we are working to drive that average even higher.

and by Greywolfe, OnLine Community Moderator:

The gump comes up once per account every 10 days, I believe.

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Posted on Friday, October 26, 2001, 5:50 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

The New Sonoma Role Playing Ring
It is called the War of Heroes. The age old battle between good and evil with the armies of darkness intent on world domination and extermination of all that is good and pure. As we speak the armies on both sides are gathering their forces and laying the ground work for their future plans. When the war comes to your town which side will you join? Today I found myself face-to-face with one of the ringleaders behind the New Sonoma RP Ring (, Desaad.

Hanse Swildish: From what I've read on The New Sonoma RP Ring website it seems that you are going to be giving the players of Sonoma a chance to be a part of an epic struggle between good and evil. Is this role playing ring only for those who enjoy PvP?

Desaad: No its not just for Pvpers. Ive created a neutral section for those who run vendor malls or shops, or those who even RP as smiths,and tinkers ect. Even those who enjoy sitting at the bank showing off their rares can be a part of this.

Hanse Swildish: Will there be organised events for both good and evil role players or will you just be organising events for evil aligned role players?

Desaad: With the addition of new guilds and players to the ring, im hoping that they will take their part and hold events and such as well. I myself along with Lich Amaruak will probably just be handling the evil side of things.

Hanse Swildish: Will there be any Trammel based role play or will you stay mostly in Felucca?

Desaad: Both facets will be involved. As Amaruak would say " no one is safe anywhere from a true evil".

Hanse Swildish: *laughs*

Hanse Swildish: Your website mentions The Dark Alliance, a brotherhood of dark and evil guilds. Is this going to be the centerpiece for the New Sonoma RP Ring?

Desaad: It will probably be the main group of the evil side, im hoping to get The Sonoma Alliance involved in this as well. To sort of balance things out a bit.

Hanse Swildish: For people who haven't already joined up but are interested, what is the best way for them to find you and join either the good or evil forces?

Desaad: First thing, I dont run the web site. There's an email link under the member section that will send any emails to Lich Amaruak. Second upon joining that person/guild will then need to get in contact with those guilds on their prospective side. Amaruak is in touch with the ones on the site right now.

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Posted on Friday, October 26, 2001, 3:52 PM EDT by Hanse Swildish (Sonoma)

A Special Story Night
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<Although every Story Night at the YMCA is well worth the visit, today's promises to be extra special. We have learned that, "Zenobia Ridpath will be presenting" something extra special at tonight's (Friday the 26th) Story Night. Reportedly this has something to do with a legendary missing book, and an ongoing quest concerning it.

The YMCA is the Large Tower right next to the Yew Felucca graveyard, located at coordinates 39o 48' N - 42o 7' W. Oh yes, and it is at 7pm PST!

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Posted on Friday, October 26, 2001, 3:06 PM EDT by Mina (Sonoma)

IanStorm Dev Chat Log posted
Yesterday IanStorm had a chat with the Development Team from OSI. Here is a small snippet:
Kiara - *Klesk* As more prime characters are re-introduced through the new fiction will there be any additions to the game-world itself to help reinforce their presence. For example Nystul's Lab, Krett's workshop, or even Shamino's abode...

Gromm - We actually just talked about this today a bit. If we ever have the chance to enhance the world with some points of interest we'd love to so that the BNN and in game events can melt together a bit smoother. If we have the time in the future I'd love to make some of the places in the stories real in the shards. Just a matter of finding the time. :)
I would say this was quite an interesting chat, and here is where you can find the whole IanStorm Chat Log.

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Posted on Friday, October 26, 2001, 2:08 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (CommunityNews)

Where's Here - Sponsors needed
Since it seems that the little game called "Where's Here" has caught the interest of our fellow readers, we would like to ask for some help with it. Since not everyone here has a lot of money to spend, this might be the chance for guilds, groups or even some "rich" vendors to act as a sponsor for this.

We welcome everyone to participate in this game which should be done about once a week at different times and at a different day. Furthermore we are looking for people who might have interested to act as sponsors. This would include finding an interesting place, or make an interesting riddle about a place, that the other readers have to find. If you are interested in doing this, please sent an email to [email protected] with the subject "Where's Here Sponsor". Please don't attach any pictures or riddles, we will contact you about this later.

What do I have to spent? - Actually we would like to stick with the price of 25k for the first place, if you want to spend more, please contact us about it.

What do I gain as a sponsor? - To be honest, not much. Only thing is you get mentioned as the sponsor in the news for the riddle and for the prize.

Anyway, if you like to be a sponsor, just drop us a mail...

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Posted on Friday, October 26, 2001, 1:59 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (Drachenfels)

Updates at - "The coming of Nocsaal II" and more player towns
More news than you can shake a stick at from UO-Europe.

Nocsaal passed a clawed hand over the reflectant surface of the pool. A slight ripple formed, spreading to the edges of the murky green water, bringing a new appearance to the mysterious liquid. The pool’s surface no longer reflected the bare cavern walls, but showed a mighty labyrinth, its darkened corridors stretching as far as the eye could see before fading in the swirling mists.

Europa is fast becoming famed for it’s large number of player towns and institutions. There seems to be no small sietch of land that does not become a village or hamlet when a few householders get together and organise themselves. However, as yet we’ve seen little activity in and around the mining city of Minoc, that is until now…

Visit for further information...

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Posted on Friday, October 26, 2001, 1:48 PM EDT by Orangebeard (Europa)

All Hallows' Eve Festival
We received the following invitation recently...
Greetings! And Well Met!

The Knights of Arcane Steel wish to invite one and all, to their All Hallows Eve' Festival and PvP Tournament. More then One Million Gold will be given away as prizes on Saturday, October 27th. Main Events include a Scavenger Hunt, Costume Contest, and PvP Tournament. All players and guilds are welcome to attend, though space is limited in some events. Come and roleplay, or enjoy yourself out of character, Everyone is welcome, there will be no guild war activity during the Festival!

For complete information on all Events, Visit or contact Corin Aesir, by ICQ at #3901201.

PvP Tournament

Time: 3pm Est to 6pm Est

Place: The Battlegorunds, gates will be provided

Registration: yes! Limited to 24 Participants!

Entry Fee: None!

Prizes! 1st 300k Gold, 2nd 200k Gold, 3rd 100k Gold!!

All character classes are welcome. Please see the rules on the offical festival page. Entering this tournament require you to be placed on a temporary festival guildstone, or have your existing guild war the stone. Contact the KaS for more information, and review the rules and requirements on the festial web page, listed above.

Costume Contest

Time: 6pm Est

Place: KaS Castle

Registration: None

Entry Fee: None

Prizes: 1st: 75k Gold and a pair of Black Sandals, 2nd: 50k Gold, 3rd: 25k Gold!

Think you have what it takes to make the best costume? GM Tailors and Smiths, gets those tools ready! Wether it be Scary, Dapper, or 70's Nightclub, your outfit might get you some some spending cash and pair of much coveted black sandals (not blessed). So use your imagination, and strut down that runway like you mean it. Entries will be judged by appearance, style, the ability to roleplay your costume. All Entries must arrive at the castle Before 6PM Est.

Prizes will be given out directly following the Costume Contests final judging. All Players of Catskills are welcome to enter! All who enter will receive a participation prize!

Scavenger Hunt

Time: 7:30Pm Est

Place: Kas Hall

Registration: None

Entry fee: None

Prizes: 1st: 150k Gold, 2nd 100k Gold, 3rd 50k Gold!!

The Rules will be discussed from 7Pm Est till 7:30Pm Est

The Race is On! Will you be the first to return to the KaS Guildhall with the 20 listed items? Do you know where to find Common, but sometimes overlooked things? Then this is the contest for you. Players will be given a book with 20 items listed, that are easily obtainable (or so you think), in lands of UO, and must race to be the first one back! You have only ONE hour to complete this simple task.. Are you up for it? Is your recall book up for it?

At 7:30PM the Whistle sounds, and you grab the list and go! Latecomers are welcome, but you only have untill 8:30PM!! All participants who return before 8PM will receive a prize. Good Luck!

Directions can be found on the Festival Web Page.

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Posted on Thursday, October 25, 2001, 10:05 PM EDT by Elisa Montclaire (Catskills)

Carolyn's remains found! Garland and wife grieve her deadly demise.
A message from Carolyn's father:

It is with a saddened heart that I must write this news to you. I have been told that my daughter's remains have been found. My wife and I are quite saddened, but are taking it well. We spoke with the person that found her remains and honored him with the silver coins I had collected on my journeys.

The warrior Derick took great care to search for her before he came across her remains in the lands of Delucia. He brought back a piece of her clothing, and a special gem that I had given to her to prove that it was her. It seems that the swamp waters were not safe for humans and caused my daughter's skin to decay and begin to fall off. After the long exposure, she just could not go on. He did mention that he did not see any signs of any battle with the local critters, so it is assumed that she died merely from exposure.

I wish that there was a way that I could express to everyone that helped in the search of her, but all I can offer is my deepest thanks. My wife also extends her thanks for all who helped.


I am sorry for your loss Garland, and I hope you can find peace. I also would like to extend a thank you too all the citizens for their assistance in locating her, and a special Thank you to Derick for finding her remains and bringing closure to her parents.

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Posted on Thursday, October 25, 2001, 9:30 PM EDT by Hannah Starfire (SiegePerilous)

Clarifications on Proposed Virtue System & on Scenario
On this thread here, Calandryll (Designer, Ongoing Content) added this clarification to the proposed virtue system in relation to the "squire" system for Humility :
No not at once. Just that if you help one character from account "A" you can help another character from account "B". But, you can't help another character from account "A" for a week after you started helping the first one.

Only one squire at a time though.

On the ongoing Scenario, Calandryll clarified on this thread here :
Just so everyone is clear. That demon in uo3d that is called not Exodus, nor do we plan on using it.

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Posted on Thursday, October 25, 2001, 9:19 PM EDT by citizenKane2 (GeneralNews)

Extended Japanese Shard Maintenance
Posted on FYI:

All Japanese shards, with the exception of Mugen, will undergo extended maintenance during their scheduled maintenance periods on Friday, October 26th (local server time). The shards are expected to remain down for one hour beyond their normal maintenance periods. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Posted on Thursday, October 25, 2001, 9:07 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

Where's Here
Oh, the things a girl will do for love....They are nothing compared to what she will do for a good Where's Here. This is the last Where's Here spot from Genjuro, the Wandering Sword of Ordo Sylvanus. Genjuro did warn me this was a scary Where's Here for a GM Tailor and Fishergirl to scribeshoot. I managed to get the shot and escape with very few injuries that will leave permanent scars. Next week's Where's Here will be from Ordo Sylvanus' Slyefinger, and let me warn you right now it is a doozy!

The first person to e-mail the correct co-ordinates for the spot pictured to [email protected] wins 25K and the adoration of the masses. Please do not send attachments or pictures. My advice to you? When going to get these co-ords, walk softly and carry a big stick. Or take big, mean friends.

I also want to thank all the guilds who signed up to sponsor Where's Here through the end of 2001. All slots have now been taken, so if your guild wanted to sponsor one, you'll have to wait until a new sign up call goes out after the holidays.

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Posted on Thursday, October 25, 2001, 6:59 PM EDT by Pluffina (Sonoma)

A Story Behind Redeeming Liches and Evil Mages
On the MyUO Discussion Boards, Sannio provided a story behind why Liches and Evil Mages are redeemable through Sacrifice:

It is the opinion of this august body that the liches and so-called "evil mages," which at this time plague Britannia, may be redeemed and turned away from their current non-Virtuous paths. At this time, our finest sages and scholars are striving to develop a method by which these entities may be spared the horrific lifestyles in which they are currently bound, and will continue to inform the citizens of the land on these methods as new information becomes available.


Liches were swayed into a life which supported a viscious circle of unending evil, that they could not escape, even in death. They have become masters of Unlife, and by researching means of redemption we hope to grant them awareness of their wrongs and peace with their place in the universe. At that time their already-dead bodies shall crumble to dust, and their spirits will successfully pass on to the Great Beyond, a reward currently denied them.

Many of the the so-called "Evil Mages" are headed for the same afterlife "prison of the spirit" that already holds most liches. If we can open the spiritual eyes of these mages, then they will never become so cursed, and as we help them we anticipate that many will magically teleport to their families and loved ones and begin a process of seeking forgiveness, and endeavoring to right the wrongs that they have committed in the name of Evil.

Online Community Coordinator, UO
Origin Systems

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Posted on Thursday, October 25, 2001, 6:53 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (QuestandEventNews)

UOS Halloween Event a Success!
To the prize donors, Noleeens of the Sandlewood Box, Blackheath and Dunoir of the THB, Trillian, Ariyana, and Nemonis of Garden City a special thanks for your kind and generous donations! Binger, Angela, Blackheath, Dunoir, Sara, Ian Flemming, Kishan, and Jesica (if I missed your name, let me know, I can edit!) thank you so much for helping staff the event! To all the above, a round of applause, hugs, and handshakes--thank you for making the event a resounding success!

To all who came, thank you for what turned out to be my favorite and most memorable moments of UO to date! I was crying with laughter as we toured towns, dungeons, and even formed conga lines...all as ghosts! If you had a good time and would like to see more events in the future, post to the Great Lakes Forum and let us hear your ideas!

If you follow the "comments" link below, I'll be updating the thread in the GL Forum with a link as soon as I get some of the wonderful pictures from the event processed and uploaded.

Congratulations to the many winners of the night, the prize winners are as follows:

Halloween Homes Decorating Contest:

  • 1st Place - The FCB Tower
  • 2nd Place - Lothrorian Crossing

King and Queen of the Dead Man's Ball

  • Blackheath & Ariyana Sune

Dead Run (Yew Crypts to Yew Cemetary)

  • 1st - Nemonis
  • 2nd - Leshyani
  • 3rd - Blackheath

Please contact me via PM in the GL Forum or via email [email protected] to arrange a time to collect your fabulous prizes. The loot is tremendous, so get in touch any time after Friday (I'll be working hard on pictures of the event till then).

My sincere apologies for cancellation of the Storytelling competition... the party of Undead was having so much fun, it seemed best to let the (pardon the pun) Spirit of the event continue =) If you prepared a story, and would still like a chance at prize winnings, I'll be extending that part of the Halloween festivities to the GL Forum. You can post to the "comments" link below any submission you'd like to enter, through the "dead" line of Oct 31. I'll reserve some nice gifts for the participants in the written storytelling competition. (Broadly, the entries should have a Halloween theme, and should be poetry or prose, but pictures can be included as well.)

Convening of the Dead Man's Ball

Thanks again everyone, and Happy Halloween from your UOS-GL Stratics Team! =)

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Posted on Thursday, October 25, 2001, 6:48 PM EDT by Amidala (GreatLakes)

Why Men Animals & Women Monsters
On the MyUO Discussion Boards, Sannio answered this reoccurring question:

Q: Yeh why ARE women listed under monsters in the polymorph menu! thats been bugging me for a long time now! (im not female though it was just strange)

A: Men are listed under "animals" and women listed under "monsters." Neither are quite correct, but as the "animals" and "monsters" sections each had an open slot, placing the men and women polymorph options in their current positions was a simple choice of convenience.

Online Community Coordinator, UO
Origin Systems

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Posted on Thursday, October 25, 2001, 6:33 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

Siege Perilous Reverted
The following was just posted to FYI:

An issue with this morning's publish unfortunately resulted in incorrectly priced house deeds being sold on shopkeepers on the Siege Perilous shard. Because of the exploitable nature of this issue, we have deemed it necessary to revert this shard to a previous backup made at approximately 2:00 PM Wednesday October 24th, CDT.

Additionally, now active as of today on the Siege Perilous ruleset shards are the new ruleset changes that have been listed in the Update Center, which can now be found in Latest Game Updates. These changes will still remain active after the revert.

It is always a difficult decision to revert a shard; however, we feel the potential damage this issue could cause to Siege Perilous's balance and economy dictates that we must take this course of action. We sincerely apologize for the necessity of this interruption and any inconvenience it may cause.

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Posted on Thursday, October 25, 2001, 6:17 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

Press Release: Wanted Alive
Aeris, former White Fang Guildmistress, has escaped from the Trinsic jail and is thought to be in hiding. Jailed for her participation in the kidnapping of Mrs. Lancer, esteemed White Fang guildmember.

White Fang has issued a reward of 1,000,000 gold pieces to the person or persons responsible for her safe capture.

Any information regarding Aeris' whereabouts will be greatly appreciated. Tips can be posted on the Vesper bulletin board, at White Fang Headquarters, or delivered to Genevieve of White Fang.


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Posted on Thursday, October 25, 2001, 5:38 PM EDT by Chainsaw Knight (Oceania)

Feedback about Update Wanted
Calandryll is asking for feedback about the latest updates on the :
Now that the update is on all of the shards, please let me know if there are any problems with the bug fixes:

  • Unreachable generator panels - this will fix all existing panels as well.
  • Young players using control panels - since young players don't get damaged they will no longer be able to use the control panels
  • Controller fame - lowered to be in keeping with their difficulty
  • Arcane gem recharge - anyone, regardless of tailoring skill will be able to rechrage arcane items. GM tailors will be able to recharge them to 100% capacity, nonGMs will only be able to recharge them to 80% of their maximum.
  • Arcane Controller clothing - Clothing worn by controllers will autotmatically delete when the controller dies.
  • Cant use arcane gems on blessed items - this will keep people from losing their blessed items
  • Null string errors - server localization text (such as barkeepers and arcane clothing) will no longer give null string errors
Thanks all!

Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
Designer, Ongoing Content

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Posted on Thursday, October 25, 2001, 12:39 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (GeneralNews)

BNN - Written in Blood
A new story for the ongoing scenario can be found on the official UO-Website:
Written in Blood
A banging at his door made Krett spring up from his work and knock his head against something thick and heavy. A low-toned, gong-like sound rang throughout his small cottage. Holding his hands tightly against the back of his head, he looked up with one cocked eye to see a golem head, swinging on its neck support. He backed away from the body of the machine, wincing at the small throb in his skull, and wiped his hands on an oily rag. He tossed it down as the banging continued on the door. “I’m coming!” he half mumbled.

He worked his away across the floor around piles of his projects. Bits of golem lay in semi-completed forms in a pattern than could have passed for an obstacle course with random papers lying everywhere as if they had fallen from the canopy of a giant tree above. Clocks lined the walls, although half had been covered by hastily sketched plans that had been pinned up. As he made his way through the maze, piles of documents spilled behind him and small tools tinkled to the floor. The banging on the door resumed just as he came near and pulled it open.

“Krett! You are home!” said a man in leather armor with a bow on his back.

“Shamino? Ah… you’re early! Come in, ah… come in!”

Krett stood aside to allow the famous ranger to enter the cottage, although the room was limited. Shamino looked around at the piles of half-formed mechanical beings and found the image a little disturbing.

“Am I early? I should be right on time.” The ranger curiously prodded a strange assembly of gears on the floor with his foot.

Krett maneuvered his way back towards the nearly finished golem on the other side of the room. “I must, ah… have lost track of time working on this fellow over here. What time is….”

His voice was cut off by the sound of dozens of clocks ringing all at once. After squinting for a few moments at the shrill sound of the tinker’s time pieces, Shamino looked at his friend with a smirk.

“Oh, six o’ clock, you are right on time,” Krett said, moving the head of a golem up onto a table.

“Krett, I sent you word of my coming because I would like your help. I think your expertise could come in most useful.” Shamino sat casually on an upturned golem leg.

“Me?” Krett asked. “What, ah… what exactly is it you need me for?”

“Your knowledge of these mechanical men.”

“Golems,” Krett said absentmindedly.

“Pardon?” Shamino asked.

“They’re called golems, Shamino, or ‘Por-Xel-Agra-Lem’. Can’t really compare them to men. They, ah… they may look like a man, but they have no free will. No more than your bow or my tools.”

“Por-Xel… what?” Shamino looked puzzled. “What exactly did you just say?”

“Ah… as far as I can tell, it means ‘golem’ in the language of the gargoyles. I’ve had a chance to study a lot of their language from, ah… bits and pieces that explorers have returned with. Very fascinating.”

“Well…” Shamino looked around the small workshop, “I suspect no one has more knowledge of their work than you, friend. You are currently Britannia’s golem expert and because of that, I’d like you to come with me. Your knowledge could come in handy. You may even help us learn something about these Gargoyles.” He stood up and walked over to Krett to watch as the man deftly used his tools on the large golem sitting on the floor in front of him. “Nystul sent a party into Ilshenar to find out more about where these are coming from. They haven’t returned yet, and he’s asked me to go in and look for them.”

“Why do you need me to come along? I, uh… I can surely examine anything you, um… bring back to me here.”

“Yes, but out there you may see something the rest of us would miss. I have two guards with me from Britain, you’ll be safe,” Shamino promised.

Krett looked up from his work briefly, as if focusing on the conversation for the first time. “I’m… not much of an adventurer, Shamino. I’m much more comfortable here with my work. I am a tinker. I… well uh, I tinker.”

Shamino walked slowly around the man and his project. “You know… from what I’ve heard, the golems have been changing slightly since they first appeared.”

“That is true!” Krett’s voice echoed from inside the chest cavity of the golem he was working on. “Whoever makes them has changed the design more than once. The internal parts look different in the, ah… newer ones. It wouldn’t surprise me if they changed it again.”

“And do you want someone else to be the first person to see the new ones? Come now, Krett, this is a chance to see one of your metal men actually working. Maybe even get a chance to see the Gargoyle city itself.” He leaned in closer with a smirk. “Think of all there is to learn.”

Krett sighed and pulled his head out from his work, being careful to push the golem’s head aside this time. He stared at the floor in deep thought for a long moment.

“I’ll, ah… I’ll get my pack.”

* * *

Krett dismounted his horse, glad that he did not often have to ride one of the beasts. He felt as if one of his golems had come to life and shaken him for about an hour. He looked through his pack to make sure all of his tools and books were in order. Shamino and the two imposing guards also dismounted and began searching the area.

“Welcome to Ilshenar. Are you well, Krett?” Shamino asked, a slight expression of amusement on his face.

Krett looked up at his friend as he stood. “I just spent an hour, ah… having my brain bounced around the inside of my skull. If you wanted me to, uh… learn anything I think the hopes of that are over.”

Shamino grinned at his friend. “You’ll be fine; you’re just not used to horse…” He paused and looked around as if focusing deeply. “There’s a golem nearby… that way.” He looked to the guards who nodded and started running in the direction the ranger had pointed.

Krett looked puzzled. “You… you heard a golem?”

“You didn’t?” Shamino winked.

The two started in the direction the guards had run. After a few minutes of walking, they finally found the two guards lounging over the remains of a golem as if it was nothing but a stump in the wilderness. They hadn’t even broken a sweat destroying the creature. The mouth of a cave stood behind them. Shamino smirked as he watched Krett approach the golem excitedly and pull his tinker tools from his pack, along with a thick book he had been making notes in.

“Thomas, stay here with Krett while he investigates his new toy.” Krett grinned up at Shamino as he lifted a metal plate off of the chest of the golem. “William, come with me. We’ll scout ahead in the cave a bit. According to my map, this leads to the Gargoyle lands.”

Shamino and the guard walked into the opening of the cave until darkness enveloped them. Krett continued to remove parts from the inside of the golem as Thomas stood by and watched curiously. Occasionally, the steely guard would prod at a piece of the golem with his halberd.

“What is this!” Krett exclaimed as he pulled a component out of the cavity of the mechanical being. “This component is, ah… yes, ah, different than it was in older golems! Fewer parts…” He could see a slight glow coming from inside the metal box. He continued to work furiously with his tool kit. “I think we have something… here.”

“We do?” inquired Thomas in a deep voice Krett never wanted to hear in a dark alley at night.

“Er, um… yes. You see, in the older golems that I’ve, uh… had a chance to tinker with, they had an extra component in this bit. As far as I could tell, it was some sort of switch that went off when the golem shut down. It always had, uh… small pieces of some sort of crystal inside. This one, however…” he opened another panel, “That’s it. The crystal in this one is still intact! The older golems had a device that would destroy the crystal when they stopped moving!”

The guard wrinkled his brow.

“Do you know what I can do with this crystal?!” Krett was practically hopping up and down with excitement.

“KRETT!” Shamino’s voice echoed from the mouth of the cave. “Come here quickly!”

Krett looked to the guard and the two of them ran into the cave. As he lit a torch, Krett could already see blood and bodies around the newly carved cavern. He did his best not to become ill. He was no warrior and had never seen a dead man before.

“I’m sorry, friend. I know this is not a pleasant sight, but there may be clues.” Shamino led Krett deeper into the cave. “This is what is left of the party Nystul sent a few days ago. I’m not sure what killed them, but whatever it was did a thorough job.” Krett tried to focus on the walls of the cave and not on the corpses. “I know this doesn’t sit well with you, Krett, but the guards will protect you. We need your knowledge.”

Krett walked around slowly with his torch. He jumped slightly at the feeling of a human hand underneath his boot and swallowed, trying to contain his nervousness. He held his torch lower to reveal the rest of a corpse. The man had died here, but not before writing on the cave wall with his own blood. “Shamino, ah… uh… I think I may have found something! One of them tried… he, uh… tried to leave us a… um… a message. It’s only one word, but um… I… I don’t know what it says.”

“Something in the Gargoyle tongue?” the ranger’s voice echoed back.

“I’m checking, um… I’m checking that now.” Krett paged through the thick stack of notes he had made of the Gargoyle language. He knew his knowledge of the language was limited, but he was still disappointed that he could not find out what the word on the wall meant. He wasn’t even sure that the word was in fact Gargish.

“I’m sorry, Shamino. I, um… can’t tell what this word, ah… what this word means. It could be a name, a place, a city… I’m not sure. It’s not, ah… in my texts, but I think we should learn what it means. This man died trying to give you this message.”

“What is the word, Krett?” Shamino asked, walking closer in the torchlight.

Krett looked at his friend and then back at the wall. “It says… ‘Exodus’.”

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Posted on Thursday, October 25, 2001, 12:31 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (QuestandEventNews)

Wilmeth's All Hallow's Eve Festival
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<We thank the Wilmeth Council for sharing this with us.

Hear Ye!
Hear Ye!

The town of Wilmeth throws it's doors wide open and welcomes everyone to join us in a grand celebration of the season.

The All Hallow's Eve Festival is a party for the entire realm of Atlantic and all who come in peace are welcome to join in this celebration of our shared community. The festivities will take place in and around the town of Wilmeth, which is located just outside the entrance of Despise in the Chaos valley, lands of Trammel. Come one, come all and share with us in the many events and tests of luck we have planned this year. Meet old friends, make new ones or simply drink yourself silly on the best ale in the land. This celebration promises something for everyone, so don't miss out!

Here is a program of this year's festivities.

6:00 pm - Kick off party
We'll be gathering at the Wilmeth Tavern for refreshments and socializing to kick off the evening festivities. There will be bobbing for apples to test your luck and skill at this favorite pastime. Grab an apple....grab a prize! Shortly after there will be a pumpkin race through the forest. Think you have the coordination and skill to run while lugging a pumpkin? Come test yourself and walk away with a prize if you're the winner! Then to bring a nice bloody ending to the kick off party will be the Black Cat Fights. Place your bets on the cat you think has the best form and cheer them on as they bite and claw their way to victory in true Hallow's Eve fashion. No ordinary cats here, these cats are mean and fiesty, raised for fighting and winning!

7:30 pm - Grand Lottery!
Do you feel lucky?
Well.... Do Ya?

One and all, bring a rune marked with your name and a number between 4 and 144. Please have this rune at the kick off party. Everyone will get one free number. If you wish to have more than one number, a fee of 5k per extra will be needed. You can have as many numbers as you wish. The beginning purse will be 100,000 gold pieces. Ant fees will be added. At 7:30 the drawing will take place.

8:00 pm - Announcement of the house decoration contest winners.

8:15 pm - Trick-or-treating
Everyone will spread across the valley which will be well lit and patrolled by our guards. Each Wilmeth house will be handing out treats, so empty that backpack before you start!

9:00 pm - Costume Ball at the Wilmeth Theatre
Come see if you can guess who is who in a star studded night of masquerade sponsored by the Regency. Join in the special costume contest and strut your stuff for a chance at 75k in prizes. Three top awards will be given for the scariest costume, the funniest costume and the most creative costume.

In and around these main events we shall have drinking contests, joke telling contests, songs, story telling and an open ended opportunity to renew old friendships, make new ones and share in the celebration of the community we all belong to.

So why not come along and join us?

To find the lovely town of Wilmeth, simply start at the entrance of Despise and head South through the mountain pass. Once you reach the clearing, follow the northern mountain line to the second villa, which is the Wilmeth Tavern.

That's Friday, October 26th starting at 6:00 pm EST.

All Welcome!!

See you there!!

Wilmeth Council and Citizens
Posted on Thursday, October 25, 2001, 9:33 AM EDT by Dmitri Ne'Sveti (Atlantic)

Aeris Has Escaped!
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<On her way to the Hedge Maze, just outside of Trinsic, Genevieve, of White Fang, was asked to stop by the Trinsic Jail. She was asked by her suitor, Viking, leader of the Green Killers, and Sirea, acting guildmistress of White Fang, to check on Aeris and relay a message from them regarding the guild and her trial.

"Please don't make me do this, it's so hard to see her in there," she had pleaded with Sirea and Viking. "Not only was she my guildmistress, but she is my friend, please don't make me do this.” "Tis a sad thing Gen, but the rest of us will be up to our ears in golems all day," Viking had said, squeezing her shoulder affectionately. Gen's eyes moved to Sirea. "Please Sirea, at least come with me." "There are preparations to be made for the big tournament Gen, I shant have a moment to myself for a fortnight."

'So that leaves me.' Gen thought to herself. Gen had visited Aeris several times since her arrest, often brandishing playing cards for a quick game. This time Gen was a bit hurried, wanting to get in some training time before night fell.

As she rode into Trinsic, the guards at the gate eyed her, and waved her past. She dismounted Ruby, her faithful forest ostard, and tied her reigns to the hitching post near the gate. As she walked through the city, Gen couldn't help but marvel at it's beauty and tranquility. 'It's always so quiet in Trinsic, nothing like Vesper or Britain,' she thought. Gen had grown up in Vesper, but she loved to travel, and Trinsic was by far her favorite city to visit. As she passed the inn, she decided to pick some flowers to brighten up Aeris' cell. The jail building was visible from where she was standing, it's silhouette against the blue sky making is seem a mile away.

Gen collected herself as she stood outside of the jail. She reached into her pack and brought out the message from Sirea and Viking. 'Alright, in and out,' she told herself. 'Go in, make sure she's being treated well, give her the message, and leave.' The guards were being paid quite a bit by White Fang to ensure that Aeris was treated well, but how much comfort can you expect when you know your reputation is at stake?

As she walked through the door, the guard sitting near the door halted her. "I'm afraid you must leave your belongings here." "Aye, I know." She put her pack down next to the guard and waited for his approval. "Alright, proceed."

Peering into the cell as she neared Aeris' cell, Gen felt a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach, which only worsened as her view of the inside of the small holding cell grew. "Aeris? I have a message from Sirea and Viking. It's about your..." She stopped short. "GUARD! GUARD!!!" The guard came running. "Yes m'lady?" Obviously he'd helped himself to the bread she kept in her pack, his shirt was covered in crumbs. "Is this not the cell in which Lady Aeris was being held?" The panic in her voice was supressed, but still alerted the guard. "Yes, she was there this morn, when I relieved the night gua..." The guard stopped as he surveyed the cell and found that Aeris was missing.

After several hours interrogating the guards, Gen began searching the cell, for any evidence as to how Aeris had escaped. In her mind she rehearsed what she would tell Viking and Sirea. 'Oh no, Aeris, what have you done?' She tugged at the bars in the windows and felt the walls for weak spots. 'What are we to do?' She rummaged through the bed clothes and searched under the cot. 'When am I going to find time to train now?'

She returned to the room in which the guards, who were now in a frenzy, were checking the other prisoners, to make sure there were no other escapees. "I need to see Aeris' things," Gen demanded. "I know she had some things with her when we brought her. I need to see them now." "No need to worry m'lady, her things are here." The guard opened a chest and produced a plain brown pack and placed it on the table beside him.

Gen didn't know what she was looking for, but she hoped she's know when she found it. 'Runebook...where is Aeris' runebook?!' "Was there a runebook in with her things?" "No, m'lady. Everything you see there was all we were given." The guard seemed honest enough, although this was a problem, nonetheless.

Gen dug through her pack and pulled out the com crystal that Viking had given her, in case she ran into trouble, a direct link to him and several other guild members. Activating the crystal as she sifted through Aeris' belongings once again, she heard Viking's voice coming from the crystal. "Gen, is that you? What's wrong darling?" The sounds of battle in the background indicated this wasn't the best time for bad news. "Viking, gather the Green Killers and the Panel of Peers at Headquarters right away. We have a problem. Aeris is missing, and so is her runebook...."

White Fang Guild

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Posted on Thursday, October 25, 2001, 8:16 AM EDT by Chainsaw Knight (Oceania)

Delayed Shard Maintenance and Comments on Proposed Housing System and Refreshing Pets
Posted on the FYI section of the offical UO website :
The AOL Legends, Siege Perilous, and Great Lakes shards will undergo a late maintenance tomorrow, October 25th, in order to activate the latest week of the current Scenario. The delayed maintenance will occur at 8am CDT, and we expect the downtime will be no longer than one hour. The remaining shards that are due to receive the publish on Thursday will undergo normal maintenance.

On this thread here, Sannio (UO Community Co-ordinator) made these clarifications in respect of the proposed housing changes :
In reply to:
At one time OSI stated on improperly placed homes that was grandfathered in, that we would lose some functionability, then, if I have lost some, I don't know what, as I own no properly placed homes on my primary account, and if that is the case, please let me know what functionability is indeed lost.

Although this possible "loss of functionality" was indeed discussed early on in the implementation of this system-notation, no loss of functionality has actually gone into play.

Hanse (Designer UO) made these comments on refreshing pets here :
You don't have to refresh your pets if you claim them within a 24x7 (168 hours) of playtime. This means if you play 2 hours per day, you will have to claim your pet at least once before you have played 84 days. :)

It's pretty worthless to even have pet refreshing, with such a long timer. We're looking at removing the refresh requirement.

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Posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2001, 10:50 PM EDT by citizenKane2 (GeneralNews)

More Clarification on Housing Proposal
Sannio, on the MyUO Discussion Boards, added more clarifications about how the proposed new housing system will work. Good information here for vets who own more than one house.

“One House per account, per shard, remember? The Gandfather rule won't protect their houses if they are offered (and accept)ownership of their co-owned houses.”

This rule would remain true with the proposed system; Anyone who decides currently, and with the proposed system, to collect a new house (such as being offered the house due to being a co-owner in the proposed system) will only be able to own that one new house, and all other houses on that house will become Condemned.

However, it may be import to note that, in the proposed system, co-owners of "ownerless houses" would not be obligated to pick up that ownerless house. In the case of grandfathered accounts that own multiple houses, if they do not accept "prime ownership" of any "ownerless house," then the houses they already own would remain refreshable, and not become Condemned.

“Grandpa Vet owns 4 houses with one character on Atlantic. Also, each of his other 4 characters on Atlantic is a co-owner of a house from each of 4 non-existent accounts. If so much as one of his co-owning characters accepts ownership of so much as one of those houses, all the owned houses are now subject to the current rules. “

Yes, under the proposed system, this would be a correct statement. (Except that one character can currently own only one house, even considering grandfathered rules.) .

”As far as I know a house owner CANNOT be a co-owner of another house. “

Correct, you cannot add a character who is an owner of a house to another house's co-owner list. .

“I don't know if you can transfer a house if you are a coowner of a house from a dead account but .... “

Only the "prime owner" of a house can transfer that house; the co-owners of a house cannot transfer that house.

Online Community Coordinator, UO
Origin Systems.

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Posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2001, 10:39 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

More on TD Font Changes
On the MyUO Discussion Boards, Alai, Programmer, added this information about the changing coming to the TD fonts in the future:
The three fonts of UO:Ren will be available, sadly no others will be for the time being. The white outlines are going away. I think they were a good idea, but they were oft used when they shouldn't have been. All in game text will have a black outline. Also - this change will most likely not result in any modifications to books; books are finicky things and changing the font in 'em could take more time than we can spare at the moment.

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Posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2001, 10:17 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

GUL Pit Fights
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<Hail and well met,
This just in via carrier pigeon:

Welcome to the GUL pit fights. Hosted at Oc'Nivelle (Yew Forest 47o 17`N. x 34o 56`W). Designed to be a place for fighters of all play styles to come together to battle it out, the GUL Pit fights will be held every Saturday. Registration will begin at 8 pm pst, fighting will begin at 9 pm (11 pm central, midnight eastern). Players wishing to register must do so by 8:50. No late entries will be accepted.

This Week's Pit Fight Saturday, October 27th will be 2v2 single elimination.


  • 1st place - 250,000 gold pieces
  • 2nd place - 100,000 gold pieces
  • 3rd place - 50,000 gold pieces
  • There is no entrance fee Sponsored by GUL
Guardians of the Undead Lords Pit Fighting rules:
  • No magic weapons, no magic armor, no charged magic items.
  • Pre-poisoned weapons are not allowed. Fighters with the poisoning skill may poison their blades once the fight has started.
  • No casting of field spells, or summoning.
  • No pets, this includes spectators. Please stable your pets before arriving at the tower.
  • No looting.
  • No stealing
  • Loss of connection during a fight will result in that fighter losing the match.
  • Tournaments are single elimination (the exception being fighters who lose in the semi-finals will be asked to stay and fight for 3rd place)
  • All fighters are subject to snooping by the Oc'Nivelle staff.
  • Any spectator interference will result in the spectator being banned and the fight starting over.
  • No one is permitted inside the fighting arena except the fighters for that match and the ref.
  • Fighters may not hide or cast invisible during their fight. To reduce lag anyone not fighting will be asked to hide during the fight. Players who consistently do not hide will be removed from the tower.
  • No smack talking. The point is to prove what you can do... If you just "owned" someone we all will have seen it, no need to spout off about it.
  • The ref will have final say over any match. Issues or complaints with the rules of GUL's Pit Fight will not be discussed until after the tournament has ended.

For questions please Icq Jade @ 51610361
Complete fight details can be found HERE

Your humble servant,
Raeven Aurora

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Posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2001, 7:32 PM EDT by Raeven Aurora (NapaValley)

The Return of William Smit the IV!
This just in from that half-orc, half-dwarf dorc we all know as William Smit the IV! It would seem that his much-heralded departure from the realm is far from permanent!
It had been some time since the so-named “Evil Anna”--not to be confused
with the good Anna--had snatched the “Raising the Dead” book from the Mayor
of Yew, Thorin. She had tried for many nights to explain the powers hidden
within it, but the words were in a rather strange writing, which was not
only confusing but also poorly written! This was undoubtedly suggestion to
the fact that in the days of yore, most necromancers who wrote the words on
these ancient books almost always took various strange potions to ease their
spasmodic fits of insanity. Evil Anna indeed noted (with a glint of sadist
glee) that the practicing of the dark arts in the early days was a perilous
venture, and doing so would not only physically deform you, but it would
mentally deform as well.

“Oh, never mind!” exclaimed Evil Anna. “I just had the book turned upside
down, was all!”

Once turned on its correct side, she began thumbing through the book’s

“Well, I’m sure I can resurrect plenty of undead goodies with this,” Evil
Anna said, envisioning an undead army marching just for her.

She eventually decided, after much deliberation, she would start off with a
small spell. She would resurrect a simple, dumb creature of ill repute that
the afterlife would not miss.

Evil Anna laid the spell book down for a bit and motioned to blow out her
candle, for she could best conduct her seance in the dead of night. With
the lights out and an anxious glower in her devilish eyes, she picked the
“Raising the Dead” book back up and began her spell.

Her voice lowered, and a shadow passed over the sun, blocking it out. Her
entire body contorted, and her hands waved about as she chanted.

Within mere seconds, the spell was done. Evil Anna closed the enchanted
book shut and roughly stuffed it into her satchel. Suddenly, heavy
footsteps could be heard coming up the stairs. Evil Anna almost jumped!

“Ha ha!” she laughed in a bated whisper, as if the walls were eavesdropping
on her. She began to dance about the room in a celebratory waltz. In the
midst of her happiness, she could naught but shout aloud in sheer joy of her
achievement and total victory.

“The book works!” she shouted. “The spell works! It’s alive! It lives!”

A knock came at the door, but what she heard follow it made the hairs rise
on her neck.

“This is the landlord, and you haven’t paid a damn gold piece since last
month, you wench! Guards!”

With a bound Evil Anna smashed down the door to her room and shoved past the
landlord. With a shriek she fled down the stairs and out of the Sweet
Dreams Inn. Jumping on her horse bareback, she rode off down the trodden
road, her baggy nightgown flying up in the wind. The landlord cursed a blue
streak that would make a llama leap further than a bullfrog.

Finally, his blood pressure going down, the landlord began to confiscate the
belongings the wench had left behind. With one convulsive motion, he
angrily ripped the quilted blanket off the room’s bed.

“Who are you!” spat the landlord, his mouth aghast from shock. In the bed,
curled up in a fetal position, laid a naked man! He was plainly awake, and
he sat up after some time of rubbing his eyes and yawning.

The only sound the odd fellow made as he sat up in bed was the jingle of his
jester hat...

“Wait a minute!” spluttered the landlord, his face turning red as he pointed
a shaky, accusing finger at the occupant of the bed. “I know you! I know
you! You’re the one who gave the orcs my farm!”

“Well,” replied William Smit IV, jester bells pugnaciously jingling, “it
seems I am back!”

The landlord heeded not those words, nor did he reply to them. Instead, he
went downstairs to get his pitchfork and call the guards.

And of course, the moral of this story is to pay your rent on time, lest your landlord barge in at the most improper time.
Or something like that.

Garrett Granth
Guildmaster, Master Author
Guardians of Lore
Posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2001, 5:56 PM EDT by Garrett Granth (Atlantic)

Nacrom Sable Reports
I bumped into Nacrom Sable the other day, on the streets of Skara Brae, and when I asked him how his event went, he handed me a scroll with this short report, winked roguishly, and left. This is what it said, faithfully transcribed by yours truly:
Well UO Trivia tonight went well. Had 11 winners out of 63 players for a total of 55,000 gold paid out in prizes. I will be doing this every Tuesday now, so watch for me.

Thank you all for playing and hope to see you next time. You could be a winner of 5k for just knowing your UO history.

I am also accepting donations to help support these events and Quests that the UO Seers are bringing to the all the Shards of UO. This is my assigned shard, so any donations that come from Chesapeake will be used for rewards for Quests and prizes for events.

Thank you from the UO Seers!

Email me at [email protected] if you wish to donate anything.

And read about us at UO Seers for any further questions you might have.

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Posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2001, 4:32 PM EDT by Idun Syn (Chesapeake)

Archer Hunt
I have discovered that polymorphing into an ogre is a good way to free yourself, if you are held hostage. Maybe all those prisoners I constantly rescue from the orcs around my house should learn some magery too. Anyway, I digress. This was sent in by my friend Fairfax.
The Chesapeake Chapter of the Society of Archers is holding its first public archers' hunt. We will meet Friday, the 26th, at Empath Abbey in Trammel. It will take place at 11:50pm EST and will probably last an hour. A few of you have expressed a desire for earlier hunts and at different times. Well, if you decide to join the S|A Chesapeake, you will be able to go on two hunts a week or more. You do not have to leave your current guild to join. After the hunt I will entertain any questions regarding membership and will take you to our Trammel base house. If anyone would like to join but does not belong to a guild, we can put you on the S|A stone if you wish.
See you Friday!

Head of S|A Chesapeake
Ranger of ATD

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Posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2001, 3:59 PM EDT by Idun Syn (Chesapeake)

Topic of the Week at UO Ideas Den
Thodin, from our UO Ideas Den section, wanted to share the following with all of you:
Hello, I'm Thodin, and I moderate the UO Ideas Den here at UO-Stratics. In order to help OSI's development team more, I'm starting a 'topic of the week' scheme for the ideas den.
Posting of ideas unrelated to this topic are still encouraged, but at the end of the week, all ideas relating to the topic will be collected together, and e-mailed to the relivant member of the dev' team.

On Monday, Krum said he is looking for "ways to make monsters smarter (eg harder to kill without buffing)", so what better topic to start with?
So, if you've got any ideas to do with the improvement of monster AI in UO, pop over to the Ideas Den and post them! You can also vote on other people's ideas, and feel free to join the discussion going on about this subject.

And don't forget - more general ideas of improvement to UO are welcome too!
Got ideas about Massively Multiplayer games in general? Try the Stratics Central Game System Design And Development forum!

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Posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2001, 3:52 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

Ianstorm Chat With UO Events Team
Thanks to Newton Dragon for the following announcement:
Ianstorm Chat With UO Events Team Thursday 8PM EST

Ianstorm will be holding a moderated Q&A chat event, on Thursday 25th October 2001 at 8PM EST (1AM GMT), with the Ultima Online Scenario Team.

To enter into this chat you can go to and join #stormevent or use an IRC client (such as MIRC or pirch) and connect to port 6667. And /join #stormevent.

This will be a moderated chat event. Open discussion can be found in the #stormcenter channel. The topic of discussion will be on the ongoing scenarios in Ultima Online.

Ianstorm staff will be on hand to take questions for our guests.

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Posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2001, 3:08 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

Update on Proposed Squire System
Calandryll gave a little heads up for changes to the Squire System in Development on an UO-Newsgroup:
We've changed the squire system to work like this now:

Squire System: Veteran players will be able to invite [young] players to
become their squires.
  • Each time a [young] player logs into Ultima Online, they will be given a gump that asks them if they wish to be available to be a squire.
    • This gump will explain what being a squire entails
    • The player can select "Yes," to be available, or "No," to not be available.
    • The [young] character's name will hue as light blue if he is notavailable.
  • A veteran player can ask a [young] player to be his/her squire by:
    • Opening up the Virtue gump
    • Double-clicking the Humility symbol (the shepherd's crook)
    • Targeting the [young] player
  • If the [young] character is not available to be a squire:
    • The veteran player receives a message telling him that the young player is not available.
    • The young player does not get any message or additional gumps.
  • If the [young] character is available to be a squire:
    • The [young] player receives a gump telling them that a veteran has asked
      them to be a squire. This gump has three buttons:
      • "Yes" - creates the partnership between the two characters.
        • Message is sent to the veteran confirming the acceptance.
        • The [young] character's name will hue as light blue, letting other players
          know he is no longer available since the [young] character already has a sponsor
      • "No" - declines the invitation.
        • The veteran character is sent a message letting him know the invitation was declined.
        • The veteran character cannot ask that new player again for 30 minutes.
        • If the veteran character tries to ask the young player again before the 30 mintutes are up, the veteran will receive a message that the young player is not available. The young player does not get a gump or message.
      • "No - make me unavailable to be a squire" - makes the young character unavailable as above.
  • Once the [young] player has accepted, the veteran character becomes the [young] player's sponsor.
  • If another veteran tries to invite that young to be a squire the veteran will be told that the young player is not available and the young player will not receive any gumps or messages.

-Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
Designer, Ongoing Content
a wizard did it

Posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2001, 3:00 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (GeneralNews)

GM Staff Reduction
Even though some people from the GM staff have been affected by the job cuts at EA, Canyon assured everyone on the Boards that the service-level we are all used to by now will remain as high as always.:
The GM team was impacted by this. While our numbers are reduced, our committment to service remains strong. Our satisfaction numbers have steadily increased, and our wait times have lowered. We still have a great team in place, and every member of the team is working hard to give great customer service.

The impact on our customers should not be very noticeable, if at all. We've reallocated people to where they can have the strongest impact, and we're working on better ways to provide support.


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Posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2001, 2:07 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (CommunityNews)

Updated Magic Weapon & Armor Price Guides
Dracos sent us the following about his Price Guide site:
Hail, this is Dracos Moira of the Pacific shard & creator of the Magic Weapon & Armor Price Guides!

Just dropping a scroll to let everyone know that the guides have been updated. I think most people will find the guides more balanced as I have eliminated the hugh price fluctuation from low-end durability & accuracy to the high-end durability & accuracy.

These new guides can be found at:


Cheers and best wishes to all the aspiring Magic Weapon & Armor dealers!

- Dracos

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Posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2001, 12:50 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

Scenario Publish Update
Now on FYI:
The latest Scenario update that was made active on the Pacific shard yesterday, October 23rd, became active on the remaining North American shards today after their scheduled morning maintenance periods. However, database issues prevented the update from being published on the AOL Legends, Siege Perilous, and Great Lakes shards. We expect the publish to be active on all remaining shards tomorrow, October 25th, local server time.

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Posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2001, 12:37 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (GeneralNews)

Here's There
This was the riddle you had to guess for Tuesdays 'Where's Here?' competition.

A sandy palace upon an isle,
The seas have taken their toll,
A raised up dais, a sharpened block,
A place where heads might roll.

The answer was the Nu'jelm court of Justice Guillotine Room.

Congratulations to Loki of LOS who was the first to answer to the riddle correctly and thank you to all those who entered.

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Posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2001, 11:18 AM EDT by Peter (Drachenfels)

House Tour and Dead Man's Ball
Hail, Hail and Huzzah!!

That's right, Ami and I have put together quite the collection of Halloween decorated homes from through out the lands. We will be givinig guilded tours through out the evening, starting at 9pm CST. Around 10:30 CST we will all be meeting back up at the Yew Crypts for the Dead Man's Ball! Come as a ghost or let the 'locals' take care of that for you! (just don't bring anything you don't want to loose!)

Read the link to the message boards below for the orginal details!!

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Posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2001, 10:50 AM EDT by Barth VanDorn (GreatLakes)

Impy's weekly Auction and Events!
The folks at Impy's left this scroll on my front steps this morning to remind us all of their Auction and other events this week.

Impy's Events:
Wednesday, October 24, AUCTION
Thursday, October 25, AUCTION
Both auctions will be held at 9pm by the Eastern Sky.
All week we will be running a new edition of "you might be a ?". Stop by the website for the full rules and instructions! (

This week's auctions are shaping right up! With the rare's chest nearly over flowing. We have added:

a Black Bottle (looks like old hair dye)
a Valorite Robe
Piles of Holiday and OSI granted items
a Green Tent Deed
a Ceramic Mug
several Clothing Bless deeds
and a Basin
As always, we have a pile of Vanquish weapons and Virtue weapons and all kinds of armor!
Stop by our web site for a full listing of all the items up for auction this week. (

Auctions this week will be held on Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 9pm EST out at the Artic Faire. If you don't have a rune, please stop by one of rune vendors:
StarLite (Vesper, Trammel), next door to the RD Stables (Felucca), the Sandlewood Box Inn (Dead Heaven, Felucca), Kazola’s TreeTop Keg and Winery (Felucca), Cove Merchant’s Guild and Blacksmith Shoppe (Cove, Felucca), the Mystic Portal (Trammel), the Garden City Mall (Cove, Trammel), or at Krista’s Ranger Station (Felucca).

~Impy's Staff

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Posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2001, 10:42 AM EDT by Barth VanDorn (GreatLakes)

OSI Staff Stay on Job
On the MyUO Discussion Boards, I asked the following question:

>>Dev team, I hope you'll let us know that you are here, well and working hard for us. We're getting to know many of you are individuals, and care about you. <<

Tajima responded:

The Dev Team wasn't affected by this.


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Posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2001, 7:18 AM EDT by Lady Malynn (CommunityNews)

Dragon Tavern Story Night
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<Hail and well met,
This just in via carrier pigeon:

Do you like to drink?
Do you like to either make up tales or listen to them?
Do you a have a tale from the past before the worlds separated? Or per chance you are a bard and have tales to tell.


The Dragon Tavern will be having its weekly story telling night on Wednesday, October 24th at 7PM PST.

The prizes are 20K for first place and10K for second.

Gates will be sent to Vesper Bank (Tram) prior to the event or icq in advance and rune will be provided. Dragon Tavern is located on ice Island at:87o53’N 164o41’W

Wolf of Evermore
ICQ: 39012719 for more information.

Your humble servant,
Raeven Aurora

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Posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2001, 3:29 AM EDT by Raeven Aurora (NapaValley)

Heaven's Forge 2nd Annual Halloween Bash
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<This was just sent in by Mirabel
Hail good people! The town of Heaven's Forge is happy to announce its second annual All Hallow's Eve Bash! Join us for a devilishly fun evening of drinking, dancing, tricks and treats!

When: Friday, October 26th, 6-9pm Baja time.

Where: Celestial Spirits Tavern, Heaven's Forge.
Heaven's Forge is located in the valley south
of Wrong dungeon.

What are we gonna do, anyway?

Costume Contest! Wear your best fiendish, flirty or funny outfit. Everyone wins, and special prizes for first, second and third.

Pumpkin Hunt! Who can spot the most pumpkins?

Announcement of the winner of our second All Hallow's Home contest! Contact ICQ Mirabel at 11015595 or Darius at 988442 for information on how to enter your spooky house decorations, or visit the Heaven's Forge website at for more details. All entries must be received by Wednesday, October 24th to be considered.

First place carries a prize of 50,000 gold!

Plus drinking, dining, dancing and delights all night long! Let the staff of Celestial Spirits cater to your most frightful fancies.

Happy haunting, and we hope your spirit drifts our way on the 26th.

Mirabel, HF Events
Thankye Mirabel

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Posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2001, 1:04 AM EDT by Cymidei Fier (Baja)

Greetings from a New Shard PvP Reporter!
Hello Lake Superior!

My name is Lugh, many of you know me from my guild the Legion of Chaos, one of the oldest warstones on Lake Superior, and many of you do not know me. Why do we need ANOTHER LS reporter? The answer is simple: my job is to cover all things PvP. I will cover tournament announcements and results, major team battles, a few "in the field" events such as sieges, and I will do a every-other-week spotlight on a particular PvPer. So if you want to be famous, pick up a sword or a spellbook and get out there and mix it up. Who knows, you may even get spotlighted on Stratics!

Now a little about myself! I am currently a student at Boston College, studying writing, literature, and poetry. I have actively been playing Ultima Online on my own personal account for two years. I used to share an account with a friend, and that account is now 48 months old, so I've seen a lot in the world of UO. I used to *gasp* roleplay, but I have long since been an exlusive PvPer, nothing beats the thrill of going up against another living, breathing person. My goal here is to serve as the voice of the PvPers on Stratics, and I hope that through working here, I can help revive some of the interest that has been lost in Felucca and PvP since the UO:R patch.

I hope to see all of you one day on the field of battle, and until that day comes, fight, live, and die well!

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Posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2001, 12:02 AM EDT by Lugh (LakeSuperior)

Welcome New Baja Reporters!
Please welcome Shania, Renee and Lady Rachael to the Baja news team! Each of the new shard reporters are very talented, dedicated and capable. Expect to see alot of interesting new articles, reviews and interviews soon from your UO Baja Stratics news team.

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Posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2001, 12:02 AM EDT by Cymidei Fier (Baja)

An interesting tale, enjoy.

Arlan quickly hurried back to the city to inform his commander of the failure, however upon reaching the marble steps of the fortress he felt a cold air enshroud him and was unable to move, as he heard the faint chanting of "Ort Por Uus Rel" in the distance, suddenly Arlan felt his feet lift from the ground, as he saw his commander staring at him from the ground.

"You have compromised our mission! You have allowed the Britannians to get our technology! And now you must pay the price" The commander raised his arm, and Arlan was flung through the air toward the volcano that stood in the distance.

Arlan attempted to flail his arms and legs in a futile attempt to free himself from the spells grasp. Than Arlan abruptly stopped directly above the volcano.

"Arlan you know the price for failure, what have you to say for yourself?" The commander spoke, as he lifted his arms once more.

"Velis please no! I beg of you! we can still retrieve the assembly all is not lost. Please!" Arlan pleaded.

Suddenly Velis motioned his arm downward, careening Arlan into the fiery abyss below him.

Velis than turned his attention the the rest of the controllers that had gathered around. "You 10 come with me there is much work to be done, as for the rest of you get your golems and find that assembly, we shall be fine as long as the Bitannians do not learn how to utilize it.

Velis slowly walked back into the city, with the other following, he lead them to a small secluded room, where 5 half starved and beaten gargoyles lay on the floor. Velis motioned to the controller closest to him "You remove that ones chains" pointing to the gargoyle that lay at his feet.

"Sir! Have you gone mad!" The controller asked.

"This is a direct order from the master! Do it at once" Velis shouted.

"Understood" the controller said in a quiet tone, as he bent down and release the chains from the gargoyle.

"Now, take him to the processing chamber, and begin the experiments, will we need them now more than ever to defend the city, while we scour Britannia.

"Yes sir" the controller said as he motioned to two other to grab it by the ends, as they carried it out of the room. Velis turned to the others and instructed them to do the same, and they quickly complied.

"Soon this will all be over" Velis thought to himself, "Just a bit more, than the Britannians will see what havoc they have brought upon themselves".

My thanks for the submission.

Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2001, 10:59 PM EDT by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

Into the Light
Read on for a touching story telling of a community united in the endeavor to aid another.

I have finally returned from a long journey -- perhaps too long. I left for a short vacation, a camping trip, and managed to get myself trapped in a faery realm. Five years I spent there while Auren sought for a way to bring me back.

Then one day (for they are all days in the faery world - they have no nights like we do), I saw a shimmering portal appear in the very spot where I had first awakened in that realm. I quickly gathered up my courage and a touch of hope. Then I stepped boldly into the portal.

There was a flash of purplish light and an odd feeling of being lifted. Then the feeling settled, the light passed, and a most amazing sound reached my ears - I heard a human voice speaking my name. "Gwen!" It was not just one voice -- but many! As the portal faded and my eyes adjusted to the Britannian sunlight, I began to see faces and figures.

Some of them rushed towards me and hugged me. They all seemed to be talking at once. The travel through dimensions left me a bit dazed. It wasn't until a few minutes had passed that I began to recognize some of the faces. Auren was there, and Breti and Wilavid from my guild. I also recognized Annunzio, Garrett Granth and Molly. There were a few faces I couldn't place. I later learned they were Tal and Sir Robert, both new members of KOS, and Gorkry BoneGnash.

An immense feeling of joy welled up inside me. It was wonderful to see so many of my old friends again!

I am so glad to be back home. I feel such gratitude to Auren and to those who aided him in the quest to bring me back. Many thanks to you all!

Now if only I knew were my dear Halas was...

Knight, Knights of Sosaria

My thanks to Gwendolyn for sharing her tale with our readers.
Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2001, 10:50 PM EDT by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

Caina's First Annual Hallowe'en Ball
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<All Hallow's Eve fast approaches, and the Dark Ones have cooked up an event of ghoulish purportion and ghostly intention. Read on for more information.

Invite them all....let's show these mainlanders what we really are. A night of blood and horror should send them scampering back to their beds."

That is what he had said, and when the Vile Bishop gave you a task, you didn't refuse; unless you wished to die painfully.

Tara stared at the parchment before her. Around her feet dozens of crumpled drafts lay piled like the drifts in the snow outside. "Invite them all? Is he mad? They all despise us and Caina..."

Her mind, ill-equipped for any serious thought due to years of fighting trolls with heavy clubs, could not devise a reason behing the Vile Bishop's plan, but she was sure that he had one. "Oh well," she sighed. "Perhaps we can get some new recruits out of this."

And with that, the Del'Roh began to write:

Greetings and dark biddings from the City of Caina and the Order of the Ebon Skull, seasons have passed and changed, the days have grown longer, the shadows and the full moon have begun to take on a new meaning. The denizens of our fair city have begun to revel with the calendar quickly approaching All Hollow's Eve. Because of this, we of the darker path have gathered to together for macabre rites, rituals, and most importantly sacrifices.

When: October 27th
Time: 7pm - 12pm EST
Where: Caina, silly!

Gates will be available from Skara Brae (Felucca side) at 7:00, 7:15, 7:30 (all times pm and est). Please leave all wars on the mainland. Show up orange, but don't expect to get into a pitched battle (Except in the dueling pits). It's Hallowe'en, the traditional night of welcoming the dead, so in return, the dead are going to welcome you!

We of the darker path are gathering on the evening Saturday October 27 for an entire evening of celebrations, frights, and fights.

At 7:00pm (EST) the Asylum of Perdition will open with our usually compliment of casino games, gambling, and alcohol imbibing. At 7:30pm (EST) within the Asylum we will hold the best ghost story contest (people would have up to 10-minute block of time to tell a ghost story. The story our harrowing panel of judges think the best will win one of three prizes.)

1st place a Skeleton Statuette
2nd place 50k
3rd place 25k

Before the time of 8:30 at the end of the story telling contest we shall be holding a terrifying costume contest opened up to the consumers of the Casino who have came dressed appropriately and our previous panel of horror-inspiring judges will then decide whose costume is the best.

Best costume contest
1st place a Lich Statuette
2nd place 50k
3rd place 25k

7:30 to 8:00
The Ritual of Entropic Purification granting Seyir the powers of Entropic Knight shall take place inside the Well of Souls...

8:30 to 10:30
Tournament of Hollow's Eve

**One-on-One Tournament**
-This will be in tournament form, meaning the winner of one fight will be facing the winner of another until there is one Champion.
-No magical items or weapons.
-No pre-poisoned weapons... Characters with the poisoning skill will be allowed to poison their weapon(s) after their match begins.
-No pets allowed (ie. horses or dragons).
-No looting or stealing.
-No hiding or casting of the invisibility spell.
-No summon spells.
-The winner for this event is 75000 gold crowns.

**Tamed Polar Bear Fights**
-Polar Bears only.
-No healing/casting on pets.
-No feeding once match begins.
-Trained polar bears are allowed
-All pets must have a unique name consisting of at least 3 letters.
-Polar bears may be tamed when brought to the event, or "pre-tamed" creatures may be purchased at the time of the fight for 1000 gold crowns.
-The winner of each fight shall receive 5000 gold crowns.

**Gladiator Tournament**
-Contestants may bring nothing with them, except for a way to return home (a runebook w/recall scrolls, for instance).
-No stealing.
-Sufficient supplies for battle will be scattered randomly along the floor.
-Looting is allowed as all the items will be supplied by the Order. -Last man standing wins.
-The winner of this contest shall receive 75000 gold crowns.

**Team Duels**
-No magical items or weapons.
-No pre-poisoned weapons... Character with poisoning skill will be allowed to poison their weapon(s) after the fight begins.
-No pets allowed (ie. horses or dragons).
-No looting or stealing.
-No hiding or casting of the invisibility spell.
-No summon spells.
-Any team (of no more than 3 contestants) may enter that wishes to fight.
-All teams will fight simultaneously, last team and/or member(s) thereof
that survives, wins.
-The winning team of this event shall receive 150000 gold crowns.


Then the grand event at 10:30pm the Order of the Ebonskull will hold a most ghastly unto the Avatar of Death and the heroes of the past on the roof of Golgotha. All with the stomach for such a vile ritual shall be invited to attend.

Gates will be provided from Skara Brae Felucca bank at the top of each hour to the steps of Golgotha for those wishing to join in this depraved night of madness.

Signed by,
The Ebon Council
Tribunal of Entropy

My thanks to the Tribunal of Entropy for sharing this event with us.

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Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2001, 10:43 PM EDT by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

Scenario Update and Comments on Changes to Virtue System & Proposed Housing System
Over here, Calandryll (Designer, Ongoing Content) posted this Scenario Update :
Everything looks good on Pacific. If everything continues smoothly, we are going to proceed as follows:

1) Publish the U.S shards tomorrow morning, active after their Wednesday maintenance local server time.
2) Publish the non U.S. shards tomorrow night, active after their Thursday maintenance local server time.

This was posted on the FYI section of the official UO website :
The latest scenario updates were published to the Pacific shard, today, October 23rd. Barring any unforeseen issues, these changes should be published to the East Coast, West Coast, and Central shards on Wednesday, October 24th, to be active following their regular scheduled maintenance periods. These scenario updates should be live on all remaining shards following their Thursday morning maintenance periods (local server time.

On this thread here, Calandryll made these remarks (among others) on the changes to the proposed virtue system :
my appologies if this has already been stated, but after one Vet helps a [Young], will he still be [young] ?
--Depends on whether the young player gains enough skill to lose young status.

and do all 5 character slots get young status, i thought it was just the first character you created ???
--Any characters on an account that has under 40 hours of play time should start out [young].

On a seperate thread here, Sannio (UO Community Co-ordinator) made these remarks on the proposed changes to the housing system :
In reply to:
At the risk of sounding rude, it is a well known fact that a player is not suppose to own more than one house per account.

There was a time in Ultima Online when any character could own any number of houses. Later, the rule became each character could only own one house (thus any given account could own 5 houses per shard). When the "one house per shard, per account" rule was instituted, those accounts that owned more than one house per shard were "grandfathered in," and allowed to keep the houses they owned. It is acceptable for these "grandfathered" accounts to still own more than one house per shard, but only those houses which they owned at the time of the grandfathering. If these grandfathered house-owners choose to collect even one new house, all houses other than their newest one will become Condemned.

In reply to:
But we still stand to lose the housing in the village. Sannio can you give any input as to what is the fate of housing owned like this?

Well, in the proposed system, houses will require a "prime" owner. If your town has houses that are only co-owned and the prime owner remains unavailable, the one of the co-owners will need to claim the house, or it will become Condemned. If any of those co-owners do claim the house, but they already any other houses, then all other houses owned by that account on that shard will become Condemned, and only the new house will not be Condemned. While there may be a certain amount of houses lost throughout Britannia on all shards, I think that some people may be able to plan ahead and coordinate their efforts, such as in player towns, and make their "losses" minimal.

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Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2001, 10:40 PM EDT by citizenKane2 (GeneralNews)

A letter for Help
Katlyn has sent this letter asking the citizens of Brit to join together and fight off the EoA.

Dear Citizens,

I pen this to you today with a heavy heart. As you may know some time ago, I was stricken with a disease that afflicted many mages. Fortunately a cure was found very quickly and given to me. But still, so many more where not as lucky as I, and did not receive the cure in time. My bones still are weak, and my mind sometimes cloudy. I feel the wickedness of the land about me, and I feel it grows yet still. This virus of the mad mages is linked to the rise of the Empire of Armageddon. I feel it has been put upon my heart to call out to you folks to gather yeaselves fast.

I see that several of you are doing what you can to stand up for your lands. But the Empire cannot be stopped by a handful of groups working separately. This must be an effort by all, working together. We must work quickly; they are amassing more each day. And they lay claim to one city already!!

I ask ye to rally your brethren, speak with them, and join together to stop the Empire of Armageddon from successfully destroying all that we hold sacred.

Please send me word by flight of your pigeon to 136182854.
We must move swiftly!

Yours in honor,

Katlyn Dubois

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Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2001, 10:03 PM EDT by Barth VanDorn (GreatLakes)

New Font Options Coming for TD
In response to player requests for being able to change font styles, colors and sizes in Third Dawn, Alai, Programmer, announced on the MyUO Discussion Boards:

.... There are plans to put font support into the Third Dawn client. These plans were hatched shortly after I finished putting in the code to support them. Sometimes things just sorta get done between the drinking and the gambling, y'know? Sannio doesn't go on these binges with me, so he wasn't in the loop! Players will have the ability to select their in-game font, and many interfaces will be enhanced to use other fonts as well. I can't give a release date for this, but it should be pretty soon. This was just one of many things we intended to get done for Third Dawn, but time got the better of us. Development for both clients is currently emphasizing the improvement of the quality of the software. Some of these improvements are less glamorous than others, but they will all contribute to the enhancement of the client. Keep your eyes peeled for future updates on other goodies we have coming along!

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Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2001, 9:14 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

EA to Cut Jobs
This article on job cuts in Electronic Arts was posted on

A few quotes from the article.

Electronic Arts to Cut 36% of Jobs at Amid Game Delays
By Greg Chang

Redwood City, California, Oct. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Electronic Arts Inc., the largest U.S. video-game software maker, said it will cut up to 250 jobs, or 36 percent of workers, at its online games unit, to reduce expenses amid product delays.

The cuts will bring's staff to 450 workers and Electronic Arts' to 3,400, Chief Financial Officer Stan McKee said. The Redwood City, California-based company, which in May forecast to have a profit by the second quarter of fiscal 2003, now expects profit ``sometime'' in 2003, McKee said.


The delays in production have not tempered the company's enthusiasm for developing online games, McKee said.

``We solidly believe in the business,'' he said. ``The challenge is simply getting the products done.''

Thanks Damarr for the news lead.

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Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2001, 8:48 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (CommunityNews)

Pax Lair's Weekly Hunt
I have recently started broadening my horizons as far as hunting goes. Mongbats just don't cut it anymore. My daring and my bravery now extend to such evil creatures as headless men! Just kidding. I can handle tougher monsters these days, and if you are like me, daring, bold and courageous, do join the hunters from Pax Lair!
This Thursday, October the 25th at 9:00 P.M. EST, Pax Lair will be hosting their weekly hunt. Runes will be dropped at the Skara Brae bank in Felucca, and if you look for me, Roland, in Skara Brae, I will gladly give you a gate to Pax Lair. This week, I will be leading a group to Ilshenar to explore the new area. There will also be a second group that will decide on a destination at the time of departure.

Thank you in advance for coming. If you have any questions about Pax Lair or the hunt, e-mail me at [email protected].

Bard of Pax Lair

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Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2001, 6:07 PM EDT by Idun Syn (Chesapeake)

SAM Scavenger Hunt was a Huge Success
>>> Trammel Facet News <<< They came in droves last Saturday waiting in lines that expanded several houses in length hoping for their chance at winning a check for 100,000 gold. The Sonoma Alliance of Merchants hosted a Scavenger Hunt and Recruitment drive hoping to spread the word about their organization. The competition was fierce, the excitement was high, and everyone had fun. The goal: Receive a book of items, first person to bring back all the items in the book wins the Grand Prize. Many prizes and gifts were given at this event. First Place won 100,000 gold, Second Place won 50,000 gold, Third Place won 25,000 gold and there were two special prizes for the first two people to return with two of the “Bonus Items” on their list. That was not all. Excellent door prizes were given out as well, many walked away a winner.

The big winners of the evening were Tigger in First Place, Talon Vincent in Second Place and Miraz in Third Place. Additional winners: WhiteKnight in Fourth Place and Judith in Fifth Place. Bonus Prizes went to Lord Murphy and Deamon Wind. Door Prize winners include: Vix Orien, Deathrage, Thalia, Pepper, Matt, Lord Grey Wolf, Isabella, Izis, Yellow Beard, Coren Hood, Lady Magika, Lord Randall, Kitana, and Dan Zig.

SAM Guildmaster BoneStripper reports that they gained one new person through the recruitment drive portion of the evening. As he eloquently states, "It is not the number of new members we receive; rather the quality." Overall, the evening was a great success.

Sonoma Alliance of Merchants. "Fortune rules our lives...not wisdom." SAM is a merchant guild dedicated to promoting fair and honest trade among the players of the Sonoma Shard. Not just a "craftsman" guild, SAM supports trade in all forms within the game (Tamers, Real Estate Agents, Treasure Hunters). SAM members also support the SAM Vendor Mall so come on by and see what SAM has to offer.

For crafters who wish to join the Sonoma Alliance of Merchants, contact BoneStripper or visit them on the SAM Guild Forum.

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Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2001, 5:46 PM EDT by Thalia (Sonoma)

Changes to Virtue System
Calandryll lets uts know of the following changes as posted on the Boards here:
:The virtue systems listed in In Development have been changed in the following way:

Master System:
- Third Path title changed to "Knight" instead of Guardian.

- Removed karma requirements.

- Changed gains (HPs, Stamina, Mana) to +5 at path one, +10 at path two, +20 at path three.
- Once a veteran character helps a [young] character, they will not be able to invite another character from that same [young] account to become their squire for one week. For example:
- You invite a character to be your squire and s/he accepts.
- You can help that character as often as you want, but for one week you cannot invite another character from that account to become your new squire.
- You can invite [young] characters from different accounts to become your squires.
- After one week, you can invite a different [young] character from an account you have already helped.

Thanks for the feedback everyone! I'm also working on a change to try to cut down on the spam young players might get bombarded with and make it easier for them to accept/reject offers.

Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
Designer, Ongoing Content
a wizard did it

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Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2001, 3:50 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (GeneralNews)

Dragon Clan Auction on Sunday
We just got word from Dragon Clan that the long missed Ingame Auctions are back:
16. In-Game Auction

Hail citizen of Britania,

after a long time of sadness we are back again: the original in-game auction of the Dragon-Clan Drachenfels. It take a longer time as we planed, but now Lady Zarzal say welcome to this event again.

After this break several things have been changed. The auction has been moved from Felucca to Trammel, but the place is the same. I be lucky and own another tower on the other facet at the same place. A map of the location can be found on Its easy to find. Just go to Yew moongate and then 2 screens to the right. There is the auction tower.

The auction will start on sunday 28.october at 18:00 GMT+1 (maybe Halloween ?) This will give you time to visit the yew market at 20:00.

Now some tips and hints. Please read them carefully and the auction will be a success.

Put your item in a bag/pouch togehter with a book. In this book please write down your name, your ICQ and your starbid. I lock down this in a wooden chest to display the item to all. Be sure that your downlocked item can't be used from other people. I dont take care about this ! I will be on the tower roof from 17:00 to recive your items.

I will take 1-3 items per player. I must see how much will come and bring some. I put all in my Auctions: rares, semirare, resources, pets, craftables etc. But what I don't will be: a dealer ! This auction is a fun event and not a maximize gold place. So if you hope I can sell your item for tons of gold its better you search an auction in the web.

I take no taxes, but if your startoffer raised over 10K ill take 1% from the endbid vor my own. Please note that i take actions against 9999 gold start bid's :) Raising the bids above 10K is not possible in 1 gold steps, make an acceptable step, we like to finish sometime.

I remove any player from the house who disturb the auction. Please stop talking to your neighbour or macroing something while an item is in progress. I use comcrystalls and get a fast log output. If you spam text I cant see the bid's, thanks to you.

If you have any question please mail me to [email protected] or contact me on ICQ 9611261

See you next sunday
Zarzal Dragon

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Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2001, 3:30 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (Drachenfels)

Ultima Online Support Availability
Now on FYI:
Due to a departmental meeting, in-game support will be unavailable from 10:30 am - 12:00 pm CST, October 23rd. This will include all domestic shards as well as Drachenfels and Europa. For general game play questions players can search our game wizard located at

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Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2001, 11:59 AM EDT by Teich Dragon (GeneralNews)

Where's Here?
This week instead of a picture we will be experimenting with a riddle, the prize is 25k as usual. If you know the answer please send an e-mail to [email protected] the first correct answer wins the prize.

A sandy palace upon an isle,
The seas have taken their toll,
A raised up dais, a sharpened block,
A place where heads might roll.

(Riddle by S'Pug)

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Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2001, 11:09 AM EDT by Peter (Drachenfels)

Name the City Contest
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<Ever wanted to name a new player-run city? Well, here's your chance!
We here in Cove Felluca side wish to hold a contest. We wish to start a player run city but in order to begin we need a name to call ourselfs, thats where we need you! Simply come up with a creative, cool sounding name and email it to [email protected]. The winner will win gold! We request that all entries be submitted by October 31st, 2001. Thank you!

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Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2001, 10:37 AM EDT by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

Tyelyen (Halloween) at Tel'Ruid
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received the following...
The night of Wednesday, Oct 24th, starting at 8pm Central several of the houses in tel'Ruid will be open for trick or treaters. If you come to the Silver Arrow we will have books available with the addresses of each of the houses involved.

Everyone's invited to stop by, enjoy the decorations, and chat with the owners. Treats will be provided...tricks are up to you.

TLC to hold two Tyelyen events in Tel’Ruid at the TLC Embassy near Justice Shrine.
Friday, Oct. 26th, 8pm central ­ Rune Swap. Bring a copy of your favorite places to share. Runebooks will be provided to all participants including a rune to Tel’Ruid. Prize will be awarded for the most interesting spot! TLC will provide gates and marking for those who would like to add to their rune collections.

Saturday, Oct 27th, 8pm central ­ Tombola. Pick your number from 1 to 100. Cost: 400 gp per pick, 3 picks for 1000 gp. There is a 1 in 5 chance of winning, with consolation prizes for the unlucky ones. Some very nice prizes: Statue, Large candlestick, GM Verite Armor set, a Treasure map, GM Leather Sets, Arcane clothing, and numerous high magic weapons, and a 5k check. So come try your luck at this interesting raffle.

TLC Page:

The Faeries of FAE and the elves of The Grey Company will also be hosting a ghost story, and costume contest, Sunday, Oct. 28th, 8pm central at the Faerie Tower in Tel’Ruid.

Tel’Ruid map:

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Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2001, 10:33 AM EDT by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

RD's Auction
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<The folks over at RD's Autcion House have assured me they are taking messures to make their event safe for as many visitors as they can. Hope they succeed in this and have a great week.

Greetings to all Britannians,

This past week's Auction was a great success, and this week's Auction should be even better.

As I have stated before, our Auction Tower is a Neutral Zone for all Players, but if you cross the line then you will either be Removed or Banned from the Tower. If you are removed The Guard will explain why you were removed and then let you back in. If you are Banned the Guard will explain why and to inform you that you cannot return to the Auction. If you are Banned then all of your Chars on that Acct. is banned. The Auction Guards and the Auction Staff can remove and ban. There will be no lifting of a player that has been banned by anyone.

Submission of items are needed for the continuation of our Auction. We need high end weapons, ie; Power, Vanq, Silver. Oddity's, specialty items, M.I.B.'s, Treasure Maps,Rares, semi Rares, etc. If you bring the item on Monday night with a bag and a book, we will do our best to get it sold for you. Our Auction does not charge a percentage to the submitter. Our Auction Tower is located at 34o43N/44o51E, or a brisk 5 minute walk from east Brit following the road. We are south of the desert and the swamp.

We take submissions on Monday night at 8:30 pm CST/9:30 pm EST. As I stated before bring a bag with a book, in the book type in your name and your icq, what the item is and your min bid for that item. Hand the bag over to any one auction staff member that is inside the stage area on the Roof of the tower. Our Auction starts promptly at 8:30 pm CST/9:30 pm EST. Come early to get a good seat.

As I have stated before in a previous Posting The Guard has a Snooper, his job is Only to Snoop not to steal. This is done for your safety while you are at our Auction. When you come to our Auction it would be wise not to bring in your pack "trapped Packs" as the Snooper has to go thru all of them.

So come on by our Auction and enjoy a nice evening, with many good items up for Auction and buy that one item you have been looking for.

Rattler GLV

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Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2001, 10:15 AM EDT by Barth VanDorn (GreatLakes)

Interview: *You notice *P* peeking in your belongings!*

A friend once said, "Ami, you sure spend a lot of time at the (moon)Gates!" Many citizens of Great Lakes appear to do the same--some for conversation, some for battle, some for nothing more than travel, but some "inspect" wallets.

The Poppies (*P*) Guild of GL has gotten to be a household name at many places you expect to find thieves, and at some you hope not to! I met recently with the Guildmasters of *P*, Hello and Goodbye. A very pleasant chat at my home with these two prominent GL thieves followed, and thus continues my explorations of the "Dark Side of UO".

To read the complete interview, click here

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Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2001, 7:00 AM EDT by Amidala (GreatLakes)

Quest of the Border Line Part II - Gulgat's Hammer
Another gripping tale:

In order to defend themselves, Twinkle Town citizens decided to ally to a local tribe of savages and to train them. Now that the Furies have proven their valor, the Town Leader decided to try and ally other tribes. They found a secluded tribe on a nearby island and asked for their help. But the tribe feared to be betrayed and asked a sign of loyalty. And this is how the story begins ...

In the Taverns across the lands some adventurers heard about Twinkle Town hiring strong men to search an old relic. Many came to hear the
Town Representative.

"There will be a great reward for those who can bring us any informations about the Hammer of Gulgat! He is a hero of the ancient times and his hammer was lost long ago, now this is your task to find where the hammer lies!"

After the man was done, the adventurers headed to the Universities of the land to learn more about the forgotten hero. They visited the Ravenmoor University and found there that a book existed in the library, and was destroyed during a flood. But they learned that a scholar from the Spiritwood University had a copy of the book.

After a long walk they finally reached the town of Spiritwood. At the University they found the name of the scholar, Tarrich, but he disappeared some months ago while searching the grave of an old lord
of Sosoria. They found his journal and notes, following the scholars notes he was heading to the yew crypts, so the adventurers followed his steps in the unknown.

After searching all the hallways and the rooms of the crypts, they found an old blind man. He begged them for help, to take him back to his town. They had found Tarrich the old scholar. To reward them of taking him back to Spiritwood, he gave them the book of Gulgats

From the book they read the Story of the old hero and learned he found his doom in a mountain near Trinsic. Gulgat went to the nest of a terrible Red Dragon to defeat him and free his people from the terror of the evil beast. The tales led the adventurers to the Volcano, south-west of Trinsic where they found in a hidden valley, a very old book and a map. Deadly wounded, Gulgat met a stranger who took him to a far away temple. Behind him Gulgat left the book and the map in case someone try to find him, but the Hammer was hidden in the Temple.

With all these informations the adventurers went back to Twinkle Town where they were greeted by Teclis the Leader of the Furies.
Walach of the Knight Templars was the one who brought the information back.

Soon after the information was received, Twinkle Town prepared an expedition. As soon as the Furies were ready they headed to the Temple and found the Hammer. But they were followed by another party which ambushed them. A terrible fight began but the Furies were victorious!

Now Gulgat's Hammer is back to its homeland and Twinkle Town has new warriors joining the Furies. But there is still a lot to do before peace will be back to the lands.

One battle is won, but not the War!

Involved Communities :
Twinkle Town
Scurvy Dogs
Spiritwood University

Please note that for the coming days Ravenmoor Skypage is unreachable. Keep Reading the Boards for new adventures!

We will be keeping you all informed of further events.

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Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2001, 3:50 AM EDT by Kofu (Europa)

Ares, from the OrB guild is holding an Auction!
Items will be accepted at any time before the auction date.
All items to be handed in must be bagged and contain a book stating the name of the item/s and an opening bid price for each item.

Date: 3rd November

Time: 1pm Sydney time

Location: OrB Keep

Runes will be marked out and handed to people who wish to go.

For more information, contact Ares on his ICQ number: 118091115

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Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2001, 1:22 AM EDT by Chainsaw Knight (Oceania)

Terror in the Valley

Glaring daggers lay in pools of red upon the cold, stone floor. One young mage lay cold in a puddle of blood, his dagger knocked away. Two stricken comrades of the fallen remained, grim sentinels o'er the decaying remains. One seemed to look upon the corpse in speechless terror, though the other had taking to wailing hysterics.

I spoke gently to them and calmed them as best I could.

The two survivors told me that they did not commit the crime but they also claimed no knowledge of the murder. I could neither assume these men to murderers nor could I completely believe their story; the shop was small and both men admitted to being there all day. My intuition whispered to me both of the strangers had witnessed this horrible crime, and their troubled eyes mirrored my perception.

My presense seemed only to disturb them further; I bade them farewell, but not before I hugged them both and the youngest one whipsered into my ear, "a green mask." I shuddered, sprinkled the dusts of time and places, and vanished.

What would keep them so strapped with fear as to not even leave the shop? What would make them stand by and watch a friend perish? What terror wears "a green mask?"

~ Tristin


edited by Amidala

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Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2001, 12:09 AM EDT by Amidala (GreatLakes)

Hail and Farewell (Ug and Gug'ye)
Ug Hummies!

It is time for this old uruk to break his staff, lay down his pen, and go gently into that dark night. Yes, dear hummies, I am retiring. I would like to thank all of the players, reporters, and Stratics leaders who have made me feel so welcome, even during the orc invasions earlier this year. I feel I owe a special debt of thanks to Cyn, who worked so diligently until recently, and to my new news team who have labored on despite my fading presence.

I would especially like to thank all of you who have been reading the Legends news page for the last couple of years. Your patience with my odd quirks and irregular update schedule has been admirable. I wish you all the best of luck in and out of game!

Fare thee well, and if you see an old uruk running through the trees with a Ophidian Warrior in mad pursuit, heal the uruk, would you? He'll be needing the help.

Praise Legends!

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Posted on Monday, October 22, 2001, 11:56 PM EDT by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

Scenario Update and Comment on Guaranteed Gain System
Over here, Calandryll (Designer, Ongoing Content) posted this Scenario Update :
Right now we are targetting to publish the Pacific shard tomorrow morning. Right now, we are working on a test center that has the scenario code on it and if all goes well, the scenario update will be on Pacific after it's Tuesday maintenance.

If anything happens that causes us to delay or change this plan, I will post tomorrow morning.

On the proposed Guaranteed Gain System ("GGS"), Sannio (UO Community Co-Ordinator) made this clarification here :
(edited by CitizenKane2)Powerhour would go away when GGS comes into the game. GGS work alongside normal skill gaining. In this player players who sought faster gains by working hard at skill gains would benefit from using that skill, while those who couldn't devote as much time, or were unlucky enough to have some long skill-test-failing streaks would gain a guaranteed minimum .1 skill gain over certain periods of time.

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Posted on Monday, October 22, 2001, 11:27 PM EDT by citizenKane2 (GeneralNews)

Announcing World of Warcraft Stratics!
Stratics is pleased to announce the opening of its newest Website, World of Warcraft Stratics. World of Warcraft is a MMORPG being developed by the talented folks over at Blizzard Entertainment and will change what you think of MMORPGs forever. Set in a time 4 years after Warcraft III, World of Warcraft will allow you to live the life of characters such as Orcs, Humans and Taurens!. Whether it be normal day-to-day existence or running off on exciting adventures, the choice is entirely yours!

World of Warcraft Stratics is the place to go to learn the latest about this game! We will have it all, from listing of all game features, fan submitted fiction & art, the latest on the beta, and of course daily news updates! So make Stratics your place to go for the latest on the World of Warcraft!!

Project Manager
World of Warcraft Stratics -

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Posted on Monday, October 22, 2001, 9:42 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

More Thoughts on Humility
More comments on Humility from the Boards by Calandryll:
Ok, some thoughts based on the early feedback.

1) +10 is too high because of PvP
2) most do not like the idea of limiting it out of Felucca (I didn't either, but I wanted to see what you all thought
3) making it based on guild status or aggressor is way too problematic and not something I want to mess with

So, with all that in mind, thoughts on this:

a) +5 per stat per path with an additonal bonus +5 at the third path. +5/+10/+20.
b) Works the same in both facets
c) getting to the third path would be VERY difficult
-) think of it as having to help 10+ young players get from their starting 150skills to 350skills - which is when they would lose young status)
-) Humility points decay so maintaining path 3 would be difficult as well
-) using dummy accounts limited through code

Note again, I am just throwing out ideas to get feedback. As of now, the system is as it is stated on the site.

Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
Designer, Ongoing Content
a wizard did it

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Posted on Monday, October 22, 2001, 4:34 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (GeneralNews)

OoC 'Fun with newbies!'
The second in the Fun with Newbies series is now up on
the site.


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Posted on Monday, October 22, 2001, 4:06 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (CandidCoverage)

Feedback on Humility Wanted
As posted on the Boards here, Calandryll is looking for feedback regarding the the proposed Humility System:
I wanted to get some feedback regarding Humility and the stat bonuses all in one thread. I've heard a few people say that +10 per path is too much. I understand the concern and would like to open discussions about it. At the same time, I've seen people say it should be only +1 or +2 per level. I must say, I don't agree with that. While we certainly don't want the bonuses to be so high that they create a severe imbalance, we also don't want the rewards to be so insignificant that nobody cares. Here are some thoughts to help you when responded to this:

1) should we lower the stat bonuses to +5 or +7 per path (+5 is as low as I would go, anything less than that is meaningless overall.)
2) should we place restrictions on the bonuses with regards to PvP. Perhaps the bonuses don't apply in Felucca (but the virtue gump would still display your achievements) or some other restriction. Two things I don't want to do is make the bonuses not work based on your aggresor flag or not work based on guild/faction status.

I'd like to keep this thread to only about the above issue, not anything else for now.

Thanks all!

Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
Designer, Ongoing Content
a wizard did it

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Posted on Monday, October 22, 2001, 2:13 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (GeneralNews)

Looking For Monster AI Ideas
Over here, Krum (Senior Programmer) made this request :
I'm looking into ways to make monsters smarter (eg harder to kill without buffing). If you have any thoughts on the subject please e-mail them to me at [email protected]

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Posted on Monday, October 22, 2001, 11:41 AM EDT by citizenKane2 (GeneralNews)

Last Fight of The Season Ends Quietly
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<In one of the most relaxed final fights ever seen, Mae West took first place last night at Fight Night. Her opponent, Toot a'Loo, lost his connection, and Mae West magic arrowed him to a grim, slow death. Just before he fell, Toot a'Loo regained conciousness and attempted to heal, but alas, his In Vas Mani was spoken a moment too late. A final magic arrow felled him. Toot a'Loo did take home third place after falling to the second place winner, Marcus.

Next week at 4 PM PST, the Final Fight Off will begin.The last man (or woman) standing will win the only prize of the evening--1 million GP. The following players are eligible to compete:
Papa Poop
Davey Havoc
Mae West

Each of these players has taken first place in at least one Fight Night, and a few (notably KMSEMPERFI) have won more than one. Almost all of the finalists made it to the finals multiple times, so the PvP ought be fast and furious. Everyone is invited to come out and cheer on their favorite or place private bets on the outcome.

smitten with love says that the fighting pits will close down after the finals and will remain closed until after the holiday season. A new season of Fight Nights are expected to open in January. smitten would like to extend a sincere thank you to the many people who donated their time to work the pits and their hard earned gold to the prize kitty. It is the generosity of these people and guilds that have allowed the fights to remain free to participants. Several people have pledged their money and time for next season already, and smitten hopes to be able to maintain the no entry fee policy. smitten herself expended over two million of her own gold this season to sweeten the pot for winners.

smitten also is considering revamping the rules before the new season opens. If you have any suggestions on how the rule-set could be improved, would like to volunteer to be on the 2002 Pit House Staff, or if you or your guild would like to contribute funds to the prize kitty, you can contact smitten with love at ICQ #60003378. You can also send a PM to the user name "Tarapazu" through the Stratics message board system.

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Posted on Monday, October 22, 2001, 8:42 AM EDT by Pluffina (Sonoma)

Ophidian Lair Tour
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<As we received the news from Raknar, I thought it was a good idea to follow the fearless people that dared to enter that dread place... alas, were I younger than I actually am, I would have probably go myself, but my aching arms and slow legs suggested me to send one of my brothers, that was not afraid of that overgrown serpents, of their poisonous bites and, most of all, of their blazing fast moves.

So here goes his report.

We assembled outside of MoT 3, a shop just near Trinsic West Gate ... the vision was quite outstanding ! Tens of people, mighty warriors cleaning their war gears, powerful mages preparing their reagents, smart bards tuning their instruments, all gathered around a small fire, talking with loud voices of the great deals that they were supposed to accomplish in that lands. They did not show it, but I suppose it was fear that was driving them to show so much courage, because they all know the deadly peril - fear sure, but no cowardice nor vileness. They were going to fight against that fear.

When it was clear that no one else would have added to the numbers, the signal was given, and a blue gate appeared. Quickly, the small army entered, to reappear in a hot, sunny desert. It was quite a shock to me, to leave the green and fresh plains of Trinsic, just to arrive in that place of despair. Hot, a strong wind blew carrying the smell of those evil creatures and of their rotten food welcomed us. We assembled and, feeling now the desire to put an end to our pain, we charged inside the valley.

But the forces we were going to meet were actually much bigger than what we thought. Showing great wisdom, our leaders prepared, in a safe zone, a place for the hurt to be healed and for the dead to resurrected. And soon that place was full. Our forces were great, both in numbers and in skills. We slew tens, one after another another, but for every ophidian dead two more spawned to have revenge. Their bodies forming now a huge pile, we could not go much further. Slowly but firmly, we were pushed back, and just the courage of our men avoided a ruinous defeat. Soon the enemy spotted our supposedly safe place, and the hospital was invaded, with the joined forces of the wyverns and undeads living near.

So it came time for us to retreat. There was no panic, as our forces were strong enough to step back without significant losses. We surely understimate our enemy, both in numbers and in strength ... or maybe, something wicked and evil was acting against us, as in my entire life I never saw such a fast, continuous, huge arrival of reinforcements of so strong evil creatures. So, gathering all the loot we could, we open a gate back to our starting point, and one after another we entered it.

The loot was good, as hundreds of those beasts fell to our attacks, and no losses were counted on our men and women. But still, we could not take under control the place for more than few minutes. Rumors were spreading about some evil deity that backed the immense reinforcements coming continously to the ophidian army. Rumors, but I'm starting to believe some are probably true ...

A great adventure, indeed !

More pictures avaiable here

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Posted on Monday, October 22, 2001, 8:36 AM EDT by Irdan Ymadril (Drachenfels)

Here's There
Looks like we have a winner!
Actually since my ISP decided to let me go offline, we will have two winners this time, since I couldn't stay online long enough to announce the winner in time.

The correct coordinates were around 119°21'S 25°35'E, in the vulcano south-east of Trinsic.

The first correct answers I received were from The Famous Herb and Jafar McFinnan, so both will get the prize this time. My congratulations go out to both!
(I will contact you later this day, since it's 5.00 am for me...)

I must admit this was a rather easy one this time, but as I said this was only to get you all started. Don't except it to be this easy the next time.

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Posted on Saturday, October 20, 2001, 11:09 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (Drachenfels)

UO Players Lunch News
The UO Players Lunch News was updated with the following:

Most of you know by now that the Online Worlds Fanfest was scheduled for next weekend, Oct 26-27, but has been postponed to Jan 10-11. Despite this, several players that were coming from outside Texas were not able to change their plans and will be vacationing in the Austin area this coming weekend. I, for one, plan to show them a big Texan Welcome!

Here is what I have scheduled tentatively for the weekend: Thursday Night: Informal gathering at either a. a bar, b. a coffee house or c. my house.

Friday: Austin/Texas tour
* State Capital, admission free
* Texas State History Museum, admission $5
* University of Texas Campus, admission free
* Lunch at Sholtz's Bier Garten
* Tour of OSI (I will attempt to get us a tour of OSI, but in the case they can't do it, we can drive by and point and wave.)
* Dinner at one of our superb Texas BBQ joints (to be determined, possibly Salt Lick, but it is a bit of a drive south).
* Night on 6th Street (I will need someone local to offer to guide this portion of the tour, I have to take my son to a birthday party.)

Saturday: Day trip to the Texas Renaissance Festival in Plantersville (about a 3 hour drive, but well worth it. We will probably leave around 10am, arriving at 1pm then staying till dark 7 or 8pm, and return before midnight. Admission is $20 for all day). As an alternate, we could go to San Antonio to the Riverwalk and the Alamo, if TRF is too far or not interesting to some...

Sunday: Recover, recuperate and get ready to head home (maybe a nice brunch somewhere -Mexican?-)

All of this is extremely tentative and we are very flexible. If you are coming in from out of town, or you are local and would like to join all or any portion of the weekend, please RSVP to me [email protected] so that I can make any necessary reservations. If there are any venues or restaurants you think we shouldn't miss, drop me a line.

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Posted on Saturday, October 20, 2001, 10:42 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (CommunityNews)

Where's Here
Let me introduce a little game, that our beloved Shard Manager Pluffina from Sonoma is doing in her Shard Section. The game is called “Where’s Here”. I sent out one of my friends, Jade, to find an interesting place and make a little picture of the thing she found. Now, where is the game you might ask?
Okay, the first person who sends an email to [email protected] with the subject “Where’s here” and the coordinates in the mail as well as a general description where you can find this place, will be winning 25k in gold sponsored by Jade as well.

Here is where Jade thought would be a great place to start, just for you to actually get into this game.

And now run to this place, write down the coords, and sent it away. Please don't sent us pictures, just the coordinates and a short description where this place can be found. And for now, happy hunting...

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Posted on Saturday, October 20, 2001, 12:52 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (Drachenfels)

Halloween Bash and Reopening of Ravenshire!
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<This was sent in by Lady Bronwyn,
Greetings! You are all cordially invited to attend Ravenshires First Annual Halloween Bash! Lots of events are planned, including a costume contest, with prizes up to 50k, A trick or treat Raffle Worth up to 250k, a Bonfire and much more! To end the event we will be heading to the City of the Dead, to lay those weary souls to a final rest!

So join us in the City of Ravenshire, Sunday October 28th at 6 pacific and have a "howling" good time! Watch out for ghosts and ghouls within the city! Special gifts will be given for those who can bring these Ghosts back from the netherworld.....but you have to catch them first!

Runes will be handed out at the main cities, and gates will also be opening prior to the event.

Lady Bronwyn
White Raven of Ravenshire
Thankye Lady Bronwyn

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Posted on Saturday, October 20, 2001, 1:17 AM EDT by Cymidei Fier (Baja)

Halloween House Decoration Contest
The following news was sent in by Mirabel,
In order to provide more time for those Haunted Home Hopefuls to finish their preparations, we have extended the entry deadline to Wednesday, October 24th. Please ICQ Mirabel (11015595) or Darius (988442), or email your contact information to [email protected] to set up a time to meet and turn in your rune.

All Fall/Halloween themes accepted, and you do not have to live in Heaven's Forge to participate! Both Felucca and Trammel entries accepted.

Show off your decorating prowess and get into the spooky spirit!

Mirabel, HF Events
Thankye Mirabel

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Posted on Saturday, October 20, 2001, 1:14 AM EDT by Cymidei Fier (Baja)

UO Powergamers Interview with OSI Developers
Nieves from UO Powergamers had the chance to do some “short” interview with some developers from OSI. Here is a snippet:

1) Are we going to see world changing and world affecting events like the Trinsic Invasion? I applaud the Ongoing Content team's efforts and the things they have done, but I, like many UO players, would like to see more content and less candy (rares/special items).

Calandryll: You'll see larger world altering events than what you saw in Trinsic. Trinsic was fairly limited and didn't really alter anything. We simply added new objects to the city to make it look like it had been taken over. With the scenarios, we can actually add brand new areas, like the orc dungeon or some of the stuff you will see in the upcoming scenario, as part of a story. In truth, the items make up a very small percentage of the actual content when you compare the number of items to the number of new monsters. The story will be much richer in the coming scenarios as well.
Read the rest of the interview here .

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Posted on Friday, October 19, 2001, 6:24 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (CommunityNews)

Answers from Calandryll on the Virtue System
Some comments from Calandryll regarding the new virtue system can be found on the here:
1. Will Haven be opened up to all players for this?
-We're discussing it.

2. How much fame and karma will be needed for a player to sacrifice it?
--You get more Sacrifice the more fame you give. You have to be at least "admirable".

3. Will negative karma be sacrificable?
-Actually, we're thinking about removing karma from sacrifice and just using fame, that way negative karma players can still participate.

Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
Designer, Ongoing Content
a wizard did it
and another that can be found here:
1 ) Why is the forum of Virtue discussion here, instead of RP board?
-Because the virtue system is not soley a role-playing system. It can be used as a role-playing tool though of course.

Virtue Questions:
Sacrifice is Love and Courage.

2 ) I do not understand why Gargoyles can be redeemed, they are not a race of daemons nor they are lost souls so to say. They might have their pride, but that is opposite to that Humility. Shouldn't Reediming be restricted strictly to supernatural(undead, spirits and Daemonic) creatures, to make it more logical?

--In the fiction, the enslaved and enforcer gargoyles are not attacking players of their own free will. By sacrificing for them, you save them from their turmoil. The stories on BNN have more info on the gargoyles.

3 ) Certain professions can gain Fame & Karma very easily, would their sacrifice of Fame & Karma be equal sacrifice to those who worked many weeks longer for it?
--True. This is why you can only sacrifice once per day.

Humility: opposite to pride
4 ) Doesn't Humility turn into pride if one advertices his Virtue Title? (rather philosophical question, I admit)

--No. The titles are given to you as recognition, it is up to the player to decide whether to advertise his title or not. Remember, the titles only appear on the virtue gump, so unless someone opens up your virtue gump, they won't see your titles.

General Questions:
5 ) Would it not be good to have all eight Virtues done (in design) before releasing any to shards? Eight Virtues meant to form the great Principle (Truth, Love and Courage) together, and therefor their "gain" should be in balance. If not, why not
--We have preliminary designs done for most of the virtues, but we are releasing them one or two at a time in order to make sure we concentrate on them and to make sure the system actually goes in. If we tried to release one huge system, it could be a year before you ever saw any of it.

6 ) Have you considered if shrines could play a part in the system?
-They do. You go to shrines to get your status of your jounrey in each path. Also, they will probably play a bigger part in Spirituality.

Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
Designer, Ongoing Content
a wizard did it

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Posted on Friday, October 19, 2001, 5:50 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (GeneralNews)

Helios Explains Localization
A new Team Comment is up. This time it’s Helios talking about localization issues. Here is what he has to say:
v. lo•cal•ized, lo•cal•iz•ing, lo•cal•iz•es
v. tr.

1. To make local:
2. To confine or restrict to a particular locality
3. To attribute to a particular locality

v. intr.
To become local, especially to become fixed in one area or part. n.

Source: The American Heritage(r) Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition Copyright (c) 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved


lo'cal•i•za'tion n.

—The Dark Art of transforming text into the native language of the end user.

Greetings once more fellow UO gamers! I’d like to take a moment to talk about the secret doctrine of localization, the power of words, and French bread. Well, okay — I won’t be talking about French bread.

What is localization? Why localize?

Having been recently declared the keeper of words, I will explain all of this and everything else you have ever wanted to know. Well, okay — I won’t be explaining everything you ever wanted to know — but I will try to explain localization. :)

We have all seen the following line of text in the game: gold coin : 500
It used to say, “500 gold coins.” Why the change?

To answer that question, we must consider the purpose of localization. Localization is the process of allowing text to be displayed in various languages, based on the settings of the end user machine. If your game is intended to be played by only one group, all speaking the same language, then you can just display everything in that language. However, if you have people from multiple countries playing your game (like UO, for instance), the need for translation and a unified way for displaying text becomes apparent.

In a traditional line of code we could say, for instance…

print(“Hello, how are you today?”)

Which would print the phrase, “Hello, how are you today,” on the screen for our user. That’s wonderful…for English-speaking users. For someone who speaks exclusively German, for instance, that would be extremely useless. So, we know now that we have to translate the sentence. In German, the sentence would look something like this:

print(“Hallo, wie geht es Ihnen?”)

This literally translates to “Hello, how goes it you (in a formal sense)?” As you can see, the rules of grammar are noticeably different for these two languages.

These differences in grammar do not necessarily pose difficulty for us at this point, since we can simply translate the entire statement, and the meaning of the phrase will still map over quite nicely.

The problem occurs when we start printing dynamic text groups (or strings) on the screen. A typical statement to print a piece of dynamic text could look something like this:

print(“you have $amount gold coins”)

Before displaying this string to the user, the part that says “$amount” would be replaced (by the computer) with the amount of gold the user has. If they have 5000 gold, the string would show as:

“You have 5000 gold coins.”

For someone that had 700 gold coins, the string would display as:

“You have 700 gold coins.”

That works great – for English. In another language, a language that doesn’t share the same language sentence structure, this particular arrangement of words would probably not work very well. So, now we have to come up with a generic way to create dynamic strings that work for all languages.

The only structure that innately works for all languages is the following:

“Static Text” : “Dynamic Text” or, alternatively “Dynamic Text” : “Static Text”.

The dynamic portion can never be anything other than proper nouns or numbers. Consequently, we come up with constructs that look like “gold coins : 500”, or “Bandages : 24”.

This is obviously a technological limitation, which we have been able to overcome, thanks to our programmers. We now have the ability to create localized text that allows our translators to arrange the various dynamic parts of a string to conform with local rules of grammar. As a result, we are now able to display fairly dynamic strings in all languages, without having to sacrifice game ambience for interoperability.

The most recent change that you may have noticed on the Test Centers is the change to corpses. No longer will you see “remains : Vexx,” but instead, you should see “the remains of Vexx.” :) Great stuff.

The recent localization efforts have been engineered with the latest technology advancements, so that many of you have not even noticed the most recent rounds of localization. Check out the fully localized version of Animal Lore on the Test Centers to see what I mean.

Well there you have it, and well…there it is.

Have fun and take care!

Keeper of Words
Designer, Ultima Online

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Posted on Friday, October 19, 2001, 5:16 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (GeneralNews)

Dragon Tavern Story Night Results
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<Hail and well met.
This just in via carrier pigeon:

Dragon Tavern Story Night Results

We had 13 noble and valiant souls show up for the event. Several tales were told including at least one made up on the spot! We also had the continuation of an episodic story from Wolf of Evermore. It seems that he plans on telling part of the tale every week. Next week will have a longer episode.


In second place (for the fourth week in a row), came Dragyn, with a tale about your friend and mine the undead. Dragyn was rewarded with a prize of 10K.

And in first place came Hunter with a heart wrenching story of a Father, his Son and Death. Hunter walked away with a 20K as the first place prize. Stories

Now here is a reprint of the fourth portion of the story "Minds Eye"

You may remember that when we left last week Khan had experienced the follow:

As eternity came into view Khan thought his mind would implode for there was just too much information flowing into his head. As he turned to Starlight she just smiled again.

What was this? Why was this? Were the questions the appeared in his mind’s eye. Then life took a new turn and all there was were screams…

We now begin tonight’s portion of the tale

The screams, there was nothing but screams. They came out of every pore in his body. It was his very essence that was screaming for he was now in a place mortal man was not supposed to go. He had been taken to the center of the vortex that is life and death. This is where everyone’s; hopes, dreams, fears and terror lived. It was in this moment that Khan would either live or die but in either case who he had been was now gone. If he lived he would be a new slate free of the markings of the past, ready to take on a new life.

He turned and saw her and she was at once beautiful and terrifying. Her body glowed in a light that bathed all in pure radiance but there was hint of bitter almonds in the air. As always everything has its price and he knew that if he lived the price would be him self. There is no higher price then the loss of ones self and still living. As this thought passed between the synapses that make up his mind, it happened. With one bright explosion of light it was all gone. They were back in the room and she was back in bed eating her food.

She saw that he looked confused and she asked" Are you ok my love?"

This question at once seemed strange but as he looked at this beautiful creature he said" I feel a bit strange. Almost dizzy and I am not sure why?"

He missed her smile as she moved the tray and patted the space next to her in bed. " Come my love lay down and rest you look tried."

Something gnawed at his soul. There was something wrong here and he was attempting to put his finger on it but not having much luck. He sat down on the bed for he was indeed weary to his soul. He stopped for a moment, why had he thought those words. There was no reason for that. Deep in his mind a voice was screaming out the clarion call of death and destruction. Why? What was he attempting to prevent? He did not know and that was a very dangerous place for him and everyone else around him to be. For moments like this unleash something that Khan does not want to admit about him self. A power so great, that it could alter the very air and kill anything.

Oh could it kill. He had lost count many years ago of the thousands he had slain in the name of righteousness. Righteousness could be such a cruel taskmaster in that, too most it was a subjective quantity and thus could easily become a doubled edged sword. As this fire of confusion, spread and burned a path clearing his mind of clutter, the white-hot rage of righteous indignation fueled this inferno within his mind. As with a lump coal and thousands of years of pressure, the diamond that is clarity burst into his conscious mind. In that instant he was back in that space and the screams where fresh.

She turned and smiled, as her face seemed to change into that of a devil. With that the room went black and the laughter of an ancient evil could be heard echoing down the corridors of time.

come back next week for the next installment

Your humble servant,
Raeven Aurora

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Posted on Friday, October 19, 2001, 5:14 PM EDT by Raeven Aurora (NapaValley)

Hit the Books....Trivia is Here!
Nacrom Sable has done it again! Watch out for him as he prowls the streets of Britannia looking for willing participants to this quick but not always easy game:
Hail Fellow Britannians,

I am Nacrom Sable. Maybe some of you have seen me outside the West Bank in Brit, where I have been testing the UOTrivia Game that I am doing as one of many Events and Quest that are going to be coming to Chesapeake.

UOTrivia, you ask? This is a game in which I will give you one question, and if you get it right I will give you 5000 gold...yes, 5000 gold! This will not cost you anything but your time, to read the question and hope you know the answer.

I am limiting the questions to only one, so please respect this as I am limited to the winning till more donations come in the UO Seers program. When more donations come in, I will be giving you two questions. How? If you get the correct answer for the first question, you will have a chance to double your money by getting a choice to answer another question and WIN 10,000 gold, Woof. But if you don’t get the correct answer on the second question then you lose it all. You have an option could just keep the first 5k and walk away a winner.

These question are about anything and everything from Old Ultima to Ultima Online or could be from the Newspapers or player written books, but all is about Ultima..

This Tuesday I will give you a hint on where I will be, and then the following Tuesdays from 8:00pm to 10pm EST time, it could be any of the Towns in Britannia. So do your studying on Ultima’s History and Current History or Places and things and come play if you see me.

This Tuesday 10/26/01 from 8pm to 10pm EST I will be in Britain at the West Bank.

This is brought you by the UO Seers Program. We hope you enjoy it.

See you there!
Seer Nacrom Sable

P.S. I am also accepting donations for more Events and Quest. All money, and items will be used for these.

Again, thank you!
Seer Nacrom Sable

If you have any questions about this or any other event which the UO Volunteer Seers Program will be holding, please feel free to contact me at [email protected], visit our webportal at UO Seers or visit our message board on Stratics.

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Posted on Friday, October 19, 2001, 4:04 PM EDT by Idun Syn (Chesapeake)

Taxmen in Felucca Dungeons?
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<Those hearty adventurers that frequent the dangerous depths of Khaldun know well that the monsters are not the only thing to watch out for. Griefers, looters and thieves abound in dimly lit hallways, and those that find themselves OoOoOOoo'ing are almost guaranteed never to get their belongings back again. Those that frequent Khaldun also report of a seemingly self-proclaimed Proprietess who charges fees to anyone "hunting in her dungeon." Witnesses say that her name is Bacci, a name well-known in some circles, and associated with crimes of thievry and worse. There are several reports of death being the fee you must pay if gold is not quickly given. Two Khaldun-ites I spoke to also reported that she is easily warded off with force, however, unless accompanied by goons.

Although "Proprietess" Bacci has been charging her fees in Khaldun for some time, there are evidently others that are requesting hunting licenses and taxes at other dungeons in Felucca as well. According to one mage, the guild is "DP," and like Bacci, the tax is nominal (about 2,000 gold) compared to what awaits you if you do not pay their fees. Come to find out, Bacci is but one of several people in this organization that calls themselves Dungeon Owner Protection Organization. Whether or not the individuals in this organization have legitimate claim to the Felucca dungeons has yet to be discovered. Until then, Felucca dungeon crawlers should beware: part of the loot you're collecting may become the loot of a DP member, one way or another...

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Posted on Friday, October 19, 2001, 4:01 PM EDT by Mina (Sonoma)

Auction in Nidaros...Tonight!
I spent a small fortune there last time, but if you have any gold left, burning a hole in your armor's pockets (and if armors do not come with pockets, well, they should!), go to this event and have a great time! The bidding can get very heated, so do some meditation beforehand just to relax a little. News of this Auction were sent in by Marlene of Nidaros.
The Town of Nidaros, on Friday October 19, 2001 at 8 PM EST, is holding their Halloween Auction Event. This is an event to sell off extra supplies, magical weapons, magical armor, rares, and MUCH MORE!!! So come with your checkbooks and gold and be ready for some of the best deals you can find!! The event will be held in Nidaros in the KfN Headquarters Villa. Some of the items that will be auctioned off are a Dragon Statue, Force and Power Weapons, and much more!! So if you have time please all come on down to Nidaros and enjoy the atmosphere and the chance to pick up something at an extraordinary deal at our Halloween Auction Event!!

Thank you,
(Knights for Nidaros)
Town of Nidaros

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Posted on Friday, October 19, 2001, 3:29 PM EDT by Idun Syn (Chesapeake)

The Infiltration
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<Alucard, the Mayor of Cain seems to be up to new schemes. This bears closer watching.


The sound of the heavy obsidian seal as it impressed its image into the red wax echoed around the otherwise silent room. A solitary torch stood as the only guardian keeping the ever present shadows away as they clawed ceaselessly at the borders of the light.

Having finished the various pieces of paperwork regarding the slavery issues that had caused so much disruption, Alucard turned his mind towards other matters. It had been one week since a messenger had been sent to the Controllers offering an alliance, of sorts. It was hardly a surprise when he failed to return, and a lone scout had reported seeing the remains of a messenger's uniform in the lands of Illshenar.

Alucard's original plan – to seize one of the Controllers and force them to talk – was unable to be adopted due to impending military commitments elsewhere. It was perhaps unsurprising when the suggestion of infiltration was mentioned. A slave had put forward the idea one evening after consuming too much ale in the Asylum of Perdition, she was subsequently executed and Alucard adopted the suggestion as his own.

He had decided later to undergo the mission himself, as it was one of the utmost secrecy. Donning the crimson robes of the Controllers he had entered into their newly located stronghold and seen for himself the massive workshops and forges. He had been impressed.

Such a massive Fortress-City could be put to such use by his own forces. The forges, workshops and mines could be put to use endlessly churning out the weapons of destruction. In the guise of a Controller he had seen the scores of Gargish slaves and workers, so perfect for his own needs.

It was on the second day of his infiltration that he came across the most important discovery of all, something the Controllers referred to as a "Clockwork Assembly". He understood little of mechanics, but from what he could garner it seemed to be instrumental in the construction and control of something vitally important to the Controllers. Alucard at once assumed that it was the much-feared Golem.

The thoughts took hold in his mind with the speed of a charging bull, and the impact was just as strong. Armies of Golems fighting for whatever purpose he deemed fit. An army of tireless reapers who would destroy any that dared oppose him. Unstoppable. Terrifying. Relentless.

As the power-fuelled greed to over, he seized the clockwork assembly and cradled it in his hands like it were a newborn. Looking around quickly he began to edge his way towards the marble doorway of the workshop, nervously eyeing the genuine Controllers who were milling about. He had almost made it to the door when a shout came from the other side of the room.

"You there! Get back here, we have work to do!" the Controller who seemed to be in charge of the group sounded tired and angry.

Without considering what he was doing, Alucard sprinted from the room, clutching the assembly. He had made it only a few feet down the marble-tiled hallway when shouts and heavy footsteps began to pursue him. The red robe flapped and grabbed at his ankles as if it were trying to slow him down, his movements became slow and he feared he would trip, or lose consciousness.

Then, as quickly as the partial exhaustion had begun, it faded. Looking once behind him, Alucard was urged onwards by the horde of Controllers and Gargoyle slaves in pursuit. He rounded the corner and was knocked to the ground by a heavy blow. Still maintaining his vice-like grip upon the assembly, he looked up into the featureless face of a Golem, just as it raised its massive fists to deliver the final blow. Within the time it takes for a grain of sand to trickle through the hourglass Alucard was on his feet and running once more.

Suddenly the finery of the marble hallways gave way to the coarseness of the desert sands. He had made it outside, but the nearest portal back into Britannia was a frighteningly long way off. Alucard decided to ignore any thoughts of hiding that he entertained, and merely decided to run for his very life. Past the mines and the ore-elementals, past the Controller guards and their constructs, past the ruined castle and the Savages that called it home. He had just passed the castle when a biting pain caused him to scream out loud, he turned to find the tip of a spear embedded in his left shoulder. He pulled it out whilst he ran.

Before he knew it, he stood before the gate of Compassion, and stepped through into the familiar and less dangerous Britannia. As he emerged from the swirling gate he uttered the words of recall, and traversed the winds of magic to arrive once more in Caina.

He had grudgingly turned the Clockwork Assembly over to the most talented of the researchers that called Caina home. He had left them but one instruction:

"Within one week, you shall create for me a Golem like those of the Controllers. Fail, and your life is forfeit."
Posted on Friday, October 19, 2001, 12:17 PM EDT by Dmitri Ne'Sveti (Atlantic)

In Development - Guaranteed Gain System
Posted on the In Development section of the official UO website, the Guaranteed Gain System :
In essence, this proposed modification to the skill gain system would eliminate the need for "power hour" by providing opportunities for guaranteed skill gain during normal play.

To learn more about the thoughts behind this proposal, please read the joint Comments from the Team on skill gain from Evocare, our Lead Designer, and Prophet, our Lead Programmer, located here (Note by CitizenKane2 - I have edited the original link. The link provided on UO Stratics leads to the Comments From the Team from Prophet and Evocate on 20 September 2001). To provide feedback on this system, we invite you to post your thoughts here(Note by CitizenKane2 - at the time of posting this, I have not been able to locate the relevant link).

In essence, this modification would eliminate the need for "power hour" by providing opportunities for guaranteed skill gain during normal play.

Guaranteed Gain System (GGS)

The core of this system is the guarantee that if you play "normally", you will gain skill. Under the GGS system, if you have not gained skill under the current use-based system after a certain time period, the system would recognize this and force a point of skill gain (point meaning a tenth of a point, as in moving from 70.1 to 70.2). The length of the time period, or timer, is based on the level of skill. The current time periods are listed below, but note that they are subject to change. In addition to the time intervals listed below, there would also be a limit on how many GGS points total per day a player can earn once their skill reaches 70.

Skill Value Ranges Time Between Gains
10.0 – 14.9 160 secs
15.0 – 19.9 200 secs
20.0 - 24.9 250 secs
25.0 - 34.9 300 secs
35.0 - 44.9 400 secs
45.0 - 49.9 500 secs
50.0 - 54.9 10 mins
55.0 - 59.9 15 mins
60.0 - 69.9 20 mins
70.0 - 79.9 40 mins
80.0 - 89.9 80 mins
90.0 - 94.9 120 mins
95.0 - 98.9 150 mins
99.0 - 100.0 240 mins

As always, you can only gain skill when you successfully perform an action. So an example of this is as follows: Let's say you cast a spell of moderate difficulty, and succeed, but you do not gain skill. If the relevant time period passes, and you have still not gained a point in that skill, then the next time you successfully use that skill again, you will gain a point. These time periods are based on the server system clock, meaning that you don't have to be logged in for your timers to refresh.

This does not mean that players would be unable to gain skill until the timer refreshes, because the GGS would not be replacing the current use-based system, but it would be implemented in addition to it. You would still be able to gain skill under the current use-based system, but the GGS would now keep track of how long it has been since you had gained a point of skill. If the time period had passed and you had not gained skill through the regular method, you would gain a point through the GGS. The use-based system, though, would not be restricted by time. Even if you had just gained a point through the GGS, the game would still check for skill gain under the use-based system, although admittedly it would still be incredibly difficult to gain skill in this way at the high end range.

To ensure that characters could not become Grandmasters overnight, there would be a limit on how many points of skill a player could earn through the GGS during each day. This limit would be high for players of low skill, but as players' skill levels grow higher, the limit on how many they points they can earn through the GGS grows smaller. This means it would still take longer to gain skill in the 90's then it did in the 10's or 50's (this is nothing new). Note, however, that this limit does not affect the current use-based system, so players who reach that limit can still gain more skill through the old skill system, by using the skills themselves.

The most noticeable difference from the current system (not including power hour) is that skill gains in the 90's while playing normally would not only be possible, they would be guaranteed (provided you are performing your skill in or around your current skill level). For example, casting Magic Arrow with a magery skill of 90 would provide no chance whatsoever to gain skill in magery, even with GGS. You would need to cast higher level spells to see guaranteed skill gain. Similarly, crafting daggers with a blacksmithy of 80 would provide no chance to gain skill in blacksmithy. Skills that are not difficulty based, however, would always have a chance to gain.

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Posted on Friday, October 19, 2001, 11:54 AM EDT by citizenKane2 (GeneralNews)

Third Peace March in Honor of Castile Elan (Both Facets)
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<Some sad news reached us by mail:

Over a year ago the Healers of Europa held the first march of peace. A grand event to bring together communities and individuals under the universal banner of peace and compassion. The number of people attending that march was more than any of us had expected and to see NPC healers lining the road from Spiritwood to Deepwater (courtesy of IGM Talos) was overwhelming. The land of Britannia looked a lot smaller that day as the people were united in vision and purpose.

The second peace march was a lower key affair but again it was well attended. The desire for peace in our communities is something that never goes away. We once again walked from Spiritwood to Deepwater and the folk watching us on the road respected our cause. You can remove a mountain one pebble at a time.

Two months ago the guild decided to hold the third peace march on 1st November. The atrocity of September 11th prompted us to postpone any public announcement of the march as we wanted to keep real world events out of game events. This is no longer appropriate for an ex-member of the guild, known in game as Castile Elan died on September 23rd. This is a message that his wife sent to a player asking news of Castile.

Dear Friend

Thank you for your email passed on to me asking after Pòl-Michael (you may have known him as Castile Elan). I am sad to have to tell that he died suddenly on 23rd September.

As you may know, after witnessing some terrible things during his army career, he became a committed pacifist. Since the attacks of September 11th he had been working very hard to dissuade a violent response that he felt would only lead to more innocents dying. In addition, he had put great effort into helping with the humanitarian aid program for the refugees. He was planning to fly out to Pakistan at the beginning of October.

As usual, he did this all against his medical advice. He was not fully recovered from his operation for cancer in his brain and the extra stress took its course. He had a bleeding in the brain, aneurysm, which killed him immediately whilst he was organizing an anti-war meeting.

I am assured that he suffered not at all, and that the impact was instant. There was nothing to be done. He was buried later that week in his home of County Kerry in Ireland.

He had many friends, from around the world it seems. This is very comforting, to know he was loved. Last year, a great hole opened in his heart when our cat Alex died. Pòl-Michael had a very strong faith, and I am sure myself that they are now happy together once more, as it should be. I remember him telling me of a story that someone had sent him on the occasion of that loss, about a Rainbow Bridge. He was very comforted by that image, and I hope you will be too with the picture of Alex and he finding one another again.

I apologize for the standard nature of this reply. As I have said, many people are beginning to ask after Pòl-Michael, and you will appreciate I am not able to write to all a personal letter. I would be very grateful if you could announce to people you may suspect of knowing him, so that they are told, even if they have not written.

Yours faithfully,

Inga Viktorovna

I think that the tragic loss of a person so committed to the virtues of sacrifice, compassion and humility must not pass without event. Our march for peace on November 1st shall go ahead, not only calling for peace within the communities of Europa but for compassion and peace on this entire planet that we share.

In order to accommodate as many people as possible, and in recognition of the peaceful world Castile wished for, this march will start in Trammel.

November 1st

20:00 GMT depart from Skara Brae Counselors guild and make our way towards Yew

20:30 GMT (approx) Pass by Stonekeep on the way towards the Yew moongate and the old home of Castile Elan

21:00 GMT (approx) transfer to the Felucca facet and the moongate for Britain and make our way to the Chamber of Virtue

21:30 GMT (approx) assemble at the Chamber of Virtue where people can speak about peace or remember the effect that Castile Elan had upon their lives.

22:30 GMT (approx) assemble at *The Salty Dog Tavern* in Britain for a *wake* in remembrance of Castile. For people not familiar with the idea of a wake please consult this page

This schedule differs from what we had intended for a march from Spiritwood via Dreamstone and onto Deepwater. We think it is more appropriate to make this gesture towards to life and work of Castile Elan, a man who gave his life for peace.

People wishing to contact me with regards to this event may do so via my mail address of [email protected] or ICQ 49577586.

I do hope that many will attend this march and I know that the memory of Castile Elan will live on forever in the hearts of his friends and fellow players.

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Posted on Friday, October 19, 2001, 4:44 AM EDT by Kofu (Europa)

OTE's 2nd Annual Halloween Festival and Guild Anniversary
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<This announcement was sent in courtesy of Atalana of OTE.

As our Halloween festival was such a huge hit last year we are continuing the tradition. Secondly, we are celebrating the second anniversary of the founding of OTE. And finally, we are celebrating the marriage of two of our members in OTE. So, as one can see it is the perfect time for a shard wide celebration. As always, everyone is invited. No ill wishers please! We will be holding numerous events with excellent prizes. Oh, I assure you on that! Events finalized as of this date include an event hosted by our ranger order.

The festival will host some of the following events: a dragon slaying event with two big winners, the last man or woman standing and the first killed will win prizes; an event hosted by our hunter order (information to be announced later); tip the cow event hosted by Pup Barleycorn; drunken man race; best costume contest judged by celebrity judges.

We will also be co-sponsoring the Final Fight Night at Oasis on Sunday, the 28th. We will be matching their purse of 1 million making the prize total 2 million. More events are sure to come.

Time/Date: Halloween Festival is Saturday the 27th of October at 4pm EST. and...
Fight Night on Sunday the 28th in Oasis at the normal time.

Location: Tendai Town, 34º 48'N 48º 18'E. Gates will be provided from most major banks prior to the start of the festival.

Contact: Del Xavier of OTE icq: 11449866 or through the general message section on the OTE Webpage.

This sounds like it will be a lot of fun with plenty of games for everyone. So be sure to come join the festivities and don’t forget to wear your favorite costume; you may just win a prize.

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Posted on Friday, October 19, 2001, 12:30 AM EDT by Cleric Samantha (Sonoma)

UO Seers host Dungeon Quest Oct 27

Date: Saturday, October 27th, 2001
Time: Starting time of the event will be 8pm (Central Standard Time)
Parties will meet at the UO Seers Home on Great Lakes Shard which is just South of Vesper in Large Keep in Nos' Village (Trammel).

Coordinates are: 52 49'N 99 16'E

Several Seers lost their way in 4 different dugeons. Search parties are forming to find them, but the only way to locate the Seers is to solve riddles that were left behind. Solve the Riddles, find the Seers, get special ID items from them, and make it to the finish line with all 4 to recieve a reward.

- All parties must contain 5 players.
- No entry fee
- Registration will occur at the beginning of the Event

(Please have only the Team Leader sign in on the day of the event to speed things up.)

Parties will recieve the first of four riddles, which they must decode and get to the dungeon where the lost Seer or Troubador is. Once found, each team will show the Seer or Troubador their registration ID in exchange for a "Seer ID", and return to the starting point for the next riddle. Teams must complete all 4 dungeons, obtain all 4 Seer ID Items, and get to the finish line to win. The "Finish Line Rune" will be given out with the last Seer's ID item.

- The First party to the finish line recieves 50K.
- The team returning with the most dungeon loot wins 5 Tattered Treasure Maps of level 3+.
- The team with the most death robes wins a keg of GH potion, 50 rez scrolls, and 1500 bandages.
(More prizes will be awarded depending on the number of teams registered.)

For Questions or more information please contact Lead Seer Stheno of the Central Region:
[email protected]

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Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2001, 11:08 PM EDT by Amidala (GreatLakes)

SAM 100K Scavenger Hunt this Saturday
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<Many thanks to Bonestripper of SAM for sending in the following announcement:

SAM 100K Scavenger Hunt this Saturday, October 20th!

What: The Sonoma Alliance of Merchants will be sponsoring a 100K SCAVENGER HUNT and Recruitment Drive this Saturday at the SAM Vendor Mall located in Trammel at the North Minoc Mines (135o 0'N x 80o 15'E)!

When: Saturday, October 20th @ 7pm PST

Where: SAM Vendor Mall (135o 0'N x 80o 15'E) in Trammel


  • First Place: 100,000 gp!!!
  • Second Place: 50,000 gp!!!
  • Third Place: 25,000 gp!!!
  • Also being given away are several SPECIAL PRIZES and DOOR PRIZES just for attending!
Whether you are an individual or team doesn't matter, but the more the merrier! Transportation will be provided via gates from banks in Britain, Vesper and Moonglow! Don't miss out on free money and prizes!

See you there!

BoneStripper of SAM (Sonoma)
GM Merchant

This sounds like a very fun event. Who knows, you may just be lucky enough to win that 100k!
--Sage Arthur

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Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2001, 10:37 PM EDT by Sage Arthur (Sonoma)

Comments on Proposed Virtues Special Abilities and In Development Virtues
On this thread here, Sannio (UO Community Co-ordinator) made the following comments about the special abilities associated with the In Development Virtue System :
In reply to:
Is the increase in HP/Mana/Stamina:
1) Time Based?
2) Cost Humility Points to access?

I noticed the Humility points drain over time but at what cost, if any does using the ability cost

In reply to:
Sacriface is awarded per/week. Does the Humility Special Ability work similar or by cost basis?

The bonuses gained by attaining a given step in Humility are perpetually active for as long as you remain in that step. If you increase a step, you gain instead the better step's stat bonus, and if you decrease a step, you gain the newer/lesser step's stat bonuses. There is not means to "activate" these stats bonuses, they are automatically up and running just by having achieved the related step in Humility. No Humility points are used up through the use of these stats, although points in Humility will naturally "decay" a certain amount over time.

On a seperate thread here, Sannio made these clarifications :
When you achieve a given step in Humility, you will also gain the associate stat bonuses, for as long as you remain in that step. If you move a step forward, you will instead gain the higher step's stat bonuses. It's not a special ability that has to be activated, and/or will only last for a short amount of time, the stat bonuses are automatically available by having achieved a given step in Humility.

Calandryll (Designer, Ongoing Content) made these remarks, among others, on this thread on the official UO Boards here on the In Development Virtue System :
1. I didn't know it was possible to be both just AND compassionate (your past example of the poor man stealing bread to feed his family and the guard having to decide whether or not to act). By being compassionate, would your justice points be unaffected? And vice versa of course.
--Not if we design it so the conflict isn't as prevalent as it is in that example. I'm not sure I like the idea of losing virtue points in one virtue because you follow another.

2. 30 to each stat seems like a HUGE bonus! I take this to mean that becoming a Guardian of Humility will be extremely difficult?
-Yes. Getting to the third path of Humility won't be easy.

3. When do you think the other virtues may have some details ready? Or are you going to do some initial testing of these two virtues before beginning more development on the other six virtues?
--Honor will most likely be next, we have a basic design idea for it already. I want to concentrate on the master system and Humility/Sacrifice though first before getting feedback on Honor.

The decay will be over real time, but you wont decay from step 3 to step 1 in a week. It'll be significantly slower than that. Also, we might make it so you don't decay points earned up to one below step one. That way, maintaining at least step one will be very easy. Still debating that though, so I'd love to hear comments.

I won't get into exact points, but it will take more than one GL sacrifice to get to the third path. Actually, even just one GL sacrifice will not yield the first path.

On a seperate thread here, Calandryll addressed the issue of exploiting the proposed Humility bonuses :
Lot's of people can just use a different IPs, different cards, etc.

How about this? What if you could not help more than one character on the same account. In other words, if you help a character on a young account with one of your vet characters, you can't help any other characters on that account for a week with that same vet character. So you could help the first character and gain Humility, but not any other characters on that account. The other characters on that account can get help from other players though.

That would cut down on the exploiting somewhat. Unless someone were to buy 10 accounts, get the third step, and then close the accounts. In which case, yes, not much we can do about that. But even if they do, remember, the points decay (and there is a cap once you hit the third path) so they would not have the +30 forever

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Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2001, 9:11 PM EDT by citizenKane2 (GeneralNews)

Calandryll Explains Why Scenario Delayed
Unfortunately, this particular problem wasn't related to the scenario code, rather it was some other code that was merged in. We did test it, but the problem can only really occur on a shard that has a lot of people on it and after a little while. Even if we had put this on a public test center (which we can't, because of the scenario) it still probably would not have been found.

Both QA and Dev are pushing hard to resolve it though, so we can get back on track next week. I will update you as I know more.

-Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
Designer, Ongoing Content
a wizard did it

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Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2001, 8:52 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (QuestandEventNews)

Why Virtue Symbol Using Mailpouch Area
On the MyUO Discussion Board, Calandryll explains why the game messenger area will be used for the virtue system.

Virtue system has no connection to in game messenger. I am using that area of the paperdoll because there are no plans to finish that system. Even if we didn't put in virtues, the messenger is still not going to be worked on. So that's the best place to put the virtue gump.

Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
Designer, Ongoing Content
a wizard did it

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Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2001, 6:38 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

Calandryll Answers Questions on Virtue System
On the MyUO Discussion Boards, Calandryll answered some questions about the proposed virtue system.

Q: Mastering all 8 virtues was difficult in Ultima Prime.. so difficult that only the Avatar could do it. How do we explain a world in which everyone has done what only the avatar could have done.

A: If designed right, it will be very hard to master all eight virtues. Even mastering those two won't be easy, not counting six more!.

Q: "A character that has achieved all three steps in all eight Virtues will earn the title “The Virtues” on their paperdoll" how exactly does that work? "Bob the virtues"? "The Virtues Bob" or is that a typo where its supposed to be "the Virtuous"?

A: Title is "The Virtuous".

Q: are the increases in stats permanent or temporary?

A: Permanent as long as you maintain your path in Humility.

Q: How much of a decay of virtue are we talking here? I mean, obviously I dont expect a specific answer, bu tis it going to be something where you haev to do it every day, or will you be able to maintain your virtue through regular gameplay?

A: It will be enough so that you'll have to spend time on the Virtue from time to time, but not so much that you lose all the work you did in one day.

Q: If I turned off my little mailbag ages ago, will the inclusion of this system stick it back up there? and will it still look like a mailbag? (kinda weird to click a mailbag to get virtues...)

A: The mailbag system shouldn't do anything now even when turned on. It will not look like a mailbag, it will look similar to the center of the Virtue gump.

Q: Can a sponsor have more than one squire?

A: No.

Q: Do you lose.. err "virtue points" by dying like you do with fame and karma?

A: No.

Q: Does "the Virtuous" title display profession like Glorious. Glorious Lord and the like?

A: It probably will. But considering we'll be releasing one or two virtues with each scenario, we have plenty of time to worry about that.

Btw, thanks for the post, I really prefer these kinds of short bullet-pointed types of posts to long paragraph types. Much easier to read and respond to. :)

Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
Designer, Ongoing Content
a wizard did it

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Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2001, 6:28 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

The Second Virtue: SACRIFICE
The next Virtue up is Sacrifice:
Sacrifice is part of a philosophy within Ultima Online known as the Virtues, and is one of eight pursuits within the upcoming Virtue system.

The Virtue of Sacrifice has been described as:
“The courage to give of oneself in the name of love.”
Pursuit of Sacrifice will be designed to allow players to interact with “monsters” in a manner other than one of combat.

Sacrifice & Redemption: Characters that attain a level of Reputation (Fame or Karma) will be able to use “sacrifice” their Reputation in order to defeat certain monsters.
  • Upon encountering a related, “redeemable” monster, players will be able to sacrifice their reputation to defeat the monster in the following manner:
    • Open up the Virtue gump.
    • Double-click the Sacrifice (teardrop) symbol
    • Target the monster
  • The following is a list of monsters which may be redeemed with the sacrifice of one’s Reputation:
    • Lich
    • Enslaved Gargoyle
    • Gargoyle Enforcer
    • (Regular) Demon
    • Succubus
    • Evil Mage
  • You cannot target a redeemable monster if:
    • It has already taken more than 15% of its maximum hit points in damage.
    • You cannot see it (you must have line-of-sight).
    • You are invisible.
    • You are dead.
  • Attempts to sacrifice Reputation to anything other than the redeemable monsters will have no effect.
  • Once a monster is redeemed, the following will occur:
    • The character’s Reputation (both Fame and Karma) is set to “zero.”
    • The monster disappears in a cloud of particles
    • The character will gain a certain amount in Sacrifice, depending on how much Reputation was lost in the redemption—the greater the Reputation loss, the more Sacrifice is gained.
  • A given character can sacrifice his Reputation only once per 24 hour period.
Virtuous Title & Abilities: When a character has achieved any number of Sacrifice points, he is considered to have achieved a certain step on the path of Sacrifice.
  • When a player moves his cursor over the Sacrifice symbol, a title will be displayed, indicating the step currently achieved in Sacrifice for that character.
    • First step: Seeker of Sacrifice
    • Second step: Follower of Sacrifice
    • Third step: Guardian of Sacrifice
  • Players who progress any number of steps on the path of Sacrifice, but do not continue to actively pursue it, may discover that this Virtuous title reduces in steps over time.
  • Gaining steps in Sacrifice will grant a character the ability to resurrect himself a number of times each week, equal to the steps achieved in Sacrifice. Players will be able to access this ability by clicking the Sacrifice symbol on their own Virtue gump.
    • First step: Self-resurrect one time per week
    • Second step: Self-resurrect two times per week
    • Third step: Self-resurrect three times per week
  • There will be certain notable benefits & caveats of self-resurrecting:
    • Players will be able to instantly resurrect their characters which have achieved any number of steps on this path of Virtue.
    • Self-resurrecting characters will not suffer any stat or skill loss normally associated with “insta-resurrection.” However, effects such as Murderer-based stat-loss, Faction-based stat-loss, etc., will still apply.
    • Self-resurrected characters will only have 1 Hit Point and 1 Mana Point upon resurrection, just as if he was resurrected by a healer, friend, or shrine.
    • Characters which self-resurrect will instantly recover all the items they had on their corpse, except for any items which have been looted or decayed.
      • Self-resurrecting characters will not be able to recover items in this way if they move across a server boundary into another server region.
    • Characters will not be able to self-resurrect:
      • …within a “multi-object” (a house, boat, etc.).
      • …within a faction stronghold
      • …while flagged as a criminal or aggressor

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Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2001, 5:33 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Trinsic Crafts Fair
Hail, Hail and Hoozahs! Come one and come all to the Trinsic Craft Fair.

Trinsic Craft Fair

Trinsic Virtue Guards, TvG, will be hosting the Trinsic Craft Fair on Saturday, October 20th, from 5-7pm under the Central Skies. We'll use the facilities at the Shining Path Armory in Trinsic (90o 26'S 40o13'E) on the SW side of town.

GM crafters will be on site to make weapons, iron and leather armor, arcane clothes (with your gems), and other supplies. Most materials will be supplied or bring your own to donate. Our members can also answer adventuring questions and help newer players with their characters.

Gates and runes will be available from several city banks throughout the evening, so come on out and join the fun! Visit our website at to learn more about the event, and about our guild.

See you Saturday!

Trinsic Virtue Guards
"Let the Virtues Guide You..."

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Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2001, 5:31 PM EDT by Barth VanDorn (GreatLakes)

The First Virtue: HUMILITY
Following are the details on the first virtue being introduced, Humility:
Humility is part of a philosophy within Ultima Online known as the Virtues, and is one of eight pursuits within the upcoming Virtue system.

The Virtue of Humility has been described as:
“Perceiving one’s place in the world, not according to one’s own accomplishments, but according to the intrinsic value of all individuals.”
Pursuit of Humility will be designed to encourage veteran players to help new players, in that they will specifically advance in this Virtue by helping [young] players.

Squire System: Veteran players will be able to invite [young] players to become their squires.
  • [Young] players can be invited to become a squire in the following manner:
    • Open up the Virtue gump.
    • Double-click the Humility (shepherd’s crook) symbol
    • Target the [young] character
  • Once invited, the [young] player will receive a special invitation message. The [young] player can accept the invitation by:
    • Opening up the Virtue gump.
    • Double-click the Humility (shepherd’s crook) symbol
    • Target the veteran character
  • If the [young] player accepts this invitation…
    • …and does not have a current sponsor, he will become the squire to the veteran character.
    • …and already has a current sponsor, he will receive a gump, stating: “You are a squire to another player. If you accept this new invitation you will no longer be a squire to [current sponsor’s name].”
  • Whenever a [young] character gains skill points in the following skills while within a squire-sponsor relationship exists, the sponsor may gain points in Humility:
    • Alchemy
    • Animal Taming
    • Archery
    • Blacksmithy
    • Bowcraft/Fletching
    • Carpentry
    • Cartography
    • Cooking
    • Fencing
    • Fishing
    • Healing
    • Inscription
    • Lockpicking
    • Mace Fighting
    • Magery
    • Mining
    • Musicianship
    • Provocation
    • Stealing
    • Swordsmanship
    • Tailoring
    • Tinkering
    • Veterinary
  • There are certain situations which will disallow the gaining of sponsor’s gaining of Humility points:
    • The sponsor must remain close to the [young] character as that [young] character gains skill.
    • Skill points gained through the use of a training dummy will not count toward possible Humility increases.
    • Skill points gained by paying for training from NPCs will not count toward possible Humility increases.
    • [Young] characters will not gain Humility points.
    • The sponsor cannot gain Humility points while dead.
Virtuous Title & Abilities: When a character has achieved any number of Humility points, he is considered to have achieved a certain step on the path of Humility.
  • When a player moves his cursor over the Humility symbol, a title will be displayed, indicating the step currently achieved in Humility for that character.
    • First step: Seeker of Humility
    • Second step: Follower of Humility
    • Third step: Guardian of Humility
  • Players who progress any number of steps on the path of Humility, but do not continue to actively pursue it, may discover that this Virtuous title reduces in steps over time.
  • Gaining steps in Humility will grant a character some special abilities. Players will be able to access these abilities by clicking the Humility symbol on their own Virtue gump.
    • First step: +10 Hit Points, +10 Mana, +10 Stamina
    • Second step: +20 Hit Points, +20 Mana, +20 Stamina
    • Third step: +30 Hit Points, +30 Mana, +30 Stamina

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Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2001, 5:25 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

In Development: The Virtue System
The following was just added to In Development on the official website:
There is currently a philosophy within Ultima Online known as the Virtues. The Shrines are named after them, and players can read about the eight Virtues in certain books that are available within the game. But, beyond those small representations, the Virtues have never played a significant role in the world of Ultima Online. A system will be put into play which will reward characters who actively pursue the activities that represent each of the eight Virtues.

Listed below are the details relevant to pursuing the Virtues:

Shrine interface: Double-clicking any Shrine will display a special gump. This “Virtue gump” will include:
  • One button for each of the eight Virtues. Clicking on one of the Virtue buttons will display:
    • a message describing what is needed to gain in that Virtue
    • the benefits associated with that Virtue
  • A “status” button. Clicking the “status” button will describe to the player how close that character is toward achieving the next step of that Shrine’s related Virtue.
    • “You have not even started on the path of this Virtue.”
    • “You have barely begun your journey through the path of this Virtue.”
    • “You have progressed in this Virtue, but still have much to do.”
    • “Your journey through the path of this Virtue is going well.”
    • “You feel very close to achieving your next goal in this Virtue.”
    • “You have achieved a goal in this Virtue.”
Paperdoll interface: The paperdoll will be modified to allow players to display the steps achieved in each of the Virtues for their characters. Any player will be able to access the display on any character’s paperdoll by pressing a certain “Virtue button.”
  • The button used to access this display will be the mailbag icon currently in place on 2D paperdoll gumps.
  • A new Virtue symbol icon which will be added to the 3D paperdoll.
Double-clicking the “Virtue button” will present the player with a graphic display, indicating what steps they have attained in the Virtues. There will be eight sections, one for each Virtue, in the form of an engraved stone.
  • For characters who have not yet achieved the first step of a given Virtue, the respective engraving is empty. The engraved symbols for each of the Virtues are as follows:
    • Humility: a shepherd’s crook
    • Sacrifice: a teardrop
    • Honor: a chalice
    • Compassion: a heart
    • Valor: a sword
    • Honesty: a open-palmed hand
    • Spirituality: an ankh
    • Justice: a set of scales
  • When characters have achieved the first step on the path of a given Virtue, the engraved symbol for that Virtue will fill with the appropriate Virtue symbol, tinted light gray.
  • When characters have achieved the second step on the path of a given Virtue, the engraved symbol for that Virtue will fill with the appropriate Virtue symbol, colored a light tint of that Virtue’s respective color.
    • Humility: a tint of black (“medium grey”)
    • Sacrifice: a tint of orange (“light orange”)
    • Honor: a tint of purple (“light purple”)
    • Compassion: a tint of yellow (“pale yellow”)
    • Valor: a tint of red (“pinkish”)
    • Honesty: a tint of blue (“light blue”)
    • Spirituality: a tint of white (“pale grey”)
    • Justice: a tint of green (“light green”)
  • When characters have achieved the third step on the path of a given Virtue, the engraved symbol for that Virtue will fill with the appropriate Virtue symbol, colored in the respective color of that Virtue.
    • Humility: black (“dark grey”)
    • Sacrifice: orange
    • Honor: purple
    • Compassion: yellow
    • Valor: red
    • Honesty: blue
    • Spirituality: white
    • Justice: green
  • Progressing any number of steps in a Virtue will grant a character some special abilities. Players will be able to access these abilities by clicking the related Virtue symbol on their own Virtue gump. For example, clicking on the symbol for “Sacrifice” will activate the Virtuous ability for Sacrifice.
  • When a player moves his cursor over a given Virtue symbol, a title will be displayed under the respective symbol, indicating the step currently achieved for that Virtue by that character.
    • First step: Seeker of [name of that Virtue]
    • Second step: Follower of [name of that Virtue]
    • Third step: Guardian of [name of that Virtue]
  • A character that has achieved all three steps in all eight Virtues will earn the title “The Virtues” on their paperdoll.
Players who progress any number of steps on the path of a given Virtue, but do not continue to actively pursue it, may discover that their Virtuous title reduces in steps over time.

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Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2001, 5:22 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

New at OoC
Its been a week, but there is finally a new comic at OoC! Yay! This one's called: Take A Look At My Goods.

You can find that one and many, many more at



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Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2001, 5:05 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (CandidCoverage)

Avalon's Curiosity
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<Avalon left this tome of adventure to share with the public.

Curiosity Peaked...

I needed to see for myself, the plight of others who had made up their mind of the upcoming terror of the Empire of Armageddon. So I put aside my studies, to travel to Moonglow, to catch a glimpse of the *Resource Gathering* Day, and of she who calls herself White Lotus.

As I waded through the throngs of people, I looked constantly for a sign of those collecting resources. But much to my dismay, I could only see those who sat around idle, not knowing, or not caring of the upcoming terror. And with that, I wrote the world off, and rode to the bank to gather the necessary regeants to return to my studies.

And there she was, standing in front of me.

White Lotus was surrounded by members of the Sisters of Enchantment, members of the EoA. Taking their taunts, and their jeers, and throwing it in their faces. Standing up to them, the lone light, in the middle of a crowd of mindless, uncaring people. As I came closer, I barely caught a word that was said, but I could tell from the scowls, the Sisters were not happy, and made it known of what they thought of her plight. But she was strong in her resolve, and her focus, and within a few moments she vanished, to continue to lend her hand in gathering supplies for the upcoming war.

So with that, my curiosity was peaked again, and I travelled to a supply depot. Upon arriving, I ran into White Lotus again, looking weary and tired, and yet she pressed on. I interrupted her, which I'm sure she was greatful for, and she told me the story of why we all had to make a stand, and why all Britannians had to overcome their differences and join in the plight. That no where was safe, until this evil was defeated. And that this, like any other evil would be pushed back, but only if humanity would bond together to fight as one.

In the middle of her words, we were interrupted, once again by the same Sisters that had disturbed her earlier. I held my distance off to the side as long as I could, before making my presence known. The sisters turned to me, and with their attention drawn, I bid White Lotus farewell, and set her to her task at hand, and turned towards the Sisters.

The Sisters spoke, but as with every new born evil, the words came with fire, instead of wisdom, they came with a false sense of security instead of resolve, and they came with vengeance instead of compassion. Vengeance towards me, and vengeance towards any not supporting their fight.

I was attacked that night, by the fear of a newly untried Empire, and with that, I'll leave it to you, to figure out how it unfolds, but I do know this.. A side must be chosen, or you'll be caught in the struggle. This is not something that can be sat out. The EoA, has sprung up in the land, and it plans to engulf everything and everyone in it.

High Priest of Cvn

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Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2001, 5:04 PM EDT by Barth VanDorn (GreatLakes)

Scenario Halted this Week
Because of the troubles with the latest publish patch the scenario will be stopped for one week, as Calandryll explains here :
Because of the revert, more than likely we'll be publishing the scenario update next week that was supposed to go out this week. The story is done, but posting it now won't make any sense since the content in it won't apply to what is published next week. If all goes well and the other code that caused the problem is fixed, we'll be able to post the story next Thursday and pick up the updates from there.

Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
Designer, Ongoing Content
a wizard did it

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Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2001, 2:51 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (GeneralNews)

The Guardians of Brittania 3rd Anniversary
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<It appears they will be holding quite the gala!

The Guardians of Britannia (G*B) are proud to announce a party to celebrate their third anniversary as a guild. All denizens of Sosaria are invited to attend, especially all G*B members past and present. There will be plenty of food and drink, plus numerous exquisite door prizes to be given away! The date of the party is SUNDAY, OCTOBER 28th at 9PM EST, and will be held at the G*B Guild/Vendor Tower, which is on the Trammel facet of the Atlantic shard. The coordinates for the G*B Tower are 35 degrees 56' North, 43 degrees 14' East. G*B Tower lies on the road leading northeast out of Britain and sits below the road in the clearing before the guard post before the Bog of Desolation. There will be gates available at the West Bank in Britain beginning at 8:45pm that evening.

I hope all players, young and old, take time out to visit our fine tower and celebrate with us!

Sincerely yours,

Voivod III
Guildmaster, G*B
Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2001, 2:48 PM EDT by Dmitri Ne'Sveti (Atlantic)

Statements from Calandryll regarding Virtues
Calandryll took some time to comment on some player statements on the
The sentences in italics are the from the player while the normal sentences are from Cal:
1) PLEASE tell me you have dropped the stat bonuses for the "Virtuous". The system, and titles alone make it desirable for the 'achiever/powergamer' playstyle, as well as the 'socializer/roleplayer' mentality. There is absoultely no reason to give a stat bonus that literally EVERY player will want. To give such a great reward to the "Virtuous" is to literally penalize players who choose not to participate.
--They've been modified, but are still there.

2) Consider "More Humble" titles for different levels of each virtue. Pride is a Vice, not a virtue. To declare oneself a "Seeker/Follower of Humility" is a great deal less self-important than "Guardian of Humility" (anyone who played the later Ultima games can attest to the improperness of the term "Guardian" for the Avatar's system of Virtues.
In place of "Guardian", I submit the term "Acolyte"......defined by as:
"2. A devoted follower or attendant."
I.e. Acolyte of Humility in place of Guardian of Humility. Acolyte of Virtue as opposed to "The Virtuous"......I mean, to call oneself Virtuous is a proud declare oneself devoted to following the Virtues is humble, as it implies that Virtue is something we must constantly be seeking........constantly following......TO SEEK VIRTUE IS A JOURNEY WITHOUT END.

--Actually, the titles were taken directly from a post I read here on the boards. I'm not married to any of them, although I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of Acolyte. It just sounds a little to religious to me and the virtues are not a religion. I'd love to hear other ideas though.

3) Please consider that in one of your posts this evening, you said:
In reply to:
One, such a system would have to be able to track the intent of the evil act. Was the player killing the other player because he was role-playing an evil character or was he simply killing for the sake of the loot with no concept of role-playing?
I believe that the issue of intent is exactly what detractors are worried about. I am horrified to think that I will be very likely to be PKed and cursed at by a "Virtuous" character that chooses to use their title to gain an element of surprise......the "wolf in sheeps clothing" issue.

--As much as I hate to say it, you are probably going to see that. Now, players may lose "points" in some virtues for killing, stealing, etc. so it may not be that prevalent. But again, and this is very important, the virtues are not a reputation system, they are not about judging people. They are about making a personal choice to follow a path or paths.

Since this is a system which is easily "gamed" (at least from the systems discussed so far), there is no way to determine if a player is training a real new player, or merely partnering with another ADVANCED player and trading off the use of a newly purchased "young" account.
--You're right. If I can think of a way to stop that I will. So far, I have not.

And what of intent about the teaching? If my gain in Humility is based on how much skill the [young] gains........where is the reward for teaching someone the RIGHT way of doing things, instead of merely the FASTEST way of doing things? I may be able to help a newbie gain a TON of magery by getting his int up to 50 (which only takes putting a wizard hat on a 45 int BRAND NEW character)and showing him how to fizzle earthquake spells for an hour a day........why is that considered BETTER by the system than a player actually taking a [young] as an 'apprentice', and teaching him to really WORK the skill, as opposed to just exploiting the flaws of power hour?
--Good point, but is there only one right way to do things? The system has to have ways of determining help though, and when the young player gains in a skill, that is the determination. It's not considered better though. Hopefully, those people that are really into following Humility will do the things you say. Not everyone will, but that's not a reason to not put in the system.

Combine the two.......and OOOH BOY!!!! Two powergamers training a new shared account to the skill cap, and then trading places, deleting the "young" character, and starting over.
Why not think deeper about things that are more about a person actually being Humble, rather than just teaching new players? Perhaps it is better to think about each virtue in terms of what vice it opposes......humility opposes the vice of Pride. By contrast, players don't refuse to help newbies out of Pride......they refuse to help newbies because they lack another Virtue.....Compassion.

--I'd love to hear ideas on how one would create a system that could actually track that.

4) The proposed idea of Sacrifice is fairly weak, IMO. Donating fame to redeem the undead.........personally, i would think giving up Fame would be more of a Humble act.
I would think that giving up a certain percentage of stat points, such as strength or intelligence to redeem the undead would be more of a Sacrificial act(and a greater actual sacrfice for player and character alike). I would forsee this as a progression, kill a Rotting Corpse and redeem it (10% of highest stat).....Seeker.....kill a Ancient Lich and redeem it (20% of highest stat).......Follower.........kill an undead dragon and redeem it (30% of highest stat), and that would be grounds for Guardian (or as I prefer, Acolyte).
Does it involve Valor? Sure. But to give up stats (closest we have to our own lifes blood) to redeem a wickedly evil creature.......that is what sacrifice is all about. Can someone simply kill these things with Dragons or Provocation, etc? Sure........but it cannot be "gamed" as easily as your idea (aka sic your Dragons on Lich lords to Glorious Lord, go die to a Lich, give him all of your fame, rinse, repeat).
Its important to note that the sacrificed stat would not come back, but could be raised again by normal means. In other words, you are sacrificing stats, not points toward the stat cap.
This is an example (one which I can already see flaws within) but you get my overall message.......players have 4 things that they can sacrifice....wealth, power, prestige, and time. The limited "prestige" of fame is easily regained by certain templates (namely bards and tamers).......power is one area that involves the most Sacrifce IMO, as even temporarily weakening an advanced character is seen as a HUGE handicap.......observe the number of people that DETEST statloss, even the TEMPORARY statloss associated with factions. Perhaps a temporary statloss for a certain number of hours of ACTUAL PLAYING TIME could be a better solution for my Sacrifice idea.

--A lot of the virtues overlap. One could say that what we have for Humility is more akin to Compassion and I am sure whatever we come up with for Valor will make people think of Honor too. I like the idea of Sacrificing fame and karma better than stats though, but I understand that for some, it is easier to gain that fame and karma. We've considered that a bit in the design.

5) Consider utilizing the tools that exist within the gameworld. You have Ankhs in some popular wedding areas.....perhaps add a player craftable Ankh for houses for Spirituality (maybe the player could maintain a low level of Spirituality by uttering a 'prayer' to an Ankh every so often, perhaps maintaining a higher level by tithing to it).
You also have the Shrines, and the 'Chamber of Virtue' in britain. You also have 7 dungeons with the names of 7 out of the 8 vices. There are also 8 towns which have been traditionally associtaed with each virtue. Perhaps draw some correlation between a "virtue quest" and one or more of these resources (which are all of 'virtuous significance').

--Agreed. You are right, we have a lot to work with. The other 6 virtues are still in the very early stages of design though so we have room for feedback.

6) Be careful not to try and make the Virtues a no-brainer to pursue. The life of a virtuous individual should be difficult and dangerous. One option may be to make Virtuous individuals unable to give murder counts in Felucca(forcing them to seek Justice on their own). Also, perhaps require their homes to be public, and restrict them from banning individuals.
--I don't like the idea of putting too many restrictions on people for following the virtues, other than doing things that are against that virtue (such as stealing from innocents might cause you to lose honor)

You want to provide some deterrents to being Virtuous to prevent EVERYONE from doing it. Inconveniences, dangers, etc that make being Virtuous MEAN SOMETHING......STAYING AND MAINTAINING VIRTUE IS A CHOICE THAT FEW MAKE.......this is true IRL as well as in the Ultima series. So do something to make sure that these people are committed.
--From a game mechanic standpoint, I don't want to deter people from following the virtues. UO is supposed to be fun afterall.

As benefits? Well, perhaps a fully Virtuous individual would have a bonus against undead (i.e. giving the double damage bonus vs undead regardless of whether the weapon used is silver or reflect that "spiritual power" of the Virtuous), or some similar reward. Ideally, this benefit should ONLY affect PvM.......NEVER PvP.
--It's probably going to be very difficult to be "fully" virtuous.

Just a few thoughts. I would really enjoy to see yourself or other readers take them into consideration, or to respond to these points. Just please respond to the overall MEANING of each point.......please don't just nitpick my examples and analogies (I'm a realist, I know this will happen anyway, just don't nitpick EXCLUSIVELY please).
--I tried not to respond to your exact anaologies and more read into the spirit of your points. If you think I didn't cover one well enough, please tell me and I will endeavor to give a better response. Thanks!!

Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
Designer, Ongoing Content

a wizard did it.

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Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2001, 1:37 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (GeneralNews)

Designer Vex Interview by Black Dagger
Silk from Black Dagger sent us the following announcement:
Black Dagger Interview with Vex of OSI, Part 1
--- had an opportunity to interview Vex from OSI regarding the UO economy and other interesting items of current UO interest. They have currently posted Part 1 of the interview at also recently opened up forums adding to the host of other resources for the Online Gaming community. Some of the forums are: UO, DAoC, Shadowbane, UO Powergamers (of fame), and Attended Macroing.

You can reach Black Dagger's Message Boards at

Come visit and check out this terrific Q&A session with Vex.

[email protected]
Thanks Silk !!

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Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2001, 12:32 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (CommunityNews)

Where the Virtue Symbol Would Appear
When asked where the virtue symbol would appear, Clanadryll responded:
It's a gump that opens up just like the profile gump. In 2d, we are going to replace the mailbag on the top of the paperdoll with a symbol similar to the one in the middle of the virtue gump. Double clicking that will open the actual virtue gump.

We're still working on where to put it on the 3d paperdoll.

-Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna Designer, Ongoing Content a wizard did it

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Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2001, 6:52 AM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

UPDATE: Journal found!

I am pleased to let everyone know that a book was found near the entrance to the Sewers of Britain. It appears to be a journal written by Carolyn. In her journal, it appears as though she feels that she is dying. She mentioned that she was going to give her fathers treasure to someone within the realm of Britannia. We do not know if she made it to this person or not.

Garland has placed the book on display in a tower near the desert for all to look at and see if maybe there are clues to where she might be, or what has happened. The location of the book is in this map I have drawn for you.

I have also drawn pictures of the book to share.

Please, if you hear anything, or know anything, please let the newspaper know, so we can update everyone else. Garland is wanting just a closure as to his daughter's disapperance.

Thank you!

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Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2001, 12:53 AM EDT by Hannah Starfire (SiegePerilous)

It Takes GreeD to Win the Race
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<In what was a quick yet exciting final match at the Racing Championship Series Season Finals, GreeD won in the end. It was a competition between Shaddow Knight, Acid and GreeD. In the first round, GreeD, riding his ethereal llama, took an early lead and held on to that position. Keeping with his strategy, GreeD did the same in the second round. In a competition where the winner would be declared after two victories, GreeD dominated the pack in a shutout victory, winning by a large margin. The prize was his choice of a check for one million gold, an ethereal horse or an ethereal llama, GreeD chose the ethereal horse to add to his already large collection of 15 ethereal horses in his personal stables at home.

This reporter had an opportunity to talk with the victor after the races.

Thalia: Why did you choose the ethereal llama to race with?

GreeD: Well the llama is the only ethereal mount I have but it is very fast.

Thalia: (ponders the first question after having seen his ethereal collection)
How much of winning is connection speed, mount choice and strategy?

GreeD: I believe it’s a large part connection, strategy, then mount.

Thalia: Can you explain?

GreeD: I’ve seen people with [a] dialup win because they ran outside the group but in this game a fast connection is vital to anything regarding speed.

Thalia: What interested you in racing?

GreeD: Well I was doing Fight Night for a long time and someone told me about it so I thought I would check it out. Gotta give props to Drizzt and the guys for doing a wonderful job with player run events.

Thalia: Who was your toughest competitor(s)?

GreeD: Ah, that would have been the last race. I raced a guy named Pug. He was very fast, very competitive.

Thalia: Any tips for would be racers?

GreeD: Practice the starting point jump. It’s more important than anything. If you start ahead, you won’t get blocked.

With season finales happening for many events, players may be feeling a bit sad to see an end to the fun. There is great news though for event lovers, Drizzt is continuing to work on new events and has two in the works. Some of the new events he and his partners are working on…a road race and wilderness race. While the details are still sketchy you can be sure that your Sonoma Stratics Reporters will be right there keeping you informed in the time to come.

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Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2001, 12:24 AM EDT by Cleric Samantha (Sonoma)

Scavenger Hunt In Trinsic!
While I was restocking today at Trinsic bank a warrior on a midnight steed galloped up to the building and quickly dismounted. Wearing the purple and black colors of Trinsic, the warrior carried a gilt-edged scroll to the bulletin board and posted the following message:

Hear ye, hear ye! The Council of Honor and Queen Sihiri of Trinsic invites you all to attend and participate in a Scavenger Hunt to be held in the City of Honor on Saturday, October 20, 2001, at 1:00 p.m. Eastern time. Anyone interested in competing in the Hunt should be at the Trinsic Royal Bank at 12:45 p.m. to sign up for the contest. If you would like to sign up in advance, please send the Queen a pigeon to [email protected] First prize will be gold and items valued at 15,000! Second prize, gold and items worth 10,000, and Third prize, 5,000! The rules for the Scavenger Hunt are as follows:

1. No teams. Each person participates on his own.
2. Each contestant shall be given a list of 20 items to find.
3. The first competitor to bring back the most listed items wins.
4. There will be a maximum time limit of 30 minutes for the Hunt.

There will also be door prizes given out to all those who attend, whether they participate in the actual Scavenger Hunt or not! So come visit the fair city of Trinsic on Saturday afternoon and try your hand at scavenging the land to win a prize!

The warrior checked the scroll to be certain it was fastened securely to the board. Satisfied, he quickly mounted his steed again and raced off toward the city of Vesper.

Well, I consider my home Trinsic so I will defiantly try to make it!

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Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2001, 11:45 PM EDT by Dengar (LegendsAOL)

Markee Dragon Announces Ilsh Spawn Map Update
Introducing version 2.0 of the Ilshenar Spawn map. We thought now would be a good time to update information on the new area of Ilshenar introduced with the latest scenario. The spawn map has now been updated to version 2.0

The Ilshenar spawn map, version 2.0, is created by Luke "Klesk" Canvin of Chesapeake. This map will allow you to discover the wonders and terrors of the newest lands of Ultima Online in the safest way possible. Think of it as your personal guide to the wildlife of Ilshenar.

Designed to work in harmony with the current UOAM maps you will soon find this map indispensable! Many who have had the chance to view it already have used it to organize their guild hunts in Ilshenar. Enabling them to pick the difficulty of beast they wish to confront and so control the level of challenge the hunt gives them, safe in the knowledge that they wont have any fatal surprises! So if it's a guild hunt you want to organize, or if you're looking for the location at which that elusive monster spawns, or even if your trying to find one of the many Roving Gypsy camps in the area then look no further. You have just found the perfect solution!

Download the latest map today

Marcus Eikenberry aka Markee Dragon

I beta tested the original map for Luke. It’s very nice, friends. Luke has done a great job with it.
-Lady Malynn

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Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2001, 10:15 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (CommunityNews)

More Comments on Proposed Virtue System
On this thread on the official UO Boards here, Calandryll (Designer, Ongoing Content) made these further remarks (among others) on the proposed virtue system :
The virtues wont confer titles on the player the way fame, karma, and hero titles do. Basically each "level" of virtue has a title. For instance:

Seeker of Humility
Follower of Humility
Guardian of Humility

You'd see the title displayed when you moused over the part of the virtue gump for each virtue, which will also have a visual representation of the player's progress in each virtue with the symbols and colors.

All of this will be explained more once we announce the system.

You gain virtue points by doing virtuous acts. If you stop doing so for a while, your virtue points should slowly decay. Don't implement it like fame/karma which stays constant, make it so players will continue to interact with each other and stay on the virtue's path. I don't like the thought of racing to the top and 'I'm there now i can stop'-attitude...
-There will be some form of decay. As you said, this is not a race to the top, it's something that must be maintained.

Second, you could implement something like good/evil for waring guilds. Helping good and killing evil is a good-aligned guild, while killing good and helping evil is evil-aligned. Every guild could have a good/evil-flag for each guild it's at war with to define how the guild sees the others and so define the actions of guildmembers as good/evil. What about that?
--I'm not sure what this would achieve though. Can you explain more how does this fit with the virtues?

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Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2001, 9:20 PM EDT by citizenKane2 (GeneralNews)

Calandryll Makes Additional Comments on Virtue System
Calandryll responded to the question posed by Bell of Ygg that the proposed virtue system does not capture the spirit of the virtues as in Ultima 4, among other issues.

I think your basic premise is that one cannot create a system that captures the virtues as they were in Ultima 4. I disagree. I believe very strongly that we can create a system that has even more meaning for the virtues than they did in U4. Why? Mostly because U4 was a single player game, where your actions, however virtuous, had no affect on other, real people. But, in UO, where your actions can affect other, real people, a virtue system will have infinitely more meaning than it ever could in a single player game.

To illustrate what I mean, allow me to use the following example of Humility:

First, let's define humility as a virtue. Taken from the single player games, humility is defined as "Perceiving one's place in the world, not according to one's own accomplishments, but according to the intrinsic value of all individuals."

This is what you had to do to be humble in U4:
Guard: "Are you the most valiant warrior in the land?"
You: "No."
Guard: "Are you the most valiant warrior in the land?"
You: "No."
Guard: "Are you the most valiant warrior in the land?"
You: "No."
Was that *really* being humble...or just macroing? ;)
Now, in UO, you will be able to show humility by helping new players in the world. Let's again look at the definition of Humility. "Perceiving one's place in the world, not according to one's own accomplishments, but according to the intrinsic value of all individuals."

By this definition, is it not humble then to help other, newer players in the world? To take the time from one's normal game play, away from getting gold, PvP, or whatever you normally enjoy, to game with someone new to the world and help them achieve whatever their goals may be? To help them acclimate to their new land. To essentially say to that player "I want you to achieve in this world." Through this system, it is the new player who is accomplishing gaining skill, while you are there helping, coaching, and teaching them. I can't think of anything that fits the definition of humility better than that...and even more so, you the player, not just the avatar on your screen, are actually helping another real person. No single player game will ever allow you to accomplish that, not even the single player Ultimas.

What it seems you are saying is that some people who are not deserving of "humility" will get it through the system and hence, we should not do the system at all, even for those that would show Humility "properly". I answer that four ways. One, the virtues are not about judging people. Two, the fact is, if they followed the path of Humility that means they *helped* people. I see nothing bad about that. Three, the virtues mean something different to each individual. This is a multi-player game and not everyone is going to share the same viewpoint of the virtues as everyone else. That's what actually makes the virtues so special in my opinion. And Four, I completely disagree with the notion that just because some people might abuse a system it should not be put in at all. It is the job of the designer to do his/her best to limit the amount of exploiting in a system, but there will almost always be some. Should we take out speech from the game since some people talk in "leet" talk, or remove the ability to name your character since some players use alternating caps and/or inappropriate names, or remove spell-casting because players have used it in the past to break into houses? I think we would all agree "no" to that. What we can do is try to fix the most blatant abuses of those systems (profanity filter, inappropriate names, fix the bugs, etc.), but removing them because some don't use them in their spirit is not the answer.

The virtues are no different.

-Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
Designer, Ongoing Content
a wizard did it

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Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2001, 7:59 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

Collecting Runes for Halloween Contest!
If you missed the announcement, GL-Stratics is holding a Halloween Contest and Ball, a full week in advance of the holiday (to avoid scheduling conflicts) on Wednesday October 24th, beginning at 9pm(CST). You can read the full story here.

This is a reminder that we'll be collecting runes to player homes at the following times and places:

Tonight (Wednesday, Oct 17th), 9:00pm CST, Vesper Bank, Trammel
Tonight(Wednesday, Oct 17th), 9:30pm CST, Vesper Bank, Felucca

Friday, October 19th, 9:00pm CST, Vesper Bank, Trammel
Friday, October 19th, 9:30pm CST, Vesper Bank, Felucca

Monday, October 22nd, 9:00pm CST, Vesper Bank, Trammel
Monday, October 22nd, 9:30pm CST, Vesper Bank, Felucca

Amidala (me, myself, and I) will be present to collect the runes to your festive homes, so if I'm running a little behind to my 9:30 PM time, please be patient, I'll be there shortly!

To view more developing information on the event, and some topics of interest such as prize donations click here or on "the comment on this article" link below.

If you are unable to attend the scheduled "dropoff" send an email to [email protected] or drop me a PM in the Great Lakes Forum

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Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2001, 6:38 PM EDT by Amidala (GreatLakes)

Press Release : Rescued
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<PRESS RELEASE


Saturday, after a fierce battle, White Fang guild members were overjoyed to see the return of their beloved Mrs. Lancer from her orcish prison.

"Although not all went according to plan, we did accomplish our objective. Mrs. Lancer is home with her husband." said Viking, GK Leader, Saturday evening.

Kahlibar, after reuniting with his long time love, had this to say, "I'm very happy to have my wonderful wife back in my arms. We will be working together to recover from this horrid incident. Her colour seems a bit off, and she hasn't spoken much, but I'm sure it's just due to her terrible treatment by the orcs. First, a nice hot bath. "
"Hum...husband, I so...happy to be...home." Was Mrs. Lancer's groggy


In other news, White Fang Guildmistress Aeris was jailed for her role in= last weeks kidnapping. Viking's comment, "We have decided to take steps in prosecuting our dear Aeris. White Fang does not play favourites, a crime is a crime, regardless of who you are. It is our job to bring everyone to justice. Although we are hoping the trial will prove Aeris' innocence as opposed to her guilt."


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Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2001, 6:13 PM EDT by Whisper (Oceania)

Team Comment - More Thoughts on the Virtues from Calandryll
A new update on the Team Comments, this time from Calandryll on more thoughts on the Virtue System. You can find the original post here
The Virtues: Part Two

In my last comments from the team, I discussed what I felt the virtues should not be. This time, I'd like to start talking about what I think they should be and why. I've broken down the virtue system into three main goals and would like to expand upon each of these in this update. Note that not every virtue will achieve all three goals by itself...but the system as a whole should.

* Promote a more "Ultima" feeling in Ultima Online.
* Give veteran players new goals to achieve that have an impact and are fun.
* Reward positive behavior in the game.

Promote a more "Ultima" feeling in Ultima Online.
When Ultima Online first shipped back in September of 1997, the first thing that struck me was the fact that the virtues were conspicuously missing from the game. Sure, we had the shrines and later the "virtue guards", but in all, the virtues had very little, if any, meaning for the players. To me, this always felt like releasing a Star Trek game without any real concept of the Prime Directive. The virtues, more than anything else, formed the cornerstone of what made Ultima games so special. However, it is important to remember that Ultima Online is not a sequel or a continuation of the single player games. The virtues may not be represented exactly as they were in those games mostly due to the fact that they were single player games and we must design with the multi-player aspects of UO in mind. But, we will do our best to keep the spirit of the virtues intact when designing how each of them will work.

The virtues are meant to give a player a sense of purpose in the world of Britannia. They are not a way of judging right or wrong, or a system or morality. They are a personal choice that each player will be able to make. If designed correctly, the system will ensure that it is very difficult to follow the path of each virtue at the same time. However, players will be able to find the virtues that most fit their character and/or their play style, and use the system to further their game experience.

Give veteran players new goals.
The virtue system will be designed with veteran players in mind. Some of the virtues will involve existing systems, giving veterans a different incentive to participate in them, while other virtues will have brand new systems created. Each virtue will have its own path with different tasks, goals, and rewards. Veterans will also be able to display their virtue "status" through the use of a new interface that will show how far they have progressed through each virtue using the symbols and colors of the virtues. An example of a prototype of the gump can be found here.

Reward positive behavior in the game.
This is the one that, as a designer, I am actually the most excited about. A lot of MMORPGs (including UO) have tons of policies designed to punish grief-players for poor behavior...and rightfully so. Grief-play, harassment, exploiting, and other such disruptive behavior have no place in these games and do quite a bit of harm to the community. But, the idea of actually giving significant rewards to players for doing something good has been missing. The more a community works together, the more successful it will be. Designing systems that encourage players to work together (without forcing it) is one of the things the virtue system will hope to achieve.

Some other points.
Following my initial posts and discussions about a virtue system, I have read a great deal of written and thought provoking responses from players. I'd like to address some of them here as well.

What about an anti-virtue system?
There are no plans to create a system that rewards people for unvirtuous behavior. There are two major reasons for this. One, such a system would have to be able to track the intent of the evil act. Was the player killing the other player because he was role-playing an evil character or was he simply killing for the sake of the loot with no concept of role-playing? The same would hold true for looting and stealing. Determining the intent behind an evil action is far more important than the intent behind a good action. If someone is helpful to another player simply to gain the virtue points, that causes no harm to the game. In fact, it can help the game a great deal if the helped player benefits as well (which he should if the system is designed correctly), especially if the helper would not have otherwise done the beneficial act. But with an evil act, with the notable exception of role-playing evil in a plotline, the only person who really benefits is the evildoer. Why give incentives to them that are any greater than they already are? I'm not set-in-stone against an anti-virtue system; I just haven't heard any compelling reasons for why it should exist.

Isn't rewarding people for being virtuous wrong?
Not really. The notion that doing a virtuous act is a reward in and of itself and that rewarding the player further is a bad idea is very much a hardcore role-playing mentality. Allow me to sum up the virtue system with the following statement to demonstrate why I believe there has to be rewards for virtuous behavior..."The virtue system is a role-playing system that is not just for role-players".

I'll explain what I mean by that. The virtues, as they exist as an ideal, are mostly considered a role-playing aid. Many role-players use the virtues as a guideline for their role-playing. In fact, I am one of those players. But, when designing a system as broad and important as the virtue system, it is imperative that as many play-styles as possible are able to use the system. That's where the rewards come in. If someone helps another player solely because they know they will get a reward is that really a bad thing? Sure, we may question their motivation, but in the end, that player helped someone where before they may not have. The more players we have helping and working together with each other through the system, the better off our community will be.

I called the virtue system a "role-playing system that is not just for role-players" in my statement for a very important reason. A system that only caters to one group will never expand that group. I want to expand role-playing in UO. The best example I can use to illustrate what I mean is a debate. If you gather a group of friends who all feel the same way about an issue and go to a rally to speak to people who already feel the same way you do, you will not actually gain any new supporters. But, if you all go to a place where people have gathered who either do not agree with you or are not sure, you have a chance of turning more people to your side. That is what the virtue system is about. If we design it only for those players who would do the tasks because of their propensity to role-playing, we won't increase the number of people role-playing. But, if we design a system that has role-playing elements in it without requiring one to be a role-player to enjoy it, we create a broader use of the system and increase the chance of more people trying out role-play.

The first official designs for the virtues will be on the site soon. We plan on releasing the virtues about one or two at a time to make sure the system starts having an impact. This will still allow us to achieve efficient and adequate testing while releasing a meaningful and robust system. I look forward to hearing what you think of the systems for Humility and Sacrifice once they are on the site.

Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
Designer, Ongoing Content

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Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2001, 3:01 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (GeneralNews)

Publish Revert Update
Another update on FYI:
At this time, the Japanese, Korean, Formosa and Drachenfels shards have already been brought down for an unscheduled maintenance.

The West Coast shards (Baja, Napa Valley, Pacific, and Sonoma) will not be affected by this downtime, but all other remaining shards will be brought down for this unscheduled maintenance. We anticipate that these downtimes will be minimal. As previously posted, players may experience a small “time warp” due to having to revert the affected shards to the previous server publish.

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Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2001, 2:25 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (GeneralNews)

Possibly no Halloween Shard this Year
Right now it looks there won’t be a special Halloween Shard this year like we had with the “Shard o Screams”. Here is what Callandryl had to say about it on the Boards:
I really enjoyed the special Shard O Screams shard last year too, that was the my first experience with any kind of world building. The problem with doing it this year is that it would probably take us at least two days to really set something up that was fun. That's two days not spend working and testing scenario code. Considering we have a lot on our plate (including the beginnings of the virtue system) more than likely we won't be doing anything like that this year.

Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
Designer, Ongoing Content
a wizard did it

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Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2001, 12:50 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (GeneralNews)

More from Sannio on Legal Things
Sannio gave us some insight on the issue of possible exploits and what is allowed especially with the new Windows XP Operating System in a thread on the Boards here:
Sannio, with all due respect, how can you say that running 2 UO's on one computer provided it's part of an operating system such as Windows, does not constitute unattended macroing??
Running UO in two locations is acceptable (as long as the client isn't hacked to do it), and unattended macroing is not. Although some people may use these two "techniques" in conjunction, they are exactly that: two separate considerations. One does not necessarily equal the other.

Only one window can be seen at any given time. Mel several months ago addressed this same issue about 3rd party programs, and it was deemed to be unattended macroing because of the simple fact that only one UO client could be viewed at a time.
The only methods at that time available for viewing UO more than once on one computer involved hacking the UO client, and this is what was wrong. Unattended macroing may occur even if someone only has one instance of UO running, and, while unattended macroing may be used in conjunction with this, is a separate consideration.

If Windows allows more than one client to be logged in at one time on one computer, that still only allows one client to be viewed at a time. So tell me exactly how you arrived at the logic that a 3rd party program running 2 clients is unattended macroing, while an operating system doing the exact same thing isn't?
Windows XP isn't hacking the client.

Either way, only one window is viewable at a time
In any viable OS, The UO window may be only one of several on a screen. For example, I've run UO in a small window so I could see ICQ, IRC, and a text file, all at once. I'm sure Windows XP allows something similar.

You have basically given us the green thumb to use client #1 to stand at the Jhelom Farm, loop a macro for Provocation, stand there all day macroing, while using client #2 for hunting in a dungeon. We can't see client #1's screen, but that's ok, because it's running on a Windows operating system, which EA has just given the green light to.
Actually, my understanding at this time is that Windows XP is disallowing macros from being run on the inactive window.

Whether it's part of a current operating system, or a 3rd party program, should not matter. Unless you can see both screens at the same time, it should not be permitted. If you allow it for an operating system feature, then you have to allow it for all modes.

Character transfers aside, the only reason that someone would have to want to run 2 clients at the same time is to macro one characters, while playing another, or run off PK counts.
I can tell you I would have found it handy when running some quests. Plus there were a few in-game parties, ceremonies, and weddings where I would have liked to have brought in more than one of my characters. ;]

I don't really think you thought your answer through very well Sannio. Not well at all.
*pushes her way through the crowd to get a good spot at the farm*
If unattended macroing does happen at that farm as you suggest, I'm pretty sure a GM will be in the area at some point, and taking action against those accounts.

Online Community Coordinator, UO
Origin Systems

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Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2001, 12:40 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (GeneralNews)

Publish Revert
From FYI today:
An issue involving a merge with the latest server publish is causing an unacceptable amount of lag on all shards where the publish was activated. We will be reverting the affected shards to the previous server publish. This revert may cause a small "time warp" on the affected shards.

Note this will cause any clockwork assemblies players may have found to no longer give messages when used. Once we republish the servers with the fixed code, they clockwork assemblies will function as before.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2001, 12:17 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (GeneralNews)

Final Races to be Run Tonight
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<  On Wednesday, October 17th at 7 PM PST, the Racing Championship Series Season Finals will be held at the Britain racetracks in Felucca. All the winners of the regular season races---Lord Darkus, Killer, Lord Moridan Avoreen, eXtacy, Sir Fish Tacos, Shaddow Knight, Lord Acid, Piccolo, BreeOgre, Lord Donar, Lady Aunt Pol, and GreeD---are invited to attend and vie for the Million GP grand prize.

Everyone else is invited to come and cheer on their favorites. I always find a wager makes the races more exciting, so grab a friend who is willing to put his money where is mouth is and decide among yourselves who is most likely to win, place, or show. The races are held at the farms behind Lord British's castle at co-ordinates 6o 14' S - 8o 51' W.

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Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2001, 11:43 AM EDT by Pluffina (Sonoma)

Impy's Auctions Pure Mare and Open Book
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<IMPY’S ARTIC FAIRE…
Events this week:
Auction Wednesday, October 17, 9pm EST
Auction Thursday, October 18, 9pm EST

Impy’s would like to remind everyone about our great 24 hour vendor collection. Everything from house additions to regents to rares. Something for every walk of life can be found in the Impy Vendor Section at the Artic Faire. Stop by today!

OPEN BOOK, Green Easter Eggs, Pure Black Mare, Coal Ingots, Bags of Fishing Treasure and a set of Full Jars will start off the rares this week. Combined with: a Furniture Dying Tub, a Leather Dying Tub, a Clothing Bless DEED, several Statues, a couple Ropes, quite a bit of Daemon Bone Armor, a pair of Black Sandals and a Red Flute. So many Vanquish Weapons and Invulnerable Armor, that we can’t even list it all. Stop out this week for one or BOTH auctions!!

As always, Runes to Riches and the Mystery Chest games will also be played this week following the auction, so please stick around and take a chance with lady luck. Impy has asked that you please stable your pets before the auction as he is allergic to wet fur.

If you need a rune visit one of our rune vendors located through out the lands. Vendors can be found at: StarLite (Vesper, Trammel), next door to the RD Stables (Felucca), the Sandlewood Box Inn (Dead Heaven, Felucca), Kazola’s TreeTop Keg and Winery (Felucca), Cove Merchant’s Guild and Blacksmith Shoppe (Cove, Felucca), the Mystic Portal (Trammel), the Garden City Mall (Cove, Trammel), or at Krista’s Ranger Station (Felucca).

~Impy’s Staff

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Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2001, 8:16 AM EDT by Barth VanDorn (GreatLakes)

Demonic Attack
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<Whisper was always working. Her husband Brannon was always asking her to slow down and take a break but that wasn’t Whispers way. As far as she was concerned, if she wasn’t moving she was being lazy. This day was no different. Whisper was rushing around the villa trying to tidy and get things presentable again. Brannon and Whisper had just built there new home. A large tower located next to their villa. It used to be an old marble house which the Virtuous Knights of the Realms used as there mall but the building was getting old and it just didn’t have the space they required. So now the tower was built and the two were busy moving their belongings into the tower so as to allow the villa to become the new VKR mall. Most of the belongings were now moved but Whisper was busy dusting and washing the walls ready for the vendors who would be moving in the next day. Brannon was busy in the tower organising his desk and study and Morris was organising the upstairs of the villa that was soon to become the classroom for all of the new VKR recruits. The house was a whirl and at the centre of it all was Whisper. That is until there was a knock on the door. Whisper spun around at the sound and ran light-footed over to the door and pulled it open. Standing on the other side of the doorframe was the mage Morpheous.
“Hello Whisper, can we talk?” Morpheous asked in a deep voice
“Um, sure. Let’s take a walk through the woods,” Whisper said “ Morris, I am just stepping out for a while “ she called upstairs.
“Ok” Morris called.

The two walked down the trail away from the houses and into the wilds. Whisper loved the outdoors, the wind through the trees, the sounds of animals scurrying through the undergrowth. But no matter how peaceful it seemed, both Whisper and Morpheous had seen the dangers this land offered. They knew that even when things seemed quiet, danger was always one step away.
“What seems to be the problem?” Whisper asked
“Danger, death, end of the world, you know, the usual. I was practising my spell casting the other day. I was working on a new spell, a mass demon summoning, when things went awry”
“Awry? That is unlike you Morpheous, You are normally much more careful with new spells”
“I think it was more than just a miscast. I think I might have succeeded. The spell felt right but what happened was nowhere near right.” Morpheous explained
“Let’s sit on this log and ye can tell me about it” Whisper suggested.
They sat down on the log and cast their eyes through the forest, searching for threats. Satisfied that nothing was around Morpheous continued,
“I cast the spell and was expecting the demons to appear, but instead a blood red void opened in front of me. The most disfigured demons head appeared. It had four faces on the one head and the heads kept on moving around and looking at me through a different set of eyes. Its words were what were the most disturbing. It said soon Human you will not have the need to summon us, we shall appear when and where we want and the slaughter will be unstoppable. Your puny lives will be our food and your land will be our playground. We will lay waste to your cities and feed your children to our hellhounds. Nothing shall survive that we will not allow. Your insignificant desires and wars will be nothing compared to the unstoppable might which we will unleash. Do not attempt to summon my kind again or you will hasten the doom that will befall you. With that the void exploded outward and through me across the room and out the window. I must have hit my head on a rock or something as I was unconscious for a time but when I woke up my house wasn’t there any more “
“Well at least are all right. But that does sound like a very scary prospect. Have you been able to track down any other information about what this demon was on about?”
“A little. I went and saw the old seer on the way here and she mentioned going to hell on earth. I assume that would be Hyloth. I was wondering if ye might want to accompany me there. Could be a good story in it” Morpheous said.
“Hmm a story. Who else is coming?”
“I have arranged four other people. All professional demon hunters. Good people”
“Names?” Whisper asked
“Already starting the story I see.” Morpheous said smiling “We have Lucien, Brett, Evelyn and Marcus.”
“When do we leave?”
“I actually have it set to go now,” Morpheous said “if you are ready”
“I’m always ready. Lets go” Whisper stated
“Did ye want to let your husband know?”
“No it’s ok. Brannon will be busy with his VKR duties. This wont take long and he wont even know I have gone”
“Is there something about this mission I don’t know about? I don’t think this will be a quick victory,” Morpheous said concerned.
“It wont be a problem” Whisper said, “They are only demons”

With that Morpheous opened a gate to his old house. When they emerged they saw four people sitting round a small fire.
“Hail all” Morpheous called.
“Hail” they answered.
“This is Whisper. She is here to document our adventure and hopefully use her barding skills to distract those demons” Morpheous stated.
Various calls of welcome were said towards Whisper and soon they were all talking like old friends. Morpheous sat aside from them all sizing up the group he was about to heal into Hyloth. He was constantly surprised with the way Whisper could fit into nearly any situation. He loved her, he didn’t deny it to himself but he did to anyone who asked. Whisper was married and there wasn’t anything he could do to change that. Not for the first time, Morpheous cursed that he didn’t meet her earlier and thought about just how lucky Brannon was. He sighed and moved off into the forest to meditate before the journey.

A few hours later, the group gathered their belongings and was magically transported to the entrance to the dark caves of Hyloth. The group entered swiftly moving silently down the corridors. They avoided numerous gargoyles, imps and hellhounds. Down through the levels they went the dungeon seemed eerily quiet as they moved down. Finally at the entrance to the fourth and lowest level, they encountered their first opposition. They were crouched down behind some fallen rocks looking towards the entrance.
“This has been way too easy,” Brett said
“I agree” Evelyn concurred.
“You people worry too much” Whisper said, “All we have to do is get in there and kill the loudest most vocal demon. That should stop it all.”
“Whisper we don’t know what they have planned. We cannot assume things like that or we will all end up dead. All we are trying to do is find out more information so that we can stop this.” Morpheous stated calmly.
“Oh Morph, you worry too much”
With that Whisper jumped out from behind the boulders and started running towards the demons guarding the entrance. Two quick energy bolts got the two lead demons attention. Their massive heads swung towards her and they began casting. Whisper was quicker still and threw an exploding potion towards them that exploded on impact with the head of the lead demon. Quickly bringing her lute around Whisper started playing a disruptive tune.
Meanwhile caught somewhat behind Whisper’s daring assault, the others in the party were left well behind. Morpheous was the first to recover launching a meteor swarm towards the various gargoyles that were coming towards them. Most of them were cast to the floor but it gave the other four to launch themselves into the battle. Swords and axes soon were cleaving through the ranks of gargoyles and hellhounds that were attacking. Marcus hung back with his bow in hand launching arrow after arrow into their foes.

Whisper meanwhile had been strumming her lute and had successfully provoked the two demons onto each other. Soon they were clawing and casting at each other doing huge amounts of damage. When the other creatures in the area were dispatched the other members of the party turned their attention on the remaining demons. They soon fell and as the companions turned around they realised that not one of them had suffered serious injury from the battle. Marcus quickly collected all his loose arrows and soon joined the group.

They all looked at each other determinedly and hefting their weapons of choice they carefully headed into the dark entrance which led to the fourth level of the dungeon Hyloth.

To be Concluded

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Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2001, 1:21 AM EDT by Whisper (Oceania)

New kid on the staff
Strolling through town, Thalia stopped at the local bulletin board checking to see the advertisements for assistance so often posted there. Perusing the ads she found her standard escorts wanted and assistance needed ads. However, something caught her eye. What’s this? This is different. “Reporters Wanted”, the heading stated. It appeared that the reporting staff was in a definite shortage throughout Sonoma. Three new reporters were needed to fill their staffing requirements.

Thalia pondered this ad for what seemed like hours. This is what she had been looking for. For months since she left her home to explore what was beyond her parents home she has been met with great kindness. She had been looking for ways to give back to the community that has been so generous to her. She knew that she could do this; she knew this was what she wanted to do. “A reporter, WOW” she sighed to herself as she quickly wrote down all the information.

With a wave of her arms and a softly spoken mantra, Thalia was transported home where she quickly walked to her scribing desk. Moving aside blank scrolls, reagents and a map of Sosaria, she completed the requirements as requested, then sent her application by special messenger to Pluffy, the News Team Manager.

A week went by and Thalia was busily scribing when a knock came at her door. A Messenger! Oh my! Quickly breaking the seal of the message, she beamed brightly as she read! She made it to the second round. This round was harder but determinedly she completed the requirements again and sent in the required items.

The next day another messenger arrived at the door. Reading the message, Thalia began the dance a little jig in her bedroom. She made it! She was a reporter. She had to find her cousins and tell them the great news! She was giving back to the community and she couldn’t be happier.

*OOC Special Note* Thalia is currently posting under the name of Cleric Samantha until the information can be corrected.

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Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2001, 1:17 AM EDT by Cleric Samantha (Sonoma)

New Sonoma Reporter
Mina grew up in the Fens of the Dead, the swamp north of Trinsic. She never knew her parents, as she was brought up by her older sister who was harsh and uncaring. Mina's sister forced her to traverse the wilds of the swamp collecting nightshade to sell in town and to wandering healers for money; money which Mina was never allowed to keep. Having no weapons nor warrior skills, the young Mina survived rabid lizardmen and venomous snakes by grinding the locally growing herbs into potions. Her skills in alchemy grew, and her potions became so potent she no longer feared the wild creatures of the fens. She was able to collect so much nightshade that she began experimenting with the extra, and found that she too could be venomous... Mina moved out of the dingy hut her older sister once occupied and moved to the fortressed sandstone city.

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Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2001, 11:36 PM EDT by Mina (Sonoma)

An interview with Krysma Doomspeak.
There are many citizens of Sonoma who deserve to be respected and admired for their selflessness and altruism. Over the next few weeks I will bring these people into the spotlight and let no good deed go unnoticed.

This week I bring to you an interview with the man behind the Wednesday Night Hunt, Krysma Doomspeak. A simple mage/bard who, through his desire to see us all in death robes, has turned Wednesday night's hunt into one of the most succesful ongoing events on the shard.

Hanse Swildish: Krysma, you have made yourself into an icon by holding a weekly hunt (every Wednesday night at 6pm Pacific time) for anyone to attend. Has this role as a leader and organizer for Sonoma events changed your personal- and character-based goals?

Krysma Doomspeak: Well, I don't think of myself as an Icon. Not really sure what an icon would be. As for changing me or my character goals? Not really. I'm working on the same five characters I had when I started the WNHs. The WNHs take up one night a week for me. So that's roughly 1/7th of my weekly game time with a little more game time for me on the weekends. I usually do my WNH planning while at work or watching my children. I have twin 6 year old boys and a 4 year old boy, they are a handful lol.

Hanse Swildish: Do you feel any pressure to make the weekly Wednesday Night Hunt special? Does that affect how you yourself have fun?

Krysma Doomspeak: Do I feel any pressure? Well sometimes a little but in reality, my event is a simple hunt. Not to hard to plan or execute. What makes it special is the players that show up and attend. There are many places and creatures that are best fought with a large group of players. And while some might argue that certain characters might solo these areas and creatures, it is not nearly as fun solo as it is with a large group of players. It's the interaction that makes the experience new and fun!

Hanse Swildish: Which dungeon do you feel offers the greatest challenge to a group of players?

Krysma Doomspeak: I feel they all are a challenge if you run them from top to bottom. In other words, start at the entrance, and then explore throught the levels one at a time trying to defeat the creatures as you go. Eventually winding up at the big bad creature for a climatic showdown. LOL If I had to pick one that is the toughtest, I'd say Terathan Keep if you include the bally room, and the hell area in your tour.

Hanse Swildish: Are the number of death robes you earn in a night a good way to judge the level of fun you have experienced during a Wednesday Night Hunt?

Krysma Doomspeak: For me it is! LOL But not everyone that attends likes deathrobe collecting as much as me. hehe Some that attend don't die much at all. I think currently it's a toss up between "Draven" and "Obsydia" for fewest deaths.

Hanse Swildish: Many people feel that through your intelligent and innovative style of dress and speech (spell macros and such) that you have created a sort of trend for bard/mages. Do you see yourself as a trend setter?

Krysma Doomspeak: OMG this "?" kind of blew my mind. I in no way think or try to be a "trend setter". LOL. As for my spell macros, they were my febble attempt to RP a spellsinger. When I created Krysma Doomspeak (my bard/mage) I thought about a bard mage and the interaction of Magic and Music. I figured a Bard is very dependant on music for his skills, so it made sense to me, that he would use music with magic as well. So I figured he would sing the incantations of his spells as short rhymes. The only way I knew to atempt this was the spell macros that I set up for him. The funny thing is I get a wide range of comments on my Spell macros. I get everything from: "Hey those are Kewl Incantations!", to "[censored] that is the [censored] thing I ever saw!"

Hanse Swildish: What advice would you give to anyone who is planning to start and maintain a weekly event here on the Sonoma shard?

Krysma Doomspeak: 3 things!

1. Keep it simple! People want to get together go do something, have fun, and go home and tell the wife about it! hehe

2. Just tell them what they're going to do. If you ask for input, you seldom get it If you do that's a bonus. Just don't expect it.

3. Get someone! You or someone else to take screenshots! And post a story about the event. People are very visual If you show them what a good time everyone had then you will generate more interest in your event! Hope that helps.

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Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2001, 10:30 PM EDT by Hanse Swildish (Sonoma)

Hail and well met!
I am a treasure hunter, always looking through tattered and lost manuscripts for that tiny insignificant piece of information that will lead me to the fabulous treasure! To that end I have offered my services to Stratics to help you (the reader) find out about the many wonderful hidden treasures that our own shard has to offer. In the coming weeks I will be doing special interviews with event planners and pointing you to the many wonderful player-run activities on Sonoma.

Thanks in advance,
Hanse Swildish

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Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2001, 10:06 PM EDT by Hanse Swildish (Sonoma)

Comments on Legal and Illegal Methods of Raising Skills
On this thread here, Sannio (UO Community Co-Ordinator) made the following clarifications on what are considered legal and illegal methods of gaining skill :
In reply to:
I just asked a GM on Chessie if locking Entice to gain musicianship is a no-no and was told that indeed, it is a no-no!!!

How can this be?? There are no resources I can wiggle my way out of not using....(animal lore=locked vet= still uses bandies) This is just an instrument and a target.

Without considering any outside factors: being able to gain Musicianship skill while using Enticement, locked or otherwise, is acceptable. Perhaps there were other things involved in your dicussion with the GM? As others have pointed out, there's no resources to worry about, and if there was macroing involved, as long as you're there still controlling your character then everything should be fine and dandy

In reply to:

Gaining resist by poison fielding stairs is legal..


Gaining resist by this tactic is not legal, because while you may gain skill from this, you aren't suffering the damage effect. (If anyone is found using this tactic they may have action taken against their account.)

In reply to:

Summoning Daemons to gain resist on shore while you are on a boat is legal..


Yes, this is a legal tactic, because the Demon still has the ability to defend itself, by casting spells back at the attacker.

In reply to:

Using EQ scrolls to GM Eval is however.. illegal..


Yes, this is illegal, as you do not use up the required resources. When a spell is stated to require the use of resources, those resources (reagents, scrolls, or the new Arcane Item charges) must always be used up, or that spellcasting method is illegal.

In reply to:

But at 50 magery.. locked.. using gate scrolls is not illegal.. :)


As long as the scroll is used up, you're good. :]

In reply to:

Music does not require any resources so there for you are not circumventing game mechanics to save yourself some gold.. You have merely found a means to an end.. A legal means to an end..


This is correct.

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Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2001, 9:15 PM EDT by citizenKane2 (GeneralNews)

Mrs Lancer Rescued...?
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<The daily routine at the Orc fort began as normal. Various Orcs were waking, grunting, belching, and generally stinking the place up even after Mother Nature had spent considerable time during the night cleansing the fort with a fine sweet sprinkling of dew. Birds sang in the surrounding woods, bathed in the early morning sun. None ventured into the airspace over the Orc fort as birds are quick learners and these had long discovered that a waking Orc confronted with Mother Nature’s nocturnal handiwork were to be avoided at all costs or risk being breakfast.
Normal for Mrs Lancer consisted of being kicked awake by her Orc guard and force-fed a rat. Lets face facts here, this was not the most pleasant way to be woken up in the morning, but much to her dismay she was actually getting used to it. Today was different though. She had just opened here eyes when her cell door was opened. “Ahhh let me see…breakfast…I’ll have the toasted muffin and a nice cup of Earl Grey … or …rat” she thought expecting a small furry rodent to be thrust in her face at any moment, but the Orc guard walked toward her and promptly took out his club and hit her square on the head with it. “Ouch…why did you do that?” she cried “Where is my rat?” The Orc struck her again. This time the strike connected solidly and Mrs Lancer dropped to the floor like a mongbat meeting its first Vanquishing sword.
The White Fang HQ was a hive of activity. Armour was being repaired, Reagents were being checked, swords were being sharpened, maces were being blunted, bandages were being cut, and lotions and potions were being stacked. Everyone had a job to do. This was going to be a “Battle Royal”. As the first rays of the morning sun appeared through the tower windows Aeris called the guild members together. Orders were distributed to the relevant people and lines of communication were established. The rescue plans went something like this…
Viking and his Green Killer force would approach the fort undetected and place themselves in a strategic position near the entrance. On the attack signal they would attack, drawing the Orcs away from the entrance to the fort. Once this was underway the main White Fang force, captained by Aeris, would gate into the entrance, storm the fort, locate Mrs Lancer, and all gate back to the HQ. By this time Viking’s group should be in a position to gate to the HQ leaving the Orcs in a position far from the fort.
Now not wishing to spoil a good yarn but we have all heard the saying about best-laid plans. This was to be no exception.
Viking was motionless behind his tree. His elite Green Killer force was hidden in the undergrowth to his left and right. The Orc fort was only 60 or 70 yards in front of him.
“Now there is a crosswind from the NW, and 70 yards to the first guard…that means it will take…err…. 70 minus the wind differential…err…65…plus the accuracy of the bow…. err... 65 plus 5…err plus the Vanquishing addition…err 65 plus 5 plus 7…err minus the targets armour...err…oh crap I’ll just shoot him” were the thoughts going through his head. Now Viking was not particularly good at maths but killing things is where he excels. His coms crystal flashed. “GK1, receiving” he said. “Err…Vik is that you?” came the reply. “Roger. GK1 receiving” he said. “Ok…err…It’s Aeris, Who is Roger?…err…GO” the crystal replied.
The Orc guard heard a shrill twang just in time to see the arrow embed itself into his companion. “HUMIES” he shouted, but these were to be his last words, another arrow embedded itself into his throat. The gates to the fort were thrown open and Orcs streamed out. The Green Killer force jumped up from their hiding places and charged toward the oncoming Orcs. Viking released another arrow toward the Orcs “God I love this bow” he thought as he watched the arrow find its mark. With 40 yards to go 4 Orc arch mages appeared. Fire reigned from their hands striking all in the Green Killer force. “Fall back” Viking shouted, “Fall back”. Mages were not something the “Green Killers” took on without significant backup. The Green Killer force slowly made its withdrawal into the surrounding woodland, all the time drawing the Orc foot soldiers further away from the fort. When they had moved a fair distance from the fort the command was given to recall. The Orcs were confused. One minute they were fighting a fierce battle against these unknown humans the next there was nothing. Not a sniff. The humans just vanished.
Back at the White Fang HQ the main attack force was in the process of leaving. The gate had been cast and the eager warriors were entering. “What the hell are you doing here?” Aeris shouted towards Viking. “Err…what the hell are you still doing here?” he shouted back. Together they had a brief argument, Viking said that he had done exactly as he was told and that Aeris was late arriving with the main force, Aeris pointed out to Viking that even in this liberal and democratic guild that she was not late arriving with the main force but Viking was early to return and as she was the guildmistress she was therefore always right. “I guess we’ve lost the element of surprise now?” Viking asked. “Damn” said Aeris “Right…plan B…FREE FOR ALL”. “Suits me” Viking grinned.
Back at the fort the White fang gate had opened. Enthusiastic warriors stepped out of it to be confronted by Orcs from the fort to the front and the returning Orc party from the Green Killers previous escapade to the rear. This was not quite what they had expected.
The battle that ensued was one of the most vicious that had been seen at the fort. The air was ripped apart by energy bolts and lightning being cast from the mages, the sounds of sword on sword, sword on flesh, Mace on Orc, OooOoooO from the departing souls on both sides, and Viking giggling in the mayhem. Slowly the Orcs were driven back into the fort. With a mighty cry the remaining White fang warriors surged forward toward the Orcs. A few of the White Fang warriors ducked between the ramshackle buildings and made their way to the far end of the fort. The Orcs were focussing their attention on the human warriors at the gate. “There she is” shouted Kokia, “Grab her quick and lets get the hell out of here” Kahlibar replied. Both of them made a dash towards the small enclosure in the NE corner of the fort where Mrs Lancer was laying on the floor. “Kokia is she alive” Kahlibar asked nervously “She’s breathing” Kokia answered “Lets Go”. “Kal Ort Por” was said and in a flash they were stood outside the Guild HQ. “You’d better tell Viking to get back here” Kahlibar said “OK, good idea” replied Kokia “Vik… Vik… Helloo …” she said into her coms crystal “GK1, receiving” came the reply “You’d better get back here we got Mrs Lancer, she’s in the HQ with Kahli now” she said “Err…GK1 roger that…will round up the lost sheep and return to chicken coop” said the coms crystal. Kokia was confused. Roger, who was roger? Was he in the guild? Sheep and chickens, where the hell did the farm animals come from? Had Viking been hit too many times on the head with his mace? She would have to have a nice quiet chat with him later.
Mrs Lancer’s head hurt. She opened her eyes. It was dark. She waited for her vision to clear. It was still dark. She rubbed her eyes hoping this would help. Slowly a faint flickering crept into focus. “Where an I” she whispered…

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Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2001, 7:54 PM EDT by Whisper (Oceania)

No Plans for Changing Backgrounds to 3D in TD
Ravenspyre on MyUO Discussion Boards asked Tajima whether or not UO will switch the background gumps and static objects from 2D to 3D in Third Dawn.

Tajima (UO Producer) answered:

There are no plans for that…


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Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2001, 6:52 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

Why TD Looks The Way It Looks
On the MyUO Discussion Boards, Tajima (UO Producer) explains some of the challenges of developing the graphics for Third Dawn. He responded to a thread comparing TD to other 3D game graphics. You techies will enjoy (and understand) this.

There have been a few threads like this since the UOTD beta. I'd like to comment briefly on some of the underlying technical issues behind the project in an effort to clarify some misunderstandings that I see repeated frequently:

The first and probably greatest challenge for UOTD was the requirement to be fully interoperable with the 2D client. This involved converting all sprites to Direct3D surfaces, rewriting the terrain rendering system, generating all-new art, integrating an animation system, and developing an orthoganal camera system. (Since there's no sense of "distance" in UO's game display, a typical 3D camera system wouldn't work. Instead, UOTD's camera system prevents "distant" 3D objects from diminishing in size.)

There were also considerable challenges with the texture memory situation. Since UO's original sprites were often much larger than necessary or sized to non-optimal dimensions for many 3D cards, we had to spend considerable time developing a texture compression scheme. (Players of the beta should remember how badly the jungles lagged the client before this compression system was enabled.)

By being completely interoperable with the 2D client, we also inherited the isometric view. While the overwhelming majority of our players prefer this viewpoint, it prevents us from using some vital techniques common in first-person 3D programming to improve performance:

1) Mesh Level of Detail: By reducing the number of polygons based on the distance of the object from the viewer, the processing requirement is also reduced. (e.g. A monster 10 meters away uses a mesh with 500 polygons, but at 100 meters the mesh used only has 100.)

2) MIP Mapping: Multi-Image Pyramid mapping is a method used to reduce texture memory requirements. Much like the mesh level-of-detail technique, the resolution of textures changes based on the distance of the object from the viewer. (e.g. A monster at 10 meters uses a 512x512 texture, where the same monster at 100 meters uses a 64x64 texture.) By saving texture memory in this fashion, the need to cache textures to the system RAM (bad) or the hard disk (worse!) is greatly reduced.

(While we could have used both of these techniques in Third Dawn, the end effect would have been a peculiar "morphing" result as polygon and texture detail changed on the fly as objects entered and exited the screen. Not a desirable solution!)

3) Distance Fogging: By "fogging" objects and terrain in the distance, the requirement to draw them is reduced or eliminated.

4) Scene Culling: An intelligent first-person 3D engine can determine when objects can't be seen by the viewer, and avoid spending cycles drawing them. As line of sight in UO is a server function, our client is still required to display "unseen" objects.

Though the isometric viewpoint represented considerable challenges for us, the fact that the game is an immense massively-multiplayer environment is by far the greatest one.

In UO, players can be anywhere on the map within seconds. This isn't true in a typical level-based first-person environment. Since we can't predict where a player will Recall at any given moment, we can't set up a predictive texture cache. On top of that, even if we did know the geographical location a player was planning to go well ahead of time, we can't accurately predict what he'll see when he arrives. With UO's extensive range of monsters, weapons, wearables, and mounts, the texture load can range from minimal to overwhelming in seconds.

In addition to all the other performance-enhancing techniques a first-person game enjoys, many level-based games are constructed to limit what the player sees at any given moment. By aggressively controlling that viewpoint and the content within, the all-important considerations of polygon count and texture usage can be maintained within the desired range. To accomplish a similar effect in UO, we'd have to physically prevent players from entering heavily-populated regions, or limiting what items they carried. Again, not a desirable approach!

Hopefully this will clear up some of the misconceptions and inappropriate comparisons of UOTD and other games. Every game ever developed has been a series of compromises, and UOTD is no exception. That said, we're continually tweaking here and there to improve performance, stability, and appearance of the Third Dawn client. We're confident you'll like what's coming up.


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Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2001, 6:37 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

Cap & Dagger Announces Regular Hours

The Cap & Dagger Casino (Great Lakes, Trammel) now has regular hours!

Stop by every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30 pm Eastern Time and win your fortune! Two fortunes every week! The fun begins this Tuesday the 16th, don't miss it!

Also, new games are just around the corner! This and all information is available from our website:

Rob Drakonis,
Cap & Dagger Casino Director

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Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2001, 6:21 PM EDT by Amidala (GreatLakes)

EQ Stratics Needs You!
Do you play Everquest? Interested in helping out the EQ community? Then read on:
EverQuest Stratics is expanding and growing. There are many exciting things planned, and we want you to be a part of it! EQSS is looking for dedicated, committed, creative people to join us and fill out positions in various departments. If you're interested in joining up with one of the top gaming networks in the industry, read on to find out how to submit your application.


  • Reporters: We have several News Team positions open. If you're interested, send us an email. Specifically, the following is needed:
  • General News Reporter: The primary responsibility of this department is to be a "board troll." By that we mean, to poke around the net every day looking for Verant staff (Absor, Aradune, Abashi, etc) postings. Most of these will be found on the Gameplay boards, of course, but there are many other community boards where they stop by, including our own. The people in this department are responsible for digging up these replies and posting them under our General News category, as well as Patch messages, downtime notices, and anything else directly gameplay - related. Being able to post during the day is a must for this position.
  • Community News Reporter: This department covers the roleplaying part of EverQuest. All events (such as weddings, open raids, bazaars, etc) go to this department. These events are then posted under our Community News category so those submitting them can have their events publicized. Also, reporters in this department must learn to seek out events/happenings around the various game-related sites/servers and include them in their daily postings. Being able to post during the day is a must for this position.


  • Content Editors: Content Editors are responsible for pouring over the existing content on the site and making sure it is up-to-date and current/correct. If it is not, they correct it and submit it to the Lead Editor for submission. They are also welcome to submit their own guides/databases if they so wish.
  • Other Submissions: You don't have to be an active EQSS staff member to submit content. Simply send it to our Editors. This includes guides, articles, editorials, spell/item database updates, artwork, and anything else creative you might have thought up.


  • Moderators: If you see a Forum that currently has no Moderator (or that is dormant) that you think you can revitalize, contact Samira, the EQSS Interactive Coordinator. Being already active on our current forums is a plus but not required. It is not necessary to submit a writing sample or anything of that sort with your application. We are looking for interesting, dedicated people and do not want to scare anyone off with a critique. If you are unsure how to word a news post, for example, we will show you. The main qualities we are looking for are dedication and commitment, not the ability to write a novel.

    Questions? Email Thundolfe.

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    Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2001, 6:10 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    The Adventures of Adam Ant - episode #87
    Hail dark friends,

    He who hunteth the lich in these caves committeth a crime of the gravest order, deserving of death.

    The liches and I dwell together in these caves, which we devoutly believe to be given us as our sacred home.

    I gladly give my blessing to all who wish to hunt down and deliver unto death all Daemons and Dragons. These are creatures of vile and loathsome aspect, malodorous and displeasing to the senses.

    If you would join in the hunt to rid my sacred home of these vile monsters, you must don a scarf of the colour of blood in token of your respect.

    If you fail in this regard, and look not upon this magical garment, you will die swiftly and surely to my hand.

    These are not some tales of fancy, but the true Adventures of Adam Ant

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    Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2001, 4:09 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (CandidCoverage)

    Dungeontour on Thursday
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Raknar from GateCentral sent us the following announcement:
    Here we are again preparing for a thrilling Dungeontour on DF. This time we go to the Ophidian Lair. This tour is designed to bring fun for all attendants and help those who cannot venture there alone thus seeking the safety of a larger group.
    The meeting place is on Thursday 18.Oct. at 22:00 MET (21:00 GMT) in the front of MoT #3 (DF/ Trammel/Trinsic first house on the left site). We gate approx. 15 minutes later from there directly to the action and bring you also back if required. The tour is open for all and we will have player with ressurect possibilities also joining. All that's needed is to come and have fun.


    Thanks Raknar!

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    Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2001, 3:52 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (Drachenfels)

    Seeking Tales from Beyond the Grave
    And the next announcement from FYI today:
    Some players find death in game to be quite inconvenient, while others embrace the grayer side of existence in UO and take advantage of their tattered robes and gibberish speech to experience the game from a whole new perspective. In either case, traipsing around Britannia in a death shroud is an aspect of the game that most players have experienced at one time or another.

    Whether you enjoyed your ghostly wanderings, or cursed the event that resulted in your ghastly predicament, we’d like to hear about your experiences as a ghost in Ultima Online. Did you spend your time haunting the Britain bank or the Yew forest? Did you ban together with fellow ghosts and perform an apparitional rendition of A Chorus Line at the local graveyard? Whatever your ghostly adventure may have been, we want to hear about it!

    Send your story as an e-mail, with a single screenshot attached, to [email protected] by Tuesday, October 23rd. Please be sure your story falls between 500-1000 words, and include "A Ghostly Tale" in your subject line. The screenshot should be in bitmap format, and 640x480 resolution. Please provide a name and phone number for verification of the story. Submissions to "uo-profiles" become the property of OSI and may be used for special events, promotions, and/or advertising. All submissions must be made by the original author and are subject to verification.

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    Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2001, 3:35 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Updating Playguide
    The following announcement has been posted at FYI:
    We will be updating various sections of the Playguide ( today, October 16th. As a result, players may intermittently experience broken links and additional webpage errors when trying to access the Playguide section of the website throughout the day. We anticipate the updates will be completed by tomorrow. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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    Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2001, 3:31 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Four Questions for the Moonglow Council
    Another Q&A from the Moonglow City Council:

    This is the fifth part in a loose sequence with the intention to introduce the people holding positions in the Moonglow City Council.
    The goal is, that you better get to know them and can thus directly address the correct person, if you want a problem solved in Moonglow.

    Today: Shiva - Captain of the Moonglow Guards.

    Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself - a short biography so to speak *smiles*?
    I was born 28 years ago in Minoc. My mother was part of a gypsie troupe and I lost her before I had the chance to find out who my father was. I grew up with the troupe and my two sisters in an area north of Delucia where I learned to survive in some pretty harsh circumstances. When I was sixteen, myself and my sisters fled the gypsie camp after a full scale battle took the lives of almost all of our troupe and after very few, short adventures I found myself alone in Britain. Since learning to survive in the wild could never prepare my for anything as frightening as trying to survive in Britain I approached a band of warriors who agreed to train me in the art of the sword. After many fierce battles I gradually developed an interest in magery which allowed me to adventure even deeper into lands I had once only ever dreamed of. On one of these such adventures, I happened to "bump" into Kulgan of Moonglow (actually, he had to revive me after a monster had knocked me flat) and he introduced me first to the Virtues, and then to the Moonglow council.

    Q: You are the Captain of the Moonglow Guards. What is your job in this position and how is it connected to the Council?
    My job as Guard Captain is simply to ensure that all possible precautions are taken to safeguard the city and the island it stands on. As Guard Captain I spend most of my time ordering the Guards and sending them on patrols and missions, so I myself am not paricularly active in the field. I also help to safeguard travellers and the youth of our city, to ensure that they do not fall foul of the corruption that is modern life. I report to the council as it's "Military Advisor", and after reporting the council is then able to make decisions about the safety of the island which I must then put into place with the aid of the guards.I may also be called upon to form a first line of defence in the event of an invasion.

    Q: We also have Lord British's guards in town. Why is an additional "local" guard force needed?
    The Guards in town are warriors of great strength who uphold the law with a firm hand. However, some situations may call for a medic or a long range team. While the Guards of Lord British guard the city itself, the local guards patrol the entire island and can even be called upon to assist allies in other cities. We employ not just medical proceedures, but also magery tracking and sometimes simple words to assist the people of Moonglow and to keep the city running smoothly.

    Q: What are your visions for Moonglow's future?
    As strange is it sounds, I'd like to see a more disciplined city. Right now, we have as with all cities, those who believe they can tred on people who they believe are "below them". I'd like to put an end to this with tougher laws, and more excessive penalties. I'd like to see warriors, headstrong mages and dangerous animals replaced by traders, those eager to learn new skills and more folk who are willing to put in the time required to help make Moonglow a city that will never crumble.
    Oh yes, and more parties. *smiles*

    Many thanks for this interview!

    If you want further information about the Moonglow City Council please head to the skypage:

    -Town Crier of Moonglow.

    Thanks again, Yoldran.

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    Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2001, 2:15 PM EDT by Llemandrell (Europa)

    UO Teacher Program Update
    The following update was sent into us by Anders regarding his UO Teacher Program (a service bringing veteran and new players together):

    On our website we have just finished a new tournament section. This is quite a major update as we have included tournaments sponsored by UOT. The tournaments go from standard tournaments for veteran players, skill maximum tournaments for new players to Anarchy Tournaments for experienced PvP players. We have also opened up for donations for the UOT-Program to finance tournaments and basic equipement for new players.

    Let the games begin!


    Anders of Norway

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    Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2001, 10:53 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Faction News
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<This faction news was sent in by Shabba Rankin,
    The Shadowlords retain firm control of all 8 towns, due to the leadership of ArchAngel and the fearlessness of other major figures such as Talon d' Bane, Strum, Embarko, and Pat Factor. For the time being, the sigils are unable to be recaptured. Does this mean there is no faction fighting going on? Of course it doesn't. With the sigils out of sight and temporarily out of mind, the majority of faction fighting is done at the moongates. Moongate fighting is quite a bit different from sigil guarding, and in gatehopping, there is no dominant faction. One may leave their group of ten people to scout another moongate, and find themselves face to face with a large number of an enemy faction. One might amass a great number of killpoints one night, and then lose them all the next. Moongate fighting is unpredictable, exhilirating, and extremely dangerous.

    I had a chance to go moongate fighting tonight. I first went to moonglow gate, where an orange awaited me. After a brief duel, the orange fled, making me the winner in courage, but no better off overall. I then went to magencia gate, where awaited a small force of COM. This time it was I that beat a hasty exit through the moongate, narrowly escaping death. I went to several other towns, and most were quiet. There were few other minax hunting, and the majority of them were all guilded to A I. There were no big groups, no severe ganking, just people having fun and fighting mostly fair. Amongst the fighters of note were JayB of the True Britannians, Tom Green of the Shadowlords, The sCene of Minax, and SL's Breta Thasen, who singlehandedly turned this reporter's world to grey and made my speech incoherent.

    The days of sigil fighting are still ahead, and while the shadowlords are firmly in control now, who is to say that won't change? The ever present COM lurks in the background, under the adept leadership of Retro and the strong arm of A~I waiting to strike. The up and coming Minax, under the leadership of Jeremy and backed by a group just learning the benefits of teamwork may soon stand a chance, and Led by Longshot,the massive ranks of the True Britanninans are a force to be reckoned with. Soon there will once again be the massive, legendary battles of old. Soon there will once again be four factions, instead of one or two. For now, we wait, and we fight, and we (most of us) die. See you at the Moongates.
    Thankye Shabba Rankin!

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    Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2001, 9:21 AM EDT by Cymidei Fier (Baja)

    [Spoiler] New Event Creatures
    Thanks to feen, Oceania, for posting these great pictures of new creatures on the MyUO Discussion Boards. If you would like to see the new creatures, look here.

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    Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2001, 7:18 AM EDT by Lady Malynn (QuestandEventNews)

    [Spoiler] New Event Creatures
    Thanks to feen, Oceania, for posting these great pictures of new creatures on the MyUO Discussion Boards.

    Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2001, 7:13 AM EDT by Lady Malynn (Spoilers)

    Savages in the Story
    On the MyUO Discussion Boards, Calandryll gave this bit of story line.
    The savages don't fight for the Master. They were unwitting pawns in the Master's evil plans. That's why Guilhem was used to trick them into attacking the Britannian cities. Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna Designer, Ongoing Content a wizard did it

    [ Comment on this article ]

    Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2001, 6:55 AM EDT by Lady Malynn (QuestandEventNews)

    [Spoiler] Trapped Creatures in New Area?
    Xavier Aracanas posted a picture on MyUO Discussion Boards of creatures that seem to be trapped in the new area of Ilshenar. Nice picture, Xavier.

    If you’d like to see this spoiler go to this link.

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    Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2001, 6:40 AM EDT by Lady Malynn (QuestandEventNews)

    Comments on Exceptional Platemail Tunic Success Rate, Repairing Bows and Selling Repair Contracts on Player Vendors
    On the success rate of creating exceptioal platemail tunic, Designer_Vex (Desginer, UO) made this clarification here
    It's 5% per attempt, not per success. On average, out of 20 attempts, 10 will fail outright, 9 will be non-exceptional, and 1 will be exceptional.

    In that thread, Designer_Vex also gives some very interesting statistics. Among other things, the average number of exceptional plate tunics produced per 1000 attempts in his simulation is 49.928.

    On the issue of whether bows can be repaired in the proposed crafting overhaul, Designer_Vex made these comments (among others) in this thread here
    (edited by CitizenKane2)This is precisely why the repair option isn't going in at this time. The code is there (it's shared over the entire crafting system) and weapon/armor repair can easily be enabled for any craft skill. However, right now we simply don't have the time it takes to fully analyze the impact of enabling bow repair. Magic bows appear more often than metal weapons and armor as monster loot because, in the original game design, bow repair was not included.

    If we were to just flip the switch, then high-end magic bows would last twenty or more times longer than they do now, effectively causing a huge proliferation of high end magic bows, which in turn makes archery seriously more powerful...

    We do want to make all weapons and armor repairable. Enabling the option is likely to come as part of another large combat and/or monster loot system tweak. Please note that nothing like that is on the schedule for the immediate future, but it is in the back of our minds.

    In that thread, Designer_Vex also confirmed that the repair feature on the fletching menus on Test Centre "shouldn't be there".

    On the topic of selling repair contracts on player vendors, Adrick (Designer UO) confirmed here
    No they will not be allowed on vendors - including the tricks that allow it right now

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    Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2001, 2:54 AM EDT by citizenKane2 (GeneralNews)

    Results from the "Best Shot in the Realms" Archery Tournament
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This was sent in by Theoran,
    October's "Best Shot in the Realms" Archery Contest, sponsored by the Society of Archers (S|A) Baja Chapter, went with tremendous success Sunday evening. The turnout was again incredible, as Archers from across the Realms came to display their accuracy and claim the 100,000gp purse. The two-time defending Champion, Sniper Wolf, was unable to make the Event, and so the field was open for a new Archer to claim the title. A field on Sunday seemingly dominated by Lady Archers.

    After three long rounds with increasing "bars", and I must say VERY unforgiving Buttes yesterday, there were three finalists left. Talon, Starr and our representative Buruma Archer of S|A. The three were unable to hit the 200pt bar set in the deciding round, and so for the second time we had a shoot-off to determine the winner. Starr had a remarkable first round in the shoot-off and never looked back. After a very strong showing in September’s event, Starr was able to come back to the Fairgrounds and claim the title for her own. This time, as all arrows were counted, she proved to be the "Best Shot in the Realms", and went home with the 100,000gp check. We had hoped to hold an Amateur Event, however the turnout was very small. Staying true to our word, we let the two who did show, Sir Peter and Willem Hardwick, shoot it out for the promised 10,000gp purse. Sir Peter won swiftly, though the two appeared to be on very different skill levels. Prizes were awarded to each, ! though Willem Hardwick needs to co me back to the S|A House. Ya left without claimin' yer prize my friend. *grin* It was quite an amazing sight to see so many Archers in one place. We were most fortunate to meet two new Archers, Archie and Craven, who will now be joining us.

    We want all Archers of Britannia to know that the Society of Archers is here for all people of the Bow, guilded or not. All Archers are encouraged to attend any of our events or hunts, and we welcome all of you to our house should you desire the company of others in your trade. We strive on uniting Archers and offer an open hand to you all. It brings us great joy to see so many of our kin together and we will surely continue to hold this, quickly becoming famous, Tournament monthly. Congratulations again to Starr for her wonderful shooting yesterday. Well done m'Lady!! We hope to see all of you there for November's Contest. In the meantime, keep an eye out for the S|A Baja Chapter members, and keep an ear open for notice of upcoming S|A events and hunts. Farewell Archers, may your arrows find their mark. *bows deeply!*

    Head of Baja Chapter
    Society of Archers S|A
    Thankye Theoran

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    Posted on Monday, October 15, 2001, 11:22 PM EDT by Cymidei Fier (Baja)

    The Rise, Fall and Redemption of Dwarves, Durin the Deathless
    Before known times, He (whose name is never mentioned) decided to create a race of beings to populate and care for the world. He mixed earth with water, and infused this clay with iron, to strengthen it. When it was ready, He breathed life into His creation. Thus was born the first Dwarf, Durin, who lived to such an age he was oft known as "the Deathless".

    The Maker fashioned six others in the same likeness, and thus were born the Dwarven Fathers. The Dwarves multiplied and grew strong--from Building and Architecture to Lore and the Arts of War, the Dwarven Halls were supreme.

    All manner of creature began to envy the Dwarves, from Elves and Humans, to Orcs and Trolls. This lead to terrible, bloody wars, and in the end, the Dwarves sealed the Great Doors to their Halls.

    Many cultures still held malice towards the Dwarves, and they brought tales of Dwarven gold to the ears of Dragons. The Dragons lay siege upon them, and though many valiant Dwarves defended their civilization, most of them perished--the few tattered survivors scattered throughout the land. The Golden Age of Dwarves had passed.

    A dwarf has been found at last who can bring redemption and restoration to Brittannia's dwarves. In Durin Goldenhelm, a direct descendant of Durin the Deathless, rests the hope of a great people, the Dwarves.

    Under Durin's banner the Dwarves of Brittannia unite, and will once more become great. I urge all of Brittannia's Dwarves to come together. Contact me at [email protected]
    KHAZZAD AI-MENU! (loosely translated: The Dwarves are upon you!)

    ~ Jonain Thunderhammer
    Dwarven High-Cleric

    Edited by Amidala

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    Posted on Monday, October 15, 2001, 10:50 PM EDT by Amidala (GreatLakes)

    Legaity of Area Effect Spells and Zones Which Do Not Permit Housing
    Sannio (UO Community Co-ordinator) made these remarks in relation to the use of area-effect spells in a thread titled "Casting Meteor Storm on Houses is Bannable in Fel?" here :
    Using area effect spells (chain lightning, meteor swarm, etc.) to damage or kill people in houses is perfectly legal. It always has been, and the rules have not changed.

    It is possible, however, that if a GM was involved, the GM was most likely dealing with another aspect of the call, and not the actual act of using an area effect spell. (Without knowing the complete details of the situation, it's a little hard to explain what may or may not have happened.)

    On a seperate thread, Sannio elaborated on zones which do not permit housing here :
    In reply to:
    The few places I've found as suitable stated 'Housing is not permitted in this area'. These areas are not even remotely connected to any guarded area, and do not in fact block anything at all. I would like to be informed the reason behind this and whether it will change.

    Some of this was already stated, but I'll try to expand on some of the places that are zoned to not permit housing. And all that listed below is aside from the "basic" house placement conditions (uneven terrain, mandatory distances from other houses, etc.)

    - You can't place a house in a "Justice Region" (guard zone), and some guard zones extend far beyond what we perceive as the boundaries of certain cities. Examples of this are the glens/plains to the east of Britain, and to the east of Vesper.
    - You can't place a house in front of a Dungeon entrance, and some entrances have a small "no housing" area, while others have an extremely large area (like the valley just before the Dungeon Wrong).
    - You can't place a house directly in front of a Lost Lands/t2a entrance.
    - You can't place a house across a server line. You can only place a house in Felucca or Trammel, except you can't place a house in Haven.
    - You can't place directly on top of a road or on a farm-field (although you may be able to overlap onto them a bit).

    These restrictions won't be changing in the near future, although we may consider reassessing one or two at some point.

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    Posted on Monday, October 15, 2001, 9:11 PM EDT by citizenKane2 (GeneralNews)

    [Spoiler] Trapped Creatures in New Area?
    Xavier_Aracanas posted a picture on MyUO Discussion Boards of creatures that seem to be trapped in the new area of Ilshenar. Nice picture, Xavier.

    Posted on Monday, October 15, 2001, 7:10 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (Spoilers)

    Dragon Tavern Story Night!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<The Dragon Tavern is having another of it's infamous story-telling nights!
    Do you like to drink?
    Do you like to either make up tales or listen to them?
    Do you a have a tale from the past before the worlds separated?
    Or per chance you are a bard and have tales to tell!

    The Dragon Tavern will be having its weekly story telling night on Wednesday, October 17th at 7PM PST.

    All are welcome but please stable pets before coming.
    The prizes are 10K for first place and 5K for second place.

    ICQ Wolf of Evermore at 39012719 in advance and rune will be provided. If you have any questions, feel free to ask via ICQ. The Dragon Tavern is located on Ice Island at 87o53’N 164o41’W.

    Wolf of Evermore

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    Posted on Monday, October 15, 2001, 7:01 PM EDT by Snake (NapaValley)

    "The Ink Slinger, Dud "the stud" Brown"
    Check out the latest interview from our man, Dud.

    "Interview With A Newbie"

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    Posted on Monday, October 15, 2001, 6:38 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (CandidCoverage)

    Dragon Tavern - Story Night Results
    Here we have word from the ever-popular Dragon Tavern:

    Dragon Tavern Story Night Results

    We had 10 noble and valiant souls show up for the event.
    Several tales were told including one made up on the spot!
    We also had the continuation of an episodic story from Wolf of Evermore. It seems that he plans on telling part of the tale every week. Next week will have a longer episode.


    In second place (for the third week in a row), came Dragyn, with a tale of death, life, kindness and a drunk God. Dragyn was rewarded with a prize of 5K.

    And in first place came Ka-el came with a Ballad of a PK. Ka-el walked away with a 10K check and a set of arcane clothes, donated by ^F^.


    Now here is a reprint of the third portion of the story "Minds Eye"

    You may remember that when we left last week Khan had experienced the following:

    Some how he knew that small bag was trouble at least for him. She placed the tray on the floor and forgot about modesty as she stood up and pulled on the string that kept the bag closed. As the bag came open the room went dark and the sound of rushing wind filled the room. Khan reached for his sword when a cold hand grabbed his sword hand. At the moment the lights came back on and he saw...
    We now begin tonight’s portion of the tale:

    Starlight was floating above him in a horizontal fashion. Terror ran though his mind for this was not possible. At that moment she lifted him up and the room disappeared. He found himself in a place in time that had no boundaries and seeming no limits. It was as if one had to think something to make it happen. As he attempted this, a helm appeared on his head and the flow of magic seemed to change. No longer did he feel that he could change the world just by wishing it but he knew she still could.

    Starlight smiled a smile that means have no fear your are safe. As their surrounding seemed to move past them. The best way to describe it was they were floating and all was pasting them by at a tremendous rate of speed. As eternity came into view Khan thought his mind would implode for there was just too much information flowing into his head. As he turned to Starlight she just smiled again.

    What was this? Why was this? Were the questions the appeared in his mind’s eye. Then life took a new turn and all there was were screams...
    Come back next week for the next installment!

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    Posted on Monday, October 15, 2001, 5:31 PM EDT by Snake (NapaValley)

    Cove Market
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<A Note from Cove:

    Hail to thee Traveller! It is our pleasure to announce the first Market Day of Cove (Trammel). This will be your day to meet people and make good trade agreements. The Tradeport's Merchants with visiting merchants will be there as well. Also do remember we will have our Tavern open, and weekly knife throwing tournament will happen as well.

    The Market will take place on Thursday the 18th beginning at  20 CET.

    If your interested in coming to the Market and reserve a place (note that you can come without notice too, if you prefer, but you have to provide your own sales table), drop a note at our bulletin board at:

    The market will take place at the Tradeport tower and its yard, for exact map look at our tome at:

    Hoping to see thee there,
    The Gaveston Family

    Sounds good.

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    Posted on Monday, October 15, 2001, 5:06 PM EDT by Marshall Drakan (Europa)

    Trinsic Watch arrive in Trinsic
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<News from Trinsic:

    The Trinsic Watch Arrive.

    It was an evening of great joy for the people of Trinsic. Many decades had passed since they saw the Watch last. It was during the battle of the great Minax Horde in Trinsic that the Watch were destroyed but now they return by Order of Lord British to return the Trinsic Watch back to its former days of Glory.

    Lord British gathered a small group of Watchmen, which would take the role as the Trinsic Watch. There he appointed one Watchman a higher rank then the others so that at least there was a minimum form of Command. However the future structure planned for this force was going to be a while to build Lord British knew that this force would not let him down nor would it let Trinsic down.

    The people of Trinsic were all gathered in the Trinsic Market Place. Soon the sounds of drums could be heard from the barracks on the other side of the city. The drums grew louder and louder as they approached the Market place. The Older Trinsic Citizens would have great respect for what was about to happen, as it was indeed a memorial Occasion. Soon banners and troops marching into the market place could be seen lining up. One man in the group stood out. "Here stands the past, present and future of Trinsic. It was nearly 12 years ago that these brave soldiers were last seen. Although not the soldiers who many of you older Citizens will remember but they are indeed true followers of what they used to be. We follow their ways and we follow the path of virtue striving to aid our fellow King and our people. We come to rid this City of the plague that has griped it so firmly for the past 12 years. Rogues, Outlaws, Thieves and Murderers go unpunished until now. In the Gloriou! s words of our founder 'In Crime you shall find nothing more then Justice'. Well what we bring is Justice, and justice shall be served to those who deserve it."

    The Soldiers drew Large Swords and Shields. Each one looking just as well equipped as the next. The leading figure stood to the side of the lined up Soldiers. "It is with great pleasure that we announce the return of the Trinsic Watch!" Soon the crowd broke out in cheers and clapping. Even the Trinsic Paladins and Guards were happy to see them back.


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    Posted on Monday, October 15, 2001, 5:04 PM EDT by Marshall Drakan (Europa)

    Yew North Pacific Whiskey Distillary Opens
    News from Yew:

    Greetings people!

    My father used to call himself an alchemist, altough he was an alcoholic. But he teached me the basics of producing alcohol and i was grown up to love whiskey, and so i do. Whiskey is the mans best friend, right?

    North Pacific Whiskey Distillary is the result of years of planning and savings, and today, finnaly, i can proudly present my own whiskey sort: Northen Lakes - A whiskey from the north, with a taste of the cold sea, stormy nights and thick woods, stored in kegs for 16 years to fulfill the excellent taste, reserved only for the very greatest and noble people of Britannia.

    Our distillary lies in a small house in the woods of Yew, here we carefully pick the finest grain and the coldest and cleanest groundwater, to produce the finest and most exclusive of all whiskey sorts.

    Check out our website at or

    Kind Regards Lorens Pacific.

    This looks really good, i hope you do well, well done for setting it up!

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    Posted on Monday, October 15, 2001, 5:01 PM EDT by Marshall Drakan (Europa)

    Skara Brae Guards Raid Orcs Stronghold !
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<It was late afternoon, when I received the visit of the captain of the guards, Cymbaline. He was taking me the latest news about the Jester kidnapping. And good news, indeed ! Full of excitement, he told the Jester was safe at his home, and briefly told me of what happened:
    I received word by pigeon that there was to be a mission to liberate Peter the Jester from the clutches of the Uruk Hai Ork Clan, so I arrived at Skara bank with a little time to spare in order to equip myself. A short time later, myself, Pedro de Tello, Arath Salon and Nemesis were met by the Mayor - Alisha Truesong. She explained the plan of action - Peter was being held in the Thieves Guild of Buc Den by a large number of Ork. The Guards were to create a diversion whilst the Mayor freed Peter and took him to safety.

    Being briefed on our duties, we gated in to a location just East of the Orks location. The four Guards charged the building whilst the Mayor approached from the rear. Swathes of Ork poured out, and the Guards fell back, dodging, weaving and screaming in order to cause as much confusion as possible, knowing that full on confrontation was tantamount to suicide. As fatigue began to set in, and the adrenaline subsided, the Mayor gave word that she had been successful - Peter was free. Moving as like a school of fish, all four Guards made for the open gate back to Skara Brae, where the Mayor quickly dispelled the gate lest any Ork tried to follow.

    It was quickly discovered that news of the Jesters ill treatment was not mere rumour and propaganda. He had bruises over his body, and looked somewhat emaciated, even after only a short time in the hands of the Uruk Hai.

    I am pleased to say that there were no casualties - something of a miracle as we must have been outnumbered by close to two to one. I was unable to determine if there were any Ork casualties as my mind was primarily focused on survival. However, this will certainly be a lesson to them...

    I have not seen much of Peter the Jester since the mission, and am unable to comment on his current health. The Guards give their best wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery.

    So, welcome back Peter ! This is a happy day for Skara Brae !

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    Posted on Monday, October 15, 2001, 3:41 PM EDT by Irdan Ymadril (Drachenfels)

    Mugen - Possible Seventh Japanese Shard
    An announcement was made on the Japanese UO web site about a new Japanese shard. We tried to tranlate the message, and failed miserably. If there are any Japanese speaking people reading this, then please do us and your fellow Japanese shard players a favor and send us a better translation than this automated one. Thanks in advance :)
    The Mugen Shard it will pass very

    October of 2001 the lucky day which comes, it becomes the 7th Shard in Japan, we open "the Mugen" provisionally. The demand with this Shard from many everyone is received, very is similar to the Korean Baekdu Shard and the Seige Perilous harsh play rule is adopted. Not only we and it repeated in introduction of this rule also the Origin Systems corporation concerning the necessity went back and forth argument. As a result, really playing in which extent many people as a provision installation, making measure, whether it can receive it came to the point of with adopting the expedient which it receives. In other words, you can call the destiny of this Shard it puts on everyone. Depending upon the participation rate of everyone, as for the Mugen whether you disappear that, the [something]. Assuming, it might compare, it probably is to be cut in history as the "red meteorite" where it shone temporarily in the Britannia sky....

    Because the rule regarding the Shard below is published, please participate in the upper Mugen viewing of carefully!

    * The event which applied the survivor of the Mugen survivor rule Mugen Shard is executed with main point below.

    1. Period
    Mugen Shard provisional open day (October 15th nighttime schedule, as for details announcement with FYI reference) to December 31st of 2001
    2. Rule
    Achieve the operating day which the origin systems corporation and the Electronic Arts corporation decide during period. Everyday in fixed time the number of people which log in have been done are measured in the Mugen. The number of people which are measured everyday are summed up, calculate the mean value at the number of measurements. At point in time December 31st, the mean value and specified value to over there are compared. The operating day which is necessary for the achievement is secret. As for the degree of average achievement after the Mugen Shard provisional open day, percentage in indication it can verify in the private page. As for degree of achievement verification page this way
    3. Whereabouts call by result Mugen
    When the result of measurement, mean value to December 31st exceeds specified value, it becomes the Japanese 7th Shard from January 1st of 2002, after that continues the Mugen Shard and keeps being managed formally. When mean value is less than specified value, the Mugen Shard disappears. When it is the achievement line last, it includes also this numerical result and the other elements and with the new Shard establishment commission which consists of the origin systems corporation and the Electronic Arts corporation examination is done, whether or not finally the Mugen is left, is judged.
    Mugen shear dollar -
    the Lu Mugen Shard the Siege Perilous, is the shear [something] where very is similar to the Beakdu Shard harsh play rule is applied unlike the usual shear [something]. Here the system which is not being adopted by the general Shard, it reaches, exists conversely in the general shear [something], but also the rule and the like which does not exist exists in the Mugen. As for details, please view the Mugen rule private play guide.

    Usually furthermore, after the provision opening period to December 31st, in order to prefer rearing the regional community on the basis of the new Shard which the origin systems corporation decides, access restriction is applied same as when opening the shear [something]. Because of that, access from other than the Japanese region becomes impossible.

    It is possible even with the Mugen Shard the veteran bonus program to be applied from when opening, to receive the bonus item. However, when the Mugen Shard disappears from above-mentioned survivor rule, count of the bonus item which is used with the Mugen Shard (the quantity) it is not altogether compensated. When receiving the bonus item during provisional open period, please consider this sufficiently.

    So, it looks like a provisional shard will open in Japan today. If the number of visitors over the next months is high enough, then the shard will remain, and become the seventh Japanese shard. If the number of visitors is not high enough, the shard will be closed. Any veteran rewards that players did accept on the Mugen shard will not be reimbursed should the latter happen.

    Also, here's a bit of background on this new shard, as seen from the Adventurer's perspective:

    Mugen - letter from Maren

    If you think, if you probably will board to the Mugen, you do not stop, but to point to one advice. To board to the new world, preparation needing necessary in that appearance, reason. Not to be wrong even the world of the chaos which as for being able to say, as for the Mugen is harsh, makes bloody is thing. Rather than calling growth of the character, as your prayer certainly it means to be largely questioned nature don't you think? probably will be. First survive. Though however it is basic thing, it is with the Mugen so easy to be and with thing to say and to order thing to the liver. If and you intend to supply success with the Mugen, taking many people and communication, and it is to make many companions. With here Mugen, when you think it is possible regardless alone, it probably means to feel keenly the fact that it is the Oma difference.

    The companion and communication applying why the importance? You explain even the after the this, but with the Mugen the town being economized, the avaricious merchants do not buy the item altogether from you. It is the case that most items are broken directly to that. Or the world where the musical instrument is broken how you have imagined?

    Whether because of you there is a courage which that, from this it has been about probably to face to the Mugen, content of the Mugen how has become being to collect, we want reading these first well. Don't you think? so, the coming ‚á ‚ which lives long. Participating and succeeding with your Mugen are made to pray. You it does that unlimited possibility is opened up and the fantasy that it scatters and is therefore to be.

    The guidance of virtue roughly is in all heroes thing!

    - Adventurer Maren

    Ehm, yeah, what he said...

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    Posted on Monday, October 15, 2001, 2:55 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (AsianShards)

    Next Week Is The Final Open Fight Night of the Season
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<< 
    Fight Night closed last night with an Epic Underwear Battle between Mae West and Davey Havoc. The unclothed but viciously skilled mages peppered each other with barrage after barrage of deadly spells. Both managed to survive several of the other's mana dumps, healing through and waiting for a moment's pause to reply with their own magical assault.

    Mae West, a nox mage, kept up a steady stream of In Noxes, driving Havoc's health down to dangerously low levels. He recovered, and answered with his own poisoning spell. West failed to cure, and Havoc hit her with a powerful energy bolt that ended the fight.

    KMSEMPERFI fell to Mae West's poison in the finals, and he took third place this week. Dex also made it to the finals, but fell to Davey Havoc. Dex had apparently been offered a fourth place prize from a fetching Fight Night Staff Member named Amber. After the fights, he stormed the pit house, demanding his promised prize. Amber placed his prize upon his lips and Dex left a happy man.

    Davey Havoc now has a pass to the Final Fight-Off, the end of season champions only Fight Night that will pay the winner 1 Million GP. Next Sunday is the last Fight Night of the regular season, and your last chance to get your name added to the roster of winners who will compete on the 28th. Fight Night begins at 4PM PST in the Free City of Oasis. The pit house is located in Felucca's Compassion Desert, at co-ordinates 67o 14' N - 47o 31' E.

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    Posted on Monday, October 15, 2001, 1:09 PM EDT by Pluffina (Sonoma)

    Bagball, Chaos and a lot of Fun
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<And once again from our friend Slagdale of the german fansite UOWorld a nice review of yesterdays bagball tournament:
    The evening yesterday was shaped by a huge amount of players and fans. Even before the game the organizers had to crack a hard nut, since the ground had been overrun by Hooligans and a generator near the stadium continuously spat out replenishment more of them! But the "Brotherhood of Light" and some friends bravely took that challenge and quickly dispatched the danger for the approaching visitors.

    So the ground could be prepared with united strengths just still in time and the game precedence was determined. The team chief of every team had to yield his team book for this purpose and in the lot procedure the parties were determined. This was a slightly chaotic stage of the evening, because some teams were quite late on the place and furthermore unannounced.

    After this hot stage was however survived, three thrilling qualifing games followed with theses results:

    The games pleased the spectator pack a lot, who could cheer their teams with full voice power. The red-spicy lady squad had in no doubt the loudest fans, even so due to their "athletic" nature the question of the whereabouts of the ball became quite a minor consideration. Pitiful enough, the "Orks" had no eye for some true beauty and so denied the fans another game for the girls.

    The three winners came a round further and by lot procedures the "Running Mongbats" qualified directly into the final while the "Orks" and "Joker" were having to "fight" for the entry there first. In the serious will almost to annihilate the opponent on the, in the meantime a little sludgy, field - both teams gave their utmost. However at the end the Orks with 4:2 could achieve the victory and opened into the final against the "Running Mongbats".

    And even there they could not be stopped and conquered the "Mongbats" in a furious race again with a 4:2. But who knows what strange magic the shaman of the "Orks", who had to be reprimanded from the play ground by the referee a couple of times, had thrown over his team. The tactics of the "Orks" was anyway famous and also the team play seemed exemplary.

    "Congratulation Orks" !"
    I have to admit, since I played one match there, it was a lot of fun, and UOWorld was even so nice to make an english translation of the official rules used on Drachenfels.

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    Posted on Monday, October 15, 2001, 1:07 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (Drachenfels)

    OSR to Hunt Generators
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received the following...
    Date : Friday, Oct 19th
    Time : 9PM
    Time Zone : Eastern
    Shard : Lake Superior (What else?)
    Facet : Trammel
    Sextant Coords : Ilshenar
    Submitter's name : Sabina Nikolai, OSR Guildmistress (Via Bluewolf, OSR public relations)
    URL :

    Our spies have located what seems to be the Main generator powering all Golems. This enormous Control tower is located in the furthest Western part of the new Gargoyle lands recently discovered. We, the Order of the Silver Rose, send a call to arms to all the inhabitants of Britannia to destroy this monstrosity and weaken our enemies into defeat!

    All players wishing to participate in this raid are to meet at the Gypsy camp South of the shrine of Compassion.

    For those who seek to view this monstrosity for themselves, pictures of our target have been posted on our Guildhouse's billboard.

    Sabina Nikolai, OSR High Marshall

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    Posted on Monday, October 15, 2001, 5:05 AM EDT by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    65th Assembly of the 6th High Council Today
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received the following...

    65th Assembly of the 6th High Council

    Date: Monday, October 15th, 2001
    Time: 10 PM EST/9 PM CST
    Location: Magincia Parliament Building, Trammel Facet.


    • Announcement regarding the Royal Guard.
    • Announcement regarding Lady Aine Blackwood by her Adjutant, Lord Grokken.
    • Announcement by Prince Raymond of Nujel'm regarding the 3rd Annual Nujel'm Costume Ball.
    • Announcement from Harmony regarding the Fall Festival and Chef's Faire.
    • Other items to be announced at the meeting.

    The High Council of Britannia

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    Posted on Monday, October 15, 2001, 5:02 AM EDT by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    There is Still Time To Enter The Heaven's Forge Scariest House Contest
    This was just received from Mirabel,
    There's one week left to enter the annual Haunted Home competition!

    Submit your scariest, goriest or funniest Halloween/Fall house decorations for consideration. First, Second and Third places will be announced at All Hallow's Eve Bash 2, scheduled for October 26th.

    To enter, contact Darius at ICQ 988442 or Mirabel at ICQ 11015595, or drop us an email at [email protected] Prepare a marked rune with your name and the building name on it. Entries from both Felucca and Trammel are accepted. Your building must be ready to judge by Friday, October 19th.
    Thankye Mirabel!

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    Posted on Sunday, October 14, 2001, 9:47 PM EDT by Cymidei Fier (Baja)

    Here's There!
    Apparently it pays to be a Boardie! For the second week in a row, a regular poster on the Sonoma Stratics Board has made off with the prize for Where's Here. Erystelle, known on the boards as Maelwyn, was the first person to shoot to co-ordinates to me, sending them less than eleven minutes after the shot was posted.

    Cedric Greywolf correctly identified the spot a mere two minutes after Maelwyn, and Dame Judi sent in the co-ords just moments after that. This was a well known spot. Lots of people were able to send in correct co-ordicates, including BF, Lion of Judah, Mr.T, Erryn, Charles Colvin, Leo, and Eram'aluum of Sonoma. Next week's Where's Here will be a little bit tougher, and expect a doozy for Halloween!

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    Posted on Sunday, October 14, 2001, 9:46 PM EDT by Pluffina (Sonoma)

    RD's Auction Adds The Free Numbers Giveaway
    This note arrived from our friends at RD's Auction:

    A new game has been added to Red Devils Auction this week. It's called The Free Numbers Giveaway Game. The Head Auctioneer places a number in a book and tells the Audience to call out a number from 1 to 100--whomever has the number matching the book wins the prize--multiple prizes will be distributed during the course of the Auction. The Staff did a test-run this past week, and everyone enjoyed the game. You can win Faction Silver, Exceptional, Semi-Rares, Gold, or possibly even a silly prize. Come out and enjoy our Great Auction, and maybe you could be the lucky person to win a Free Prize!

    We are located in Felucca at The Red Devil Storefront and Auction Tower (coordinates: 34o43N/44o51E) or a 5 minute brisk walk from East Brit following the road--north of the swamp, and south of the desert. Runes are available at The Cove Merchant Guilds House outside the Cove Gates, the vendor's name is Kerry.

    Have no fear of coming to our Auction, Our Tower is a Neutral Area for all Players, and we have the best Guards around to protect our Audience. We also have a Snooper and his job is only to check players packs {purple potions} We call him the Bomb Squad Snooper. Be kind to the snooper as that is his job, to help protect the Audience.

    The (GLV) Guardians of Light and Virtue will be running the Auction, and the Burning Heart Guild will be handling The Guard Duty.

    The Auction is held every Tuesday, beginning promptly at 8:30 pm CST/9:30 pm EST. We also take submissions on the Monday before the Auction at the same time. ~ Rattler (GLV)

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    Posted on Sunday, October 14, 2001, 9:43 PM EDT by Amidala (GreatLakes)

    Where's Here
    October's second Where's Here is once again brought to you by Genjuro, the Wandering Sword of Ordo Sylvanus. This is kind of an easy one, suited to a lazy Sunday afternoon. Get your answers in quick! I think speed may be of the essense for this one!

    To win, just email the co-ordinates of the spot to [email protected] with "Where's Here" as the subject. The first person to send in the correct co-ordinates wins 25K and a blinding flash of glory.

    The guild Sponsorship program for Where's Here in November and December is filling up fast. There is only one Where's Here slot left open. If no guild takes this slot, then Where's Here will take a Christmas Vacation, and a new set of slots will open up when Where's Here resumes in 2002.

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    Posted on Sunday, October 14, 2001, 12:32 PM EDT by Pluffina (Sonoma)

    Wedding of Renald and Lizabeth
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Hail fellow citizens!

    We have received news of a glorious uniting of two people in marriage. These two people are Renald and Lizabeth. If you would like to attend their wedding, read on:

    Hail! The wedding of Renald and Lizabeth is taking place at Serpent's Hold (Trammel) Sunday night at 7:30PM central time. The bride and groom ask that there are no weapons, books, helms, nor hats visible during the ceremony, and they also ask that all pets be stabled or taken care of before the wedding. There will be dancing, eating, and much more at the reception after the ceremony, in which gifts to the bride and groom will be exchanged. If you need a rune, contact Renald at [email protected] As a final note, gates will be provided near the Britain Bank before the ceremony will take place. We hope to see you all there!

    I would like to take this time to wish a happy marriage to Renald and Lizabeth, and may they live and prosper together for many years. Until then, safe travels, and have a merry day!

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    Posted on Sunday, October 14, 2001, 11:50 AM EDT by Grand Mystic (LegendsAOL)

    Dead Man's Ball and Halloween Contest
    The GL Stratics Team is proud to announce a Decorating Contest and Dead Man's Ball for the Halloween Holiday, to be held October 24 at 9pm by the central skies (CST).

    Getting into the Spirit (so to speak) of the Fall Season, we'll be judging Britannia's best-dressed holiday homes, looking for the most creative and energetic decorations throughout the land. We'll be accepting entries prior to judging until the evening of October 22nd. Please mark a rune, label it with your email or ICQ for contact, and attend any of the following "drop-offs" to enter:

    This Wednesday, Oct 17th, 9:00pm CST, Vesper Bank, Trammel
    This Wednesday, Oct 17th, 9:30pm CST, Vesper Bank, Felucca

    Friday, October 19th, 9:00pm CST, Vesper Bank, Trammel
    Friday, October 19th, 9:30pm CST, Vesper Bank, Felucca

    Monday, October 22nd, 9:00pm CST, Vesper Bank, Trammel
    Monday, October 22nd, 9:30pm CST, Vesper Bank, Felucca

    We'll be taking tours of the homes, beginning at 9:00 PM, October 24th. Both facets will have tours running, and you can join by looking for a guide at any of the following locations:

    - Garden City, a few steps North of Cove
    - Impy's Castle, on the Isle of Ice

    - Lincoln Public Library, the 2nd Log Cabin following the water east from Britain.

    The runes will be kept in a book at the places mentioned above, so any folks who can't make the tour will be able to take a look at their leisure.

    Gates will be provided to the tour 'hubs' from Britain and Moonglow Banks in Trammel and Felucca, beginning at 8:30 CST. Announcement of winners will take place at 10:30 by the central skies, at the Yew Crypts in Trammel.

    This will also be the kickoff for the Dead Man's Ball: don't fret over the costume, we're holding the party …as ghosts! Under shroud of death, we'll be holding the Ball, storytelling, games and a VERY different approach to events--we can supply poison for anyone who is alive upon reaching the crypts, or the denizens of the tombs will be more than happy to accommodate (if you don't resist)! Be sure to not bring anything you don't want to lose. We will gladly resurrect everyone before departure…

    We're accepting prize donations and volunteers to help staff the event. Please contact us at [email protected] for more info, or post to the Great Lakes Forum.

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    Posted on Saturday, October 13, 2001, 7:08 PM EDT by Amidala (GreatLakes)

    Factions Update
    It seems the Shadow Lords are still holding strong not letting a single city in Felucca slip through their grasp and traps on every corner in every town. Also it seems Minax and Council of Mages have both seemed to almost disappear with only a few lone riders on each side out at night. Then of course there is the True Brits, rumor has spread they are rallying large numbers of troops and preparing for a counter offensive on the Shadow Lords.

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    Posted on Saturday, October 13, 2001, 3:52 PM EDT by Dengar (LegendsAOL)

    ATTENTION: a request for help by a father!
    Hello great Citizens of Britannia. I bring to you some saddend news from a father. He sent me this letter to ask upon all the citizens to help him. Please read what he said.

    Hello friends.

    I am new to the area of Britannia after being in another world for some time. I brought with me my wife and daughter. During the move, we bacame seperated from our daughter and now I fear she is wandering in the woods somewhere. I hope for her safety, and wish her return to me. I understand that these lands are by far the most challenging than any lands I have been to, so I can only hope that she is alive. However, I fear that she was not strong enough to deal with all the evil around.

    Please, take a moment of your time, to search for her, or to find clues as to where she might be. As a reward to the person/persons that find her, I have gathered a sum of silver coins I am willing to part with as I have no use for silver. Her name is Carolyn.

    If you find any clues, please send a message to the newspaper, as they have promised to let me know of any information they find out.

    Thank you!


    Thank you, Garland, for asking us to help you in the search of your daughter. I am sure the kind people of Britannia will find her.

    Now, Citizens of Britannia, please be on the lookout for any clues you may find anywhere, send a message to me at the Newspaper, and I will be sure to update what has been found. Please help Garland find his daughter Carolyn.

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    Posted on Saturday, October 13, 2001, 2:28 PM EDT by Hannah Starfire (SiegePerilous)

    Wedding Bells Heard
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<HIP HIP HOOZAH!!

    It is with great happiness the staff has the pleasure to welcome home Russel and Lili Nash and from their honeymoon. They were wed last Saturday eve at the Dragon's Nest in Tar Valon, Trammel. The ceremony was conducted by Nemonis of Garden City.

    All in attendance joyfully celebrated the ceremony well into the early morning hours with much wine, food and banter. At one point in fact it was feared the local gaurds would be called to quiet down the noise.

    Again, many happy days to this happy couple. In such times at these it is always a joy to relay a bit of happy joyful news!

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    Posted on Saturday, October 13, 2001, 4:06 AM EDT by Barth VanDorn (GreatLakes)

    Off to Find Gargoyles
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Seems this brave soul is willing to travel to the strange lands of Ilshenar and lead a party. All who wish to join him, date and time are noted below.

    In the lands of Ilshenar, a city filled with gargoyles has been found. At 5:00 PM on Saturday Central time, I will be leading an expedition into these newly discovered places. We will meet by the Skara Brae moongate in Felucca. I hope to see you there.


    [ Comment on this article ]

    Posted on Saturday, October 13, 2001, 2:57 AM EDT by Barth VanDorn (GreatLakes)

    A Call for Aid
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<White Lotus has sent another urgent plea to the citizens of the lands to rise up against these evil forces that are amassing in Dead Heaven.

    A Call for Aid
    The time has come for every able bodied citizen of Britannia to come to the aid of the land. Evil lurks just around the corner. Soon the cities of Britannia, both facets, will be under attack from the cruel armies of The Empire of Armegeddon.

    We have a choice to make. Either sit idly by and let them take over, or we all fight back. I realize that some of us are not fighters. But you all can help. Even the newest arrival to our fair land can help.

    I am calling all of you to help aid us fight this evil in a unique way. I would ask you all to help gather resources that will be used to make supplies for the armies that will defend our cities from EOA.

    How will we do this?? Monday, October 15th will be designated as *Resource Gathering* Day. Go out and gather wood for shafts, feathers for arrows, wool for cloth to make bandages, ore to be made into ingots, gather hides for leather armor, even take a walk thru the woods and gather regs for spells.

    Anyone can do costs you nothing but time. Monday evening beginning at 7 PM CST, there will be people at all banks in both facets who will gate you to the proper supply depot to deposit your gatherings.

    This isn't much to ask of those of you who do not wish to see the cities of Britannia taken by EOA. Bring your resources to any bank in either facet and look for people who will gate you to the supply places.

    The second part of this Call for Aid, is to all GM craftspeople. We need your talent to use these resources to make supplies for the army of defenders. If you would like to help, please feel free to contact me at 30624507 and get the details of when and where you can go to help.

    It is time we all banded together to defeat EOA, whether it be by gathering resources or by helping our forces to defend the cities.

    I need not tell you what will happen if we fail to defend the cities. I leave that choice up to each and all of you.

    Time is of an essence.........They are ready to strike......Will we be prepared???

    May the Gods protect us all

    White Lotus

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    Posted on Saturday, October 13, 2001, 2:52 AM EDT by Barth VanDorn (GreatLakes)

    C*H Give Away
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<I noted this flyer posted to a message board just outside of Skara Brae

    Silvanus Fellows continued to gate from city to city to post the following information to the message boards.

    The Crusader's Of Hope based in the Monastery of Rose would like to welcome all young and virtually young citizens to a giveaway. We will be passing out various styles of GM and low end magic armor to those who need every ounce of dexterity possible to survive, GM and low end magical weapons made of metal and wood, as well as shields, medical kits, and rune books. One may find a few special surprise gifts as well. This event is intended for the young only. Veteran citizens may not find much use in what is given out.

    Date: Saturday October 13, 349
    Time: Two shifts, 9-noon est. and again from 9-midnight est.
    Shard: These gifts are available on the shard of Great Lakes and the facet of Trammel.
    Sextant Coordinates: The coordinates are 42* 5'N x 37* 58' E (Travel Gates will be provided from Vesper, Moonglow and Minoc) Templars or Crusader's will be on hand in Britain to guide you by way of the Eastern bridge (approximately a 2 minute walk).

    Silvanus Fellows concluded by writing his name
    The Glorious Silvanus, Turcopole C*H

    and left an address to find additional information about the event and the guild.

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    Posted on Saturday, October 13, 2001, 2:40 AM EDT by Barth VanDorn (GreatLakes)

    Repair Service & Commodity Deeds are Blessed
    On the MyUO Discussion Boards, Sannio posted this assurance:

    Some people have been asking about the Repair Service Contracts and the Commodity Deeds, specifically about whether nor not you could steal them. So, you may be happy to know that both the Repair Service Contracts and Commodity Deeds are "blessed," in that they cannot be stolen (if kept in the top level of one's backpack), and cannot be looted.

    Online Community Coordinator, UO
    Origin Systems

    [ Comment on this article ]

    Posted on Friday, October 12, 2001, 10:33 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

    Edinburgh Festival
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received this from Niamb Goldenhair, mayor of Edinburgh.
    Come one, come all to Edinburgh's Fall Founding Festival!

    It has been just over a year since the founding of our fair village and the guilds that comprise Edinburgh Village invite the citizens of Britainnia to join us is our celebration. The Festival will be held on Sunday evening, Oct. 14 from 7 to 10PM in the eastern sky. Edinburgh is located by the Wrong Mountains, just outside of the protected area for the Dungeon of Wrong.

    Originally founded by the crafters of the Britainnia Order of Woodcrafters, Edinburgh has since expanded to include the Guardians of Edinburgh and Village of Edinburgh guilds. Crafters from all 3 guilds will be on hand, in the town hall, to do crafting and repairs throughout the evening. GM smiths will be available for free repairs. GM tinkers, tailors and carpenters will also be there. Crafters will gladly craft one item for people who bring the raw materials needed to make the item, free of charge. Please remember that difficult to craft items often have a number of failures before the item is successfully crafted with loss of materials upon each failure, so more than the minimum requirements should be brought for difficult to craft items. Limited amounts of raw materials will be available for sale at slightly above NPC prices.

    A raffle will be held with a 50K purse. Tickets will be available throughout the evening for 100gp each, with the winner announced at the end of the evening. You must be present to win.

    The first event will be a Scavenger hunt that will begin promptly at 7PM and run till 8PM. This symbolizes our citizens hurriedly gathering up their belongings at the time of the great splitting of the facets. Participants will have until 8PM to gather the items listed. All returning after 8PM will be ruled ineligible. Prizes will be a statue from a rat mage for first place and a fully charged set of arcane clothing with matching GM leather armor for the runner-up.

    As scavenged items are checked for accuracy, visitors are urged to visit the Mermaid's Tale Casino, located in a small tower on the Edinburgh coast to try their luck. After all luck played heavily into our being able to build our homes

    At 8:20 our auction will begin to remind us of how we had to sell off possessions to prepare for our move to the new lands of Trammel. Items will range from magic weapons to decorating services. The auction will be held in the Whispering Pines Tavern and will run until 9:20PM.

    The bare-back race around the Wrong Mountain begins at 9PM. Participants may ride a standard horse, llama, ostard or ridgeback clad only in their skivvies. No ethereal mounts are allowed. Riders must circumnavigate the entire Wrong Mountain range, with checkpoints along the way. Prizes will be: 1st place-Big Fish trophy deed, 2nd place-10k amethyst jewelry set, 3rd place-a savage ridgeback. Here we remember the mad race to stake our claim for a home in the new lands of Trammel. Racers will gather on the Village Green north of town.

    Following the race, the raffle winner will be drawn and the 50k check presented to the lucky winner at the Whispering Pines Tavern.

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    Posted on Friday, October 12, 2001, 10:21 PM EDT by Elisa Montclaire (Catskills)

    New Features for Crafting System
    Vex, Designer, posted these new features for the Crafting System on the MyUO Discussion Boards. He is asking for help identifying any other unresolved issues with the system.

    Over the last week I have completed these additional features for the Crafting System -- some had just not been gotten to yet, while others were promised in earlier posts. Here is a summary of those items:

    1> Tailoring - if you only have 1 color of cloth in your pack, that cloth is automatically used. Otherwise, you are prompted to target the cloth to use.

    2> Tinkering - trapping containers, faction traps, and making trap removal kits are all working now.

    3> Carpentry - player-made chests can be made lockable again.

    4> Miscellaneous recipe fixes - oil cloths needed cloth, sashes needed leather, misc other similar items have been taken care of.

    5> Misc. text message changes (many of which need a client update with new cliloc files to bee seen)

    6> Items created will no longer blink at the player's feet before appearing in the backpack. The items will instead appear smoothly in the backpack.

    7> If all materials used to create an item come from the same subcontainer in the player's backpack, the resulting item is placed in that subcontainer. Otherwise, the item goes directly in the character's backpack.

    8> Cartography can now be done with blank scrolls.

    9> The crafting menu now automatically re-opens after the player responds to the maker's mark prompt.

    10> Various weird numbers appearing over players and objects (these were actually debugging messages meaningful internally) have been removed.

    11> Mining - fixed problem where some places in Ilshenar produce ore that can't be stacked and when smelted produces 0 ingots. Also fixed the problem that caused ore to be effectively smelted twice on failure when certain types of forges were used.

    There's probably other stuff I've done but forgotten about here. Please use this thread to give me additional feedback. Note that the design is now definitely locked, and the code is only being changed at this point to fix bugs or serious design flaws. So -- while our QA people go over this with a fine-toothed comb, do y'all know of any issues still unresolved with the crafting system overhaul?

    Later in the thread Vex added:

    I also stated in another thread that :

    * A memory leak that was also causing sluggishness in the crafting menus has been resolved. This won't be visible until the next client update. The memory leak is fixed, and the crafting menus will be just as fast as other menus in the game.

    * Fixed problems in materials consumption that were causing excess bandwidth usage. This fix should be most visible to modem users.

    Then Hanse “corrected” Vex’s post:

    "This fix should be most visible to modem users."

    Don't you mean invisible? *ducks and runs*

    UO Live Designer
    Happy birthday to UO!

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    Posted on Friday, October 12, 2001, 8:07 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

    Test Spoiler News
    test 1-2-3

    Vex, Designer, posted these new features for the Crafting System on the MyUO Discussion Boards. He is asking for help identifying any other unresolved issues with the system.

    Posted on Friday, October 12, 2001, 8:01 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (Spoilers)

    Update on Auto-Refresh
    Posted to FYI:

    Recently, there was a problem with players’ houses not being refreshed properly due to an issue with the automatic house refresh system. We have kept a very close eye on the situation, and all houses were manually refreshed while we addressed the issue. The problem has since been fixed, and all houses should now be refreshing automatically on a daily basis. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    It’s important to note that house decay itself has not been frozen. Houses will decay a small amount over the course of a day; however, they will be completely refreshed the following day.

    [ Comment on this article ]

    Posted on Friday, October 12, 2001, 5:32 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

    Getting to Know GM Platinum
    Below is the latest installment in Comments for the Team section. These articles from the UO Live Team let us get to know the Dev team on a more personal basis.
    I started playing Ultima Online about 3 and a half years ago. Computer and video games were new to me. I was never really interested in playing them. At first, I was even reluctant to play UO. I had watched friends play the game and couldn’t quite see the point of it. Finally, they talked me into creating a character and giving the game a chance. From that moment on, I realized I had found my greatest addiction ever. I played the game as often as I could, and have made some awesome friendships over the years. For me, the friendships and the fun times are what kept me coming back to the game each day.

    After playing for a while I moved on to the counselor program. That was fun for me because it gave me the opportunity to play a game I loved so much on a completely different level, as well as allowed me to give something back to the community by providing assistance to the players. I was in the process of moving back to my home state of Texas when I got word they were hiring Game Masters. Woohoo!!!

    I have been working as a Senior Game Master for just over a year now. I know a lot of you are probably not familiar with the role of a Senior Game Master. Your first instinct may be to request one of us if you are unhappy with the answer another Game Master has given you. However, the best place to send any concerns about in-game service is to [email protected]. The Senior Game Master is there to manage all the calls that come into the queue, as well as complete various administrative tasks. There are some calls we receive that are extremely important, such as calls about hacked accounts and calls from players who have been scammed. Help requests like these need to get attention immediately, and we do everything in our power to make sure a Game Master goes to these calls as quickly as possible. So, if you get a call from a Game Master asking you to provide more information, it is nothing more than an attempt on our part to make sure that high priority calls get attention as quickly as possible.

    I know that often times players do not think that the support staff cares about them. The majority of us play the game too, and we know what it is like to have things go wrong in game while we are trying to play and have fun. It can be frustrating and sometimes upsetting, even more so when the support staff is unable to correct the situation. As I close this, let me leave you with this thought: we do care about the player base, and we strive to make everyone’s gaming experience as enjoyable as possible.

    Player Relations
    Ultima Online

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    Posted on Friday, October 12, 2001, 5:26 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

    Publish Update
    Posted on the FYI section of the official UO Boards :
    The items that were listed in Testing for the Next Update and published to the Great Lakes and Oceania shards earlier this week (commodity deeds, repair contracts, and secure house trades), were published to all remaining shards. This publish became active on the East and West Coast shards following their Thursday morning maintenance period, and became active on the European and Asian shards following their scheduled Friday morning maintenance period. These changes have now been added to Latest Game Updates.

    [ Comment on this article ]

    Posted on Friday, October 12, 2001, 12:50 PM EDT by citizenKane2 (GeneralNews)

    Extensive Discussion of Virtue System
    I hope everyone remembers the essay from Nocturnal on UO Powergamers!? Because he is doing such a fine job that needs to get noticed by everyone who is even slightly interested in the new virtue system.
    Nieves from Powergamers posted a followup from Nocturnal which can also be read on their forums. I will just take Calandrylls comments out there, but I would advice everyone interested to have look in this thread and drop their own opinions either there or here in our discussion boards.

    1) All virtues are related back to their founding principles, and the game keeps track of both the character’s advancement in each virtue as well as their advancement in the three principles, which will be an internally tracked mechanism. Thus, a player who is very compassionate will have grown in the principle of love, and therefore the other virtues that are derived from love gain a small benefit from this (sacrifice and spirituality). Thus, all virtues are inseparable, intertwined together. This mechanic represents the concept that the virtues are not mutually exclusive, for it makes little sense to have a very compassionate person who is also a miser. It is also much easier for a very compassionate person to become selfless and care more for others’ gain than for their own (i.e. sacrifice).
    --I like the concept of having gains in one virtue tie into another. It's something we can add to the virtues later once they are all in the game. Remember, we are doing this one or two virtues at a time. Doing it this way allows us to put them in faster. If we tried to do all 8 virtues at once, you probably wouldn't see them for a year...if ever.

    2) Before a character can become virtuous, they must learn to open themselves to the three principles and the virtues they directly represent. Thus, a character must first begin by exploring the avenues of compassion, honesty, and valor. To justify this, we will examine the real world briefly. To begin on the path of spiritual enlightenment, one does not immediately begin to experiment with the further reaches of their spirituality. A newly converted Catholic will not start with exorcisms. Thus, for a character to begin their growth in more advanced virtues, they must already have furthered themselves in the three principles. (Remember, by growing in each virtue, their principles will also grow.)

    To justify these previous points, we will use an example. A person donates a large amount of their possessions to a poor citizen. While this shows virtue in sacrifice, does it not also make them compassionate? Does it not also make sense that only a compassionate person would make such a donation? Also, this donation says nothing of their honesty or valor (and therefore their truth and courage).
    --I think we're going to have to move past the idea of using the Principles, at least at first. While I totally agree they are an important aspect of the virtues, the fact that we are adding virtues one or two at a time and we have specific reasons for adding the two we are adding first (as I explained in my original post) that I still feel very strongly about. I don't agree that one must follow the path of valor, compassion, and honesty first. That assumes that the person wants to follow in those virtues. Remember, we are *not* creating a quest of the avatar system with this. The idea is for players to chose which virtues are important to them and then follow their paths. The possibility of "achieving" all 8 virtues will be slim...if we do this right.

    3) Once a person has demonstrated growth in many of the virtues (which, by our previous definition also gives them some amount of virtue in other areas, so, to make it simpler, have good truth, love, and courage), they may begin exploring more advanced paths in virtue. If a person has shown the ability to love and be truthful and courageous, they may begin on the road to spiritual enlightenment. It is only through demonstration of these three principles that deems them worthy of the greater knowledge of one’s existence. They must have the courage to discover the real truth within themselves, a labor of love. An untrustworthy, dishonest person has neither desire nor the character strength to become spiritual. Likewise, a hateful and malicious person has little to gain from a greater knowledge of the spiritual workings of the universe. A timid, frightful, and closed-minded person does not have the resolve to discover that their view of the world may be shattered and replaced by a greater, more humbling view, which leads to the final virtue.
    --My response to this is similar to #2. While I really like both 2 and 3, they have a bit too much of a single player game design in them. Or perhaps I am just reading this wrong. Either way, what I wrote for #2 applies here too.

    4) Once a person has challenged their view, and put them self on the brink of the inviting vice of pride and turned away, has enlightened themselves to the absolute truth of existence, and learned to love everything equally, has a person truly become to be humble. Humility is not a doctrine followed by those who seek a means to an end. Those that would “lower” them self to help the less fortunate cannot experience humility. The truly humble know there are no positions greater or less than their own. The last step on the road to Avatar-hood is not an easy one.

    (Points 3 and 4 are an in-character way of saying you can’t gain spirituality until you have a solid foundation in love, truth, and courage, and you can’t gain humility until you have a solid foundation in spirituality.)
    --Again, response is the same as in #2. I think we are going to disagree that the order in which the virtues are followed is important.

    5) Each virtue has a corresponding antithesis, or as some call it an anti-virtue. While I believe that creating a system that rewards evil deeds is even more conceptually flawed than creating one that rewards good deeds (rewarding, evil deeds have been one of the primary forces for change in online games), having the opposite of each virtue be a game mechanic serves a purpose.
    --Agreed here. I have no desire to reward evil deeds. While I know there are some people that role-play evil characters and I have nothing but the greatest of respect for them...the potential for exploitation for rewarding evil deeds far exceeds that of good deeds.

    A rich man may give a poor man a sum of money. Is this sacrifice? Yes. However, the rich man may also have unimaginable sums of money left over. Can this, then, truly be called sacrifice? It is my opinion that it cannot. Therefore, you can perform deeds that allow you to grow in virtues, and performing others (or, in some cases, NOT performing others) will have the opposite effect: you will become less virtuous. A few examples.

    a) The cap, if you will, of sacrifice gain is inversely proportional to the gold a player has in the bank. A system of evaluating other assets will have to be implemented in order for there not to be a simple work around of storing wealth in non-gold form. In other words, you can’t be advanced in sacrifice if you are rich.
    --Good idea, but easily exploited. All one has to do is put the excess gold they want keep on antoher character on another account. No way to accurately track the two.

    b) Gaining a murder count will have drastic consequences on your compassion and justice. It is perceivable that your level of honor will also suffer.
    --This I like a lot.

    c) Stealing from innocents will have drastic consequences on your justice, honor, and honesty.
    --Again, good thinking.

    d) If you engage an enemy, and are forced to retreat without being engaged by other forces, your valor and honor will suffer as a result.
    --This one sounds good, but might be very hard, if not impossible, to track. One thing to remember is that anytime you design a system that has to know the intent of the player that system is inherently flawed. It is virtually impossible for a computer system to guage intent.

    e) A humble person cannot be the leader of a party, the leader of a guild, or equip certain items or control certain creatures. (Glacial staves, as an example, are hardly the mark of a humble individual.)
    --Again, interesting idea, but how is this fun? I'd like this in a single player game, but in an MMOG where we are trying to encourage people to play together I don't think this would work. One thing to always remember to ask yourself when designing a system is "how is this idea fun?". If its not fun, then it could be trouble.

    f) Dying has a negative effect on your valor.
    --Not sure I really understand this, even after reading your explanation. Dying to an enemy is no more or less valorous than defeating them. Running away or recalling away would seem to fit better...but again, hard to track.

    6) As you “grow” in each virtue, it will become progressively harder to grow further. While almost anyone can show token compassion from time to time, it is the rare individual who is always compassionate and never succumbs to hatred. Because certain actions that may allow you to grow in some virtues are the antithesis of others, it will be very difficult to be very virtuous in all virtues at one time. This relates back to the concept that all virtues are intertwined, and based upon common principles.
    --Agreed. Although I am not sure if I like the idea of intwining them (again, I know they are, but I talked about why not to do this in my previous post). I totally agree that it should be hard, if not nearly impossible, to gain in all 8 at the same time.

    7) A non-absolute scale will represent “growth” in virtues. There will not be definite levels, or fixed points at which things change, but will rather shown to the player as a smooth scale, represented perhaps by an indicator on a slider bar for each virtue.
    -Not possible, especially if you have rewards in the system (which we are going to, for reasons I explained in my previous post). You can hide the numbers from the players (which we plan to do) but the bottom line is that the system itself will be based on numbers. The players will see their progression in the virtues through a graphical interface (a new gump) that shows all 8 symbols and hues them depending on how far you have progressed in them though. But again, those symbols will hue based on numerical values that the computer tracks. No other way to do it.

    --Again, let me say that I really liked your post. While I may not agree with parts of it, I greatly respect and appreciate your thoughts. I think we both may be coming at this from different angles though. I see a lot of ideas based on judging intent in your designs and that is very difficult to do.

    --I also read a lot of "this system should be a role-playing system" in your ideas. What you have written is a very cool if someone already has a very good understanding of the virtues. If they don't, I think you'd lose them from the get-go. I talked about that in my previous post, but I think it bears repeating. I agree with you, but any system that is designed for role-players will NOT encourage others to role-play who do not already. That to me is a huge loss of potential. But a system that encourages role-playing but is not made specifically for role-players CAN increase the number of people who role-play in the game.

    --The virtues are a wonderful and complicated ideal. In truth, no system on the planet (not even those made in the single player games) can ever truly capture what they mean. But, they are a part of Ultima and hence, should be a part of Ultima Online as much as is possible.

    --I hope I wasn't too blunt with my comments. I feel very strongly about putting the virtues in UO and I want to do it right. But by "right" I mean not only for those that feel strongly about the virtues, but also by those who barely have any idea what they are. I think we can all agree that the more people in UO that know and understand the virtues, the better the community will be.

    Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
    Designer, Ongoing Content
    "a wizard did it"

    and posting number 2:
    If the virtue system is implemented without giving anything for being true to a different (more evil) path, then the nature of good and evil is imbalanced. Why would you need an avatar if everyone normally could easily defeat the villain? I think that something would have to be given to the people who ROLEPLAY Evil. I understand that giving Sir Twinky extra ANYTHING for sitting around and calling people n00b's while looting and griefing would just be totally wrong.
    --How do you differnciate the two? Again, this is an intent issue, and judging intent is virtually impossible through code. How can I tell if you killed that other player because you are role-playing evil or just because you want their lewt and lord the kill over them? This is why I said that I have the greatest respect for those that actually role-play evil characters. It's damn hard to do.

    The solution must deal with these certain assumptions:
    1. Evil cannot (and should not) be rewarded for being evil

    2. The balance between 'good' and 'bad' must be mantained
    --Also agreed. Which is why we (OSI) try to play the role of evil as often as possible.

    3. The rewards of the virtue system cannot be too good. They must be modest, making the system worthwhile to use, but not as worthwhile to exploit.
    --I think people's definitions of "too good" vs. "no good" differs...which makes this part hard. I agree with the spirit of your thought though.

    4. People should have to dedicate at least some time to following the path of the virtues. (this might actually instill some morals into people but probably not. Still, we should give it a try...)
    --I don't agree here. If someone doesn't want to follow the virtues, they don't have to. In fact, someone can completely role-play a good character and not follow the virtues. The virtues are an ideal, not a method of judging morality.

    The solution?
    1. Install a system of virtues that allows people to walk it's path.
    --That's the idea.

    2. Reward people who perform their virtue/ideal (love, courage, truth) through normal game play. Meaning, don't let someone spam "I will help thee" to get up a 'tier' of compassion. Make them do something different like having them WALK , physically escort an NPC to a city/house/location that they want to go to, through a dangerous area...
    --Agreed here as well. The idea for all virtues will hopefully be doing things that require the player to actually think about their actions and "work" (the fun kind of work though) for it.

    3. Allow those who Rp evil to be able to have some interaction with the virtue system, without necessarily having to perform 'good'. Say the evil person 'talks' the NPC out of wanting to go back to his family, and coerces him to work alongside the evil character. (I know, pretty stupid lame example but I don't know much about game mechanics and am just thinking how a virtue system could be implemented through gameplay.)
    --Difficult to do, but I would love to hear more ideas.

    Just a few ideas for how someone evil ::evil grin:: could get something out of this system without having to perform good deeds. I tried to Rp good, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.
    --Heh, I tried to RP evil and couldn't do it. That's one of the reasons I respect those that do so much.
    Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
    Designer, Ongoing Content
    "a wizard did it"

    and last not least the third comment from Cal:
    Before I get fully back into the discussion, I'd like to state a few things. One, is how surprised I was to arrive home and find that Calandryll had replied personally to my essay. Not something I had expected, to put it mildly. Second, is how impressed I am with him that he is taking the time with what I have written.
    --If someone takes the time to write a passionate, intelligent response to something I am working on, it would be an injustice if I did not respond to it if it is brought to my attention.

    Now, back to the matter at hand.

    Now that you have mentioned it, I agree that the system shouldn't be designed specifically for roleplayers. That wasn't the intent of my system. As you quite accurately pointed out, a system that is geared towards one sect of players earns the derision of the other sect(s). Thus, a system designed for roleplayers becomes a "trammel n00bie bank sitter" system, and a system geared towards pvpers becomes a "pk d3wd gank fest".
    --Great. I'm glad we see eye to eye on that. A lot of people see the virtues as something only role-players should be encouraged to do. In fact, I think that's a cop out. Making the system interesting to role-players is easy. Making it interesting to the majority of UO players is the challenge.

    Implementing ideas of both mingles the two otherwise mutually exclusive communities. A system that encourages roleplaying and rewards pvp, and vice versa, could be a very effective way of closing the gap between pvper and roleplayer that has existed since the dawn of this game.
    --Exactly. And it is my hope that the virtues will encompass both in some form.

    Moving on, I disagree that my system assumes prior knowledge of the virtues. It does no more so than one needs prior knowledge of the workings of a generator in the current scenario in order to dismantle it. There would be a necessity, of course, to give the player some direction, and definitely an indication of their growth in each virtue. However, some things should be left up to them to discover, no? Either that, or left up to them to read about on Stratics.
    Hehe, and that's just it. There is very little real concept of discovery in online games. It's something that as a content designer, makes things very difficult.

    Perhaps I had been too "single-player" oriented when designing my own system. I think we both agree that this Virtue system is inherently imperfect in that a game cannot guage the intent of a player, and that the intent of a player is inherently marred when the purpose of their actions is usually a reward. However, I don't agree that it is too single-player oriented to open up new virtues as they progress.
    --I agree with you and didn't mean to harp on the single player thing as much as I did. I didn't mean to imply that the idea of having them open progessivly was a single player game design, rather it was more difficult to do it because we are implementing one or two virtues at a time.

    Perhaps it is a bit short-sighted (though it does stick to fiction) that they must explore Valor, Honesty and Compassion first, but I don't think that keeping the "higher" virtues (spirituality and humility) until they have a certain level of virtue is *too* single player. It would be an identifiable reward for gaining virtue, and would give an additional sense of accomplishment. (In my opinion, more so than 5 more stat points would.)
    --I see what you are saying, but again, I think we'll hit cimplications because we are not implementing the system all at once (although we are doing some preliminary design on all of them, something I hope to talk about in more detail later once I've read more feedback).

    Of course, if you're set on adding humility first, there's nothing more to say to that.
    --Pretty much set on it to be perfectly honest.

    (I do see the merit such a virtue has for the community, mind you, and I can understand the decision to do that first. Though, perhaps, couldn't sacrifice represent a similar thing? I don't think helping out young players defines the be-all and end-all of being humble.)
    --It's not. One thing to keep in mind is that we are not going to cover ever way of being virtuous. For instance, whatever we do for honesty will not involve players telling the truth io each other. That goes back to the intent issue. There is no way to track that, even if we let players judge each other as honest (major exploits with that). These are simply ways one can do something to gain in the path.

    As for it being impossible to represent their gains in virtue without "levels"...

    Being a computer science major, I understand that that is how it would be tracked. But I also know that it could be displayed by a graphic which is less...'stark' than "level 10". I mean, you've gotta have some measure of gain between levels, why can't you represent the whole scale on some sort of slider?
    --Ok. I didn't say it's impossible to represent them without levels, what I meant was that you have to use numbers for the code. You will *not* see a numerical level indicator for the virtues. Like I said, we're using graphical representations using the symbols and colors of the virtues. This will make more sense once you see the gump. We're also going to use titles for each virtue to show what "level" (again for lack of a better word) you have achieved. There will be little to no visible numerical values to the players...all of the numbers will be behind the scenes in the code.

    Just the idea of "level 6 compassion" makes me shudder.
    --Me too. Which is why that will never be part of the design. I only used the word "level" because its a word people easily understand. I'll use valor as an example and again, understand that I only use the word level as a representation, not because you'll ever see it. There are three levels for each virtue. At level 0, the part of the gump that would hold the sword (valor) would be empty and there would be no title. At level 1, the sword would be in the gump, hued a light shade of gray (all virtues are gray at first level)...the title displayed when you moused over the sword would be "Seeker of Valor". At second level the sword would hue a light shade of red (pinkish) and the title changes to "Follower of Valor". At the third and final level, the sword hues a bright deep red and the title becomes "Guardian of Valor". All of the virtues appear on the same gump that is openend from the paperdoll. Anyone can view another character's virtue status. But you will *never* see "Valor: Level 1" or anything like that. Make sense?
    Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
    Designer, Ongoing Content
    "a wizard did it"

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    Posted on Friday, October 12, 2001, 11:49 AM EDT by Teich Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Sanctuary under siege
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<A tired messenger boy did run this to me to show to the world...

    Sanctuary under siege.

    I pen this letter in great haste, in the hopes that noble citizens from all over this vast world shall unit and repel the growing hordes of darkness that threaten to overrun Sanctuary altogether. I nay know what hath triggered these attacks but I know that unless an army can be mustered soon Sanctuary will fall....from there the wise can only guess what will happen next. These attacked began early this very morning, great lumbering Golem smashed through the town with unimaginable strength and violence. They destroyed building and humans alike in what can only be called an inhuman act of destruction. From my vantage point I noticed that they where lead by Magi of some evil order. Dressed in pure red these Magi gave of a sickening crimson glow as they ordered the Iron Golems to destroy our fair town. Great pillars of mystical origins sprung up over night. It appears to me that these generators have great power over both the Magi and golems...Mayhaps if we can destroy these items somehow.....
    I fear for my life, and that of my friends, already many noble monks, warriors and priest have stood against the tidal wave of attacks, our numbers dwindle as we try desperately to protect our town. I myself have been brutally attacked by one of the Iron Golems as I fled from the Mage tower. The beast lifted me above its horrid head and threw me across the open ground, my body still aches... if not for the noble act performed by Helm- Battleguard of Tempus, I fear I would no more, another dead body, another victim of this terrorable act.
    My time is short, I hope this letter reaches someone who can help us. We call for all those stout of heart and strong in courage, these beastly creatures are hideous. Ye can Locate Sanctuary just out from Skara Brea, travel across the ocean using the ferry boats and follow the road to these co-ordinates:

    31 degrees 6 seconds South
    35 degrees 13 seconds West

    Please hurry, I fear we have nay long before we shall loose this tiresome battle. Many are dead and the count grows. Be prepared for battle if ye adventure into Sanctuary's border, we are under siege, May our faith grow strong in this hour of need.

    Fenric el Cyrus
    Glyphscribe of Deneir.
    Sanctuary's Librarian

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    Posted on Friday, October 12, 2001, 8:28 AM EDT by Calvan (Oceania)

    More on Bulk Order Rewards
    On this thread on the official UO Boards here, Hanse made these further remarks (among others) on the proposed rewards for bulk order deeds :
    The bulk order system is designed for trading (no matter what type). It will take (on average) a very large population of the shard to get all the deeds together for the top rewards. The only way to circumvent the extreme percentages is to "win the lottery".

    Check the system out on Test Center. Once you've seen it in action, you'll understand how difficult it is to get the correct deed you need.

    On the same thread, in response to a query whether the proposed bulk order system will benefit bowyers when implemented, Hanse replied :
    We've discussed something with the bulk order system along those lines, but nothing has been decided on.

    Although, magical bows are the most frequent magical weapons through loot (monsters and treasure chests) in the game.

    [ Comment on this article ]

    Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2001, 9:31 PM EDT by citizenKane2 (GeneralNews)

    Houses are Safe
    We received this note from Cynthe:

    Just so you all know, there was an issue with house refreshing, but it's something we have been watching closely, and it should be resolved. Your houses are all fine. :)

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    Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2001, 7:55 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

    Postponed: Chesapeake Games
    My breath was turning into frost as I ran another lap around Dagger Island. An added workout was dodging frost trolls and leaping over the walruses in my path. Worried about not being ready for the Olympics, it was with some relief that I snatched this scroll from the jaws of a white wolf. It was sent to me by Black-Ram.
    Due to a complaint we have received from the Team who previously ran the Olympics on the Chesapeake Shard, we have decided to rename our contest to the Chesapeake Games. In doing so, we have postponed the Games to the first 2 weekends in November. All information on the games is on our Chesapeake Events website.

    Companion Black-Ram
    Chesapeake Events Co-Ordinator

    [ Comment on this article ]

    Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2001, 5:33 PM EDT by Idun Syn (Chesapeake)

    Seers Found!
    I was spending a quiet evening at home with my darling, and just when he was complimenting me on how pretty I looked in my hard won arcane boots and cloak, a band of orcs decided to interrupt us! We proceeded to dispatch them promptly. Don't you love how they just walk in the house and start whacking at you with their silly axes? On one of them, I found this scroll, which the creature probably picked up from my doorstep. It was sent to me by Seer Nacrom.
    As the evening mist starts to form around the lands, Seer Nacrom is awaiting for the adventuring parties who have agreed to help search out his friends.

    The moon rises into the evening sky and Seer Nacrom check the clock mounted on the wall of the Counselors Hall in Skara Brae. The time is nearing the meeting hour as the first of several parties arrives and greets him.

    Over the next several minutes, other parties start to arrive and take their places. Seer Nacrom explains the situation of how his friends were lost and all the parties are eagerly waiting to help out.

    Seer Nacrom reads the first of several clues to the locations where the Seers were lost, and the adventuring parties, with impish grins on their faces, soon depart from the Hall on their way to the first location. The lonely Seer stays behind, steadily pacing back and forth, eagerly awaiting to hear from the parties about the first lost seer.

    Some time later, the first of the adventuring parties returns with news that they have found the lost Seer at Dungeon Wrong and Seer Nacrom hands them the second clue to the next Seer. The party disappears again, while, at the same time, the other parties start to return and leave for the next Dungeon.

    After four hours, the Adventuring team from Nidaros returns claming that they have found all the lost Seers. Shortly after, the rest of the adventuring parties also return, having found all the lost Seers.

    Seer Nacrom gives a sigh of relief hearing the good news that his lost comrades are safe once more.

    ----Prizes that were handed out----

    1. All teams were awarded 25,000 for successful completion of the Event.
    2. First Place team: Nidaros Team, led by Fodder, won 500,000 in gold plus 10 arcane gems.
    3. Second Place team won 150K in gold plus 10 arcane gems.

    A list of the teams and other information regarding this event can be found at UO Seers Main Forum.

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    Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2001, 5:00 PM EDT by Idun Syn (Chesapeake)

    Resetting Non-Essential NPCs on all Shards
    A new FYI-Update:
    In order to correct an issue with bankers not selling commodity deeds, we must wipe and reset all current non-essential shopkeeper NPCs. This will not affect stablemaster NPCs, players’ pets, faction vendors, or player-owned vendors. The wipe will occur at 2:15 PM today (Thursday, October 11 CDT). Players may experience some lag when this wipe takes place, but the lag should be only temporary. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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    Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2001, 4:01 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (GeneralNews)

    BNN - Adapting
    A new story is up on BNN:

    The dark chambers of the Master brightened to a dull blue glow as a moongate shimmered into existence on the far side of the room. The outline of a figure in an enshrouding pitch-black cloak turned to watch one of the controllers stumble through the gate, clutching his leg through the tatters of his arcane robe.

    “Report, Phoseph,” the voice of the master rasped from the shadowed corners of the room.

    Phoseph struggled to remain standing as he wiped the encrusted blood from his hands on the frayed edges of his cloak. “We found a tunnel, Master. It must be where the outsiders are coming from.”

    From the moongate, the heavy sound of a golem’s footsteps echoed and creaked like a cart of ore falling over. As it emerged from the moongate, it walked with a strange stumble, pausing between each step. Gears and rods could be seen turning under the ripped outer shell of the clockwork creature like muscles under torn flesh. In its massive arms it held a dead gargoyle, which it tossed to the floor with a careless thud. The moongate dissipated and vanished.

    The dark cloaked stranger stepped forward and silently contemplated the corpse. “The renegades.”

    “A patrol went through the area of the tunnel before it was finished and captured a group of the renegades there. We believe this one stayed hidden until they left, then continued the work on his own.” Phoseph grimaced at the stabbing pain in his leg. He could see his blood pooling on the floor around his foot, but continued with his report. “When we discovered his body, a group of the outsiders surprised us and attacked. The others in my party were killed and their golems were destroyed. This one will have to be repaired.”

    As if in reply, a rapid ticking noise started echoing from the golem, growing louder and louder until it was almost deafening. It stopped suddenly, and the mechanical behemoth fell forward at the waist and crashed to the floor like a pile of pots and pans. The head rolled across the cold stone and stopped beside Phoseph. “We can use this one for parts, my Lord.”

    The figure examined the remains of the golem for a few moments. Its armor looked as though it had been slashed by thousands of cuts. “Blade spirits.”

    Phoseph nodded. “The outsiders know how to cast them. With our current construction plans, the golems’ armor can’t take the assault for long.”

    “Unacceptable.” The cloaked one boomed. “If the golems cannot withstand a common blade spirit, they will be worthless in defending the city. I know the outsiders; they will send more mages as word of this weakness spreads. If the city is left undefended, we will lose more workers. Begin adapting the golems immediately.”

    Phoseph bowed his head and spoke slowly. “My Lord, forgive me, I do not wish to question your wisdom, but… I believe if we use more of our supplies to enhance the golems, we will not have enough left to construct a defense force for the city. The enslaved gargoyles grow fewer in number with each outsider attack. Without them we will not be able to gather enough raw materials to continue construction.”

    “Do as he has ordered, Phoseph.” The voice of the Master rasped from the darkest shadows of the chamber as the tiny lights around the room glowed briefly. “Use what materials are needed and enhance the golems to dispel summoned creatures. We have other ways of defending the city.”

    The dark figure turned towards the voice. “What do you propose?”

    “Phoseph, you are to gather one group of the workers and take them to the small chambers in the production center. Remove their chains.”

    “Master? Remove their chains?” Phoseph stumbled and gasped in pain before regaining his composure. He did his best to ignore the pain in his leg but knew that if he kept bleeding much longer he would likely pass out. “The chains block their use of magic, Master; you told us they were never to be removed, and to kill on sight any worker not in chains to be safe.”

    “The workers will need to use magic to defend the city, Phoseph,” the Master droned.

    The cloaked form slowly spoke as he silently paced the room. “It is risky, but that could be quite effective against the humans…”

    “The workers?” Phoseph spoke in shock as he slipped in the small puddle of blood around his foot, almost losing his balance. “They are not strong enough to hold back the outsiders, Master, even with their spells.”

    The dark figure flew across the room towards Phoseph and an arm shot out, backhanding the controller to the floor. Through the lights dancing across his vision, he could see his Lord standing above him in stillness. “You have offered enough of your opinion, Phoseph. I would suggest you offer no more.” Phoseph noticed the drops of crimson on the cloaked one’s hand and could feel a trickle of warm blood running down his chin from the blow.

    “Go now,” said the cloaked figure. “Prepare the workers so that the city will be defended.” The figure began to turn towards the Master’s voice again but stopped for a brief moment, glimpsing at the blood on its hand in amusement. “And, Phoseph, have your wounds tended to. You seem to be bleeding.”

    “Yes, my Lord.” Phoseph said through clenched teeth. He stumbled his way out of the chamber, leaving lone footprints of blood behind him.

    As soon as he was gone, the figure in the black cloak spoke again. “Are you sure this is wise, enhancing the gargoyle workers? Giving them so much power could be dangerous. They are so weak right now they may not survive the procedure.”

    “We can afford to lose some to experimentation. Those that die during the procedure will provide valuable information. Although I think you would agree that the process has reached near perfection.” The sounds of clicks and whirring increased for a moment.

    The dark figure stood, unmoving. “Indeed.”

    The Master continued. “Enhancing the gargoyles will make them powerful enough to deal with the humans in the city. So long as our chambers are not discovered, my control of their minds will remain absolute. Adapting the golems will make the attacks on Britannia more effective. Victory is still probable.”

    “That may be,” said the figure, his cloak flowing around him as he turned, “but I will not be satisfied until it is absolute.”

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    Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2001, 3:39 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (QuestandEventNews)

    Invitation to Bagball Tournament
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Slagdale sends us this invitation to the next bagball tournament on sunday at 21.00 GMT:
    After the reaction of both the players and the spectators were overwhelming positive, there will be another bagball tournament on the "play ground" near Skara Brae. Everyone is invited, in particular those that have enough from the punches of the golems or the electric shocks of the controllers.
    A "too much" of electric shocks is not evaluated as doping by the way, so that also players "jerking" in the meantime should attempt once not only to close the "controller ring", but also to get the bagball into the opposing goal!

    Therefore swing the legs, slip into your shirts and come to Skara Brae, bagball is not so hard at all. Who has interest and time or even wants to join with a team can report himself with pleasure by the tournament leader:

    Anselm Pechan: ICQ# 86527584

    PS: You find the rules as always at UOworld

    ----- Greetings, Slagdale
    Thank you once again Slagdale!

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    Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2001, 3:02 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (Drachenfels)

    Pop-Up Advertising
    Dear Stratics reader,

    Due to the current standards of Internet advertising, we will begin running pop-up and pop-under ads on certain primary pages across our network. Some of these ads will utilize flash, javascript and/or sound in order to grab your attention; but we'll do our best to make sure that these distractions are as non-irritating as possible and include content that may be of interest to you. Only the front pages of our sites and/or subsites will be affected.

    We understand that these types of ads can be bothersome. Unfortunately, advertisers tend to see much better results from this more intrusive method of advertising, as opposed to the ubiquitous 468 banner that even now lies barely noticed at the top of this page. ;)

    The Internet has yet to find for itself what the commercial is to television. Currently, major advertisers are primarily purchasing ads such as the much-maligned pop-up and those utilizing javascript and flash. So, in order to generate income, Stratics must capitulate to this current trend within the online ad industry and ask our readers to bear with us.

    We sincerely hope that you understand the necessity for these ads: in order for Stratics to grow, improve and remain free to our readers, we must abide by certain standards, especially during this time of economic slowdown.

    I ask that you please keep us within your list of sites to visit--preferably at least 16 times a day*--and know that every time you grin and bear a pop-up at Stratics, you're showing your support and helping us out tremendously.

    We love you, we really, really do!

    Den Stratics Founder

    *subliminal content

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    Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2001, 2:50 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Secret Gimp Retires!
    You laughed (When he took someone elses stuff), You cried (When he took your own), you kissed six bucks goodbye...oh wait that's the theme to Hardware Wars. Never mind...just read on. ;)
    Time for yet another looter to retire. I have posted my final farewell, which you can find at my site:

    The secret identity of "The Secret Gimp" will also be revealed, for the curious.

    Be well, and keep your stuff off the ground! :>


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    Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2001, 2:33 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (CandidCoverage)

    New at OoC
    A new comic: What Really Happened to al the RP Thieves
    is up on the site!

    As always, that and many others are available at



    [ Comment on this article ]

    Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2001, 2:22 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (CandidCoverage) Discussion Boards Down
    Now on FYI:
    A power outage at Origin Systems last night affected our discussion boards, and we are currently working to resolve the problem. We hope to have them back up and running smoothly as soon as possible, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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    Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2001, 12:54 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Calandryll on Virtues
    Calandryll made a longer posting in an UO e-mail group regarding the virtues and the new system. He is actually referring to an article that can be found on UOPowergamers.
    Click here to read that essay and then read the follwing comments from Cal:
    First, I think it was a great essay. I also agree that a lot of the issues are that we haven't unveiled the full system. A lot of the exploit checks haven't been mentioned yet mostly because I didn't mention them all at the player lunch.

    The real problem though is we don't have the luxury of working on a single player game system. The virtue system that appeared in Ultima Prime games didn't have to account for other players or even the idea of a "humble PK".
    Those notions don't exist in a single player game. So yes, if one is expecting the virtue system in UO to mimic the system in a single player game, they may be somewhat disappointed. Rather than get bogged down trying to emulate a single player game experience in a massively multiplayer game (something that has been tried before with disastrous results) we're going in a different direct, but one that I still very strongly feel will hold true to the meaning and spirit of the virtues.

    With regards to the use of the word "level" I only use it for clarity's sake. Numbers are easier to explain and in truth, that's how code works. When one players Ultima 4, the computer doesn't "know" you are being simple knows you have answered the knight's questions correctly X amount of times. Basically, it's just tracking a variable. In fact, for those of you that will recall, gaining Humility in U4 was a simple task of macroing an answer to a guard as he asked you if you were the most valiant warrior in the land. Once you did it X number of times, viola! were humble. I think the system we are proposing fits UO, and the virtue
    Humility, far better than that. :)

    Yes, people are going to be able to find things they would have done differently. And in many ways, as a player, I may even agree with them. But sometimes, design decisions are made keeping the big picture in mind. For instance, why are we doing Humility first? Honestly, there are two reasons.
    First, I believe the Humility system will set the tone for the rest of the virtues, especially for those players that don't know them well. And that's another issue. I can cry to myself as long as I want that the virtues were not a big part of UO in the beginning. They should have been, but they weren't and I can't change that. But, what we can do is put them in now though and do it in a way that is fun, compelling, and interesting to as many players as possible. In so doing, we *must* account for the fact that many, many players have little to no understanding of what the virtues are.
    I think what one will have to do to gain Humility will very much demonstrate to players a great starting concept for the virtues and what they represent as a whole. The second reason is because I am very concerned about the distance between most veteran players and most new players. In the beginning of UO, everyone was new. Even after the first two years of UO, the range between new players and vets was not so far. But now, as UO passes it's fourth year, I see a split in the community. A split that while it may not be as noticeable as the Trammel/Felucca split (please don't start
    a Tram/Fel debate in this thread! :P) is very significant. That's not to say we don't have current players helping new players, we most certainly do.
    But, it is my hope that the Humility aspect of the virtue system will encourage (but not force) more interaction between new players and veterans, something that is not only good for OSI (retention) but also good for the community as a whole. A community cannot grow (and by grow, I don't mean numbers) without new blood.

    The last point I want to make is the idea that "The Humble KiLlAh" is somehow a bad thing. Again, this is a massively multi-player online roleplaying game. One of the key words in there is "massively"...lots and lots of people...and as much as we would like them to, not all of them are going to role-play. And I have always felt that the notion that they should somehow be forced to a bad idea. But, they should be encouraged to.

    In the single player games there was only you. And since it was only you, you could role-play in the game (although I would argue whether any single player game is actually an role-playing in the true sense of the word) and have the world be exactly as you picture it, within the limitations of the design of said game. MMORPGs don't work like that. In these online games, you are going to have a mix of players. And each of those players makes a personal choice how to see a given system in the game. Some will use the system as a role-playing tool, others will power-game it, some will use it casually, and others will ignore it completely. I'm not looking to make a system that only caters to one part of the community. The best systems are those that have something for as many different people as possible. Sure not all systems can do that, but I believe the Virtue System can. And maybe, by using this system, a power-gamer just might get introduced to role-playing and give it a try.

    Don't laugh; I've witnessed it personally. In the Lake Superior Divided Lands Role-playing Scenario that I ran as a player, we had lots of PvPers join. We encouraged role-playing, but we didn't force it. What wound up happening over time was players who used to post little joke threads, smack talk, and even rap songs on the DL boards, were suddenly writing their character bios and getting heavily involved in the intricate sub-plots. The Divided Lands increased the amount of role-playing on the Lake Superior shard. Maybe by only a little...but by some nonetheless. If one wants more role-playing in UO...then making a system that ONLY role-players would enjoy or use will *never* achieve that.

    -Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
    Designer, Ongoing Content
    a wizard did it

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    Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2001, 12:50 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Press Release: "Guild Mistress suspect for Wedding Kidnap!"
    Thursday morning, new evidence in the kidnapping of Mrs. Lancer was unearthed. While reviewing the wedding photos, wedding photographer and fellow White Fang member, Simon, discovered evidence that links Lady Aeris, White Fang Guild Mistress, with the orcish kidnappers.

    The pictures clearly show that Aeris is seen telling Xug, one of the wedding guests who later turned out to be an orc "You know what to do Xug, open a gate, push Mrs Lancer in"

    Whilst standing outside the White Fang Headquarters North East of Vesper, the leader of the WF Green Killers, Viking was asked to comment on this new development. He had this to say: "I cannot comment at this stage on what this means, but I will say that we fully trust and respect Aeris, and while we are not yet sure what to make of this new information, we will certainly be looking into it. This will in no way slow our plans to rescue Mrs. Lancer, which is our
    top priority at this time."

    When asked if Aeris was available for comment Viking stated that he had not seen Aeris since the news of these pictures had become available but that he was already scheduled to meet with Aeris tonight on an unrelated issue and he was sure this matter would be resolved.

    Viking was able to confirm that the White Fang GK believe they have identified where the kidnapped bride Mrs Lancer is being held. Whilst the exact details of any plan to infiltrate the orc camp and free Mrs. Lancer remain classified he did hint that they may be carried out on Saturday evening by saying, "Rest assured, this cowardly deed will soon be avenged, the next Holy day will see our newlywed comrades reunited."

    Whie Fang Press Dept.

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    Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2001, 8:51 AM EDT by Chainsaw Knight (Oceania)

    Who to Thank for New Dungeon [SPOILER]
    If you’ve seen the spoiler pictures of the new dungeon graphics in Ilshenar, you might enjoy knowing who did the work. We have this information from Calandryll. Don’t read unless you want to know more about what is coming as part of the scenario graphics. .





    Don't read any further if you don't want spoilers, contains info about the new area. .





    Wasn't just me. All three of us (Augur, Gromm, and myself) did the world build.

    * Gromm did most of the wilderness, the berry tree area, the grove, the rock
    area, and the Gargoyle Shrine (which those of you that played Ultima six might recognize a bit)
    * Augur did the Gargoyle City and all of the area surrounding it.
    * I did the savage village, the ruined castle, and the swamp.

    Thanks, Dev Team! Great work!

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    Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2001, 6:30 AM EDT by Lady Malynn (QuestandEventNews)

    Here's There and a Guild Sponsorship Update
    Congratulations to Areana of GPC (well known on the Stratics Sonoma message board as Kittykat) who correctly identified the location of this week's Where's Here. In fact, Areana was the only person to send in the correct co-ordinates! Areana won 25K, courtesy of this week's Guild sponsor, Ordo Sylvanus.

    As I mentioned before, Where's Here is seeking Guild Sponsors for the months of November and December. Guild Sponsors find the Where's Here spot and put up half the prize money. The spot may be anywhere, Trammel, Felucca, T2A or Ilshenar, but it must have some sort of recognizable feature. In other words, "a rock by a tree" is not a valid entry. The first guild to find a spot that no players can identify within three days wins 100K.

    Due to the high response, I am asking guilds to sign up for one week at a time, instead of sponsoring an entire month. I want as many guilds as are interested to have a chance to play. I am also asking that interested Guilds send me an e-mail at [email protected] with "Guild Sponsor"as the subject. I need a written log of all interested guilds so no one gets left out or forgotten. I have a brain like a steel sieve, and if you tell me in game, over ICQ, or even in a PM, the information will probably fall right out of my brain the moment I see something shiny. Please do not send in Scribeshots or attachments. I will meet you in game when it is your guild's turn, and you can take me to the spot you have selected.

    [ Comment on this article ]

    Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2001, 4:39 AM EDT by Pluffina (Sonoma)

    Barians Moves Shop to Gyedale
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<A scroll from Barian tells us the following:

    Barians, a long established shop in Trammel is moving to New premises this Friday (co-ordinates 57o 39'N 23o 16'W)

    This is a also a new Player run Town (Gyedale - twinned with Gyevale) and incorporates the Green Gargoyle Restaurant, and the "NEW" Angry Mongbat Tavern.

    I am sure there is way more info to be found on the Europa Forum on this move and both player towns. So if you are interested follow the link on the bottom and leave a note on the forum

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    Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2001, 3:35 AM EDT by Kofu (Europa)

    Newcomers Fair on October 13th
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<A heartwarming event for the Young came into our mailbox from Shri:

    Greetings new and old!

    The community of Sosaria is pleased to announce that we shall be hosting a Newcomer's Fair for the benefit of all those who have recently arrived in our realm.

    The Fair is a place for new players, whether still in their Young stages or not, to come along and meet some of the veterans of these lands, who will be there to offer their advice, helpful hints, answers to your questions and so on. Seeking a place to train your skills? Wanting to know about what gear to use and where to go for adventure? Looking for information on the many diverse guilds of the realm? Interested in the Player Community and their many quests and events? Wanting to meet some friendly faces who are only too willing to offer you help and assistance as you learn the ropes in this land? Well, come along to the Newcomer's Fair and find all this and more!

    The first Newcomer's Fair will be held on Saturday the 13th of October, starting at 16:00 CET (3 p.m. UK time) and running until 22:00 CET, (9 pm UK time).

    The Fair will run simultaneously in three locations, the Counsellor's Guild Halls in the cities of Skara Brae, Moonglow and Britain on the Trammel facet. These were selected because they are easy to find and relatively safe to get to, both important considerations for new players.

    To Find Skara Brae, seek a Moongate and select the option for Skara in the Trammel facet. Once you arrive, walk a short way to the south and you will be in the town very near the Counsellor's Guild hall. This route is guaranteed to be safe.

    To find Moonglow, select the option for Moonglow Trammel at any Moongate and head north a short way from the gate, beware of the few Mongbats that you may encounter as you head towards the town. Once inside the gates, head right towards the bank and you will find the Counsellor's Guild Hall directly behind it. This route is relatively safe for new players.

    To find the great city of Britain, Select the Trammel option for Britain at any Moongate, and then seek the main road north, which lies just to the east of the gate. Follow the signs along the road to the north, passing many farms, and you shall soon find yourself in the bustling capitol of the realm. Finding the Councellor's Guild Hall is a bit more of a challenge, but ask for instructions and persevere, you shall soon discover it. This is the hardest of the three locations to find.

    In some respects the Newcomer's Fairs are intended to go some way towards filling the void left by the closure of the Counsellors programme, as well as allowing new players a chance to meet others who are willing to act as potential mentors for them as they start their journey here in Britannia.

    So come along to the Newcomer's Fair, meet the folks and get ready to set foot into a whole new way to experience this world!


    Custodes Fati
    Town of Spiritwood

    I hope many Young and Veterans alike will find their way to this event. I have heard stories of many guilds and towns that will be attending and lending support to this initiative.

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    Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2001, 3:26 AM EDT by Kofu (Europa)

    Hanse comments on Bulk Order Deeds
    Hanse made some comments on the design of the Bulk Order Deeds and their current rewards on the
    Not a problem... I'm not offended by any constructive criticism. A little bashing usually just gets posts ignored. :)

    Due to the difficulty involved in getting, crafting, and combining the large deeds, we felt that an extra bonus on top of the color should be used. The difficulty is quite steep towards the high-end spectrum of the deeds. We weighed our options, debated those options, and settled on the current magical properties.

    We then performed a few days of profiling. We pulled information on all shards regarding blacksmithy skills, exceptional crafting difficulty of blacksmithed items, percentages for deed creation (converted to hours required to get a full val excep 20 suit deed), etc.

    We've also been logging all high-end rewards. Two were given out up until 12 CST (last time I saw the logs) today. The rewards were two +10 blacksmithy ancient hammers. None of the high-end hammers are in circulation on Test Center.

    This is just a small sampling of blacksmiths attempting to fill high-end deeds. Although, they can delete and create new characters to get new deeds immediately. It does show that the system is working (after a few thousand deeds have been distributed).

    The high-end rewards are very rewarding, but the effort required is way beyond the value of the reward (individually or collectively as 1000 blacksmiths swapping the deeds between themselves). The mid-range rewards are rewarding and worth the effort. The low-end rewards are simple and probably beneath expectations of a veteran (because they're intended for new players).

    We definitely understand your position. The design is still standing under its meticulous review. Thanks for your input... we'll discuss this further. :)

    UO Live Designer
    Happy birthday to UO!

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    Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2001, 1:34 AM EDT by Teich Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Life In The Orc Fort
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Mrs Lancer was cold, wet, and miserable. Life was not being good to her. One moment she was happy, a bride at her wedding. The next her she was in this foul smelling, cold Orc fort. It all started during her wedding celebrations. The vows had been exchanged along with the rings and Ashaal the Minister had pronounced her and Kahlibar husband and wife. Suddenly there was chaos and a pair of dirty grubby hands grabbed her shoulders and pushed her through the magical gate.

    When she opened her eyes again she was imprisoned with dozens of Orcs gazing at her over the walls of her prison. This is not good,thought Mrs Lancer, she had always excelled at understatement.
    "Strip! pud dese cuverins un" said one of the Orcs as he tossed some foul smelling dirty robes to her. Brown was not her colour but under the circumstances she decided she would be better off co-operating with these beasts. There was a rattle of a key in a lock and suddenly the door opened. A tall muscular Orc entered the cell.
    "Still or ju be ded" he said. He grabbed her wedding dress and placed it under one arm. Next he picked up her lovely pink hat and tossed it to one of his brethren. "Mmmm tasty" this Orc said and promptly ate it.
    "Why have you taken me from my people" Mrs Lancer asked.
    "Hahaha Humie breedur askin fings ov meeb. Ju no soon enuff" the large Orc replied "Breedur no speek wiv no one but meeb" he shouted to the assembled orcs. Mumbles of acknowledgement came back.
    "Ju speek to no one. Only meeb. Ju call me SIR meeb call you Pugdung" the large Orc laughed. Soon every assembled Orc was rolling on the floor laughing.

    The Orc interrogations were something that Mrs Lancer was getting good at. After spending many hours sparring with Viking she knew what pain was and how to ignore it. She also knew what broken armour looked like but that is the price you pay sparring with a mace fighter.

    "Du ju no hu ju are Pugdung?" she would be asked.
    "I am Mrs Lancer, Wife of Kahlibar" was her standard reply.
    "In Por Ylem" the Orc mage interrogator would reply. "Du ju no hu ju are Pugdung?" she would be asked again.
    "I am Mrs Lancer, Wife of Kahlibar."
    "Vas Flam" was the response from the Orc interrogator.
    "Du ju no hu ju are Pugdung?" said the Orc mage shouting.
    "I am Mrs Lancer, Wife of Kahlibar."
    "Kas Vas Flam" was his response.
    Now he would walk away and leave her alone for a few hours to heal and then the whole process would start again. Someone rescue me please, I do not know for how long I can survive here she thought. I dont mind the interrogations as long as I get some time to heal, nice resist magic gains though was also another thought that was floating around her head but she was trying to discard it as it would serve ! her no purpose in this place.

    Food. Now this was something that she actually started to look forward to. Not the raw maggot infested Sewer Rat that the Orcs bought once every couple of days but the fruit that was being given to her daily by one of the smaller younger looking Orcs. When this Orc first gave her the food she pretended to eat it and hid it fearing it may be poisoned, but after trying the Sewer Rat she decided that even poisoned Apples must be better than the Rat.
    "Why do you give me food?" she asked the young Orc one morning. The young Orc looked around nervously and seeing no-one was watching handed her a piece of paper with only two words written on it.

    Mrs Lancer
    White Fang Guild

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    Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2001, 12:25 AM EDT by Whisper (Oceania)

    Scenario Bug Fixes
    Calandryll (Designer, Ongoing Content) made these remarks on bug fixes associated with the new scenario here
    Next week's scenario publish will include the following bug fixes:

    * Unreachable generator panels - this will fix all existing panels as well.
    * Young players using control panels - since young players don't get damaged they will no longer be able to use the control panels
    * Controller fame - lowered to be in keeping with their difficulty
    * Arcane gem recharge - anyone, regardless of tailoring skill will be able to rechrage arcane items. GM tailors will be able to recharge them to 100% capacity, nonGMs will only be able to recharge them to 80% of their maximum.
    * Arcane Controller clothing - Clothing worn by controllers will autotmatically delete when the controller dies.
    * Cant use arcane gems on blessed items - this will keep people from losing their blessed items
    * Null string errors - server localization text (such as barkeepers and arcane clothing) will no longer give null string errors

    That's all of the known bugs from week 10.

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    Posted on Wednesday, October 10, 2001, 9:32 PM EDT by citizenKane2 (GeneralNews)

    Virtue System Will Reward Good, Not Evil
    On the MyUO Discussion Boards, there was a discussion about adding an anti-virtue system to reward/recognize evil behavior.

    No plans to make an anti-virtue system at this time. No real benefit to the game for giving rewards to greedy or decietful characters. ;)

    Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
    Designer, Ongoing Content
    a wizard did it

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    Posted on Wednesday, October 10, 2001, 9:26 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

    Announcing the Marriage of Zeila and Kynbo
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This was sent in by Adian O'Rourke,
    Adian O'Rourke, on behalf of the late miner Azouri of Minoc, wishes to announce the marriage of Zeila, Warrior-Smith of the Rangers of the Realm, to Kynbo the mage.

    The happy couple will be joined in marriage by Lucius, the head philosopher at the Temple of Tiberian Virtue.

    The wedding shall be held at six o'clock in the evening, Baja time, on the thirteenth day of October. Fran, Woodland Wanderer of the Rangers of the Realm, has graciously offered the use of her beautifully decorated tower overlooking the western shores of the sea, located at 12 44 N, 81 42 W.

    The grand feast to follow the wedding has been donated by the Rangers of the Realm, so come hungry and be prepared to delight in the finest meals this land has to offer.

    After the feast, the wedding party and guests shall gate to Skara Bank, there to pick up their pets and mounts, and to exchange their wedding finery for the raiment of battle. This glorious evening of revelry and celebration shall be made complete by clearing Dungeon Covetous, from the entrance to its undead-filled depths.

    We ask that you refrain from bringing pets and mounts to the tower for the ceremony, though pets are, of course, welcome on the dungeon excursion.
    Thank thee Adian,

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    Posted on Wednesday, October 10, 2001, 8:51 PM EDT by Cymidei Fier (Baja)

    Faction News
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<This faction report was written by Pat Factor,
    Armies rise and fall and the current trend is SL rising. After KoRn's retirement the monster Minax faction has been weak the last few days and not looking too bright in the future. That contributed with the fact that M&D are now over 100 members strong and active as ever, it seems SL has dominance on Baja.

    With Minax without strong leadership and SLs reinforced numbers, the Shadowlords easily managed to take the cities. Though it was a relaxing period of guarding the times of huge raids and long battles seem to be over for now. This reporter hopes that the publish for faction messaging fix and other fixes be implemented soon as factions is slowly dying under numerous bugs and lack of messaging.

    Though there are not many big events to report on there are many field battles occuring now that raids and guarding is at a minimum. SL, known for their numerous turrets, have been actively using their turrets as staging areas for massive field battles. Minax have also been very active in the field doing many hit and runs on gates and cities. Though some would prefer this over raids and to those people I would say this is the best time to join factions as many small groups are now fighting in the field and spending less time guarding and raiding.

    Until next time may your regs be plenty and may your horse survive many horse killers.

    Pat Factor
    Thank thee Pat Factor,

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    Posted on Wednesday, October 10, 2001, 8:44 PM EDT by Cymidei Fier (Baja)

    Wedding Proposal Deed - In Concept
    The following was just added to the In Concept section over at
    The Wedding Proposal Deed and the kit it creates are intended to facilitate marriage ceremonies in-game. No rares will be distributed, in order to avoid players marrying each other only for rare items. Weddings would also be recognized on a special page of the UO website, dedicated to marriage announcements.

    When a player double-clicks on a Wedding Proposal Deed, a gump is displayed, outlining the two ring types (silver or gold), and the inscriptions to be placed on the rings. Once chosen, the inscription is placed on both rings. The inscription cannot be different between the two rings, and below the inscription will be the name of the spouse the person is married to.

    Possible Inscriptions:
      All My Love,
      All my love, all my life,
      Always For Forever,
      As You Wish,
      Constant and True,
      Endless As This Shall Be Our Bliss,
      Enduring love,
      Eternally yours,
      Faithful Love Will Ever Last,
      For You Alone,
      Forever And Ever,
      Forever Entwined,
      Forever In Love,
      Forever In My Heart,
      Forever in Virtue,
      From This Day On,
      Grow Old With Me,
      Here Is My Heart, Guard It Well,
      How Do I Love Thee,
      I Love You Most,
      I Will Never Love Another,
      Joy Without End,
      Life is Good,
      Love Conquers All Things,
      Love Is All In All,
      Love Is Eternal,
      Love Me And Leave Me Not,
      Love 'n' Kisses,
      Love, Faith, Hope Together,
      My Heart Is Yours,
      My Heart Is Yours Forever,
      My Love Is Forever Yours,
      Never Another You,
      Never To Part,
      No Heart More True Than Mine To You,
      One Life, One Love,
      One Love, One Lifetime,
      Undying devotion,
      With All That I Am,
      With These Rings We Bind Our Love,
      With You Always,
      You And No Other,
      You Are My Strength and My Love,
      You Are The Love Of My Heart,
      You Have My Heart,
      You Roxxorz My Heart,
      You Shall Never Walk Alone,
    Once chosen, a targeting cursor is displayed, and the player must target the person (s)he wishes to marry. The message "Please click on your desired spouse" should be displayed.

    Once the spouse is selected, a gump will be displayed, stating "Accept marriage proposal? From ____ (person's name who used the deed)", along with Accept/Decline buttons. The targeted player may then accept or decline the proposal.

    If the proposal is accepted, a pouch will placed in the user's backpack (if there is room). If there is not room, the marriage is cancelled. The pouch will contain the following:
    • Either silver or gold wedding rings (two rings... each the same color)
    • A bottle of wine
    • Two goblets
    Players who are already married will not be able to propose marriage or be proposed to. There is currently not a way to become divorced.

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    Posted on Wednesday, October 10, 2001, 8:07 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Zingara Lair and Locke to be Wed
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<  This just in from Cleric Samantha of UO Wedding:
    Come one, come all to be part of the wedding of Zingara Lair and Locke. Both bride and groom are members of OTE, and they will be married atop the Tendai Meeting Hall this Friday, October 12th at 8pm EST. The wedding is open to all, so join in the festivities and witness the joining of Zingara Lair and Locke. Services are to be provided by UO Wedding Clerics.
    The Tendai Town Meeting hall is a large marble patio house located North of Britain and South of the Shrine of Compassion, at co-ordinates 33o by 2'N 47o by 23' E. If you are getting married and want more information on the services provided by UO Wedding, you can contact the Arch Cleric at [email protected]

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    Posted on Wednesday, October 10, 2001, 7:31 PM EDT by Pluffina (Sonoma)

    Invasion From Ilshenar
    Since last week, Britannian citizens have been under attack by groups of hostile mages. While little more dangerous in individual combat than members of the mage cult of Wrong, these "Controllers" have demonstrated other magical capabilities which analysts are calling "disturbing". Reports indicate that the recall into a target area without any warning, bringing with them mechanical melee troops and what appear to be energy generators of an unidentified type.

    Britannians have responded with their characteristic hostility towards invaders, repelling what seem to be endless waves of Controllers and destroying their generators. The wreckage recovered from these encounters show that both golems and generators are constructed from shadow iron ore and a number of unidentified materials. Tinkers in the service of the crown and of private agencies have had little success replicating the operation of either device. Both tinkers and lockpickers have been able to learn enough of the machines' workings to decipher them more efficiently.

    Further details can be found in an account published by Rodgar of Wayrest. As of today, preliminary reports were indicating that the invading force of Controllers is coming from Ilshenar, where they reign over a slave population of gargoyles.

    This paper is interested in publishing the accounts of persons and organizations who have directly encountered these invaders.

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    Posted on Wednesday, October 10, 2001, 7:02 PM EDT by Elisa Montclaire (Catskills)

    Are Ridgebacks Still Bugged?
    On the MyUO Discussion Boards, Calandryll is looking for feedback on whether or not ridgebacks are still disappearing.

    During the last scenario, we had some reports of ridgebacks disappearing from stables and even right in front of players. I put in some fixes a while back and have not heard any reports since. Before I move past those bugs (which would set our known, but unresolved, bug count from scenario publishes to zero) I want to confirm with you all that you have not seen this in the last month.

    If you have, please post as many details as possible.

    Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
    Designer, Ongoing Content
    a wizard did it

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    Posted on Wednesday, October 10, 2001, 6:49 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (QuestandEventNews)

    Results for Last Sunday's Arena Combat
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Pete sent us the results of the most recent Arena Combat tournament.
    Results for Arena Combat - Oct 7th Bouts

    It was a blast all night, and everyone had fun, I think. Thanks to all who did come out, we hope to see you again! Thanks to August Moon for the use of their rooftop. Thanks to Rommel, Katroine, and Learimoore for helping out with running things. It wouldn't happen without their help.

    Also thanks to Grell, who generously donated a statue to go to the winners. It's grately appreciated!

    The final results:

    • 1st Place - Ranaulf and Cross Scargash
    • 2nd Place - runner and Roque
    • 3rd Place - Blade and Arturo
    On top of the statue for Cross, the teams split 60,000 gold, 30,000 gold, and 20,000 gold down teh list from first to third. Not too shabby for a few hours work, and lots of fun as well.

    Commentary and pictures can be found here:

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    Posted on Wednesday, October 10, 2001, 6:18 PM EDT by Elisa Montclaire (Catskills)

    Great Lakes and Oceania Revert
    Posted to FYI:

    Due to an issue with the latest publish that became active this morning on the Great Lakes and Oceania shards, the prices of items sold on player vendors may have been reset to their default values. Because of the seriousness of this issue, it is necessary to revert the Great Lakes and Oceania shards to a previous backup made at approximately 7:00 AM CDT.

    It is always a difficult decision to make when confronted with the possibility of reverting a shard; however, we feel the damage that could be avoided by reverting these two shards far outweighs the inconvenience involved with taking this course of action. We apologize for the necessity of this interruption and any inconvenience it may cause.

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    Posted on Wednesday, October 10, 2001, 6:16 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

    Guardian City Grand Opening
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Seven of Nine, mayor of Guardian City, sends this announcement.
    The Mayor of Guardian City welcomes you all to the Guardian City Grand Opening! This SHARDWIDE event will be come and go!
    • Date: Sunday, October 14th
    • Time: 4pm to 7pm est
    • Place: Guardian City
    • Located on the first peninsula Southeast of Britain

      Coordinates: 13 degrees, 11 min. N

      46 degrees, 45 min. E

    4pm: Town Hall (North Tower)

    A brief opening ceremony where keys to the city will be presented to our Guild Masters and our allied guild’s Guild Masters.

    4:15pm to 7:00 pm

    Crafts Fair!!

    Roof of the Town Hall

    Craftpersons will make any item: Armor, leather goods, house add-ons, tinker items, bows and wood items FOR FREE WHILE YOU WAIT!

    Bring your raw materials or buy them at npc prices from our vendors. Every crafts person imaginable will be available to make anything you wish. Books with lists of items and materials needed will be on hand so you will know what materials are needed.

    4:15pm to 7:00 pm

    Tavern of Chance (casino) near the bottom of the peninsula.

    Coordinates: 7 degrees 22 min N

    45 degrees 25 min E

    Regatta (boat race).

    Will launch off the point near Jasos’ Landing (South tower)

    Bring your own boat. Rules posted in the News section at

    Prizes given to winners at the time winner is determined.

    ~Food and conversation will be available all afternoon at Jasos’ Landing tower near the point, on the roof. This is also the home of our Guild mall and museum, and library.

    ~Feel free to tour our squad bunk houses, our towers, our armory, and our Honor Guard Barracks, but beware of the Guardian City Spawn dwelling.

    6:45 pm

    Ending Ceremony announcing the winners (winners do not have to attend the ceremony).

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    Posted on Wednesday, October 10, 2001, 6:13 PM EDT by Elisa Montclaire (Catskills)

    Bulk Orders - Preliminary Findings
    Some preliminary findings about the Bulk Orders currently available on Test Center are available for those that are interested.


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    Posted on Wednesday, October 10, 2001, 3:32 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (TestCenter)

    Another Fashion Report!
    This from our ever busy fashion consultant: Koriko. I'll let her do her job...

    Rides: Match Accordingly!

    Four years ago, there was a limit on what you chould choose to ride: a horse, or a nightmare(a black magic
    Although this was quite good for adventerous young lords and ladies, for the fashion ellte it was restricting. But ever since the
    introduction of those strange yet noble beasts from the lost lands, the ostards, things have been looking up, up, up! Now we are treated to a bevy of magnificent colors perfect for any form of dress or ocassion, thus making one's mount the best accessory one can have!

    However, as it is for all items to be worn on one's body, mistakes can be made when it comes to accenting one's current ensamble. Please use one's trusted steed to one's advantage! A white stallion is perfect for those in iron or shadow armor, or pastel colored clothes. Or perhaps a color contrast can be made from one's ostard! Wear a deep shade of green with that blood red beauty. Or perhaps orange with the blue.

    And let us not forget our latest editons: Kirins, Unicorns, and Ridgebacks. Dress to compliment your ride and visa versa! It will surely make the world a more fashionably coordinated place.

    Fashion Tips To Live By


    Beware when mixing and matching colored armor! This goes for both dyed leather and metal. On leather, use complementry or -like colors.
    While for metal, mixing gold and bronze is acceptable, please rethink using verite and agapite together, and other such outlandish mixes.


    It is not wise to dye one's hair a neon color. It looks bad enough on the men, but looks even worse on the women. Does one wish to look like a clown? I think not! Try the softer, more subtle shades of the unique colors from the normal hair dye. Then use the money you saved to splurge yourself!

    Trend Alert! -What's Hot And What's Not-

    Recently I have noticed that the infamous 'drag boom' has returned. This is the disgusting sport where bearded men (often with hair dyed in grotesque colors) wear a lady's garb just to draw attention. Well I must admit that it does work, but it is for all the wrong reasons! Not only is this a insult to us women out there, it's a slap in the face to fashion! Men, please at least have SOME courtesy and at least wear a robe over your flamboyent state of dress, for if either you are doing it as a form of spritiual release or just to be crude, it comes across as quite offensive. ...And you look ugly in them to boot!

    And as for the positvies... well sadly there is none that comes to mind this week. However, please keep up the good work and let the fashion flourish!


    Well, I guess I'm going to have to do some fall shopping! Erm... I mean... nevermind...

    Snake of Moonglow

    P.S. This article will continue to be posted in the Napa Valley News Section for as long as issues are created. These articles are for entertainment purposes only and not meant to infringe upon anyone's gaming style or lifestyle. I say again, these articles are simply for entertainment.

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    Posted on Wednesday, October 10, 2001, 3:07 PM EDT by Snake (NapaValley)

    Cove Weekly Tavern Night
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<< News from Cove Tavern:

    We welcome everyone to drink and have merry to Cove weekly Tavern Night. So doth come to enjoy and perhaps take part to the knife throwing competition, to determine this week's champion.

    Time: Thursday (the 11th), begining from 20.00 (CET)

    The tavern is located North of Cove on the Trammel facet. A more detailed map can be found at

    I hope I see thou there, Traveller,
    Gaveston Family


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    Posted on Wednesday, October 10, 2001, 12:13 PM EDT by Marshall Drakan (Europa)

    Impy's Weekly Auction
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<The folks over at Impy’s left this scroll on my door step about their events this week.

    Events this week:
    Auction Wednesday, October 10, 9pm EST
    Auction Thursday, October 11, 9pm EST

    Impy’s would like to remind everyone about our great 24 hour vendor collection. Everything from house additions to regents to rares. Something for every walk of life can be found in the Impy Vendor Section at the Artic Faire. Stop by today!

    Coal Ingots and Ore, Scattered Hay, Several Pagan/Necromancer Regents (stop by and see what we have this week), a Pink Colored Bottle of Hair Dye, a Banner Deed and Dragon Statue. These along with: a nice date set (Pink Champaign and 2 Red Flutes), a couple Ropes, a full Anniversary Bag, some Silver Coins, Cow Statue, a couple Green Mugs, several Tall Candles, Seasons Greetings Card, a pile Roses, quite a few Arcane Gems, a full set of Arcane Clothing and an Etheral Llama!! We also have: a full set of Invul Plate, a full set of Invul Female Leather and a full set of Invul Male Leather. And, of all things we have a REPOND KATANA. Stop by this week and check the book on the counter for last minute additions!

    As always, Runes to Riches and the Mystery Chest games will also be played this week following the auction, so please stick around and take a chance with lady luck. Impy has asked that you please stable your pets before the auction as he is allergic to wet fur.

    If you need a rune visit one of our rune vendors located through out the lands. Vendors can be found at: StarLite (Vesper, Trammel), next door to the RD Stables (Felucca), the Sandlewood Box Inn (Dead Heaven, Felucca), Kazola’s TreeTop Keg and Winery (Felucca), Cove Merchant’s Guild and Blacksmith Shoppe (Cove, Felucca), the Mystic Portal (Trammel), the Garden City Mall (Cove, Trammel), or at Krista’s Ranger Station (Felucca).

    ~Impy’s Staff

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    Posted on Wednesday, October 10, 2001, 8:03 AM EDT by Barth VanDorn (GreatLakes)

    Great [SPOILER] Pictures of New Dungeon in Ilshenar
    Cedryc posted fantasic pictures of the new scenario-related dungeon in Ilshenar. Don’t go to this link if you don’t want to see a spoiler. Great pictures, though… darn hard to resist!

    Thanks Cedryc!

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    Posted on Wednesday, October 10, 2001, 7:06 AM EDT by Lady Malynn (QuestandEventNews)

    More on Arcane Clothing and Bulk Order Deeds
    On this thread on the official UO Boards here, Calandryll made the following comments on recharging arcane clothing :
    Anyone should be able to rechrage an item, regardless of tailoring skill. It's a bug right now that you need 60 tailoring to recharge them. A nonGM tailor will only be able to recharge an item to 80% of its max charges. GM tailors can recharge them to 100%. The fix will be active next week.

    And in response to a query on a thread titled "Arcane robes do not retain AR bonuses?" here :
    ...The arcane robe replaces the exceptional item - but it does not retain the properties of an exceptional item?
    (query edited by citizenKane2)

    Calandryll replied :
    No it doesn't. It is no longer an exceptional is an arcane robe.

    On the topic of the proposed bulk order rewards, on this thread on the official UO Boards here, Hanse made the following comments among others :
    The runic hammers have been fixed and will be on Tc6 today for more testing. Thanks to whoever found this bug!

    Runic Hammers are harder to get than other hammers. The particular hammer that can make vanquishing items is going to be extremely hard to get on production shards. Since we're testing these rewards on the test center, they're slightly easier to get (although, I haven't seen anyone get one yet). Once on live shards, we expect to see one once every two to four months.

    Our profiling allows us to calculate how many play time hours will be required to get one (on average). Of course, someone could get lucky and get one in three days (win the lottery, so to speak). Or many folks could get the deeds in a single day and sell/trade them. :)

    So, we want chances to be extremely hard to get a high-end runic hammer (in the beginning).

    Craftable weapons are slightly better than regular vanquishing weapons, if they're made with exceptional quality.

    The impact is negligible. We're talking maybe 4-8 players to get one hammer (capable of making vanquishing items) in a year (per shard). That's only an influx of around 400 vanquishing weapons over the course of a year. There are more vanquishing weapons made in a single week through loot.

    On a seperate thread here, Hanse commented :
    Tactics doesn't give you a bonus to hit. If you had a bonus to your weapon skill, then you get a bonus to hit (only bowyers have that bonus for magic weapons).

    We're aware of the problem with the runic hammers. I'll post on it on the dev board. I shoulda found this one myself, but thanks to whoever found it. I guess I'm easily impressed by colored weapons. ;)

    [ Comment on this article ]

    Posted on Wednesday, October 10, 2001, 4:25 AM EDT by citizenKane2 (GeneralNews)

    Evocare Responds to Concerns about Runic Hammers
    On the MyUO Discussion Boards, Evocare, lead designer, answered player concerns that the bulk system ruin hammers will make the super weapons too common and accessible for pkrs.

    It'll still be far far easier to get the "superweapons" by adventuring, fishing, or treasure hunting (probably by a magnitude of 100 to 1). So, I'm really unclear as to why there is a belief that pvp'ers will only pvp with a valorite or verite weapon (there is an extremely steep dropoff in power as you progress down the ore types). Would you be willing to invest the time it takes to get about 100 vanquishing weapons to re-equip yourself each time you lost one of these items?

    I expect players won't be willing to do so, and will accept the fact that it isn't worth an extremely disproportionate time investment in order to gain a marginal advantage over using other high-end magic weapons. The weapons produced by verite/valorite runic hammers will almost certainly be used "for show" or in low-danger situations by the few players that own them.

    As a backstop, we'll have information that tells us exactly how many of these runic hammers exist, so we'll be the first to know if they're found too often.

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    Posted on Tuesday, October 9, 2001, 7:23 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

    Press Release : The Abduction
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<PRESS RELEASE
    White Fang's "Green Killer" Force is on the Case

    Saturday evening, the wedding festivities of honoured White Fang members Kahlibar and Mrs. Lancer erupted into chaos as several guests revealed themselves to be orcs. In an instant the orcish group had captured the bride and forced her through a magical gate, leaving the rest of the wedding attendees in a state of shock. The shock was short lived as Lady Aeris, Guild Master of White Fang, called for an emergency meeting.

    This shocking act was caught on film by one of the wedding guests. The newlywed bride can be seen being pushed towards the gate as the orcs kicked and fought their way through the confused onlookers.

    Shortly after the abduction, White Fang's elite disciplinary force, dubbed the "Green Killers" by guild members, were dispatched from the White Fang headquarters to begin their investigation. Viking, leader of the Green Killers, has stated he and his force will not rest until they have recovered Mrs. Lancer and brought justice upon those who were responsible.

    "White Fang has sent forth it's finest warriors on foot and by ship to locate the kidnappers.
    I pity those who would try and hinder efforts to recover our comrade, for they shall know our wrath."
    Lady Aeris, morning after abduction.


    The Kidnap

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    Posted on Tuesday, October 9, 2001, 6:41 PM EDT by Whisper (Oceania)

    Customer Service Employee Terminated
    The following was just added to FYI:
    Customer Service Employee Terminated

    On Monday, October 8th, Origin Systems (OSI) was alerted to the possible misconduct of an individual employed within the GM Support Department. Upon investigation, OSI found reason to believe that this employee was engaging in activities that breached the trust that must exist between a company, its employees, and its customers. The decision by OSI management in this case was immediate dismissal.

    All actions that are taken by members of our support staff are logged and monitored, and we investigate all reports of GM misbehavior that we receive. We are grateful to players who bring these incidents to our attention, as these reports are used to ensure that OSI representatives are providing the best possible service at all times. If you believe that a GM or any OSI representative is behaving in anything less than the highest standard of service, we ask you to please email [email protected] with the details of your issue. Only the most senior representatives of our support staff read this mailbox, and we assure you that your issue will be thoroughly investigated.

    We take our responsibility to our customers very seriously, and we will not allow anyone -- staff or otherwise -- to abuse our terms of service or the trust of our customers.

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    Posted on Tuesday, October 9, 2001, 6:34 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Publish and Scenerio Update
    The following was just added to FYI:
    Publish and Scenario Update

    We are targeting to make three new updates, including Commodity Trading Deeds, Secure House Trading, and Service Repair Contracts, live on the Oceania and Great Lakes shards after their scheduled maintenance periods Wednesday morning (local server time). Barring any unforeseen issues, these changes should be made live on the East Coast, West Coast, and Central shards after their morning maintenance periods on Thursday, local server time. The remaining shards should see these changes live following their Friday morning maintenance periods (local server time). Information on these updates can be found in Testing for the Next Update.

    In order to introduce these changes as soon as possible, it is necessary for us to delay this week's scenario publish for at least one day, meaning that Oceania should receive the scenario publish after its morning maintenance Wednesday (local server time). The remaining shards should receive the scenario updates after their morning maintenance Thursday (local server time).

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    Posted on Tuesday, October 9, 2001, 6:31 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Hair Dye Exploit
    The following was just posted to FYI:
    Hair Dye Exploit

    In order to see that our support team can help those players with the most urgent needs, we must prioritize the calls that we take. When new exploits and new problems are found, we find that we receive large numbers of calls on those matters, and those calls take a considerable amount of time.

    One of these instances currently involves an exploit that involves the illegal dying of characters' hair. We are aware of this problem, and we are addressing it, but in order to see that our support members can still give priority to those players who need them most, we cannot address this on a case by case basis. Although GMs will not accept calls on this matter, we are processing logs of this exploit's use, and players found using this will be held accountable.

    Please remember that exploiting bugs or using unapproved third party programs in Ultima Online can result in the permanent suspension of your Ultima Online account. A list of approved third party applications can be found here. Using any exploit or third party application not on this list is a violation of the Rules of Conduct.

    We are committed to removing those players that choose to exploit Ultima Online and will continue to work towards maintaining an enjoyable and level playing experience for all of our players.

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    Posted on Tuesday, October 9, 2001, 6:30 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Death of a Friend - Truly a dark day
    Palinor sent us the following sad news:
    It is with Great and terrible Sadness that I inform people of the passing of Alienna of CV. She was a valued friend and true companion.

    She lost her life battling cancer. Through it all, she never lost hope, she never gave up. Her determination to make it past this terrible hurdle keep her going every day. Sadly, it seems she was needed elsewhere.

    She may have been a member of CV but she was also a citizen of the Pacific Shard and the UO Community. If any of you know of her, then I ask you to remember her kindly. Truly she lived the Virtues while among us all.

    We of CV, are going to ask OSI if they will create a memorial for her or failing that, add a Healer to the game with her name. She was a great Lady and like many who have been lost to us I want her to be remembered in some way.

    In great Sadness

    Palinor of CV
    Companions of Virtue

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    Posted on Tuesday, October 9, 2001, 5:56 PM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (Pacific)

    Interview with the Uruk-Hai
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Following the track of the recent facts, I managed to have an interview with the kidnappers of the jester, the Orcish tribe called 'the Uruk-Hai'. How I managed to get in touch with them, well ... let's call it a professional secret. But there I was, soon after exiting from the blue gate I entered in a dark tower, one of those small buildings that mimics the appearance of the mighty towers, without having the same size and strength. Probably once this was the home of men or elves - I was lost for some moments to the vision of the well carved stones - as Orcs cannot build, but the stench, and the vision of blood and body remains everywhere quickly reminded me that no, this was no pretty house, but just the lurid nest of the Orcs.

    Inside, a small Orc with a sinister glance ... a Mojoka, a mage as we say. Overwhelming him, the huge figure of a mighty Orc warrior, no doubts he was the Warboss - the chief - of all the tribe. And - wonders ! - the small figure of a woman, a human woman, that said to be their translator or ambassador. The Warboss had a moment of - how could I say, inner rage ? - when he saw me enter. I probably had the same, as every elf has when he meets an Orc. It was just a moment, though ... I was there because of my work, he was there to show the power of his tribe. I was his tool, but it was me to start.

    Note: all orcish talks has been translated to common language, to avoid confusion.

    "So, where do you want to start, from rumours or from facts" - quite a complex question for an orc, but it was good to confuse him. Orcs lie, confused orcs somewhat less.

    "Mmmhhh ..." he turned to the Mojoka to ask him.

    Let's not give him time to reply.

    Irdan: "Rumours are that you have kidnapped the jester to use it for some unknown, hidden use with the vampires that now rules Trinsic. The same people say you are in league, can you confirm ?"

    Traak'nok: "We deal with them. We deal with the undeads. We deal also with the dark pixies" - the drows - of course - "but this does not mean we are in league with them. If they are not good with us, we clomp them. If we don't like them we clomp them. If we like we clomp them."

    Irdan: "So you confirmed this. Well, more or less. But why the jester ... I mean, why not the captain, or maybe the financial minister, or even the mayor. A Jester, the most beloved, peaceful and inoffensive man of all Skara !"

    Traak'nok: "We kidnapped him because jester make good sounds when we clomp them and we drag them ... ding ring ring ..." - I'm not sure of this translation, but how one can be sure about such arguments ?

    Irdan: "Anyway ... will you calm my readers, and say how is Peter ? Is he well ?"

    Traak'nok: "I don't know ...." - he then turned to the Mojoka - " ... Zug'Zug, did you kicked him today ?"

    Zug'Zug nodded - "Yes, he was still alive today. I fed him three days ago - juicy rats meat"

    I gasped. "RATS ?"

    Traak'nok: "Yes, rotten rats are good, we love them"

    I must confess I was a little sick after this news. Poor him ...

    Irdan: "Rumours are that you have requested a ransom. The council officially told nothing, but someone say you asked a lot of gold for him".

    Traak'nok: "Yeah, we want a lot of gold. We want millions ! And we want it now !"

    I stared in disbelief. Millions ? How could a poor town like Skara raise millions and even in so short a time ? But it was time for the Mojoka to enter.

    Zug'Zug: "We asked for 50,000 gold pieces, to be given in few days. Or the jester will die"

    Traak'nok: "Yeah, in few days ! We want millions, or we'll give the jester to them ..."

    All the talks stopped abruptly. Them ? So the rumours were confirmed ? Or they were someone else ? It was easy to notice that this information was not meant to be received by me. They soon looked at me angered, and I did know I had few time to finish go. So I tried with the last question.

    Irdan: "Rumours are that one of your Orc women has been captured and killed, or tortured, and before being killed he revealed some important information to the town guards. Confirm ?"

    Traak'nok: "Our Orc is not a traitor. She's well and is now with us, she's a good Orc. And now you go, or we'll kill you and give you too to them ..."

    Again them. But my time was ended, this was clear. I recalled quickly home, but now I have more new question than old answers.

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    Posted on Tuesday, October 9, 2001, 5:41 PM EDT by Irdan Ymadril (Drachenfels)

    Where's Here?
    For your finding pleasure, Stratics Reporters and Ordo Sylvanus are happy to present another Where's Here. To win, all you need to do is mail the co-ordinates of the pictured spot to [email protected] with
    "Where's Here" as the subject. The first person to e-mail in the co-ords wins 25K and eternal glory. Remember, do not attach files or pictures to your entry, and a general description of the area is not enough to win, so take a sextant along!

    Many thanks to Genjuro, the Wandering Sword of Ordo Sylvanus. Every week in October, he'll be treking out across the land to find odd little picture-worthy nooks and crannies.

    Where's Here is also seeking Guild Sponsors for the months of November and December. Any Guild of any size can sponsor a game of Where's Here. If your guild wants to Sponsor Where's Here, you can write to me at [email protected] Sponsors provide half the prize money (I match your donation) and are expected to find an obscure bit of scenery I can scribeshoot. Please do not send in scribeshots or attachments. Just have a member of the guild contact me with an ICQ number, so we can meet up in game and you can take me on a tour of your Where's Here spot. If your guild manages to find a spot so unbelievably unique and out-of-the-way that no one can find the co-ordinates for it within three days, your guild wins 100k! You can choose a spot anywhere, including T2A and Ilshenar, but it must have something special about it that makes it possible to identify. No shots of some grass please.

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    Posted on Tuesday, October 9, 2001, 5:37 PM EDT by Pluffina (Sonoma)

    New Client Patch
    A new client patch as announced on FYI:
    We will be releasing a client patch on Tuesday, October 9th at approximately 2:45 PM CDT. This patch contains localization files, and does not contain any gameplay changes.NOTE: As there are no executable changes contained in this patch, the in-game version numbers will not change, and should still read 3.0.4p (2D client) and 3.0.4p Build 77 (3D client).If you have any difficulty receiving this patch, please check the following:
    • Check the “Patch” directory within your Ultima Online directory (the default location is C:\\Program Files\Ultima Online\Patch). This directory should be empty. Any files in this directory should be deleted.
    • If you are unable to connect to the patch server at all, and are using an original (Non-T2A) version of Ultima Online, you may need to update your verinfo file. For details on updating this file, please see the information posted at
    • Run a virus scan on your computer. Undetected viruses may cause conflicts with patching Ultima Online. For information on up-to-date virus detection software, please visit
    If after trying the above, you are still experiencing difficulty patching the Ultima Online client, please contact Technical Support at [email protected].

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    Posted on Tuesday, October 9, 2001, 4:16 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Review of Bagball Tournament
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Bagball-Tournamet on Sunday

    Slagdale from UOWorld sent us an review of last Sunday, the big bagball-tournament near Skara Brae:
    On time the masses flowed well equipped to Skara Brae and the tournament could begin as planned even in spite of the OSI-Quest with numerous spectators. And although there were only two reported teams at the beginning, three teams reported in the course of the tournament -spurred from the athletic one Honored stinginess- after and in total three games could be carried out!

    The "Running Monbats" of the [BdL] made the first game against the "Merchants Devil" from [MoT] and after a fight of the two teams the Mongbats could book the victory with 5:2 for themselves ! It was a hard match was, since the two teams really already knew themselves from former meetings and the result was higher, than the actual game process was. This shows in turn that it can be profitable absolutely, to line up with a "luck mascot" *grins*.

    However the Mongbats could not devote themselves long to the victory, after a "spontaneous-team" found together, to battle the Mongbats ! Since these did not have any shirts unfortunately, the Mongbats gave the troop of "Dream dancers" their shirts. Asked After theirs Guild or asked of other affiliation they all answered these in the same way spontaneous: "Oehm" *Errrm*, so that they came in as "Dream dancers" [Oehm] *Errrm* into the history of the evening *smiles*. In spite of these rather bad signs, nevertheless they held themselves very bravely against the current champion and after all two own goals could be achieved to eight from for the Mongbats; both made by a certain DeLight ! DeLight is the webmaster of UOWorld....

    With that nevertheless the evening should be not ended yet, because a group of magicians were provoked by some present orcs and the end of the quarrel was carried out on the Bagball ground. In spite of their elegant "robe shirts" they had to fight, however, with three handicaps, which made victory nearly impossible. On the one hand it was the bestial stink that the Orcs spreaded like a barrier before the own gate, then the own lacking skilfulness (Dex) that the arcanane artists had and on the other hand, that even in the game some magicians did “meditation training”! Well, you call it “meditation training” if you get drunk, right? So it came as it had to come and finally the Orcs triumphed 11:1. There also the mascot of the inferior ones, a grand WhiteWyrm, helped nothing more.

    In the meantime it had become quite late and the cheerful tumult dissolved then and the Orcs celebrated with the residue of the ground onto their very own kind and manner. I am sure that we hear from these natural lads soon even more about their career on the Bagball-field! Also I am quite sure we will hear more from Bagball on Drachenfels, since it was a very well organized event again. Thanks!
    And many thanks to Slagdale from us here at Stratics.

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    Posted on Tuesday, October 9, 2001, 1:44 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (Drachenfels)

    Even More Details On Virtue System
    Just got some great info from Darius, Guild Master for the Ring of Steel, who attended the Texax Luncheon a few days ago and got to hear details of Cal's Virtue System. Here are his comments in full:
    Towards the very end, Calandryll announced a new concept that will be coming to UO sometime in the distant future: Virtues.

    I alone applauded just the mention of that word. What he described to me, so far, sounds promising. What was even more promising, Calandryll asked for help. He asked all the players gathered around him that if they had ideas of how to implement some of the virtues so that the computer could understand it, to please send them to him.

    To get you on the right track, here is a description of how a player will be able to gain in two different virtues: humility and sacrifice.

    To prove yourself humble, you will party yourself with a [young] player and spend time teaching them. As long as you are partied to them, are within the same area (1 screen or so), and the young player gains skill, you will gain virtue "points." Eventually you will gain enough points to achieve a level of humility. At that time your humility chart (a lovely concept graphic he showed us) will light up with a certain color on the humility sigil to show what level you have achieved.

    To demonstrate the virtue of sacrifice, while adventuring you may happen upon a brigand or a lich. In order to show these evil humans (or former humans) the error of their ways, you will sacrifice some of your fame to them thus converting them and in the process gaining sacrifice "points." Again your virtue "chart" will show some color in the sacrifice sigil.

    Virtue levels will decay over time. You can gain more than one. Achieving and maintaining all 8 virtues at level 10 will take considerable amounts of playtime and dedication, not to mention maintaining play so you can keep up your fame level to give it away.

    Why gain virtues you ask? Each level of virtue that you gain will grant you additional *statistic* points (yes, above 100). Even better someone who is skilled in the virtues will grant some of those gains to any who join his/her party. Virtuous people will be sought after as leaders or party members. If you party many such individuals with high virtue levels, the effect is cumulative. I cannot remember the exact numbers, but it is a substantial gain with high levels. In addition, anyone achieving and maintaining all 8 virtues at level 10 will be granted the title "The Virtuous..."

    Here's where you come in. How would you implement gaining in the other virtues? Just pick one if you want, or all of them if you wish. How can we translate intent and actions into concise virtue gains for the game?

    Then after our very own Lady Malynn commented on how great this system would be for Vets and finally presenting a hard challenge for them, Calandryll himself followed up these comments in a UO e-mail group with the following details:
    That's exactly the idea. As I said at the lunch, this system has three basic goals:

    1. Promote a more "Ultima" feeling in UO.
    2. Give veteran players new goals to achieve that are impactful and fun.
    3. Reward positive behavior in the game.

    I'll probably break these down more in my next comments from the team.

    -Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
    Designer, Ongoing Content

    Calandryll also responded to the comments by Luminoso (see news below) in the same e-mail group with the following:
    Some minor corrections. The dueling system was just an idea I talked about at the lunch to give an idea of how different each "achieving" each virtue might plans to actually do that yet. Also, it would be for honor, not Valor.

    Sacrifice won't actually involve letting the creature kill you. Think of it more like "I honor thee", but without the speech trigger and a bit more solid. So you give all of your fame/karma to the creature to "save" it rather than killing it. Also, anything that is looted from your corpse before you resurrect is lost. So if a PK kills you and loots some of your armor or an orc kills you and loots a random item before you resurrect, you wont get those items back.

    We'll have a lot more information on the site soon enough. We'll put something in the update center, as well as another comments from the team from me. I'll probably do my comments on some of the thought processes behind the system to give you some insight as to why we chose the ones we did and why they might work they way they will.

    Hehe, I should have waited to let people take notes or maybe I just talk too fast. :P

    -Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
    Designer, Ongoing Content

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    Posted on Tuesday, October 9, 2001, 12:31 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    A New Ally?
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Although I do not know the author of this tale, the undead courier that delivered it to me assures me of its authenticity. It is a truly enlightening tale.

    For those of you unfamiliar with the players in this little drama, Alucard is the mayor of The City of Caina, the metropolis of evil located on the northern end of Dagger Isle. Dryzzid is the Necrosavant, or second in command of the Necromantic sect of The Order of the Ebon Skull, Caina's primary patron.

    Alucard had not believed the rumors at first. Strange mages with skin the color of coal, dressed in flowing robes that were the color of freshly spilt blood. Their robes adorned in symbols that bore no resemblance to any of the runic scripts from Brittanian history. How could such outlandish stories be true? A new sect of mages would never be able to rise up in the numbers men claimed, at least not without his knowledge.

    He had not believed it.

    Until he had seen the robes first hand.

    Dryzzid Losstarot, Governor of Windwood, Emissary of Caina and Necrosavant of the Ebon Skull had brought them to him. The crimson cloth of the dead mages clothes contrasted sharply with the blinding whiteness of the snow that lay over the streets of Caina. Running his cold hands over the runic patterns that adorned the heavy robe, Alucard could feel the magical energy contained within the fibers of the material. Questioningly, he glanced up at the Governor, who gave him a wicked grin.

    "It negates the need for Reagents." he said proudly, as though he had invented the clothes himself.

    "On a permanent basis?" Alucard at once seized on the implications of magical reagents no longer being required, endless possibilities.

    "Nay, alas. They seem to contain a number of 'charges' they are used up depending on the power of the spell cast." Dryzzid ran his hands over the seams of the arcane robe he was wearing

    After exchanging several more minutes of conversation regarding the robes and their creators, Alucard thanked the Emissary and returned to his office within the Tribunal. Pushing the papers and edicts that piled upon his desk to one side, he sank into his throne and closed his eyes in meditation..

    With such evidence as he had seen, the rumors of the black-skinned mages could no longer be denied. The reports he had recieved from all corners of his network of spies, informants and agents were no longer simply mistaken ramblings of madmen. What of the Mages themselves? Surely those who could find a way to remove the need for reagents, albeit temporarily, would make powerful allies. Perfect allies for the inevitable fight against the tyrant who rules the mainland and the hordes of self-righteous loyalists.

    Mages though, were dangerous beings, as he himself could attest to. When devoted to one task, one goal they regard everything and everyone else as nothing more than interference and distractions. The times he has sent an Emissary or messenger to the cult of mages who dwelt within the Fire Dungeon had resulted in no response, save for the occasional return of a severed head. Promises of protection, territory, gold and magical trinkets had met with equally negative replies.

    The chances though! These new mages evidently possessed greater knowledge than the dungeon dwelling spell weavers. Their clothing itself was so entwined with magical energy that its ilk had never been created before in Sosaria. Yes, there was no question, he simply had to try and convince these mages that an alliance would be beneficial.

    Should they prove unreceptive? Then he would ask the Lich Lord Azalin to lend him a legion of Death Knights and enslave as many as he could. One way or another, the secrets the "Controllers" possessed would be his, regardless of the cost.

    He spent several hours longer in meditation. Opening his eyes quickly, he turned them to the Raven that sat upon its perch in the corner of his office. With an inquisitive "Caw?" the Raven tilted its head.

    "Bring me the Emissary - He has work to do." Alucard said to the ebon bird that bobbed its head at each word.

    The raven flew from the open window into the night sky, a single dislodged feather fluttered down to rest upon the virgin snow as it made its way towards the mainland, and Windwood.

    Posted on Tuesday, October 9, 2001, 10:33 AM EDT by Dmitri Ne'Sveti (Atlantic)

    Wilmeth Holding All Hallows Decorating Contest
    A chance for you aspiring interior decorators to be noticed. Not something to pass up!

    In celebration of the first annual Hallow's Eve Festival, the town of Wilmeth will be hosting a house decoration contest for the citizens of Britainnia.

    Prizes for this contest:

    200,000 gold - First Place
    50,000 gold - Second Place

    To enter, mark a rune to the house location and contact Analeiza (ICQ 100504510 or [email protected] or Railen Vost (ICQ: 125085750 or [email protected]) and arrange a time to pick up your entry. Felucca and Trammel entries are accepted. Deadline for entries is October 19th.

    Judging will take place on Saturday, October 20th and Sunday, October 21st. Winners will be announced at the Hallow's Eve Festival Ball in the town of Wilmeth on Friday, October 26th (watch for more details on this event). Participants need not be present to win.

    Happy Decorating!!

    Wilmeth Town Council
    Posted on Tuesday, October 9, 2001, 10:14 AM EDT by Dmitri Ne'Sveti (Atlantic)

    Wilmeth Acadamy Classes
    My apologies to the Fair Citizens of Wilmeth for this not being posted earlier.

    Wilmeth Academy announces the schedule of classes available to the public during the week of October 8th through October 14th.

    Wilmeth Academy was founded to provide friendship, adventure and a sense of belonging through interaction within a community environment and class instruction that is thought provoking, interesting and entertaining - a hands on training environment where fun is the key to understanding.

    We are NOT a guild, and anyone is welcome to attend our classes.

    This week we offer the following courses of study:

    Monday October 8th

    The Professional Merchant
    Time: 7:00 pm (est)
    Location: Wilmeth Town Hall
    A course for the serious merchants of Britannia who strive to further their profits. This class provides various tips and tricks for making more gold, finding customers and creating a name for yourself throughout the lands.

    Sailing the High Seas
    Time: 9:00 pm (est)
    Location: Wilmeth Academy
    Everything you ever wanted to know about getting around on a boat.

    Tuesday October 9th

    Social Etiquette
    Time: 7:00 pm (est)
    Location: Wilmeth Town Hall
    Ever wondered how to address that Lord or Lady of Britannia, or even the thief and beggar? This class covers some basic tips for always being well-mannered. (NOTE: This is an in-character role-playing class.)

    Hunting with a Group
    Time: 9:00 pm (est)
    Location: Academy
    Hunting with a large group of people takes teamwork and quick thinking if you hope to survive. this class will teach some tips and tricks for hunting with any large group of people, regardless of your preferred fighting method.

    Wednesday October 10th

    Virtue of Sacrifice
    Time: 9:00 pm (est)
    Location: Temple of Virtue
    An in-depth study on the virtue of Sacrifice taught by the Sage of Sacrifice for The Heralds of the Awakening, Anna.

    Thursday October 11th

    Role-Playing 101
    Time: 9:00 pm (est)
    Location: Wilmeth Academy
    Necessary basics for role-playing in the world of Ultima Online. This class will also provide you with a list of role-playing organizations of all alignments and how to contact them.

    Friday October 12th

    A Study of the Eight Virtues
    Time: 9:00 pm (est)
    Location: Temple of Virtue
    Intended as an introductory course, this class will briefly cover each of the eight Virtues, what they mean and how we relate them to our lives.(NOTE: this is an in-character role-playing class)

    Saturday October 13th

    Advanced Role-Playing Techniques
    Time: 4:00 pm (est)
    Location: Wilmeth Academy
    Part two of role-playing 101, this class takes a closer look at role-playing in the world of Ultima Online and allows the students a chance to practice what they have learned.

    Each class has a seating limit and registration is on a first-come
    first-serve basis.

    To register for the class of your choice please submit a Class Registration

    Additional information about the Academy, including the location and
    directions can be found at the Academy's Webtome.

    A complete listing of all classes for the month of October can be found [here].
    Posted on Tuesday, October 9, 2001, 10:07 AM EDT by Dmitri Ne'Sveti (Atlantic)

    More Hints on New Virtue System
    Luminoso from House O’ Light, who attented the UO Player Luncheon at the Texas Renaissance Festival in Conroe, Texas reports on a discussion of a new virtue system for UO. A bit from the article:

    They will release two virtues at a time. The first two virtues will be Sacrifice and Humility. There will be three levels obtainable in each virtue. Virtue points will decay over time. Rewards for mastering virtues will be character specific and fit in with each specific virtue.

    Example of a Sacrifice system: Your character dies to some red-hued NPC (brigand, evil mage, etc.) and looses a level of Fame for doing so. By not killing the bad NPC at the cost of Sacrificing Fame you are giving the NPC the chance at redemption. There will be a set number of times each day you can do this. The reward will be self-Resurrection with automatic retrieval of all items from your corpse. One time per week, per virtue level (three max).

    Great report, Luminoso!

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    Posted on Tuesday, October 9, 2001, 7:13 AM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

    Best Shot in the Realm
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This was just sent in by Theoran,
    Due to the tremendous success of last month's Event, the Society of Archers (S|A) Baja Chapter has decided to hold October's "Best Shot in the Realms" Archery Contest this coming weekend. Again the purse looks to exceed 100,000gp! The Event will take place this Sunday, October 14th, at the Skara Brae Fairgrounds in Trammel. Signups will begin at 7:00pm EST with the Contest to begin no later than 7:15. I will make a round, at approximately 10 'til the hour, through the cities of Britain (West Bank), Vesper and Skara Bare with runes or gates to the Fairgrounds for those who have not been. We have revised the Event some, with a few major changes:

    First, for the sake of all the young Archers of the Lands, we will hold a separate "Junior Contest" (with a slightly different format) so as to not have the afternoon dominated by highly trained Archers. Contestants may enter only one of the two events. The purse for the Junior Contest will be 10,000gp and a Magical Bow or Crossbow of your choosing.

    Second, we have revised the format of the Contest as to speed up the first few rounds.

    Finally, in order to truly make this Event tell who is the "Best Shot in the Realms", the Society of Archers will send two representatives (determined from a preliminary event) into the main Contest. The S|A Archers will only be competing for the Title, not the prize.

    As always, the Event is free for all Archers young or old. Only man-made bows and crossbows are allowed, Magical and Orcish bows are not permitted. We hope to have at attendance the two time defending Champion of the "Best Shot in the Realms" Contest, Sniper Wolf of the PAK of Baja. Will anyone be able to dethrone her in October Event? Sharpen your arrow tips, bring your favorite bow and come see if you are... the "Best Shot in the Realms."

    Head of Baja Chapter
    Society of Archers S|A
    Thankye, Theoran

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    Posted on Monday, October 8, 2001, 10:10 PM EDT by Cymidei Fier (Baja)

    Adrick on the Horse Stamina Bug
    On the MyUO Discussion Boards, Adrick, Designer, commented on horse stamina.

    ….the entire team is aware of the imbalances both with horses vs foot and the ping differences - I cant make promises about what will happen - just know that we are aware of it.

    I do not believe though that leaving a bug in the service that makes all rideables the same and offers no *decision making* durring a fight is the way to go either.

    I remember the days when horses would tire - it seemed it was a dynamic in a fight - galloping full speed when you didnt need it was dangerous, training your horse was important, carrying food was important.

    I think this is a step in the right direction. There might be more steps to be made - I cant offer timelines but believe me I will bring these concerns to the table when we discuss future enhancements balancing issues.

    - Adrick

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    Posted on Monday, October 8, 2001, 9:17 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

    A Hint on New Virtue System
    On the MyUO Discussion Boards, waynechu suggested:

    Cal, if you want to bring more "Ultima" into UO, then first and foremost, bring Eight Virtues into this world.

    Honesty, Compassion, Valor, Sacrifice, Honor, Justice, Spirituality, Humility I wrote them just by memory. I have remembered these words since U4.

    If replacing the one "karma" attribute with eight "virtue" attributes might be too complex, you can use the three "primary colors" of virtues: Love, Wisdom and Courage and combine them to represent virtues.

    Calandryll hinted at changes to come with his answer:

    Actually...that's exactly what we are planning to do. Except the virtue system won't be a replacement for fame/karma. I talked about the virtue system we are working on at the recent player lunch and will have something on the site officially in a week or two. :)

    Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
    Designer, Ongoing Content
    a wizard did it.

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    Posted on Monday, October 8, 2001, 9:09 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

    Crafting System Overhaul Moved to “General Testing”
    These changes are huge! You can read up on them here if you haven’t done so yet.

    [ Comment on this article ]

    Posted on Monday, October 8, 2001, 8:53 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

    Changes Moved to “Testing for Next Update”
    The following has been moved from “In Concept” to “Testing for Next Update.”

    Secure House Trading

    Commodity Deeds

    Repair Service Contracts

    You should take a few minutes to read these announcements. Lots of changes coming, friends. :)

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    Posted on Monday, October 8, 2001, 8:43 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

    Fixing Bugged Generators
    You may have noticed buried generators, or generators that couldn’t be solved. As a result, some generators stayed at one site, and did not move randomly. Calandryll posted this on the MyUO Discussion Boards:

    Augur, Gromm and I have removed the bugged generators that the GMs noted over the weekend. There weren't that many per shard, so we'll continue to fix them this week and then the fix will take place next week.

    Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
    Designer, Ongoing Content
    a wizard did it


    Fixing them [generators] before the shards have too many. It's being fixed next week anyway.

    Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
    Designer, Ongoing Content
    a wizard did it

    [ Comment on this article ]

    Posted on Monday, October 8, 2001, 7:56 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (QuestandEventNews)

    “Heads-up” to Scenario Delay
    On the MyUO Discussion Boards, Calandryll posted:

    The scenario publishes are being pushed back a day due to a necessary merge with another publish. My apologies for the delay folks. Believe me, we want to get the the next part rolling as much as you do, but we have to make sure everything is secure first. An official announcement will probably be on the site with more information shortly.

    Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
    Designer, Ongoing Content
    a wizard did it

    and later in the thread…..

    [Bugged generators will] fixed next week as planned. Making the changes for this week would only cause a further delay. The current delay is not because of code changes, rather it's because of merging the branches. We fixed the vast majority of generators this morning and will continue to fix them all week as we find them. There were not many on each shard. Most had about five on both facets total.

    Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
    Designer, Ongoing Content
    a wizard did it

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    Posted on Monday, October 8, 2001, 7:25 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (QuestandEventNews)

    New Event with FCB
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Ahoy Mate! Sounds like the folks over at FCB are getting ready to start up a new event! I'm sure it will be just as grand as their others.

    FCB Officers Flagg and Juntu eyed Jeremiah carefully. The new fisher was assigned to greet guests to the Fishing Council of Britannia Tower. "Well, he don't seem to be such a prize to me, Flagg," Juntu mumbled. Upon hearing the word "prize" Jeremiah perked up and began speaking… "Glory be, that sounds like a clue," exclaimed Flagg, "You know, Gem said she was thinking of starting a new game for our visitors, do you think this could be a part of it?" Juntu smiled, "Maybe we should just read this book sitting by his side. Jeremiah seems to have a limited vocabulary." "Aye," replied Flagg, "I've seen it happen to many a poor fisher, too many hours in the hot baking sun wit' nuthin' but a few serpents to speak to all day…"

    Speak to Jeremiah, the greeter at the FCB Tower. At least once per week, one of the FCB vendors will have a very valuable item hidden amongst its wares--for the price of 10 gold…or maybe even free! It may be an SOS bottle, a fishing net, a set of exceptional armor, a treasure map, or a set of arcane clothing… To keep it more fun, we will update on a random schedule….so keep visiting the FCB tower…and shopping at our fine vendors. You can buy your Kyra's home tour runes there as well. We're in trammel just south of the big guard tower. A map to the tower can be found at:

    From Gem

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    Posted on Monday, October 8, 2001, 7:09 PM EDT by Barth VanDorn (GreatLakes)

    Cult of the Azure Dragons Address the Empire
    This message was left for me to pass on.

    I hae opened a dialogue with the Empire of Armageddon with regards to Edguardo. As Ed hae been a good friend of mine for ages, I felt that it was my responsibility t' see if I could assist in obtaining his freedom. Whilst I cannae share my entire experience on the matter, if ye wish t' read m' journal of the encounter, ye may do so ( visit ). I fear for Edguardo's life, as both Fredrick of the Temple of Mondain, and Raistlin, the Archmage of the Empire of Armageddon, both spoke of execution.

    While I am unsure that this will guarantee Ed's safety, I must try the path that was suggested by Raistlin, and so I write this letter to General Nero of the Order of the Silver Serpent.

    General Nero of Tenebrae, I know that since the divide of the realms that you and I havnae always seen eye to eye, what with Draconan support of the Council of Mages, and your allegiance to the Crown, oft times we have found our selves on opposing fields of battle.

    This day I write to you to seek an understanding and to plead with you for that which may save the life of a friend that I would not wish to lose to the Empire of Armageddon. As you know, Edguardo was captured by the forces of the Empire, and stands to face trial.

    The Empire seeks the body of Basil Stag Hare which is said to be in the possession of the Order of the Silver Serpents. I lay pen to paper this day to ask that if you do have such, please surrender it to the Empire of Armageddon.

    I know truly that perhaps this corpse is the one way that we shall ever see Edguardo freed from their prisons and returned alive and well. Else it is most likely that the powers which unite as the Empire will sway the diplomatic course, and Edguardo shall be executed.

    I would hate to know that a corpse, regardless of how evil a man, was all that stood between freedom for a friend and death. I have sworn that I would attempt to speak with you on this matter, and while I know I have little hope on either side of success, I try.

    Ed has been a friend for many years, and his imprisonment worries me. Already I know that the Temple desires him dead, and only the corpse of Basil may stay others of the Empire into securing his release. Of this matter I hope to speak with you soon, for it is of some import.

    Please allow me audience as soon as you have time, for I fear Ed has little time to spare.

    Yours in the faith of the realm, Ra'Dian Fl'Gith, Esorei'Toryn, Cult of the Azure Dragons

    I so pray that this letter arrives safely to General Nero.

    Ra'Dian Fl'Gith, Cult of the Azure Dragons

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    Posted on Monday, October 8, 2001, 7:03 PM EDT by Barth VanDorn (GreatLakes)

    A Rescue Mission!
    It was late into the night when I was finally able to put down this scroll and get some sleep. As usual, the wind was howling, making my old cabin creak like an old rocking chair. But on that night, sleep eluded me, as my mind kept thinking of the events that unfolded in this story. When at last I was able to close my eyes, I dreamt about this tale and my dreams were so vivid as if I had been there myself...
    As I arrived at the castle that evening, a small crowd seemed to be gathering inside the grand hall. There were several that I knew seated at the large, wooden table. There were also several that I was not familiar with that stood against the opposing wall, by the door.

    I was greeted as I entered, and I assumed a seat at the table. I removed my gloves and waited. Xaziel was due at any moment. Xaziel to tell us the story, Xaziel to reveal the "truth," as he boldly called it. I had come to know Xaziel better than most had over the past weeks. He expressed his findings to me before the others... his intentions have always seemed to be in Ciesa's benefit, but I must admit, as I pondered the future implications upon Ciesa's life, that I was a bit concerned. I had always been a bit concerned of the delving into her past... but Ciesa had agreed to hear what was to be told, even to assist, and I felt the need to attend in the event my presence was required.

    As it came to pass, I was needed more than I could have imagined.

    The door opened, another arriving... but this time it was one with the blue-hued clothing and long, blond haire. Xaziel had arrived at last, and he seemed quite eager to accomplish what he had come for. Some spoke their disbelief out loud, while others listened in silence to what he was about to say... but something seemed amiss.

    Xaziel, his facial expression changing rapidly, realized that he had somehow forgotten to bring the tomes along with him... the tomes that contained the text of the stories he had been relating for sometime, the very essence of this. He hurried out of the grand hall, calling for the crowd to remain there. His intentions, I believe, were to visit the library and return with the books, but his absence was lenghty, and the crowd once again began to murmur.

    After some time of discussion among those who remained, the sound of the large, entrance doors to the castle being flung open could be heard. The door to the grand hall burst forth soon thereafter, and a young woman proceeded to nearly stumble in, out of breath and in a state of panic, it seemed. Her message was regarding Xaziel.

    She told of a group of Drau elves which, after confronting Xaziel on the road, apprehended him violently and made off with him. They had taken the tomes as well. An uproar followed within the grand hall of the castle. Some spoke of the possibility of a deceitful trap, while others insisted that something had to be done to assist Xaziel.

    I said little, pondering the implications of all of this... but something caught my ear and my attention quietly, distinctly, hauntingly... from the pouch at my side came a small voice, calling my name. It rang out to me, and the noise of the crowd faded to silence.

    "... ugh... Aelseus. You must help me...."

    It was the voice of Xaziel. A blank thoughtful stare crossed my face as I reached into the pouch. My fingers grasped a small metallic object, a ring, and at that moment, my memories reminded me of what I had somehow forgotten. Xaziel, some time ago, had given me this trinket. It was a tool of communication, a ring that allowed speech to flow even across great distances, and I had spoken to him through it on a previous occasion. The ring called my name...rather... the ring's wearer called out to me for aid.

    I attracted the attention of the crowd as best I could. I told them of the ring, and we listened as Xaziel's voice drifted lightly across its shiny rim. His broken voice spoke of his surroundings as he attempted to relate where he was being taken. One could perceive that he was badly injured, and the sounds of his assailants could be heard in the background.

    He spoke as best as he could regarding "Jail cells", "murderers", and further grim descriptions. It was evident that he was being taken into a dungeon, and the crowd discussed as to which dungeon that might be. He spoke one final broken sentence, "This is...wrong...", and the ring crackled.

    His voice ceased to be heard. An eerie silence fell upon the room as eyes looked about to other eyes. A voice then called out, boldy, "We must get to the dungeon Wrong!".

    The crowd gathered around the bookshelf as a runebook was opened and the familiar spell cast. The gate lay open...the gate to Xaziel's rescue. Most of the crowd pushed through. I held my quarterstaff had been some time since I had put to practice any skill for combat. I instructed Edgar and Ciesa to stay behind.

    I too, stepped into the gate.

    The following trudge through that filthy cavern was one of violence unbearable. The murderers and outlaws that populate the halls of Wrong fought tooth and nail all who would enter their domain. Xaziel's voice echoed from a distance. The weapons of the group of men and women that accompanied us rang out in an eerie song as they cut down those that would oppose our effort. My oak staff was no exception...

    "I've found him!", Mariel Kodobo exclaimed boldly, half out of breath. She had bravely strayed away from the group, it seemed, and had seen Xaziel in the Southern most cell of the dungeon's wretched prison. The valiant group pressed on.

    The door to the prison was undone. Xaziel hung chained to the filthy stone wall, beaten and injured severely. There was more lurking, however, than merely a battered prisoner. As our party entered the cell and moved toward Xaziel, whispers were heard in the darkness. Walls of poison erupted from the cell floor as three Drau elves leaped out of the shadows and into a violent attack.

    Cries of battle raged in the darkness, as I made my way toward Xaziel. The fight was bitter, but soon the cowardly Drau had fallen to the blades of my comrades. Xaziel was released, and supported, for he was too weak to walk. The three tomes were recovered and all were gathered again. A gate was formed as a returning passage to the castle. A few kicked and spat upon the elves as they stepped through the gate. Few questions were asked, but it seemed as though this had been considered a victory. Xaziel was indeed alive...but glory seemed muffled by the bloodstains on each.

    At the castle, with the remaining strength he possessed, Xaziel proceeded to present the coveted tomes to the battle-worn crowd. The tomes containing the "slanderous lies", as I believe I once heard Ciesa call them, were placed where all could see, and many read. Even Paracelsus took a special interest in examining them. The pages were written as a history, telling of the supposed past of the Lir clan, and even of Ciesa herself.

    I must admit... the Ciesa I know is not that which is depicted here.

    Something, however, amongst all of these strange tales, caught my eye. Near the end of the third tome, one ragged piece of paper hung slightly over the edge of the other pages, strangely out of place. I took hold of it, and pulling, it unfolded from the rear binding of the old book. I had found a map in the old tome... a map that was clearly marked with a location in the wilderness, between what is now Britain and Yew.

    The night grew to a close. As some finished examining the tomes, and the map, they departed, some pondering, some speaking to others of all of this. Edgar kept his close, protective hold over Ciesa. I was unsure of my thoughts, exactly... but I am sure many felt as such.

    Xaziel has promised to follow up with this evening...and the presentation he almost did not make. Let us pray that the implications of all of this are for the best...

    I record this respectfully, and humbly.


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    Posted on Monday, October 8, 2001, 5:54 PM EDT by Idun Syn (Chesapeake)

    GuL Pit fights!!!
    Welcome to the GUL pit fights. Hosted at Oc'Nivelle (Yew Forest 47o 17`N. x 34o 56`W). Designed to be a place for fighters of all play styles to come together to battle it out, the GUL Pit fights will be held every Saturday.

    This week's tournament (Saturday, October 13th) will be a Last Man Standing event, sponsored by Jethro. All fighters will be in the arena at once, and when the ref gives the command to go, everyone will fight, until there is one last fighter left alive. There are a few different rules for this week, so please make sure you read them before coming to the tournament. There is no registration necessary this week. Fighting will begin at 9pm pacific time (11 pm central, midnight eastern). Fighters should arrive by 8:30 so that staff has time to snoop everyone.

    The winner of this event will take home a prize of 200k and their choice of any 1st year vet reward.

    Now for the rules:
    • Looting is allowed. It would be nearly impossible for us to have a no looting rule for this type of fight, so please do not bring anything that you are not willing to lose. No fighters will be allowed back into the arena after their death, until a winner has been decided on.
    • No casting of the paralyze spell. This will eliminate the need for trapped pouches.
    • No pets, this includes spectators. Please stable your pets before arriving at the tower.
    • No magic items (this includes armor, weapons, jewelry, clothing)
    • No poisoned weapons. Normally we allow those with poison skill to poison their weapons, but this week (because of other fighters being able to loot) we will not be allowing any poisoned weapons at all.
    • No casting of field spells, or summoning.
    • No stealing
    • Loss of connection during a fight will result in that fighter losing the match.
    • All fighters are subject to snooping by the Oc'Nivelle staff.
    • No precasting of spells or drinking potions before the fight starts. The only exceptions to this rule are the casting of spell reflection, reactive armor, and protection.
    • Any spectator interference will result in the spectator being banned and the fight starting over.
    • No one is permitted inside the fighting arena except the fighters for that match and the ref.
    • Fighters may not hide or cast invisible during their fight.
    • To reduce lag anyone not fighting will be asked to hide during the fight. Players who consistently do not hide will be removed from the tower.
    • No smack talking. The point is to prove what you can do... If you just "owned" someone we all will have seen it, no need to spout off about it.
    • The ref will have final say over any match, issues or complaints with the rules of GUL's Pit Fight will not be discussed until after the tournament has ended.
    For questions please Icq Jade @ 51610361

    Guardians of Undead Lords

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    Posted on Monday, October 8, 2001, 5:41 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    TOR tourney results
    Hail friends, I would like to thank you all for showing up and fighting the good fight.

    1st Cannibal Corpse 175k
    2nd Zippo 75k
    3rd Tanqueray 25k

    Nice job guys!

    Also i would like to thank our sponsors:

    Vince Neil

    I will see you all next friday!

    To join TOR pvp rp or pk guild plz icq Lips at 43601419 or goto TOR website and email Vince

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    Posted on Monday, October 8, 2001, 5:33 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Looters Hall - new stuff
    I was wondering where all those looter comics went that you people all know and love so much!

    I'll let you know that "the rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated". I am in fact alive and well, and have just uploaded a new episode to the Looters' Hall Take a look at it!

    May the corpses of fallen players line thy path!

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    Posted on Monday, October 8, 2001, 5:18 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (CandidCoverage)

    "The Ink Slinger, Dud "the stud" Brown"
    Here's yet another humorous interview with our man, Dud.
    "Interview with a Twink Tamer" can be found on his new website here.

    Dud "the Stud" Brown

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    Posted on Monday, October 8, 2001, 5:10 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (CandidCoverage)

    First S|A Meeting
    I read these news to my sister Circe, the archer in the family, as she shined and shined her new silver bow. She seemed to be interested, but true to her name, I could bet 10 golden coins that her thoughts were more focused on whom her next victim would be (of what? Don't ask..). But hope never dies! She needs to get out more. This came from my friend Fairfax.
    Most of you probably know that for the past month I have been holding archer hunts on Friday night. Well, I believe it is time to take it up a notch.

    The hunts have been succesful, so I am very encouraged. We will be forming a Chesapeake chapter of the Society of Archers. It will be different from the Societies on other shards though, in that it will not be a guild base. You do not have to join the S|A guildstone to be apart of the S|A. It is open to anyone who is an archer/bowyer. We will be having our first meeting on Friday the 19th of October on the second floor of Empath Abbey (Yew) in Trammel. From there, anyone who is not in a guild and would like to be can take a short walk to the guildstone.

    It would take up way to much space to give you all the details here so please go to the Archers Forum at for more information. As I am trying to plan this around you guys/gals, I will not set a time until Tuesday or Wednesday. ICQ me at 79505659 with the best time for you. I will try and work it around so everyone can make it. I will then post it on the Archer's Forum and try to send out a mass ICQ message.

    *raises bow*


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    Posted on Monday, October 8, 2001, 3:15 PM EDT by Idun Syn (Chesapeake)

    Thoughts on Event Preparation from Sannio
    Now it is Sannio who did another Team Comment, this time he is talking about Event Preparation:

    Creating an Event: Preparation

    My previous Team Comment began a four-part commentary, discussing ideas that players might find helpful as they create in-game events. In this second part of the series, I’ll go over some ideas for supporting the “Preparation” phase of an event’s development.

    I’m going to presume you already know what type of event you’re creating (contest, tournament, ceremony, or quest, etc.), that one or more people have volunteered to help (or have been drafted ;]), that your team has worked out when & where the event’s going to happen, and that some general rules for participants have been discussed.

    Who does what? Even if you just have one other person helping you, it’s important to decide which of you will be assigned any related task before, during, or after the event.

    Consider the strengths of your helpers: someone who types fast & accurately may be a main quest character, someone who writes well may create your rules or announcements, and someone who is very skilled at “PvP” combat might do well as your tournament referee.

    Consider also the characters that will be used: a house-owner might work well as the “bouncer” of a roof-ceremony, a mage or healer would be important toward resurrecting characters during “fight nights,” and a player who doesn’t mind getting murder counts may be useful as a quest adversary.
    • Master of ceremonies: Who will be announcing the rules of your contest or the winner of a tournament? Who will be the minister in your wedding ceremony?
    • Quest characters: Who will be the curious figure who draws people into a mystery? Does your quest need a “bad guy”?
    • Documenter: Your “staff” may share equal responsibility of taking screenshots, but who will write the announcements? Who will note the names of the survivors of your dungeon crawl on your Web site, or announce the victors of the latest bagball tournament?
    • Writer: Someone may need to design contest rules, adapt a script, write wedding ceremony vows, or plan out quest elements to be plotted out in advance. Make sure to pass them along to the related event staff members.

    Make sure there are no questions about which person has which responsibility, including that most important question: who will people go to if there are questions or problems?

    Who makes the call? However you distribute responsibilities, make sure that everyone knows who will be “making the call” in the face of any emergency. This person may have to make some important decisions in some sticky situations, such as: if you only accounted for one winner, but two characters “come in first,” this person will have to decide who gets the one prize and why. If a scavenger hunt asked for “bolts,” and one team brought in crossbow bolts and another collected bolts of cloth, the “person in charge” needs to decide what’s valid, typically on the spot.

    Make sure that your staff, participants, and audience will know this person/character and their “in charge” role before, during, and after the event. You might even consider saying it straight out during an opening speech at the beginning of the event.

    Prepare yourself outside and inside the game:
    • Contact between event staff: Will you and your helpers maintain a behind-the-scenes chat? Make sure everyone has compatible chat software, and knows when and how to use it.
    • Screenshots: If you’re going to be taking screenshots of the event, do you have the proper software?
    • Rehearse: If you’re performing a play, wedding ceremony, or timing-critical quest scene, consider practicing some of the most important lines in a dress rehearsal.
    • Pasting text into Ultima Online: Did you know you could set up a “Paste” macro in UO? Simply go into the macros section of your UO Options menu, create a new macro, and set it as “Paste.” I’ve conveniently set the keys “Control+V” to paste text into the game for me.
    • Gather Resources: communication crystals, food, rewards, barkeeps
    • Mark Runestones: Has anyone marked runes to any of the event-related locations? Handing out free marked runes during an event is a great way to get people to return. Some people even sell them on their vendors throughout the week for this purpose.
    • Helper’s supplies: Consider giving your helpers a bag of event supplies (pre-Marked runes, reagents, books with contest rules to be handed out).

    If there is one particular item that is key to the progress or success of the event, make sure you have more than one of them, with each held by separate people. If this item is stolen, lost, or the holding player/character can’t log into the game, your event won’t end up being a bust.

    Promote your event: Someone should write up a short announcement for your event, and try to include the following bits of information:
    • The name of the event
    • The Web site or message board URL for the event
    • The name & details of who to contact (e-mail address, ICQ, IRC nick, AIM nick, etc.)
    • Time and date of the event (ex. 7:00pm PST, Friday, August 28th, 2001)
    • The location (including shard, facet, location, directions on how to get there “by foot,” and even the Web address of a good map)
    • Any special rules
    • Any special gifts or considerations (ex. “Prizes will be awarded to the winners,” “Gates will be provided from Britain’s ‘Chamber of Virtue’ to the event location beginning 15 minutes prior to the event starting time” or “Please make sure to leave precious valuables at home, as we’ll be entering a dangerous area.”)

    Once you start announcing your event, make sure to actively spread the word. Post your article on the front page of your own web site. Send your news article to fan news sites, our A new Event Calendar has been , and Ultima Online e-mail lists. Announce your event on message boards, including ours. Contact people with e-mail, IRC, ICQ, AIM, and whatever resources you feel appropriate. And let’s not forget good, old-fashioned legwork: walk around town and let people know about your event directly from you.

    Plan to announce your event several days before it occurs—perhaps even more than once, such as one full week before, two days before, and 12 hours before, for a large, one-time-only event. Smaller or weekly events may do well with only one announcement a day or two beforehand.

    Barkeeps: Players now have the barkeep to assist them in their events. Players can “program” their barkeeps with up to four “paragraphs” of text, one which will be called out whenever someone drops any amount of gold on it, and the remaining three when anyone says the related keyword(s) nearby. They’ll also announce any recent official Scenario news if someone says “news” to them.

    Every barkeep will respond to the word “news,” and to a tip; these can work in your favor. You can include some event-based facts in barkeep phrases, as well as hint to players about some of the barkeep’s other keywords. For example:

    Player: “news”

    Barkeep: [scenario message, and…] “Well, there’s also the TOURNAMENT this Sunday, the 4th at 7pm by the Eastern Sky.”

    Player: (gives the barkeep a tip)

    Barkeep: Thank you very much! I’ll just add this to the PRIZE for the TOURNAMENT on the 4th.

    Player: “tournament”

    Barkeep: “We hold a fight night every Sunday. There’s more NEWS at”

    Player: “prize”

    Barkeep: “We’ll be giving away 10,000 gold to the winner of the TOURNAMENT”

    In the example above, note that each phrase includes at least one keyword hint for players who may be looking to learn more about the event.

    Here are some other examples:
    • “rules”: “No magery will be allowed in the CONTEST, otherwise anything goes.”
    • “event”: “You’re welcome to join our TOWN Meeting, the first Tuesday of every month.
    • “[the barkeeps name]”: “I can’t place your face, friend, but we get a lot of strangers here since the MURDER.”
    • “[the name of the building]”: “Yup, that’s where you are. You looking for the OWNER, that lazy bum?”

    Books: If you think participants may have not seen any announcements, or information beyond what the barkeep provides, consider locking down a book or books in your house. Remember: players can’t write in locked down purple books, so they might be good for displaying a schedule, rules, or contact information. However, players can write in locked-down brown books, so they are great to use as guestbooks or as a place where people can post questions.

    15 minutes before: Helpers should probably be available and ready at least 15 minutes before most events’ starting times. This may mean being in a related Internet chat, or their characters should be in certain in-game locations, or both. Some magery-based characters might need to begin casting magical Gates in key, well-known and high-trafficked locations, to help bring in a larger audience.

    You could chat with players who show up early for your event. Don’t forget, it’s never too early to promote your next event. ;) Give out food to your guests. Start getting a headcount of participants, and consider if you need to make any last minute adjustments to the scale of your event based on how many people show up.

    Next time: your event has begun and you’ve entered the heart of the event in the “Management” phase.

    Keith "Sannio" Quinn
    Online Community Coordinator
    Ultima Online
    Origin Systems

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    Posted on Monday, October 8, 2001, 2:20 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Halloween House Decorating Contest & Costume Ball in Valoria
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<An official announcement reached us from Grandpa of Valoria

    The townsfolk of Valoria assembled at a public meeting on 7th October and were told of two grand contests based upon the theme of Halloween.

    A prize of 50,000 gold coins will be paid to the Valorian resident that decorates their home in the most spectacular way. Homes are to be decorated at least a week before the actual party on the 31st as the voting will be undertaken by all residents of the town (and they need time to look over your works of art). More details of the voting system will be published on the Valoria news page once it opens.

    The grand costume ball is open to all people and will take place at the Valoria Meeting Hall (consult the map on the Valoria site for exact location). The party will commence at 23:00 UK time and the prize of 50,000 gold coins will be awarded to the wearer of the best costume at 00:30 UK time. Persons wishing to attend the party are requested to stable their mounts prior to arriving.

    For more details on this and other events being undertaken in Valoria
    please look at our news pages or the forum

    Email Grandpa
    Valoria Town Council Leader

    I am sure to be joining the costume ball and I hope you have enough wine around *smiles*

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    Posted on Monday, October 8, 2001, 4:14 AM EDT by Kofu (Europa)

    Upcoming Quest for a Lost Item in Twinkle Town
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Tyrghen of Ravenmoor sent a scroll with a plea for help.

    Hail traveller !

    Ravenmoor and Twinkle Town are trying to ally an old tribe, but they want us to retrieve a lost item in order to prove our loyalty.
    Their help is needed badly to stand against our enemies !

    So if you have the heart of an adventurer and a relic-hunter, then,
    Join us in Twinkle Town, on Thursday at 7:30 PM GMT.
    (This is 20:30 CET, for europeans)

    If you can't find Twinkle Town look here : Twinkletown Or get to Ravenmoor, the rune is on the Militia HQ steps.

    We hope to see you !

    Tyrghen [UT] of Ravenmoor

    I hope you will get many capable hands to help out.

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    Posted on Monday, October 8, 2001, 3:16 AM EDT by Kofu (Europa)

    Golems, Controllers, Puzzles and Poker
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Kamchak of FAS sent in the following link to a picture journal where perseverence saves the day (or in this case destroys a generator).

    Golems, Controllers, Puzzles and Poker

    If you have also have reports judged worthy to be posted feel free to submit them to [email protected]

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    Posted on Monday, October 8, 2001, 3:00 AM EDT by Kofu (Europa)

    BMG 3on3 Results
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Last night (sunday) was bmg's latest 3on3 fight.

    Teams Leaders were:
    • Thorn Within (BMG)
    • Icywind (TDK)
    • Necromancer
    • Blink
    • BahamutX (TI)
    • Herby/Zoe
    • Queenslander
    • Fruit Loop
      Thorn Within
      Fruit Loop

      Winners taking home 250K, 2nd place 3 Vanq's, 3rd place 3 power.

      Action Shot of BahamutX and Necromancers fight.


      Final, With BahamutX and Icywinds Team

      Thx to everyone that attended, if you missed out, make sure you check stratics regularly, events are posted about a week before there on.

      Multani, BMG

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    Posted on Sunday, October 7, 2001, 9:47 PM EDT by Multani (Oceania)

    Wedding Mayhem
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<It was a beautiful sunny morning, birds were singing sweetly outside the log cabin as Mrs Lancer rose from her sleep. This was going
    to be a good day, for today was to be her wedding day. Mrs Lancer was going to be married to her childhood sweetheart Kahlibar.

    Kahlibar on the other hand was feeling slightly ill. Far too much ale was consumed the previous evening whilst in the company of
    Viking. Many stories were told of bravery and heroes ‘til the small hours of the morning. "Oh I wish I’d got enough gold
    for that hangover cure" wailed his head, along with other things like "Why are those rabbits so damn loud", "Never again, I’ll
    not touch a drop", to name but a few. Viking was looking decidedly sober, "You’re getting married later" he said. "Oh hell we
    had better get ready" replied Kahlibar tripping over an empty ale bottle.

    Preparations were well underway at Winnies Tower. Tables and chairs were being set out, food was being cooked, and clothes being
    made. It was looking like being a marvellous day.
    At 8:30pm the guests started arriving. The White Fang guild turned out in force and was looking very smart and co-ordinated in their
    new clothes. More guests arrived, most of them complete strangers, but they were in good spirits and were eagerly awaiting the start
    of the ceremony.

    The allotted hour of 9:00pm passed and Kahlibar and his best man Viking stood by the altar awaiting the arrival of the bridal party.
    Ashaal the minister did his job of reassuring the groom he was doing the right thing and calming the assembled onlookers.

    Fashionably late the bride arrived, looking magnificent in her bridal gown and jewellery, accompanied by her two bridesmaids Eve and
    Naomi, and Tobias who was giving her away. Slowly they walked towards the altar amidst gasps of jealousy from the women and looks of
    approval from the men.

    Once the bridal party was in position Ashaal the minister began. "Welcome citizens of Britannia, we have gathered here to witness
    the Holy joining of Kahlibar to Mrs Lancer in this blessed union" said Ashaal, and soon settled into his stride. The vows were
    exchanged along with the exchanging of rings and before too long Ashaal was announcing "The citizens have now heard thy vows to each
    other, let no one put asunder this Holy union of heart and soul. Go forth, reveal in the power of being a couple, trust and rely
    upon each other, and let nothing part thee. By the powers committed to me and by the laws of Britannia... I now declare that
    Kahlibar and Mrs Lancer have joined as one, as husband and wife. Kahlibar you may now kiss your bride". Cheers and applause filled
    the surrounding countryside as the Minister blessed the newlyweds, and all who could use the words of power "Rel Sanct" did so.

    Suddenly a dozen Orcs appeared, throwing down their human disguises, and shouting "Grub da humie breedur". Confusion reigned as the
    Orcs grabbed the bride and screams of "Help", "Save me" and "Get your filthy hands off me you brute, this is a new dress" filled the
    air. From nowhere a blinding blue light was seen and a magical gate appeared. In a flash the Orcs and Mrs Lancer disappeared through
    the gate and a stunned silence fell over the room.

    After a long, silent, pause Lady Aeris, the White Fang GM, crossed the room to the sobbing Kahlibar and placed a comforting hand on
    his shoulder, "This cowardly deed shall not go unpunished. White Fang shall seek vengeance for this act. Do not fear Kahlibar you
    shall be avenged". Viking ushered all non guild guests from the building whilst the rest of White Fang gathered around the large
    table to make their plans".....

    Mrs Lancer
    White Fang Guild

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    Posted on Sunday, October 7, 2001, 8:56 PM EDT by Whisper (Oceania)

    The Grand Opening of The City of Shadowfell
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Today the City of Shadowfell opened it's gates to the people of Sosaria. Below is a brief account of how the city came to be and the events of the day.

    How the City of Shadowfell Came to be

    Long ago, a time of chaos and darkness fell upon Sosaria. Four great ones arose and sundered the land with the fire and blade. The land itself bled as death consumed nature and the people lamented their fate. A mage named Nystul opened a gate into a new world of purity and order. The people fled to that new land...and settled there. Thinking that they had escaped from evil and the horrors they had seen. Even as they slept in their new cottages and frolicked in the pristine fields. They feared that evil would find them again....

    Their fears were well founded for evil does not rest, even in victory. The guardian sent his most dread minions, necromancers, blackguards, wicked knights, liches and their kin to the new world...and they settled forming a new city in the new world...and once again the people knew terror! The city of Shadowfell was founded and corruption seeped into the peaceful new world.
    Events of the Grand Opening Festival

    The Dark Soul Competition: The villians of Sosaria were brought before Drake, Hexxor and Drizzdt of the Order of the Ebon Skull, a prominent evil roleplaying guild on Atlantic. The contestants: Rakhir, Megra, Red Cloud, Misty Meana, Vassago, Nugrama, Sierra La Croix, Luna, and Aragorn were each questioned by the judges. Style and a flair for evil were the key considerations of the contest.

    The results were Rakhir in first place, Megra in second, and Vassago in third place, Sierra La Croix and Luna were honorable mentions. Congratulations all on the dubious honor of being the most wicked folk in the land!

    Below is a scene from the Summoner of the Abyss event, in which Emperor Azalin Lore placed first with thirteen deamons! It was a very close contest, indeed. Xel the Wanderer and Lady Catherine De Vain came in second with ten summoned deamons each!

    Strange beings were also spotted in the city of Shadowfell..such as this shade who was about to take a bite out of Aston, a Paladin from the Lost order of Asha'man.

    Other events included the Scavenger hunt and dire wolf duels! Lady Anahera and Mad Earl won first place. In the dire wolf duels,Xanth de Orlig, correctly picked the winning wolf Mauler! Mauler was adopted by Stormtiger after the event.

    Thanks to everyone who attended the event!

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    Posted on Sunday, October 7, 2001, 8:19 PM EDT by Cymidei Fier (Baja)

    Dragon Tavern Story Night
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Hail and well met,
    This just in via carrier pigeon:

    Do you like to drink?
    Do you like to either make up tales or listen to them?
    Do you a have a tale from the past before the worlds separated? Or per chance you are a bard and have tales to tell.


    The Dragon Tavern will be having its weekly story telling night on Wednesday, 10-10-01 at 7PM PST.

    The prizes are 10K for first place and 5K for second.

    Gates will be sent to Vesper Bank (Tram) prior to the event or icq in advance and rune will be provided. Dragon Tavern is located on ice Island at:87o53’N 164o41’W

    Wolf of Evermore
    ICQ: 39012719 for more information.

    Your humble servant,
    Raeven Aurora

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    Posted on Sunday, October 7, 2001, 8:00 PM EDT by Raeven Aurora (NapaValley)

    Helios Caught Playing on the Job! ;)
    A picture of Helios playing on Test Shard 6. Handsome cuss, isn’t he?

    As it seems this picture was actually taken by Preacher of Europe. We apologize for this confusion and like to thank both, the one who took the picture and to the one who sent it to us.

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    Posted on Sunday, October 7, 2001, 6:24 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

    Spiritwood Tavern Lottery on Hold!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    We received these sad news from Aranlindale of the Spiritwood Tavern:

    Because of the massive harassment and grief play we had to endure over the last couple of weeks, I will not invest my precious time, money and efforts in holding events anymore. In this hostile social environment, that UO has become over the last few months I feel unable to continue my efforts.

    With great sadness, I announce, that I will not organize any Lotteries or other events anymore until these issues are solved.

    Aranlindale, Spiritwood Tavern

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    Posted on Sunday, October 7, 2001, 8:08 AM EDT by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Barkeeps to Give Scenario News
    Calandryll gave out this bit of news on the MyUO Discussion Boards:

    …..Town criers are not going to give out any scenario hints anymore. Only barkeepers do that now.

    Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
    Designer, Ongoing Content
    a wizard did it

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    Posted on Sunday, October 7, 2001, 8:00 AM EDT by Lady Malynn (QuestandEventNews)

    Why Golems Can’t be Barded
    On the MyUO Discussion Boards, Calandryll explained why golem’s can’t be barded:

    Golems are not affected by peacemaking because they have no ability to hear things. They are not living (or even undead) creatures, they are clockwork constructs. That was more of a fictional decision than any kind of bard nerf. Any time we decide to give a monster an ability, the first priority is to make sure it makes sense within the fiction.

    Controllers should have no special protection from barding at all. You should be able to provoke controllers onto each other and provoke other monsters (except golems of course) onto controllers. If you can't, please let me know and I will check into it on Monday.

    Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
    Designer, Ongoing Content
    a wizard did it


    No actually, the reason golems are not living is because in real life books (ie: real life folklore) golems were not "living" creatures. A golem, by definition, is a non-living entity that is given "life" (meaing it can move and perform tasks) through magic or alchemy. But it is by no means a living creature, or even an undead creature.

    Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
    Designer, Ongoing Content
    a wizard did it

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    Posted on Sunday, October 7, 2001, 7:24 AM EDT by Lady Malynn (QuestandEventNews)

    Moonglow Guards Bout!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    And yet another message from Yoldran of Moonglow:

    Hear ye Hear ye!

    On Tuesday, October 9th, 20:30cet (7:30pm UK Time), the Moonglow Guards will host an internal bout and joust on the grassy area just west of the Moonglow armourer in Trammel. 

    Spectators can bet on one champion and win 1000 coins in case they choose the winner. 

    Betting procedure: 
    Before final fight - 500gp
    4 guards remaining - 250gp
    8 guards remaining - 125gp

    More information about the Moonglow guards can be found at

    Hope to see ye there!
    Towncrier of Moonglow.

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    Posted on Sunday, October 7, 2001, 7:20 AM EDT by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    First Dark Schemes Against the Nobles of Yew

    We received this from Gerrick, High Merchant Prince of the Yew Mercantile League:

    It was sunset, as I departed from my residence and guildhall in the town of Dreamstone to take a walk amongst the woods. Fresh air did good they said and after taking a break from all that paper work, I decided to see if it was true.

    So there me was marching with my trusty gnarled staff to head to the employees of the stable so they could retrieve my steed. I was glad it didn't rain this day, the dirt road was not muddy as it used to be and my shoes fortunately were not in ruin as always. In very short time, I reached the sheep pen and stables of Yew and asked to retrieve my horse, Ebony. The animal trainers had taken good care of her, she seemed healthy and fed. 

    After giving them a tip for their effort, I mounted my trusted horse and headed to the magical moongate outside of Yew. For the first time in my life, there were none of the faction supporters so my journey was a safe one.

    As I entered the portal, a voice ringed inside my head and asked of my destination. 

    "Trammel, Yew" I replied and in seconds I was standing before the rich and dense forest of Yew. 

    With a slow march, I was enjoying the surroundings, birds upon trees, squirrels running around and sometimes some young cubs with their bear mothers. However...

    In the distance I saw smoke as if coming from a stove and plenty of houses...I happened to come another time by that place and there was not even a single rock let alone a whole village. It struck me as weird but my curiosity would not be satisfied if I did not come closer...So I approached.

    I heard laughing, not of a good nature but evil one. The smell of burned wood was all around and I seemed to hear distant screams of pain...

    My thinking was broken when a glass window broke, and from inside came a bottle of ale that crushed just near me. It couldn't be a coincidence...

    I turned around to head away, but out of nowhere appeared a mysterious man in black clothing and white hair... He approached me and demanded that I dismount and follow him. Not falling for his tricks, I tried to kick him aside but he paralysed both myself and my horse and with an energy bolt, knocked me down from Ebony, which was terrified as much as myself.

    "Bah, tis the High Merchant Prince of The Yew Mercantile League! Ye thought ye would get away from me 'milord' ?" he said and kicked me as I was lying down on the ground, unable to rise.

    "Trespassers like ye are punished by death...however my master, Garland seeks thee. Most polite ye passed by to deliver you to him..."

    I paid no heed to his words, except from the part he mentioned of Garland...the name was familiar but I was not completely sure who he was. My thoughts where again shattered when that man cast some form of magic and blackened my vision as I felt being dragged into a cold stone room... with droplets of water falling to the ground and mice crying and moving all around.

    I awoke some time later, when I noticed I was chained upon the wall and the metal door creaking slowly. From it came two figures, a man with dark red hair and a person clad in black and shadow ore.

    Later came the necromancer as I learned who captured me and I could hear the man say when the necromancer spoke to him: "Excellent...the nobles will now see we mean business..."

    The three figures approached me, the light was dim but a strange aura came from the man with the dark hair... and I remembered who he was... Garland Orunitia, a person speaking on behalf of the Followers of Zhenterim in the meeting.

    He tried to make me reveal information about townships in Fellucca and of specific people, but no words came out of me. He then nodded at the person with the shadow closed helm and the red cloak to bring some ways 'convincing' me....I can not remember well, as I seem to have fainted only awoken when they threw salt and water on the wounds they inflicted on me

    My torture did not end however. They dragged me to a secret location with cells and guarded me....until Mordred, Baron of Stormwind appeared from a blue moongate with his trusted footman Terenas. Mordred volunteered to switch places but being both of noble blood, I could not do until he secretly gave me a note scribing to get as soon as possible to Pyrville for assistance. Seeing his carefully devised plan, I agreed and together with Terenas we quickly fled to the township.

    Luckily, Terenas had managed to identify the place as the Prisons of Britannia and with the troops from Pyrville we managed to rescue Mordred and make the Followers of Zhenterim flee.

    After this most tiring 'adventure', we were treated with hospitality and rested for a few days.

    Still though, the dark schemes of The Followers of Zhenterim remain unknown as a new threat rises against both Trammel and Fellucca....

    [The guilds that took action in this mini-event where: The Yew Mercantile League( Mer), The Alliance ( ALY), Pyrville ( Pyr) and The Followers of Zhenterim ( FoZ) ]

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    Posted on Sunday, October 7, 2001, 7:18 AM EDT by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Putting more "Ultima" in UO
    On a thread on the official UO Boards containing SPOILERS, Calandryll (Designer, Ongoing Content) made these general comments here :
    A bit off topic, but I think you both made some good points that I would really like to respond to.

    I'm actually working on something that will hopefully bring back some of that "Ultima" to UO. As a player, the lack of "Ultima" in Ultima Online never sat well with me. As a designer, working with Stellerx, Evocare, Augur, Gromm and Krum, we've come up with something that I hope fans of "Ultima" will really like. I hinted at it in a prior comments from the team and I plan on talking about it in a lot more detail at tomorrow's UO player lunch.

    Also, remember, this is the first week of the're going to see a lot more story in the coming weeks...and in future scenarios. You haven't seen any real evidence of it yet (although you actually have, more than some may realize), but there will be a lot of "Ultima" in the scenarios...sooner than you might expect.

    As far as role-playing, we've really just begun. We just recently added a tool to help role-players (the barkeep) and player-run quests, and hopefully we'll be adding even more in the future. The thing that I am really excited about with the barkeeps is that we haven't had a lot of support calls with them regarding inappropriate messages. We put in tracking mechanisms with them and were pretty public about that. If this continues, it'll open up a lot more possibilities for what we can do with role-playing tools.

    And, for those that choose to, the scenarios can provide a lot of background for one's role-playing. I've seen lots of posts talking about role-playing around the scenario and role-playing guilds (such as the guild of savages recently started on Siege Perilous) based on the scenarios. I think there is still a place for role-playing in UO...very much so. Besides, it's not like we ever patched out the ability for players to use their imagination...which is what role-playing really boils down to. ;)

    We've got some exciting things planned for UO. It is my goal that as the fiction unfolds and as we release more updates (both scenario related and general RP udates like the barkeep) we'll make those that enjoy a good story and want more "Ultima" in Ultima Online very happy.

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    Posted on Sunday, October 7, 2001, 2:51 AM EDT by citizenKane2 (QuestandEventNews)

    Haunted Home Competition
    This was just received from Mirabel,
    The Town of Heaven's Forge is now accepting entries for its annual Haunted Home competition! Submit your scariest, goriest or funniest Halloween/Fall house decorations for consideration. First, Second and Third places will be announced at All Hallow's Eve Bash 2, scheduled for October 26th (details to come).
    The prizes:
    • First place: 50,000 gold
    • Second place: 25,000 gold
    • Third place: 10,000 gold

    Bonus rare and semirare items TBA for all three prizes.
    To enter, contact Darius at ICQ 988442 or Mirabel at ICQ 11015595, or drop us an email at [email protected] Prepare a marked rune with your name and the building name on it. Entries from both Felucca and Trammel are accepted. Your building must be ready to judge by Friday, October 19th.
    Good luck and happy decorating!

    Thankye Mirabel

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    Posted on Sunday, October 7, 2001, 12:56 AM EDT by Cymidei Fier (Baja)

    Looking for a Few Good Pens
    Looking for a Few Good Pens Are your shoes worn thin from traveling from town to town? Your voice hoarse and sore from speaking with citizens across Britannia? Have a knack for putting pen to paper and writing an excellent story? Then mayhaps UOSS' Baja News Page is the place where you can not only show off your talent but help bring the community together with interesting, exciting stories and news items about the Baja Shard and her citizens.

    UOSS is currently looking for active, talented citizens of Baja to add to our crack team of top-notch Ultima Online reporters. As a volunteer you are required to:

    • Be a talented writer
    • Be an active, knowledgeable member of the Baja community
    • Be willing to attend events and quests, interview VIPs, report news of interest to the community
    • Be able to dedicate a minimum of six hours per week to writing and/or posting news items
    • Have a familiarity with basic HTML
    • Be pro-active
    Does the above describe you? Then what are you waiting for??? Apply... right now... do not hesitate! Simply fill out this brief questionnaire and fire off an email to [email protected] with "Baja Application" as the subject.
    1. Real name
    2. Contact email address
    3. ICQ number (if applicable)
    4. Character name (this must be the name of the character you will be using as your potential shard reporter)
    5. Rate your HTML knowledge from 1-10, where 1 is poor and 10 is phenomenal
    6. Answer this: Why do you wish to be a shard reporter for UOSS?
    7. Include a brief writing sample, no more than 500 words (pictures are not welcomed and no attachments)
    8. Any questions???
    Applications are due no later than midnight October 14, 2001. There will be no exceptions!!!

    Good luck to all applicants!

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    Posted on Saturday, October 6, 2001, 8:26 PM EDT by Cymidei Fier (Baja)

    A Warning of Evil
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<It seems that Lotus has risen a call to the 'good' in the land to rise up and face against the Empire.

    The Warning

    Pulling the stubborn weed out of her garden, she straightens up and rubs her shoulders. Squinting into the sun, letting it's rays warm her face, she feels the nip of Autumn in the air.

    Soon the crops will be picked. The harvest this year should be bountiful. Walking to the pillow nook on her patio, she settles in. Burrowing deeper into the pile of fluffy pillows, she smiles and relaxes.

    The bees drone as they flit by.....the music of water hitting the rocks in the fountain..... Gazing upwards, she watches the big white clouds float soundlessly in the dazzling azure sky. "Life is good", she says to no one in particular.

    Craning her neck to the east, she waves to her neighbors. Valhalla and Thor of NoV wave back and go inside their house. She had forgotten the simple pleasures of life and was enjoying the freedom of being answerable only to herself. Having traveled the land for the past few months had given her a new prospective on life in Britannia. So many good people. She had made many new friends.

    Crawling out of the pillow pile, she heads across the patio and to the door of her house. Straightening pillows as she walks thru the house, she arrives at the kitchen. "What will I make for dinner tonight", she ponders. Glancing out the window, she sees a pigeon has arrived with a message. Reaching into the coop, she removes the tattered rolled paper from its leg.

    Sitting at her table, she unrolls the paper and begins to read the message. A sharp intake of breath fills the room. "Damn it, I should have known this would happen", she softly says. "They never learn."

    Re-reading the message once more, she knows this time it is for real. Evil has joined together in an alliance named *Empire of Armegeddon*. They planned to take over Britannia, city by city.

    Shaking her head, she smoothed the paper and laid it on the table. "Oh well, not my concern anymore", she told herself. As she washed and chopped up the fresh vegetables for dinner, she reminded herself again and again, "Stay out of it".

    The reminders of wars fought were still fresh in her memory. Friends lost....smoke- filled air.....horrendous sights of mangled bodies....the cry of the wounded...the helpless feeling of watching a nightmare unfold. And yet, there were no regrets.

    Opening the door, she walked out to see the view from her house. Being close to Trinsic, she wondered aloud whether it would be safe from these evil beings. Night was falling, the birds were silent and the wind was picking up. Fallen leaves blew in circles at her feet. How long til the flames and smoke could be seen from here? How long til the first warriors come past dripping blood and holding each other upright? This is my world. This is the world of all Britainians. Shall we allow EOA to take what is ours? Will we lie down and be subjugated by ruthless killers of innocents?

    Sitting on the grass, she reaches into her pocket and pulls out the message she received. Sighing loudly, she asks the sky, "Give me a sign that I am truly needed." Laughing loudly, she gets up and turns to go inside. A hind stands on the porch. Placid and unmoving. She bends to pet the soft head and hears a soft voice say *They need you.* Looking around from side to side, she sees no one around. Gazing into the eyes of the hind, she sees herself reflected. Bowing her head, she goes inside and sits at her desk. With quill in hand she writes her message to the Britainians:

    Once more we are faced with a tough decision. Do we fight with our live's blood or sit idlily by and let EOA destroy all we have worked for? I know we are not all warriors and powerful mages. But everyone has something to give to free Britainnia of this evil. Cities be prepared to defend. Guilds be ready to help defend the city you call home. Those who can not fight, be ready to help in other ways. Together we can keep EOA from taking our cities and homes.

    Heed my words, I know from experience, they are powerful. No one person or guild can stand against them. I am told that Nero of OSS is gathering troops. Don't let them do this to us.

    Signing the missive, she sends it out to be carried all over the land. Watching the pigeon fly over head and turn towards Trinsic, she straightened her shoulders, and walked to the patio to once more flop into the pillow nook and needing the feeling of security, she huddled deep into them.

    *What ye shall sow....Ye shall reap*

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    Posted on Saturday, October 6, 2001, 3:03 PM EDT by Barth VanDorn (GreatLakes)

    The Ultimatum
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Another arcane tome has been left on my door. As I read this every hair on my body stood on end.

    The Ultimatum

    "Velturus and Caleb are interrogating them as we speak, Archmage," Mordain's voice was cold as steel as he sipped wine from a goblet at a desk in the library of the Nujel'm Palace.

    His feet were resting lightly on the pillow cushion of a high backed chair as he watched the Archmage pace back and forth in deepening thought. Raistlin's black hair glistened in the torchlight, and the shadows clung to his clothing, bathing him in a darkness that seemed to be an invasion of the night itself. Growing ever impatient for an answer, Mordain looked out the window at the moon of Felucca, attempting to guage the time. Raistlin seemed to notice and stopped his pacing.

    "Have they given us anything to go on?" he asked, turning to face the Prophet of Mondain in his chair.

    "EdGuardo has uttered the usual nonsensical babble about Dragon Knights and silver serpents," Mordain grinned slyly, but then his grin slid off into a quick grimace, "But neither of them have given us any indication of what the crown does or doesn't know about the Empire."

    "What about the location where EdGuardo was taken prisoner?" the Archmage asked, beginning to pace once again in his seemingly catatonic state of contemplation.

    "Ed has not told us why he was in that location, and he has not told us how he got there," Mordain took another sip of wine before continuing, "But from what we were able to gather at the scene, there were bodies of cultists from the Followers of Armageddon nearby."

    The Archmage shook his head.

    "Why must these fools always be so uncooperative?"

    Mordain chuckled slightly, watching the Archmage continue to pace.

    "Will you be making a decision tonight, Archmage? Or should I retire to the Temple to my own devices?"

    Raistlin stopped and turned toward Mordain again.

    "No.. I would like for you to dictate a letter to one of our courriers please."

    Mordain nodded.

    "Tell General Nero that EdGuardo and Antonious Mestro are being held captive in Nujel'm Prison. Tell him that if he wants them to be returned to him safely, he will turn over the body of Basil Stag Hare to us. If he does not, it will be considered an act of war, and both EdGuardo and Antonious will be executed as prisoners of war.

    "Even Nero would not be so foolhardy as to invade Nujel'm. This I am sure of... Tell him this is his only option. Answer our call peacefully, or the execution will take place, and he must be prepared to reap the wrath of the armies of darkness."

    Mordain nodded, grinning.

    "Nero will not take too kindly to such demands from you, Archmage."

    Raistlin turned to Mordain, his eyes flashing dangerously in the torchlight. Mordain felt his soul fill up with an urgent cry for battle, stirred by the passion and anger he could see in the Archmage's eyes.

    "Nero will turn over the body of my mentor, a body that we need for study... a body that was removed from its resting place and defiled by those fools at the Lycaeum! He will turn over the body or he will spell out the doom of Sosaria! It is up to him to decide if we are at peace or at war!"

    Nodding to the Archmage and excusing himself, Mordain left through the gardens of the palace, heading toward the ghettoes on the western edge of the island, and the moongate that would take him home. The battle rage still filled him.. he felt as though he would like to be the one to deliver the message of doom to Nero himself. He wanted to see the look on the General's face when he found out that the tide of darkness was coming for him.

    "Sosaria is ours!" he exclaimed into the night air.

    Still driven with inspiration, he continued home to the Temple to find a scribe to draft the letter.

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    Posted on Saturday, October 6, 2001, 2:51 PM EDT by Barth VanDorn (GreatLakes)

    Another Installment of DEADLY LINK
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Seems those crazy gals Leshy and Ari are at it again. Here is the latest installment of DEADLY LINK.

    Coven of the Secret Shadow and Sisters of Enchantment bring to you once again DEADLY LINK!!

    The inaugural Game in September brought The Knights of the Emerald Tartan and The Yew Town Council together in an exciting game. It even included a Kidnapping in the midst of the game!! Fortunately Dugald was unharmed by his captures Mordain and The Temple of Mondain and Bregan D'Aerthe.

    So gather your friends and your rotten fruit as we host a second DEADLY LINK

    Where the guilds:
    Lost Horizons Community


    Poison Ivy and the 40 Thieves

    will vie for the 100K prize donated by the Temple of Mondain + the Grand prize from the game!!

    Location: Skara Brae Fairground's, Trammel

    Tuesday October 9th at the hour of 8pm in the central skies

    Come early as Mordain's guild presents the check to Leshyani Rianne and Ariyana Sune!

    Remember in Deadly Link the Audience chooses who Meets our Executioners first!!! Will it be one of Jon Von Darkmoor's clan or Will it be one of your Favorite Gate thieves??

    If you have any questions or would like to participate in an future game contact Ariyana Sune at #1337405

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    Posted on Saturday, October 6, 2001, 2:48 PM EDT by Barth VanDorn (GreatLakes)

    Additional Way to Solve Generator [SPOILER]
    Don’t read further if you don’t want to see/read a spoiler.









    We are seeing reports that GM lockpicks get an extra button for solving the generator.
    Get those lockpickers out folks! Thanks to Johnathan for the picture.

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    Posted on Saturday, October 6, 2001, 8:35 AM EDT by Lady Malynn (QuestandEventNews)

    A Reawakening
    This was received from Lady Bronwyn,
    Emerging from the forest edge, she breathed deep, catching the scent she had only previously known in her heart. Looking over the meadow and the beautiful homes, she knew she had finally reached her destination. A light caught her eye from the near by tower. Turning to look, she caught a glimpse of the Lady Bronwyn, walking the battlements of her tower. Her heart began to thump and she walked quickly to the tower, unable to contain her excitement any longer...

    As if in silent calling, Bronwyn quickly descended the tower steps, her heart racing as well. Had she finally arrived? Coming into the first floor she stopped dead in her tracks......

    It was like looking into a mirror. They gazed at each other for what seemed an eternity. Besides the hair color,there was little difference between them. Both small and slender, creamy skin and sharp elegant features. Bronwyns eyes were the emerald green, and Neha's were a rich amethyst.

    Coming out of their stupor, they embraced each other and promptly sat down, chattering excitedly to each other.

    "When I received the missive from you, I at first did not believe what I read, until I too had the vision. It seemed impossible that I would have a sister! I never remembered any of my younger years. I awoke in Trinsic frightened and scared. Thank the Gods for my lord Shougun, I would have perished otherwise."

    Nehalennia took Bronwyns hand and replied " Sister, I always knew you were out there. After the fire and the chaos, I searched and searched for you. But alas It seemed that the wolves had taken you. Tis a good thing though, a wee one alone in the wild would never survive. But you are strong, as all out family was. It is sad that you and I are all that's left."

    Bronwyn smiled sadly. "Perhaps later you can tell me more of our family. But we do have pressing matters right now. It seems you have arrived in the nick of time" A shadow crossed her face as she continued, " Ravenshire nearly disappeared from us. Many of our citizens had moved on, some going back to their old lives. But I have felt such a restlessness! And So I again sent out the call. Some are returning, others I fear have slipped from us forever. And now there is a new threat to us. A new evil has encompassed the land. That in itself is nothing new, but this time...this time it is here, at our very heart."

    Neha sat back in her chair, lightly chewing her lip as she listened to this tale. " yes, as I was traveling, I saw many strange things. The birds whispered of beings whom are not of flesh and blood, yet are animate. I cannot understand how this can be."

    "Aye, we battled some fiercely last eve. They are very strong, and seem to be immune to most forms of attack. We had many deaths, but eventually prevailed, barely. This is no time to stand idle, we must take a stand." Bronwyn paled some as she said this. Fearful because most of the towns people had not returned yet.

    Neha smiled as she picked up Bronwyns thoughts. " they will return soon Bron" the pet name coming easily to Neha. " I shall begin to summon the Priestess's. Perhaps your Brother Gilbert should also summon his Druids. We will need all the help we can get."

    " Then let it begin," the old look of determination resting itself on Bronwyns features.....

    Lady Bronwyn
    Thankye Lady Bronwyn

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    Posted on Saturday, October 6, 2001, 6:13 AM EDT by Cymidei Fier (Baja)

    Don't use arcane gems on blessed clothing
    On this thread here, Calandryll (Designer, Ongoing Content) reminded players not to use arcane gems on blessed clothing :
    The arcane cloting will not retain the blessed status. This is again because it deletes the old object and then creates a new one.

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    Posted on Saturday, October 6, 2001, 4:50 AM EDT by citizenKane2 (QuestandEventNews)

    Movable Ballot Boxes
    Sannio (UO Community Co-ordinator) made this clarification here on the legality of movable ballot boxes :
    In reply to:

    Just saw a post on TS. Said Movable Ballot Boxes are ILLEGAL?? Tell me it ain't so!
    heh. I had one forever. sold it to a guy for 50k. I hope he don't get banned for it. LOL.
    someone answer this for me please.


    I just came from a meeting with the GMs, and we spoke about the nature of the transportable ballot boxes (or any item that was created or modified through the use of a bug or exploit), and the repercussions which might occur by having one.

    When it is brought to the attention of a GM that you are in possession of a transportable ballot box, the item will be deleted and an action will be taken against your account by that GM. This action will be at least an official warning, although someone with numerous transportable ballot boxes and/or a previous record of rules infractions may incur a more severe penalty, such as temporary or permanent suspension of that player's account.

    I know this has been a stressful topic for some people, but I hope this helps the understanding of the situation.

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    Posted on Saturday, October 6, 2001, 4:47 AM EDT by citizenKane2 (GeneralNews)

    Marking Arcane Items Only
    On the MyUO Discussion Board, a player noticed that his exceptional tailored items had his named added as a mark even though he was not a GM tailor. He asked if exceptional items in the future will be marked with crafter’s name. He was concerned about the negative effect this would have on GM crafters goods.

    Calandryll responded:

    If you mean do we plan on giving makers mark for craftables for nonGM skilled, we don't. Hope that addresses your concern.

    Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
    Designer, Ongoing Content
    a wizard did it

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    Posted on Friday, October 5, 2001, 6:08 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

    History in the Making
    Dig out the skeletons in your armoires, find the hidden books in your chests, relive those wild adventures you had in the land of Chesapeake! There is someone who would like to hear your tales of valor or lack thereof. That someone is Roland, an intrepid soul with a passion for learning who is having a contest for the best stories that make up the history of our beautiful shard! Read on...
    The contest and the reason for it are rather simple. I am trying to create an actual history of the Chessy shard. The way I would intend to do this is by having you write a story of something that has happened to you in game. Preferably the stories will not just be about you and how great you are, but more along the lines of someone helping you out doing an act of bravery, or your own selflessness by helping out a fellow player.

    The reward for the best story will be:
    First Place - A vet reward of your choice
    Second Place - A Special Dye tub
    Third Place - A random bag of goodies I will put together

    For the first round, you can send your stories to me at [email protected]. In the subject line, please mention that this is for "UO Contest". The deadline is one month from the day of this posting, November 5th, 2001. I will then narrow it down and contact the winners who will proceed to round two.

    In the second round, the people involved will have to put their story in a blue book in game and get it to me by either giving it to me in game or dropping it off at my Guild. The Guild is the Jade Knights located in Yew, and its GM, a fine man by the name of Adran Blackshafthe, will be more than happy to collect the books in case I am absent.

    After two weeks, I will announce the winners. All the second round books will be kept to build the history of Chesapeake, and will be available for public viewing.

    Thank you.

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    Posted on Friday, October 5, 2001, 5:36 PM EDT by Idun Syn (Chesapeake)

    Dragon Tavern Story Night Results
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Hail and well met,
    The results of the Dragon Tavern Story Night are:

    We had 13 noble and valiant souls show up for the event.

    Several tales were told including one that was made up on the spot. We also had the continuation of an episodic story. Seems that Wolf of Evermore is planning on telling part of the tale every week. He promises a longer part of it next week.

    First to the winners. Dragyn came in second (5K prize) for the second straight week. This time with a tale of the Scorpion and the Giant Toad, tale of Pking gone bad. Celban OBanyan came in first (10K prize) with a tale of the lamb from hell.

    Now here is a reprint of the second portion of the story Minds Eye.

    You may remember that when we left last week Khan had hear the follow:

    At that moment a cry rang out that pierced the night. It was the sound of walking death and it seemed to be right outside. As he grabbed his sword, the door burst open and...

    We now begin tonight’s portion of the tale

    There before his eyes was a woman more beautiful and ferocious then even his most interesting dreams. He was dumbstruck and made no effort to move or speak as she proceeded to shut and bar the door. Somewhere in his mind he kicked himself for having not done the same himself but if he had done that then he would not have seen her. She proceeded to remove her cloak and walk over to the fire. Khan could see that her skin glistened in the firelight almost reminding him of the lather from his noble steed after a long hard ride.

    Khan mentally slapped himself for he had been warned that magic came in many shapes and sizes. For all he knew this creature could be the most wondrous female another mental slap. Khan finally began to speak " Well good evening is there by chance something following?"

    She turned her head and with a sly smile said " There are many things that follow me but at the moment I think you perchance are referring to that wail made a moment ago."

    "Aye that be one of the things that has peaked my interest" he knew he walked a fine line between joy and pain but it was a road he must travel.

    With that same smile she went on to explain "My name is Starlight and I am here to help you in your task to retrieve that which has been taken. As to the sound I am the source but please do not press me on it at this time. For I am weak and need nourishment. " With that she collapsed into the chair and he rushed over to her side. For the moment total immersed in her tale.

    Starlight awoke and begins the process of determining if she is alive. After several moment of pinching, that is checked of the list. Now as to where she was small room, well keep but not grand. Hmmm she could not determine the location then she remembered. She should be at Khan’s after making a perilous journey.

    Almost as if on cue, Khan opened the door. Having heard her stir he held a tray of food and drink " So are you hungry?"

    " Well something to eat would do nicely." She started to sit up and as the sheets pulled away she became suddenly very cold. Slowly and with her eyes locked to his she pulled the sheet around. Starlight had to fight back a smirk as his gaze stayed directly in her eyes. Acting as if nothing had happened she asked, " So what day is it?"

    "It is the 10th of 3rd cycle. You have slept for 3 days. And you garments have been cleaned, as they seem unusually dirty." Khan smiled to him self for it had been a tough job but someone had to do the dirty work. They are on the chair behind you."

    " My pack where is that?"

    Khan noticed that this statement had been made with a touch of concern. In fact one may even tip the scales and call it fear. " Your pack is on the floor below the bed." He walked over handed her the tray of nourishment and then in one graceful motion recovered the pack and placed on the bed.

    He was at first surprised and then again not as she ate the food with gusto. For she had not eaten in 3 days at least. As she slowed the pace down Starlight grabbed the pack and checked in several inner pockets till she had found what she was looking for. As she removed a small leather bag from the pack Khan got one of his feelings. You know the kind you sometimes get just as the grease is about to hit the fire and erupt into a large mean fireball.

    Some how he knew that small bag was trouble at least for him. She placed the tray on the floor and forgot about modesty as she stood up and pulled on the string that kept the bag closed. As the bag came open the room went dark and the sound of rushing wind filled the room. Khan reached for his sword when a cold hand grabbed his sword hand. At the moment the lights came back on and he saw.

    Come back next week for the next installment

    Your humble servant,
    Raeven Aurora

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    Posted on Friday, October 5, 2001, 5:23 PM EDT by Raeven Aurora (NapaValley)

    Return of the Followers of Armageddon?
    I received the following anonymous letter yesterday.
    The young wood elf staked his prey silently through the woods. His quary loomed just ahead when his sensative elven ears picked up conversation that just sounded... odd. Forgeting the deer, he creeped to the edge of the woods along the east side of the abbey. Two men clad in black stood speaking in low tones. Low enough that the young elf had to strain to hear.

    "I am from an organization you might know..." One of the men spoke, his face obscured by the hood of his cloak.

    "Oh?" the other man in black responded.

    "Aye... I am of the Followers of Armageddon...". At that the boy sprung up and ran with every ounce of speed he had into the woods. Although young he knew about the FoA... He knew they were evil and extremely dangerous and he had to get away! How had they returned? He had been told they were all killed... Or at least not enough left to cause any trouble... But they were back?!? Thats what the man had said... What was happe! ning... He had to tell someone who could do something about it or, from what he knew, the FoA could end the world and life that all Sosarians knew and loved!


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    Posted on Friday, October 5, 2001, 4:25 PM EDT by Elisa Montclaire (Catskills)

    Arena Combat Two-on-Two Sunday
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Here's the announcement for this week's Arena Combat, which is a bit of a change from the usual.
    This week's Arena Combat tournament will be 2v2! As some added spice, we're going to adopt the "Jade's Blind Draw" system wherein all entrants will be randomly paired with another fighter to be a team for the night. Sign-ups start at 9 PM Eastern, fights begin at 9:30 PM Eastern.

    Rules, prizes, and directions can be found here.

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    Posted on Friday, October 5, 2001, 3:58 PM EDT by Elisa Montclaire (Catskills)

    Arena Combat Results
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Here are the results of last Sunday's Arena Combat tournament.
    Results for Arena Combat:

    1st place - Ranaulf
    2nd place - Jenny
    3rd place - Tree Hawk

    Thanks again to all who came out! Commentary and pictures can be seen here.

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    Posted on Friday, October 5, 2001, 3:52 PM EDT by Elisa Montclaire (Catskills)

    UO House of Commons Chat Log Posted
    The complete log of the seventieth UOHoC Open House chat has been posted, and is available from the UO House of Commons website.

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    Posted on Thursday, October 4, 2001, 9:26 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    Scenario Publish Schedule and Comment by Calandryll on Arcane Clothing
    Posted here by Calandryll (Designer, Ongoing Content), is information relating to the publish schedule of the new scenario :
    From now on, this is the publish schedule for scenarios. It's very similar to the original schedule for the first scenario, with the exception of putting it on one shard first. The belw schedule assumes that nothing really bad happens.

    - Monday afternoon (CST): Publish Oceania (active on Tuesday local server time)

    - Tuesday Night (CST): Publish all non-US shards (active on these shards Wed. morning maintenance, local server time)

    - Wednesday Morning (CST): Publish all US shards (active on their Wed. morning maintenance, local server time)

    So basically, this is the same way we did it for the Savage Empire Scenario, except we are publishing it on Oceania a day early. This allows us to get about 24 hours worth of gameplay on a live shard in case any bugs slip past us. For the other non-US and the US shards, they get the scenario content at the same time as they always have.

    Scenario stories will continue to be posted the Thursday afternoon before the content update, just like always.

    On a seperate thread here, Calandryll made the following comments (among others) on the new craftable, arcane clothing :
    You can't bless arcane items.

    Arcane items can be destroyed by attacks (like all other clothing) so blessing it may not be such a good idea anyway since all of them are in hit locations (with the possible exception of the cloak)

    Right. From your point of view it looks like it changed the item, but in reality, the old item is deleted and a new item is created. Every item type has a number associated with it in code. So for instance, lets say robes are item number 1234. When you dye a robe, the items number stays as 1234, it just has a new hue. But when you use an arcane gem on it, the old robe is deleted and an arcane robe is created in your backpack. Arcane robes have have a different item number (say 4321). They may look the same (especially in 2d) and act the same as far as wearing them, but the system sees those two numbers as very different items.

    You can cast over 10 ebolts with a full suit. That's nothing to sneeze at.

    They aren't meant to be a replacement to reagents. More of a back up, in case you suddenly run out of, in Third Dawn, they look cool. :

    On a seperate thread here, Calandryll made the additional remarks :
    We didn't want the arcane gems to be difficult to get. One thing people may not realize (spoiler coming up!!) is that you don't *need* a GM tailor to recharge your arcane items. Any character can do it. The only difference is that a nonGM tailor can't fully recharge an arcane item, they can only charge about 4/5s of the maximum charges. So while the max total anyone can have at one time is 80 charges, one can recharge his/her own items once they run out of charges. You do have to have the arcane item and the gem in your backpack to do it though.

    Yes. Max charges is based on tailoring skill.

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    Posted on Thursday, October 4, 2001, 8:45 PM EDT by citizenKane2 (QuestandEventNews)

    LSD Faction Tournament Reminder
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Hail and well met,
    This just in via carrier pigeon:

    The LSD Factions Tournament is 2 days away. Don't forget to register asap. Please read the rules concerning the Factions Tournament.

    Come participate in this first time tournament and enjoy true factons status and reputation.

    LSD PvP Website

    To learn more about The Lost Soldiers of Darkness please visit: our website.

    Your humble servant,
    Raeven Aurora

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    Posted on Thursday, October 4, 2001, 8:23 PM EDT by Raeven Aurora (NapaValley)

    UO Gets Stupid
    It's taken me a while, but I do hold on to all the pictures y'all have sent me for this corner of Stratics. I've put a half a dozen new ones up there so why don't you click the link and check them out.

    Maybe you'll even laugh. :)

    UO Gets Stupid

    I'm going to keep updating this site with the backlog of funny pictures I have. So, remember...send in your funnies!

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    Posted on Thursday, October 4, 2001, 7:30 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (CandidCoverage)

    New at OoC
    After a brief rest there is a new comic out!


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    Posted on Thursday, October 4, 2001, 5:33 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (CandidCoverage)

    Tournament of Champions Round Six!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<We have just recieved the following...
    Rivendell proudly presents round six of the Tournament of Champions!
    Registration begins at the Rivendell Tavern at 630 pm CST, Thursday 04 Oct. Fights start promptly at 7 pm.
    The City of Rivendell can be found at these coordinates.
    The winner will recieve a check for 100k and a spot in round thirteen, with a 1 Million gp prize!.
    Details may be viewed here:
    The council hopes to see you there!

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    Posted on Thursday, October 4, 2001, 5:30 PM EDT by FatherGanja (LakeSuperior)

    Info on New Monsters and Items added
    All kinds of information concerning Controllers, Iron Golems, Power Generators and Arcane Gems and Arcane Clothing have been added to the site. We're still ironing out some of the details. If you have information you don't see on these pages yet, then don't hesitate to drop us a line at [email protected]

    Enjoy !

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    Posted on Thursday, October 4, 2001, 5:02 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Cross of Thorns Costume Contest and Dinner
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We have recieved the following...
    This friday evening at 11 PM Eastern Vesper Time, Cross of Thorns will be holding a dinner and costume contest at the Serpent's Hold Hall on the facet of Trammel.

    A check worth one hundred thousand gold coins will be presented to the person with the most patriotic outfit on. Our guild will be handing out suits of armor crafted by our Guild Smith, a few suits of leather armor crafted by myself, and a few small trinkets I'm sure anyone would enjoy having.

    At the end of the evening we may even set off on a hunt. Location of this hunt is yet to be determined.

    -Lord I. Stormbringer
    Ereg en' Detholo, Cross of Thorns

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    Posted on Thursday, October 4, 2001, 4:11 PM EDT by FatherGanja (LakeSuperior)

    BNN - The Last Hope
    New story on BNN – The Last Hope:
    The frustrated gargoyle threw the broken pickax against the tunnel wall, not caring who heard the sound. He had been digging for over three days now, and his strength, like the pickax, was exhausted. He slumped against the tunnel wall and tried to calm himself.

    As he stared blankly at the floor, his thoughts turned to those he had left behind. They were good beings who did not deserve their fate. Life had been like this for as long as he could remember. Only the eldest of the gargoyles remembered the time before the conquering. Those stories almost sounded like a child’s tale now, the very idea of a free life so far beyond his comprehension.

    There was no such thing, he thought bitterly, only those with power can truly be free. He cursed immediately for even thinking that way and punched his hand into his open palm. No! There had to be a way to reclaim their home. He would not let his kind live like this.

    There were others, he knew, digging like him. Hoping to find a way out. Hoping to find help. They had overheard the controller’s talk of fighting an enemy, and the few gargoyles who had evaded capture figured that any enemy of these foul beasts might be an ally to the gargoyles. But they had also learned how gargoyles in these other lands were perceived… as monsters to be slaughtered for treasure and fame. They had no choice, though. Something had to be done, and this was the last hope.

    The leaders had organized small bands of gargoyles to dig in specific locations, hoping to find a way through the seemingly infinite expanse of mountains. Despite their strong wings, no gargoyle could fly high enough to break past the impossibly high peaks. Those few that tried had never returned. The gargoyles sometimes hoped that maybe one had made it across, but they all knew better. The mountain winds had claimed them, but at least now they were free. The gargoyle allowed himself a small smile and said a silent prayer for those brave, if foolhardy, friends.

    He remembered his other friends, the four who had been digging with him only a few days ago. They had been caught by the controllers, but thankfully the master’s lackeys had not found the cave entrance. The gargoyle knew what fate awaited them and shuddered at the thought. They were probably already back in the city, no doubt unaware of who they were or what they stood for. The lackeys were efficient with their work. No gargoyle who had been “re-educated”, as they called it, had ever been restored to his previous state. They were now warriors in the army of the controllers, willing and ready to obey any command, and ready to kill another gargoyle without a moment’s remorse.

    The ultimate insult to the pride of a gargoyle, he thought bitterly.

    But that pride had to be swallowed in times such as this. The gargoyles had tried many times to retake their city, but once the mages began using their own kin against them, the battles gained the gargoyles nothing. The gargoyle grimaced as he recalled the last battle, remembering the revulsion he had felt as he’d personally slain three of his own kin. He knew he had been given no choice, that his fellow gargoyles had been beyond help, that he had done the only thing he could have to save them from their torment. But still it pained and angered him.

    He pictured the controllers, living in the once proud gargoyle city as if it was their own home, and his anger intensified. That city, with its sweeping staircases, beautifully carved stone, marble paths, and impressive towers should belong to the gargoyles, not these foul creatures. He had never known the city as his true home, having grown up in the wilderness, constantly hiding from capture. But in his heart, in his soul, he knew that that wondrous city was where he and his kin were meant to live.

    Picturing his own kin in chains, the once beautiful city infested with red robed mages, and what was left of the proud gargoyle race reduced to mindless drones for the one they called the master, was more than he could bear. The gargoyle stood and pounded his fist powerfully into the wall where he had been digging. He jumped back as he heard the stones groan suddenly, and then had to shield his eyes as the wall fell away, opening into the bright sunlight. The gargoyle stood staring, stupefied, at the new entrance to his once forgotten land, too many emotions filling him to make another move.

    The tunnel was complete. But would help arrive?

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    Posted on Thursday, October 4, 2001, 3:26 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (QuestandEventNews)

    Village of TOR Tournament
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<This from the evil village of TOR...
    We will be hosting a tournament on Friday, October 5th. Registration will occur at 8 PM PST, 10 PM CST.


    • 1st prize 150k

    • 2nd 75k

    • 3rd 25k

    TOR Evil Village Tower
    Located at the coordinates:69o57N-35o22W.


    • No charged magic items, clothing, or jewelry. No magic armor and weapons allowed.

    • No pre-poisoned weapons. They may be poisoned during the battle.
    • No use of summoning spells, offensive field spells, blade spirits,
      energy vortex, recall, or gate.

    • No Order/Chaos shields or tribal tpears.

    • No looting.

    • The only spells that may be cast befor ethe match has started are Magic Trap, Reactive Armor, and Magic Reflection.

    • The Event Coordinator's decision on all matches is final and may not be disputed during the event

    • In the event that a contestant loses connection during the event, the Event Coordinator will make a decision as to the possibility of a rematch.

    • All decisions are final. Disputes may be handled after the tournament.

    • The Event Coordinator reserves the right to adjust these rules at any time without notice.

    • Contestants and Spectators must observe and obey all the Village Laws. Failure to do so can end in your death and/or banishment from the village.

    • All matches will be strictly 1 vs. 1.
    We are also Recruiting for are PK and RP guild to contact any of us go to our website.
    Sounds like a blast, good luck to all who compete!

    Snake of Moonglow

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    Posted on Thursday, October 4, 2001, 2:25 PM EDT by Snake (NapaValley)

    Arcane Items... [Spoiler !!]
    Do you want to know what these Arcane Robes are really for? If so, read on.
    If you don't want to be spoiled, step back now from further reading.

    Father Ganja from the UO Stratics Team has the following info about it:
    When you wear an arcane item, you are able to cast spells WITHOUT regs in your pack! I found this out when I noticed the arcane items I was wearing rehued back to normal color, and the charges were completely gone. After looking in my regbag, I noticed that the arcane items were making up for the lack of regs!

    And his conclusions don't stop here:
    Ok :)
    while wearing a piece of arcane clothing(robe, boots, gloves or cape), you use the charges in the cloth itself to cast spells instead of reagents.
    It's almost like you become a wand when you wear those clothes. You can cast whatever spells you want, and as long as you still have charges you can keep casting.
    I spent about 4 hours searching all over the old lands, and got myself around 35 gems, and 10k. The spawn points are almost TOTALLY random, to reduce camping. The main spawn points however, are the road from vesper to the yew/minoc/vesper crossroads, near cove in the woods, near trinisc in the jungle, and in the forests of yew. So far, it seems the spawns are almost always near a mountain range of some kind.

    Now for the some more spoiler regarding the facts of these items:
    It turns out the charges aren't used by the number of regs needed, it goes by what circle you want to cast. 1st circle takes one charge, 2nd two charges, 3rd three charges, and so on.
    Pics taken by Father Ganja too...

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    Posted on Thursday, October 4, 2001, 1:35 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (QuestandEventNews)

    Golems, Controllers and more... [Spoiler]
    Some possible spoilers for the scenario if you haven't played it on your shard yet. So please don't read on, if you want to find out everything for yourself!

    Crawler sent us the following info:
    Can you say Scenario?

    Sure you can!

    Here are some pictures of Golems and Controllers that Tess ran into outside Yew this morning.

    There is also a new item in the form of a gem that appears on the mages and golems. You can use the gem to make Arcane Robes that have charges of something unknown on them (haven't figured that out yet).

    To make an Arcane Robe:

    Tailor yourself a robe.
    Click on the gem and target the robe to change it to an arcane robe

    These robes are dyable!

    Here are shots in UO:TD of one of these robes dyed black:

    Pretty Cool Cal!

    And more info sent in by Katt:
    I saw something strange on the road from Shame to Britain... it looked like a grey earth elemental, and when clicked on it said "a golem". It started attacking my white wyrm, Guardian, and came VERY close to killing him, even with me healing him. When killed it gave 24 iron ingots and some gems. I think it may have been an iron golem.

    The third mail arrive from Jakob Chulainn, with some more info on the generators and the puzzles there:
    First off the basic use of the generators should be gone over:

    Simply dbl click an arrow to move in a direction,if it is the right direction to go youll hear a sound instead of getting hit by a lightning bolt.The pattern never changes on a generator no matter how many times you try it,its just a matter of finding the right path through the "mine field".

    Secondly:You can operate a generator and remain hidden,until you mess up.

    Depending on the size of the grids you will receive varying arcane gems and normal gems,using a generator is dangerous unless you have someone healing you or high healing and greater heals.

    When the machine is defeated it turns into piles of shadow ore(About 9 normal stacks,and 14 lower quality stacks)

    Controllers:Pretty tough,but not too bad for a warrior or a mage.

    Golems:Colassal Blow(And you thought a fencers paralyze move was bad!),hurts like hell.Other than that they arent too difficult to take down,if you have a crossheal circle going on.

    These areas of spawn are not recommended for bards or tamers,as you cant provoke golems(not sure about the controllers),and they operate like savages against pets.

    On a final note,once a generator(or two) go down the spawn slows,once all the generators(Three max I think) go down the spawn stops completely,and then all thats left is to round up the wandering ones.

    I was online as soon as the server came up this morning,it is now 9:21 am where I am at,I have spent almost 3 hours doing nothing but learning about this scenario.

    Jakob Chulainn
    Many thanks to all those people sending us info, and please be aware that even I may have not used every mail sent to us, don't hesitate to send us further info.

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    Posted on Thursday, October 4, 2001, 1:17 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (QuestandEventNews)

    Kyra's New Tour
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Kyra has set up another wonderful tour this month, don't miss out on these charming homes and businesses.

    Hail and Well Met!

    Another month has come and another Homes of the Exotic & Illustrious Tour has begun marking the Tour's 6 Month of bringing you awesome houses to see! I can hardly believe it!! Thank you all for your support these past 6 months and for the months that will follow! And a huge thank you to the home owners past and presnt because without you this could never have happened!

    I am very excited for you to see the homes on this months Tour! There is a homey little cabin, an amazing guild house, a lovely inn, a handy library and a beautiful large marble! Don't miss it! I am still looking for great vendor houses to place the Tour Pack Vendors at! Please let me know if you would consider one at your home!

    And I am always looking for great homes for up and coming Tours! Think your home has what it takes? Let's find out! Contact me and I will come for a visit! Thanks!

    Kyra, Tour Coordinator

    Pigeon # 89209043

    P.S. Thank you to Shorin, Deagan, Crystal, Ravenmaster, Sunshine, Sir Charles, Garden Cities Citizens, Nemonis, Amber Witch, Jesica, Gem, Pratt and all the other people who let me place Tour Pack Vendors!

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    Posted on Thursday, October 4, 2001, 10:36 AM EDT by Barth VanDorn (GreatLakes)

    Mythic Casino Reopens!
    As I was busy healing my friends last night, during a long, drawn out battle with a bone knight, I overheard some people talking about a Casino reopening its doors! Here's the scoop:
    Tonight, at 8pm EST, Mythic Dream opens its doors again to the public after a long summer vacation! We've added things, changed things, and we're coming back hard with a night of crazy happenings that you'll never forget!

    Gaming, a horse race, a creature fight, a lottery, a raffle, a scavenger hunt in the castle of Britain. It's going to be crazy! For two hours we'll have a hell of a time! We want to see many faces return as well as many new faces.

    With better food, our new menu contains lots of goodies and awesome drinks. We've added another Vendor and a few barkeepers. So come check us out when we re-open again for the season!

    And for those of you who have not been there before, we are located at 7°12'N,39°1'E, southeast of Britain.


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    Posted on Thursday, October 4, 2001, 9:24 AM EDT by Idun Syn (Chesapeake)

    Skara Brae Jester Kidnapped !
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<As every evening, I was walking in the small streets of Skara Brae, my home town. People coming and going, warriors and wizards minding their own affairs, the few guards watching discretely over the multitude, and this night and day ... if you ever went there, well, you know what I mean.

    To many, Skara is just a small military outpost, barely civilized, so the appearance of two guards badly hurted could seem just normal, as a boat in the sea, or as the smell of an orc. But their faces showed that really something wasn't going well. I saw them entering the Guard's Outpost, not worried just for their wounds, and smelling that something important has happened I promptly followed them in.

    With a quick glance, I saw that they were not a simple patrol, but an escort for someone important: one showed the signs of sergeant, while the other was a younger but stout guard. My job as a reporter has helped me to make many friends, so I quickly adressed one of them, the Lieutenant Mbuto Nomta:

    "What's going on, Lieutenant ?"

    "Ummhhh ... I can't give you many details, all I know is that the Town Jester has been kidnapped, and his escort" - he pointed toward the two, that were now attended by some healers - "has been badly wounded, almost killed. Orcs. Unknown reason. More I can't say right now, we're out to get 'em". He rushed through the door, soon followed by more or less ten green-and-white dressed guards. Few moments later, they all jumped inside a blue portal. I got out of the outpost, and walked for a few moments outside.

    The Town Jester, for the outlanders, is the kind Peter, a skilled bard and a lored mage that I knew well. His presence, in this time of troubles, was a warm fire inside citizens' hearts, and I don't understand what malice could have make him kidnapped. But I had not so much time to think, as soon, maybe half an hour after their departure, a new gate opened, and the guards quickly reappeared. The guards and a prisoner. An orc. A female orc.

    I could not even enter ... "Not now, Irdan, later please" ... the door shut. Guards are not known for kind treatments during questioning, and I supposed they did not want anyone else snooping. But I needed more information, so I ran to the best contact I have in town, the mayoress herself, Lady Alishah Truesong. She was talking with another guard, almost whispering, till she noticed my presence.

    "Irdan, I have some news for you. Our beloved Jester has been kidnapped, he was out in a mission for the town safety. His escort, composed by a sergeant and a guard, has been badly wounded and escaped by some happy miracle."

    "It is unconfirmed that Peter is still being held by the Uruk Hai as he is very cunning and often goes missing for days on end. I have set my best guards on the task of finding him while leaving enough men to Guard Skara from futher Orc raids. To any of your readers:"

    If you see or hear any information to the whereabouts of Peter please inform a Skara official as soon as possible. [write to [email protected] or ICQ#102369642]

    "The only objects found in and around the scene of the crime were a tricorn hat, a map of Moonglow, a scrap of paper with the word "Friday" badly written on it, a book entitled "Thieves and their locales", a green scrap of cloth, a small stone and a bottle of ale."

    "There is a reward of 10,000 gold pieces for information leading to Peter's safe return. Now you want to excuse me, but I have a meeting to discuss of this very matter." After saying this, she vanished recalling away.

    Rumors are spreading right now that a ransom request has been sent by the Uruk-Hai, but this is yet uncorfirmed, as is the news that the orc prisoner has been released.

    Posted on Thursday, October 4, 2001, 2:53 AM EDT by Irdan Ymadril (Drachenfels)

    Re-deeding & Upgrading Your House
    Sannio (UO, Community Coordinator) posted this Q&A on re-deeding & upgrading your house here
    Someone recently asked me the following list of questions, with the concept in mind that they were going to redeed their existing house and put up a new one. I asked the original person if I could post these questions & answers, as they seemed as though they might benefit a large amount of players, and that player agreed. I hope they can help you as much as they seem to have helped the original person. (The questions & answers have been ever-so-slightly modified, to accommodate the concept of a larger audience.)

    1) Do I need to empty out the house completely to redeed?

    No, except if there is a guildstone within the house, in which case you will need to remove the guildstone first.

    1a) If I don't, where does all the stuff get moved to when the new house goes in?

    All the objects will fall onto the ground, except for any house add-ons (ovens, beds, etc.), which are destroyed upon the redeeding of the house.

    1b) Will anything inside (furniture, chests, etc) interfere with placing a new house in the same spot?

    In general, none of the items that were locked down within the house that fall to the ground should interfere with the placement of the new house. However, there may be items (like some rare statues, for instance) that may affect the placement of the new house.

    1c) If I redeed without emptying, should I release the stuff first?

    I would release everything and store it somewhere safe while the house is being changed/upgraded.

    Any objects that were locked down within the house will be technically "locked down" as they drop when the house is redeeded--but anyone can single-click these houseless lockdowns to unlock them and allow them to be picked up.

    2) Do I need to take an axe to add-ons, or are they autodeleted when I redeed?

    All the house add-ons within a house that is redeeded are auto-destroyed upon the redeeding of the house.

    2a) Even if deleted, would it be 'safer' to axe them anyway?

    It doesn't matter. It would only be your personal preference, such as to open up a walkway as you transport your other house items to a safe transition location.

    3) What happens to my guildstone if I redeed?

    You will not be able to redeed the house if a guildstone is present in the house.

    3a) Can I move it if it is deleted by the redeed?

    The guildstone must be removed rom the house in some way before you'll be able to redeed the house.

    3b) Does the [guildstone's Guildmaster] need to move it out and back in?

    Yes, the Guildmaster will need to move the guildstone prior to redeeding of the house.

    4) When is the 'slowest' period on Baja? I'd like to do this at off-peak time (paranoia kicking in) with fewer folks likely to wander by.

    The morning, local time for the Baja shard. (This would also be true for each shard.)

    5) When is server down time on Baja now?

    5:00am. In fact, we post the schedule of downtimes for all shards here.

    5a) Is the distributed backup active on Baja?

    Yes. Distributed backups are active on all shards.

    5b) If distributed backup active, how often does it do each subserver (i.e., how long must I wait to make sure there is no reverting out of my place)?

    Without being overly specific, we posted a notice about Distributed Backups on July 25th, that said "We estimate that this change will bring shard backup times down to approximately 15 minutes per shard. As a result, the amount of time required for shard maintenance, restarts, and ‘time warps’ may be narrowed to approximately 15 minutes in most cases."

    Online Community Coordinator, UO
    Origin Systems

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    Posted on Wednesday, October 3, 2001, 11:58 PM EDT by citizenKane2 (GeneralNews)

    Bagball Tournament on Sunday 07.10. at 20:00 MEZ
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This was sent to us by our Partners at UOD

    And again there will be a Game of Bagball on the Pitch near Skara Brae.

    The Running Mongbats of [BdL] will face the Merchants on Tour [MOT]. It is rumored that the Guards of Skara Brae will also want a piece of the Running Mongbats and we all hope that they will show up since this Tournament is on "their" ground. And who likes to lose a Homegame, even if its just by not showing up.

    So get onto your feet, put on your Teamdresses and come to Skara Brae, because Bagball isn`t really that hard to play. The Tournament will start at about 20:00 MEZ

    If you have time and are interested you are welcome to join in on the fun. Peddlers and Merchants that sell "Team Merchandise" are very welcome too.

    The Rules for playing Bagball can be found on

    Thanks to Slagdale for this message

    For UO Stratics Drachenfels
    yours truly


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    Posted on Wednesday, October 3, 2001, 10:00 PM EDT by Shaene (Drachenfels)

    Comments on Account Age Information and Proposed Bulk Order Deeds
    On the updating of account age information for the purpose of vet rewards, Prophet (Lead Programmer, UO) clarified here :
    The vet reward system pulls down the account age information on a weekly basis. As well shards only check for updates to ages once a week. So in theory if you are particularly unlucky it could take just under two weeks for your age to get updated. The norm is approximately one week from your billing date.

    In relation to the reward items for the proposed bulk order deeds, Hanse (Designer, UO), clarified here
    Understood. All items except the colored forges will get special powers (extended durability is a power). We're working on improving them today.

    Still on the proposed bulk order deeds, Sannio (UO Community Co-ordinator) made these remarks here
    In reply to:
    THe original idea for bulk orders were for cooks, and I guess osi felt they had to twist a perfectly good player idea for another profession

    Currently, bulk orders are only for blacksmiths. However, there is a small possibility that if it works out well, the bulk order system may some time in the future perhaps also be expanded to possibly work with some other crafting skills as well. No promises, though (and sorry about all the conditionals. ;)

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    Posted on Wednesday, October 3, 2001, 9:55 PM EDT by citizenKane2 (GeneralNews)

    Comments on New Scenario
    On this thread on the official UO Boards here, Calandryll (Designer, Ongoing Content) made these comments (among others) on the New Scenario :
    The plan right now is to publish the US shards tomorrow morning, so the content will be active after they return from their Thursday morning maintenance. Non-US shards will get the publish after their Friday morning maintenance

    and in relation to whether the spawn areas are static,
    It's not one static area. One of the things we got a lot of feedback on was camping problems. So we greatly spread out the spawn for these particular groups of creatures

    Not every spawn will be like this. Some creatures have to spawn in specific locations otherwise it breaks the fiction.

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    Posted on Wednesday, October 3, 2001, 9:33 PM EDT by citizenKane2 (QuestandEventNews)

    How to Update Guild Web Address
    On the MyUO Discussion Boards, Sannio posted:

    Every so often, someone asks how to update the Web address which is displayed for a guild on their page, and I thought I might post how you can do so here.

    To change the Web site which is displayed on your guild's guild page, use the following procedure:
    - The guildmaster should double-click the guildstone
    - Click "Access guildmaster functions"
    - Click "Set the guild's charter."
    - The message "Enter the new guild charter (50 characters max)" will appear, and you should enter in the guild's charter and press the enter key.
    - The message "Enter the new website for the guild (50 characters max)" will appear, and you should enter in the guild's Web site address and press the enter key.
    - You will be automatically returned to the main guildmaster functions menu.

    Something that may be important to keep in mind is that these changes will not be immediately updated on your guild page (it may take about a day).

    I hope that info helps some of you. :]

    Online Community Coordinator, UO
    Origin Systems

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    Posted on Wednesday, October 3, 2001, 8:51 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

    Seeking Submissions of In-game Creativity
    Kerowyn, Content Editor/Writer, sent us this notice:

    Pianos made out of cloth.
    Roses created from dyed balls of yarn.
    A stone temple erected from pillows and bowls.

    There is no doubt that Britannia is host to a myriad of creative minds. One only needs to step out of town to witness some of the most inventive uses of mundane game items.

    We'd like to showcase some of these artistic endeavors. If you've ever created a masterpiece out of miscellaneous items in game, then we want to hear from you! Send us a story about your ingenious invention, or simply share with us the motive behind its creation and the work involved in its making.

    Send your story as an e-mail, with a single screenshot attached, to: [email protected] by Wednesday, October 10th.

    Please be sure your story falls between 500-1000 words, and include "My Creation!" in your subject line. The screenshot should be in bitmap format, and 640x480 resolution. Please provide a name and phone number for verification of the story. Submissions to "uo-profiles" become the property of OSI and may be used for special events, promotions, and/or advertising. All submissions must be made by the original author and are subject to verification.

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    Posted on Wednesday, October 3, 2001, 8:26 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

    House Refresh Thru Year-end & Possible House Decay Changes
    Posted to FYI:

    We feel that a dedicated and active member of the UO community should not be able to lose a house, along with years of accomplishments and items, due to a sudden emergency or other factors beyond their control. In keeping with this, we plan to continue refreshing all houses daily through the end of the calendar year, and we are proposing a new system that, if adopted, will change the current system of house decay. The details of this proposed change can be found in the In Concept section…

    Posted to “In Concept”

    We feel that a dedicated and active member of the UO community should not be able to lose a house, along with years of accomplishments and items, due to a sudden emergency or other factors beyond their control. In keeping with this, we are proposing a new system in which houses will not decay as long as the prime owner of the house has an active UO account. In order to see that housing spots are still available to all players in Britannia, however, houses will decay if the prime owner’s account is closed or permanently suspended. Please keep in mind that this is still in a “Concept” phase, meaning that the details are not set in stone, and may be changed based on various design-related factors and player feedback.

    This change would mean that active players who own houses will no longer need to refresh their homes to prevent them from decaying. Accounts that are temporarily suspended, such as those accounts which are banned for 24, 48, or 72 hours, are still considered active, and their houses will not decay unless the account is permanently suspended.

    If this change is enacted, any houses owned by a player whose UO account is closed will be considered “ownerless”, and will be marked as condemned. Condemned houses are automatically refreshed once at the time that they become condemned, and will then decay over the normal period of approximately 10 days, allowing co-owners and friends time to move their items out of the house before it decays. Condemned houses cannot be refreshed.

    However, we understand that there are houses and establishments in UO that have been run by co-owners for a long period of time since the original owners left the game, and we do not wish to see these co-owners lose these houses due to this change. In order to see that all co-owners are given the opportunity to protect their house before this change is put in place, we would enact a system to transfer ownership of all current ownerless houses to a co-owner, provided the co-owner has an active UO account.

    If, when this change is put in place, the owner of a house does not have an active UO account, each of the co-owners will be given the option to become the prime owner. The character who was first granted co-ownership of a given house will be the first co-owner offered the option of becoming the prime owner of that house. Should the first co-owner reject the option to claim the house, the next earliest co-owner will then receive that same offer, and so on through the most recent co-owner. If none of the co-owners accept ownership, that house will become condemned and begin the decay process.

    Since players can only own one house per account per shard, any co-owners offered ownership of a house will need to keep in mind that if they accept ownership of the house, any other houses they already own on that shard will become condemned and begin to decay. Co-owners who do not wish to lose any other houses owned on their account should not accept ownership of an ownerless house.

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    Posted on Wednesday, October 3, 2001, 7:42 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

    UOHoC Thursday, October 4th
    UO House of Commons Chat - Thursday, October 4th

    We are glad to announce another UO House of Commons Chat here at Stratics IRC. It will happen on Thursday, September 6th at 7pm CST (5pm PST, 8pm EST) in #uohoc. You can access our network by using an IRC Client like mIRC ( and selecting one of those servers:
    The topic for this month will be General Discussion, so make sure to come with a couple of questions to ask the Dev Team. You can also find out more about how this all works at our UOHoC Website. Hope to see you on Thursday! Don´t miss it!


    Daniel - Stonegate - Fischer
    Stratics Lead Event Coordinator

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    Posted on Wednesday, October 3, 2001, 6:09 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Moonglow City Council meeting and Beergarden!

    And another announcement from the bustling city of Moonglow:

    Hear ye, Hear ye!

    The weekly City Council meeting in Moonglow will be held this Saturday - October 6th, 19:00cet (6pm UK Time) - in the Moonglow Counsellor's Guild in FELUCCA. 

    All people are invited to discuss city related topics - all Moonglow citizens can vote on decisions.

    The weekly Moonglow Beergarden will be built on Monday - October 8th, 20:00cet (7pm UK Time) - on the grassy area just west of the Moonglow armourer in TRAMMEL.

    So ... why don't ye come by and have a drink? *grins*

    40th Moonglow citizen registered! If you live in Trammel or Felucca Moonglow and would like to register as citizen, head over to our skypage and contact the Council!

    More information about Council activity as well as a citizen list can be found on!

    -- Moonglow Towncrier.

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    Posted on Wednesday, October 3, 2001, 1:03 PM EDT by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    University of Spiritwood - October Courses - Guide and Information

    We received this announcement from Sims Roggran, Chancellor of the Spiritwood University:

    Any individual -- full-time (on the University stone) or part-time (in another guild) student alike -- has the opportunity to gain a recognised Spiritwood University Diploma in any profession or path at our fine institution. Courses in various skill such as fighting, smithing, and taming, are held every month, comprising of a series of lessons usually divided into practical and philosophical strands. While attendance to all of these lessons is not required to gain a Diploma, the examination (usually a short and fairly casual affair) for each course at the end of the month covers the relevant material. It is only this exam (open to all who wish to try their hand at it) which must be attended and passed in order to gain a vaunted Spiritwood University Diploma (holders of which we shall soon make public in a viewable list), but of course attendance to the lessons beforehand is strongly recommended. In addition, particularly outstanding performances in a final examination may, at the discretion of the appropriate Dean (head of the relevant school) be recognised by a Diploma with Honours.

    Due to various retirements amongst the Circle of Deans as of late, the University will only be offering two diploma courses for October. However, Lady Tarathel is currently hard at work preparing a Natural Studies Course for next month, and with luck willing, we will be able to fill other open Deanships and establish the remaining courses (if you are interested in teaching at the University, contact ICQ UIN 102125966).

    The two courses we are offering this month are the long-established Martial Arts Course run by Dean Romuald, covering the main aspects of Britannia's melee fighting skills, and the new Medicine Course under Dean Ceinwyn, which will deal with the skills associated with healing, and also alchemy. Both courses also involve a philosophical strain which analyses the role and importance of the associated profession in Britannia, and how those who follow it should act ethically. In addition Michael, Chancellor Emeritus, will also be offering a non-diploma course in the basics of roleplaying that should be useful for new and old (we could all use a little refreshing now and then!).

    Times and dates for lessons are as follows, any changes to this schedule will be posted to the University notice board

    INTRODUCTION TO ROLEPLAYING (Non-diploma) - Chancellor Emeritus Michael (ICQ UIN 41268599)
    Wednesday 17th October (8.30pm UK/9.30pm CET) - Part One
    Wednesday 24th October (8.30pm UK/9.30pm CET) - Part Two

    MARTIAL ARTS (The Path of Valor) - Dean Christof Romuald (ICQ UIN 23527853)
    Thursday 4th October (8pm UK/9pm CET) - Basic Practical
    Sunday 7th October (8pm UK/9pm CET) - Basic Philosophy
    Thursday 11th October (8pm UK/9pm CET) - Intermediate Practical
    Sunday 14th October (8pm UK/9pm CET) - Intermediate Philosophy
    Thursday 18th October (8pm UK/9pm CET) - Advanced Practical
    Sunday 21st October (8pm UK/9pm CET) - Advanced Philosophy
    Thursday 25th October (8pm UK/9pm CET) - Exam

    MEDICINE (The Path of Compassion) - Dean Ceinwyn (ICQ UIN 103738887)
    Wednesday 3rd October (8pm UK/9pm CET) - Basic Practical
    Sunday 7th October (8pm UK/9pm CET) - Basic Philosophy
    Wednesday 10th October (8pm UK/9pm CET) - Intermediate Practical
    Sunday 14th October (8pm UK/9pm CET) - Intermediate Philosophy
    Tuesday 16th October (8pm UK/9pm CET) - Advanced Practical
    Sunday 21st October (8pm UK/9pm CET) - Advanced Philosophy
    Wednesday 24th October (8pm UK/9pm CET) - Exam

    All lessons take place (initially, at least) in the Trammel Campus of the University. To find this (and the Felucca Campus in the same place on the opposite facet), head east along the mainland road from the Skara Brae docks. When you come to the second road on the right, at the crossroads a short way inland, go south. Keep going south then east past the farms and homes, and soon you will arrive in Spiritwood. The University is on the far eastern side of the town, in the end of the clearing closest to the south-western corner of the Sosarian Hedge Maze.

    If you would like to learn more about the University of Spiritwood and its schools, please visit Alternatively, send any queries or questions via ICQ to 102125966 and via e-mail to [email protected] If you feel you could pass the examination for a subject to gain a diploma, but cannot attend the time for the exam itself, or indeed any other lessons, you should also contact this address, and we will arrange for a private form of tuition/examination with one of our teachers.

    I look forward to seeing many people there, and equally many receiving diplomas by the end of the month for having proved their knowledge in their path!

    For the Virtues,

    - Chancellor Sims Roggran
    Spiritwood University

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    Posted on Wednesday, October 3, 2001, 12:58 PM EDT by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Four Questions - Four Answers for the Moonglow City Council
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    We received this interview from Yoldran, the Town Crier of Moonglow. Thank ye Yoldran:

    This is the fourth part in a loose sequence with the intention to introduce the people holding positions in the Moonglow City Council.
    The goal is, that you better get to know them and can thus directly address the correct person, if you want a problem solved in Moonlgow.

    Today: Demona - the justiciar of Moonglow

    Q: Can you please give us a short biography of yourself?
    A: *Smiles* I was born in South Moonglow some 25 years ago into a large, but moderately wealthy family. I grew up in Moonglow, training the basics of the arcane arts at the Lyceaum. As I grew I spread my wings and moved from city to city trying to learn more skills, including the ability to tame and train animals. I returned home to visit my family and friends frequently, one of which was Shiva, a member of Moonglows council of Honesty. Whilst involving myself more in the city guards and council proceedings the oppurtinity arose to take the position of the Justiciar. In my previous experiences in other cities I had encountered many law abiding citizens, but also many miscreants, who believed themselves above or outside the boundries of law. I believed that the role of Justiciar was a role that I was able to undertake with a sense of honour and pride, so I applied for the post, and was overjoyed when I was successfully elected to the position. 

    Q: What do you do as justiciar in the Council?
    A: As justiciar my key role is to ensure that justice is served, either at trials, on decisions about prisoners or people suspected of a crime. The constable presents evidence to me of a crime and with careful consideration I decide whether or not we have grounds for an arrest. If there is not enough evidence the constable and I will agree to a course of action to take to obtain the evidence needed, this is where we deploy the guards. And they will search the lands looking for the evidence we need to convict a criminal. After I have agreed to evidence has good cause for arrest, the constable shall do so and the convict will be sent to Moonglow prison, until a trial is arranged. The trials are fair and impartial, this is where we hope to make sure that 'justice' is served and that the suspected criminal is treat humanly and to the letter of the law. Then according to their crime, I with other council member's will decide on an appropriate punishment. 

    Q: You are the driving force for new laws and will formulate them out ... what would you say is needed to create "good" laws?
    A: The whole intention of the council and it's member's is to ensure that peace and safety are upheld in Moonglow, that's why our laws were formed. The key issue is ensuring that citizens are safe and well. As the council is a democracy, everything that is decided within it is discussed and given careful consideration. This is how new laws are passed. Now, how to suceed in creating and passing 'good' laws is not as simple as it may sound. Ye have to give careful consideration to all the parties affected, both majority and minority. Even when the majority agrees a law should be passed, you have to consider the minority. How it will affects them and is it avoidable. But when creating any 'good' laws, our aims will always be the same - To ensure honesty, safety and general hapiness for the Moonglow citizens. Because without our law abiding citizens, we a nothing but an empty shell.

    Q: What are your visions for Moonglow's future? 
    A: My visions for Moonglow are simplistic in theory, but often not so in reality. I hope to see more friendly faces around our lands, we have so many extrodinary citizens that we are always happy to see more. I believe that the spirit of Moonglow can be seen by walking around our isle, if ye are in need of help, ye will always find someone willing to oblige. Also I hope that our events will increase, as they are, in popularity. The beer garden is a wonderful place to make friends, ask for help, eat, drink and generally be merry. We often have other events around Moonglow such as the upcoming guard jousting, lottery (which will be back very soon) and soon the be arranged dancing competition. This really brings the community together and when ye see people having so much fun ye really know that the council is doing it's job, maintaining the spirit of Moonglow and ensuring it's future - an extremely happy one.

    Many thanks for this interview!

    If you want further information about the Moonglow City Council please head to the skypage:

    -- Town Crier of Moonglow

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    Posted on Wednesday, October 3, 2001, 12:52 PM EDT by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    New Cove Tavern Night
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<News from Cove:

    This Thursday (the 4th), begining from 20.30 (CET) We welcome everyone to drink and have merry to Cove, Now Weekly, Tavern Night. So doth come to enjoy and perhaps take part to knife throwing competition, to determin this week's champion.

    The tavern is located North of Cove on the Trammel facet. More detailed map can be found at

    I hope I see thou there, Traveller,
    Gaveston Family


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    Posted on Wednesday, October 3, 2001, 12:24 PM EDT by Marshall Drakan (Europa)

    Once More, with Flirting
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<< 
    The KP Sponsored flirting contest has been postponed. It will now take place on Saturday October 6 at 6PM PST. The contest has also been moved to a KP owned Trammel large tower called The Power House. You can find your own way there using the handy map or you can visit the KP message forums at and post there. Kiara, reigning Princess of KP, will be happy to arrange for a rune or gate to the contest.

    The best male and female flirter will each receive 25K, and the second place winner will get a bunch of dates. For those who are wondering how a flirting contest works, Kiara explains the rules:

    Each contestant can either choose a judge, consenting member of the audience, or bring his or her flirt partner. The contestant then has 3 minutes to Flirt with his/her partner. The partner is free to respond and interact with the contestant. When the 3 minutes are up the judges then "rate" the contestants performance on a scale from 1-10, 10 being the top score.

    ONE MINUTE will be called out to help the contestant know when to start wrapping it up. There will be two rounds combining all the judges points, highest points win.

    Please come and bring friends!!! This is always very very funny. Come and participate or just watch!

    Thanks Kiara!

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    Posted on Wednesday, October 3, 2001, 9:27 AM EDT by Pluffina (Sonoma)

    Impy's Auction Ultra Rare Shackles!!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<The folks out at Impy's left this scroll today about their events this week out at the Faire.

    Events this week:
    Auction Wednesday, October 3, 9pm EST
    Auction Thursday, October 4, 9pm EST

    Impy's would like to remind everyone about our great 24 hour vendor collection. Everything from house additions to regents to rares. Something for every walk of life can be found in the Impy Vendor Section at the Artic Faire. Stop by today!

    Shackles, Bat Wing, a Bloody Bandage, Daemon Bone, Pig Iron, Black Bottle Hair Dye (the bottle is almost black in color), a Glass and Blood Spawn are just a few of the AMAZING selection of rares we have this week. Also included: a Blessed Sash and Doublet, Clothing Bless Deed, Plant Deed and Plants, several Gargoyle Pick Axes, a Bucket, Fruit Basket, Leather Dye Tub, Faction Silver, quite a few Coal Ingots and Ore, a bag of MIB's, a couple Gold Boxes, a Mallet and Chisel and several Tall Candles. There is also a pile of Silver and Vanquish Weapons. Also a stack of armor!

    As always, Runes to Riches and the Mystery Chest games will also be played this week following the auction, so please stick around and take a chance with lady luck. Impy has asked that you please stable your pets before the auction as he is allergic to wet fur.

    If you need a rune visit one of our rune vendors located through out the lands. Vendors can be found at: StarLite (Vesper, Trammel), next door to the RD Stables (Felucca), the Sandlewood Box Inn (Dead Heaven, Felucca), Kazola's TreeTop Keg and Winery (Felucca), Cove Merchant's Guild and Blacksmith Shoppe (Cove, Felucca), the Mystic Portal (Trammel), the Garden City Mall (Cove, Trammel), or at Krista's Ranger Station (Felucca).

    ~Impy's Staff

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    Posted on Wednesday, October 3, 2001, 8:23 AM EDT by Barth VanDorn (GreatLakes)

    The Dawn of Eternal Night
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<This tome was left on my door step. I can only imagine that it was left fr me to find and pass on, as there were no instructions left with it.

    The Dawn of Eternal Night

    Late September is a quite period for the city of Nujel'm. The nobles and aristocrats who normally line its sandy beaches have long since gone home to the normal hustle and bustle of Britannian life. The sparkling diamond that is the city of Pleasure shows its true colors during this period. The poor and homeless grow sick and weary, the ghettos are lined with the diseased and dying, and the ancient graveyard hidden from the tourist's eye stretches even further. Underneath the beautiful marble exterior Nujel'm is indeed awash with corruption. Long ago the Royal family of Nujel'm had forsaken the protection and rule of the Crown, and so, left alone they began to accumulate a massive wealth from taxes on the merchants and workers in the bazaars of the city streets. Those who work their fingers to the bone throughout the tourist season find themselves no better off when the winter comes. The walls of the palace and the gardens around it grow brighter and bolder each passing day, while the rest of the city begins to fall into ruin.

    But the corruption opened a weakness in the city that none could have foreseen. And that weakness was its downfall. On the eve of the winter Solstice, as the sun began to sink in the west, casting millions of fingers of stretching shadow onto the proud sandstone walls and spiraling brick streets, the fate of Nujel'm was sealed.

    The guards, having been paid off, remained silent at their posts as dark figures began scouring the deadly quiet city streets. All the citizens had been ushered home before dark and given word that they should remain there through the evening. A fleet of ships appeared on the horizon moving at great speed into port, and once arriving, an army of passengers began to disembark. Lining up in columns, the troops mixed with humans, drow, and vampires made their way up the main brick street to the gates of the palace. There they stopped, and parted in the center to allow a procession of prominent well dressed beings to pass through and line up on the steps of the palace. The figures that had been searching the streets came to take their place among the procession, whispering that the city was clear.

    A young mage, with pale white skin and long black hair stepped toward the door of the palace, and flung it open. The procession of the prominent beings continued inside the palace, leaving the army behind at the gates. Servants inside bowed to the members of the procession as they continued through the palace to the steps where the Royal family of Nujel'm awaited their arrival. Smiles lit up the Royals' faces as the group approached, lead by the young mage, but the smiles soon disappeared. Words of power boomed through the halls of the palace as one by one the Royal family was slaughtered. What rewards they had been promised for their docile acceptance of these hostile strangers could not be guessed.

    The rest of the army was ushered inside the walls of the palace, coming to stand together around the balcony and among the benches of the great lobby of Nujel'm Palace. The young mage laid a scroll on the altar at the top of the steps in the lobby, and turned to the procession with him. One by one the beings wrote their names with pens dipped in the blood of the Royal family on the parchment, and one by one they came to stand beside the young mage, facing the armies awaiting their words.

    Stepping forward the young mage held the scroll high above his head for the armies to see, and they cheered at the sight. The names written in blood stood even from that great distance.
    Mordain and Bile of the Temple of Mondain.
    Alur'Cha and Velturus of the house of Viaxus.
    Lord Caleb and Silvaria of the Bregan D'Aerth.
    Pepper and Leshyani Rianne of the Sisters of Enchantment.
    Ramirez and Raistlin of the Cult of the Black Dragon.

    The young mage, Raistlin, laid the scroll down on the altar once again, and turned back to face the armies.

    "Nujel'm stood as a personification of the faithless, pitiful, pointless lives that the masses of Britannia live out each day. We have crushed Nujel'm as we will crush all who threaten to poison this land. Lloth wills it. Mondain wills it. The Black One wills it!!"

    There were cheers from the troops as the drow and human conclave of mages grinned at one another. The Empire of Armageddon was secure; behind it's Archmage Raistlin, and the Imperial Council of Mages who had signed their names to the charter. Nujel'm stood as a fortified camp for the armies of darkness, untouchable, undeniably lost.

    As the moon grew bright over the city once known as the city of Pleasure, the black of night descended on the palace walls. The marble lost its luster. A shout reverberated through the city streets.

    "Today Nujel'm!! Tomorrow Britain!!"

    Thus was born, the city of Darkness.

    -author unknown

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    Posted on Wednesday, October 3, 2001, 8:18 AM EDT by Barth VanDorn (GreatLakes)

    New UO Seers Program website
    The UO Seers Program is a multi-shard non-OSI affiliated organization with two primary responsibilities: to provide ongoing content in UO, and to assist others in their own events. I received this information from Lead Shard Seer Radnor :
    Greetings All!

    We, the New UO Seers, have completed our new web site at We invite you to take a look at us and see what's new and what to look for in the future.

    As many of you know, we are players just like you; however, we have decided to volunteer our time to improving the fictional plotlines within the UO community. As volunteers, we are very dedicated individuals who enjoy participating in and running events.

    We are in no way associated with the creators of UO; however, we do provide several services to the community:

    1) The creation of new quests and events
    2) Assisting others in the creation of their own events
    3) Provide written resources for the creation of events

    Our volunteers ingame provide the first two services, while our third service is available on our website. We feel that this approach is the best way to create a proactive, interactive community that will be able to provide continuous entertainment and enjoyment to all players.

    As a volunteer organization we must rely upon donations from the UO community to support the services that we look forward to offering you. We are looking for dwelling donations for our quests and events and a meeting place to plan these functions. We also have need of material goods such as leather, chain and plate armor, weapons, reagents, city and dungeon rune books, blank rune books with Mark scrolls, Recall Scrolls, gold to train skills, clothing/disguises, a guildstone, filled spell books, fishsteaks, a boat, and a pack horse or lama, and rares and other items of value to use as prizes in quests and events.

    Please contact any of our Lead Seers on our web site who is in charge of your shard if you are able to assist us. Your donations are greatly appreciated. Without your assistance the UO Seers cannot come back to life!!

    We also have a public forum on Stratics which you can find here (link edited by CitizenKane2). You will find more information there.

    If you think you would be interested in becoming a Seer or Troubadour yourself, please, fill out an application that can be found at our website. We would be glad to have you!

    We hope to have the pleasure of running an event on your shard soon! Please check us out and see what we can do for you, and, what you can do for us.

    Thank you for your interest in our new program.

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    Posted on Wednesday, October 3, 2001, 3:53 AM EDT by citizenKane2 (CommunityNews)

    Siege Perilous Down and Possible Hint on Reward for Bulk Order Deeds
    Posted on the FYI section of the official UO website, that Siege Perilous is down :
    The Siege Perilous shard has been brought down for an unscheduled maintenance. We anticipate the downtime will be no longer than 1.5 hours. Once the shard has been brought back up, players may experience up to a 30 minute revert. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    On the topic of the proposed bulk order deeds, Evocare (Lead Designer, UO) remarked (among other things) on this thread on the official UO Boards here :
    Well, the really cool rewards only come from doing the very rare, very hard-to-pull-off large orders.

    Unless ancient smithing hammers that greatly increase your skill (even over 100.0), the ability to make colored weapons (valorite katana, anyone?), and other such goodies don't interest you... ;]

    Of course, such rewards are oh so very difficult to obtain... will you be one of the few blacksmiths weilding that telltale valorite smithing hammer?

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    Posted on Tuesday, October 2, 2001, 11:28 PM EDT by citizenKane2 (GeneralNews)

    The Atlantic Consensus is Changing Message Boards!
    I recieved this OOC missive from Dealthagar, Moderator for the Atlantic Role-playing Consensus.

    My apologies on the suddeness of these changes, but due to conditions and circumstances out of my control, as of October 3rd, the Atlantic Role-Playing Consensus message board will no longer be on Message-Realms.

    UO Stratics Has been kind enough to provide us with a spot on thier boards which will allow us quicker access to otther role-playing organizations, guilds and lone players.

    Our board will now be located here:

    The Consensus is a loosly organized band of role-players of the Atlantic shard, coming together to offer each other support, ideas and NPC's for quests, stories or events. With there being no seers left in UO, we have been left to our own devices and our own means of running in-game fiction. Our webtome can be found at:

    Thank you for your time.
    Posted on Tuesday, October 2, 2001, 4:58 PM EDT by Dmitri Ne'Sveti (Atlantic)

    Cap & Dagger Casino Reopens Tonight 8:30 EST!
    The Cap & Dagger Casino will celebrate its re-opening on Tuesday, October 2nd at 8:30 EST!

    The 'welcome back' games and festivities will begin at 8:30pm Eastern time, and are hosted by founder Smythe Skepfen and new Director of Casino Operations, Rob Drakonis! Rob brings his experience, and a few new games, from the Ice Box Casino on Ice Isle.

    As always, you can wager as little as 500gp or as much as 10,000 on every roll of the dice! Bet and win on a 7 in Over, Under, On and you could win 40k in a single roll of the dice!

    The casino is located in a large tower east of Minoc, Trammel. Starting from Minoc, cross both bridges east of town, then immediately head North until you see the tower's blue and purple banners. Maps, game information and more can be found on the casino website at

    See you there!

    Smythe Skepfen,
    Founder, Cap & Dagger Casino

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    Posted on Tuesday, October 2, 2001, 1:25 PM EDT by Amidala (GreatLakes)

    And this just in... Siege Fair and Toruney
    The Merchant's Consortium of Siege will be hosting a Fair and tournament on Saturday, October 13th for all players on siege to have a night filled with fun, games, prizes and trading. Everyone on the shard willing to behave is more than welcome to come and have fun. The Grand Prize of the tournament is 100k gold. Peddlers and non-combatants are more than welcome to come and watch or to peddle their wares. Other contests are being planned as are other prizes, such as a Safe Haven vendor house. For more information, keep tabs on our fair site. The site will be updated as the fair date approaches.

    I can be contacted at [email protected] or at ICQ#117006671.

    Demascus of Siege
    GM Merchant.

    Thank you Demascus for that information. I look forward to hearing more about it.

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    Posted on Tuesday, October 2, 2001, 12:12 PM EDT by Hannah Starfire (SiegePerilous)

    Things that go BUMP in the night!
    A story for you...

    I was out wandering in the woods yesterday which is something I don't do too often because there is always a constant threat of being seen by something evil. On this night, however, I was drawn to some unusual noises.

    Following the road South of Yew, and into the woods, I came upon this clearing, that resembled the shape of a heart. Listening close, I realized that the sounds were coming from the roof of the tower near the lower area of the clearing. Upon coming around to the front of the tower, I was greeted by some not-so-friendly beings. They were eager to do their best to end my life right there. As luck would have it, a voice was heard from above that I should not be killed, but led up to the roof to observe the ceremonies that were about to occur.

    Walking through the tower to reach the roof, I encountered several body parts, of other fallen. The beings that led me to the roof looked nothing like human, but rather in a dead state. Their skin, or lack there of, was a very pale white, and was falling off their bones.

    The one that asked for my presence on the roof, explained to me that they were human at one time, but by doing several different tasks, became what is now called "undead". When he spoke to me, he spoke in hisses, but in words that I could understand. What was going on this night, is that some of the family were getting promotions. They have a ceremony to celebrate the moving from the "unborn" title to something more appropriate for the area of what skills have been mastered. Please take a look at the picture that I sketched while I was sitting on the roof, watching the ceremonies.

    They chanted a few words, then the ones being "raised" said they would obey the "guardian" and were promptly killed.

    On this day, there were three of them that were given new names:

    Cyn Kal was promoted from unborn to Bone Warrior
    Markaus was promoted from unborn to Wraithe
    Althoqqua was promoted from unborn to Priestess. You can see her sketch here.

    The other two were moving too fast for me to sketch them.

    After the ceremony, I was promptly led out of the tower, and to the ground, where I witnessed the group killing humans and said that if I lingered much longer, I too would be one of the humans. It did not take me long to gather my things and return to the road and head for home.

    So, if you are ever wandering in the woods, please do not be too alarmed if you hear some strange noises. I would not suggest you go to find out what they are as you may end up as dinner to some creature. I was lucky, others that wandered by, were not. Maybe I was spared so that the story could be told. Who knows...

    Safe Travels to you, and don't be scared of things that go BUMP in the night.

    Please don't forget to send me your stories and events!

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    Posted on Tuesday, October 2, 2001, 11:28 AM EDT by Hannah Starfire (SiegePerilous)

    Fight Night Ends with a Bang
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<< 
    An exciting final battle between Marcus and KMSEMPERFI closed Fight Night at the Oasis this week. Marcus and KM seem to have similar templates--both are mages backed up by the archery skill. Both fighters were exceptionally fast movers, and when they had mana the spells flew back and forth in a hailstorm of light and flashes.

    Marcus had a demon of a bow. It did so much damage I found myself opening his paperdoll and checking it several times, sure it must be Power or at least Force, but it was simply a bow of exceptional quality crafted by woody. I will certainly have my eye peeled for bows made by woody in the future. woody is doing something very right!

    The fight could have gone either way, as each of them had several close brushes with death. The fight had to be stopped at one point due to a bug. The timer was reset and the fight was resumed. About eight minutes into the restart, KMSEMPERFI got the upper hand for a moment, and Marcus fell. Marcus is certainly one to keep an eye on as Fight Night season draws to a close. Third place went to Elana, another newcomer to Fight Night.

    Only three nights remain in the season, which means there are only three chances to have your name added to the roster of winners who will compete for the 1 million GP grand prize on October 28.

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    Posted on Tuesday, October 2, 2001, 8:27 AM EDT by Pluffina (Sonoma)

    Results of Archer's Tourney
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This was received from Theoran,
    The Society of Archers (S|A) Baja Chapter held its second, of the now monthly, "Best Shot in the Realms" Archery Contest. The turnout for the event was great, with over 20 contestants and well over 40 Archers at the Faire Grounds, quite a sight indeed!

    The defending champ, Sniper Wolf of the PAK of Baja, was in attendance and made it to the final round, where it ended in a dead tie between her and Dark Rift. We had our first ever Shoot-Off to decide the winner. Dark Rift had a poor first round in the Shoot-Off, giving Sniper Wolf the early lead, and she never looked back. She was well prepared and finely tuned at the event, and once again proved that she truly is the "Best Shot in the Realms." She was awarded the first place prize of 85,000gp. Unfortunately due to time constraints we were unable to hold the "Beat the S|A" round. Therefore the 15,000gp and the Vanquish Heavy Crossbow that were prizes for that round will be held for next months contest.

    I want to personally thank all of the Archers in attendance for coming; it was a great sight to see so many of us united. Once again, congratulations to Sniper Wolf!! Now the real question... will she be able to defend her title AGAIN? Keep an eye out for October's "Best Shot in the Realms" Archery Contest, sponsored by the Society of Archers Baja Chapter. Thanks again, and Farewell Archers.

    Head of Baja Chapter
    Society of Archers S|A
    Thankye Theoran

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    Posted on Tuesday, October 2, 2001, 4:43 AM EDT by Cymidei Fier (Baja)

    Five is now Eight
    It would appear the Five Scantily Clothed Riders are actually a larger group of Eight Scantily Clothed Riders!

    A quote from Stacey of Oceania. The Organiser of the Eight Riders
    "I(Stacey) am the one who got my friends together to do this. We are planning furture events, like maybe a weekly or even daily gatherings around Britannia, from places like the Shadowlord Base in Feluca, to the Britain bank in Trammel, and we think that our numbers will grow shortly."

    So for those of you who missed the first occurence, keep your eyes peeled because the Eight Riders aren't quite through with us yet!

    The Riders, all present and accounted for

    Posted on Monday, October 1, 2001, 11:00 PM EDT by Chainsaw Knight (Oceania)

    Dragon Tavern Story Night
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Hail and well met,
    This just in via carrier pigeon:

    Do you like to drink?
    Do you like to either make up tales or listen to them?
    Do you a have a tale from the past before the worlds separated? Or per chance you are a bard and have tales to tell.


    The Dragon Tavern will be having its second and now weekly story telling night on Wednesday, 10-3-01 at 7PM PST.

    The prizes are 10K for first place and 5K for second.

    Gates will be sent to Vesper Bank (Tram) prior to the event or icq in advance and rune will be provided. Dragon Tavern is located on ice Island at: 87o53’N 164o41’W

    Wolf of Evermore
    ICQ: 39012719 for more information.

    Your humble servant,
    Raeven Aurora

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    Posted on Monday, October 1, 2001, 9:05 PM EDT by Raeven Aurora (NapaValley)

    Update on Scenario Publish Schedule
    Calandryll announced on the MyUO Discussion Boards:
    I wanted to give everyone a heads up on this.

    We've decided to get back to an old procedure that we used to do with publishes in an effort to lessen the effects of a bad bug getting on the shards. We are going to be publishing the scenario content to one shard first, and then if all goes well, the rest will get the content the next day. Right now, we are targeting to publish the Mizuho shard tomorrow, active after it's Wednesday downtime, local server time (Tuesday night here in the US). The reason for choosing this shard is that we will be here when it returns from maintenance that night and it gives us over 24 hours to monitor it before the content is active on the majority of shards, including the US shards. This allows us to deal with any really, really major unforeseen issues before every shard is affected. We're not expecting anything like this, but it is always better to be on the safe side.

    So basically, to sum up. If all goes well, the scenario will be active on all shards following their Thursday morning maintenance. If anything does delay this, I will post and let you know. Really, only a major issue would cause a delay though. Anything else can be fixed the following week, just like we did last time.

    After this week, we will change to the publishes to the first shard on Monday's, active Tuesday local server time. Then if all goes well, we'll publish on Tuesday, active Wednesday local server time as usual.

    Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
    Designer, Ongoing Content
    a wizard did it

    My note: This announcement modifies the previous new article that said the scenario publish was expected to be Wednesday.

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    Posted on Monday, October 1, 2001, 8:00 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (QuestandEventNews)

    GuL Pit results!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    We had a great turnout for our Blind Draw tournament!

    There were many great fights, but in the end there were three teams who walked away with cash prizes:

    1st Place (250k) - Dragothien and Spork
    2nd Place (100k) - Sauron and Grodon
    3rd Place ( 50k) - Ravenous and Slick

    Thanks to all who participated, and to the Oc'Nivelle staff for helping to keep things running smoothly.

    Hope to see you all again next week.


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    Posted on Monday, October 1, 2001, 7:50 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Krum on NPC Sale of Ingots
    On this thread on the official UO Boards here, Krumm (Senior Programmer) made these remarks about the upcoming changes to NPC sale of ignots :
    Well it's really unlikely that NPC vendors will ever sell colord ingots (there are technical limitations; ever notice that NPCs don't buy colored ingots?)

    If we advertised the prices each vendor was offering on a web site or something like that, I think it would only provide more stablization.

    If we find that what has been developed here where the vendors all have their own price becomes a problem, we'll change it. Because of the way this system works though is that no gold is really being created. If I buy thousands of ingots, the price is going to go up. People selling ingots back to the NPC will essentially be putting the money I gave the NPC into their own pocket. No gold is really being created by the system out of thin air, so it seems that this type of system will result in a fairly stable market economy, much like the existing real-world securities market.

    I think we could even extend the system so players could buy and sell futures or options on the items, although this probably won't happen.

    We believe that we've covered our bases as far as exploits are concerned with this system. Too many players are making assumptions about how this works and are basing their "I'm going to exploit this by yadda yadda" on these assumptions. We've got extensive logging going on, so it will be possible for us to track extraordinary activity. If we find a problem, we will take the necessary steps to correct it.

    and (edited by CitizenKane2)
    I think that the risk of a third-party cheat on the system is low, because of the amount of validation going on in the shopkeepers. Conceivably if only one person had such a cheat, they might make off like a bandit, but if the cheat program got out I think it would only serve to stablize pricing across the shard anyway.

    I agree that we can't apply an accurately simulated market economy in this game, but I think this system is about as close to simulating some type of market as we can get.

    If a problem pops up with pricing varying widely from one vendor to another, and players are exploiting this somehow, the next step would be to force the prices to be the same across the shard. We're not doing this now because we don't think it's going to be necessary.

    Funny you asked. I just added some code so that if the vendor would have given you more gold than you could carry, including the weight of what you're selling, the vendor will write you a check and put that in your pack instead of gold.

    Now, you could overload your pack up and to the point that the checks will start falling to the ground, so it will be your responsibility to make sure that you aren't overloaded to the point that you can't carry the check. Considering that checks don't weigh very much and the what players sell should weigh more than the checks, I think this example is extreme and I don't see this as a likely scenario for anybody but an exploiter.

    This should be on the server tomorrow.

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    Posted on Monday, October 1, 2001, 7:49 PM EDT by citizenKane2 (GeneralNews)

    Adrick on Bug Fixing
    The latest Comments from the Team, Adrick Analyzes Bug Fixing :
    One of my main areas of focus is fixing bugs - especially critical ones that affect the entire service. Since bug fixes comprise a huge percentage of the changes we make to UO, I want to take this opportunity to talk a little bit about what goes into fixing a bug and getting the fix live on all the shards. There are several steps to this process, and I’ll go over each one.

    1] Identify the bug. This comes in many forms, including GM reports from support calls, QA testers, and player submissions through email or via our boards. The most important part of this step is information – as in what shard, what time, the specific circumstances, etc. Basically, we need as much information as possible that will allow us to reproduce the bug in a development environment. It’s rather an impossible task to fix a bug we can’t reproduce.

    2] Reproduce the bug. Using the information obtained in step 1, a designer or a QA tester will attempt to follow a step-by-step procedure to reproduce the bug, which usually leads to a bit more information. Most often, this is done on our standalone servers, which are sort of like mini UO servers running the code branch of our choice. Sometimes, due to the differences between an areaserver (standalone) and full server set (production shards), we have to work on a test center to get the bug reproduced. If it involves crossing server boundaries, then it requires a test center or a production shard.

    3] Prioritize the bug. If it’s a legitimate bug, it either needs to be fixed within our normal development cycle, or if it’s much more serious, it needs to be pushed to the front of the cycle. In order to determine priority, a couple of questions need to be asked. Does it affect a majority of the service? Is it an exploit? Is it a crasher (shard or client)? These types of bugs are always fixed as quickly as possible regardless of what else is on the schedule, and the rest are moved into the normal cycle.

    4] Assign and fix the bug. For ASAP bugs, we call a meeting to determine what the fix will be, who will be responsible for the fix, and what the timeline will be in order to get it tested and published. Other bugs are assigned to the team members in charge of those areas. Some bugs are fixed by programmers, others are fixed by designers, and some require both design and programming resources.

    5] Test the fix. Once we have fixed the bug, it’s published to a test center and given to QA to see if it passes; they test the systems affected and pass or fail it. If it fails, it’s returned to step 4. Once passed by QA, it moves to step 6.

    6] Publish the fix. Sometimes it’s to one shard first; other times it goes to all the shards in their normal maintenance schedule.

    7] Monitor feedback. The support staff monitors the shards to make sure no side effects happen and that the bug in question is indeed fixed. Our GMs are one of the best sources for feedback because they take the calls and see firsthand what is going on in the game.

    I enjoy fixing bugs because, as a player, it was always a source of frustration for me. It is also challenging, because the unique nature of the game causes the systems to affect each other in what seems to be very strange ways at times. Bug fixes aren’t always the most visible changes, but doing it well involves using problem solving skills and close attention to detail. The reward comes from seeing players being able to play the game and not having it ruined by an exploit, or being able to simply enjoy a system in the game when it works as it was designed to.

    Pete "Adrick" Warner
    Designer - UO Live

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    Posted on Monday, October 1, 2001, 7:41 PM EDT by citizenKane2 (GeneralNews)

    Greywolfe Comments on Dev Team Working on “Eye Candy”
    On the MyUO Discussion Boards, a poster questioned the Dev’s Team priorities. The poster believed the team should be working on more important issues than “frying pans and carpets.”

    Greywolfe, Online Community Moderator, responded:

    Although the game is partly about PvP and combat and all of that, part of what makes this game what it is is the immersiveness of the world. Part of that immersive feeling comes from the surroundings--the decorative part of the game. In addition, there are some people who prefer not to do a lot of combat. Those craft-oriented people view these changes not as "eye-candy," but as viable parts of their playing experiences. These experiences are no less valued than any other. There are many people working on many different things here; just because one person is working on things to please the crafting community does not mean that other things are not being addressed as well.

    Further down the thread, he added:

    Well, actually, frying pans and rolling pins are going to be used for the new cooking menu. :)

    Really, a lot of craftables don't do a lot other than make the game look good. Who really needs to be able to change his or her clothes, or sit down on furniture, or get a different suit of armor? Who really needs to eat, or play an instrument that's in a backpack? I guess my point is, just because something appears to have no value to one player, it doesn't necessarily have a lack of value to another. Yes, less lag is desireable. As a dial-up player, I concur. But I also wouldn't like playing in a big static world with no variety. To me that would be no fun. Even the occasional dunsel helps...

    … I agree that it would be nifty to lease the NPC buildings. I remember discussing the idea with Melantus and a couple of the mods more than once. I wish I could say that it could happen; the best I can do is promise to bring it up to the people who might be able to do something about it. .

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    Posted on Monday, October 1, 2001, 7:31 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

    Hanse Responds to Feedback on Bulk Order Deed Testing
    On the MyUO Discussion Boards, Hanse, UO Live Designer, responded to feedback from players testing the bulk order deeds on Test Shard 6. Here’s what he had to say:

    Glad you like the system so far. We're going to tweak the percentages as we've had a good deal of feedback on the issue.

    Folks were getting many large orders vs small orders at a high skill. This has been tweaked to lower the percentage of large orders.

    9 ore types * 2 quality levels (Exceptional vs Normal) * 3 request amounts (10, 15, 20) * 3 sets = 162 different large orders.

    Plate suits have 6 pieces (gorget, helm, chest, legs, arms and hands), not 5. :)

    We're going to lower the fame gain, but it will still be pretty high. With the new amount, it will take you more than twice as many deeds to get lord status from no fame.

    …We'll put the description of the deed's request in the single-click description. Thank you for the great feedback!

    UO Live Designer
    Happy birthday to UO!

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    Posted on Monday, October 1, 2001, 7:12 PM EDT by Lady Malynn (GeneralNews)

    The Lost Seers' Call for Help
    On my daily jaunt through the woods, picking up reagents and honing my magery on poor hapless ettins, I spied a book half hidden under a bush. The weather beaten pages were faded, and yet I was able to read this much. The author of this book seemed to be a man by the name of Nacrom.
    As Trammel sets upon the midnight sky, Seer Nacrom is awaiting his friends from their journey scouting the land. When a knock is heard at the door he opens it, expecting the returning party. But nobody is there...instead a scroll is lying at his feets. He opens the scroll and reads...

    "Dear friend,
    We are lost, please send help."

    Nacrom shakes his head, not to laugh but to think better. A clue about the whereabouts of his friends is slowly taking form in his mind. Many hours later he has finally his mind set. Seer Nacrom sits at his desk and writes down the clue on several books. He then writes a request to all adventuring parties in the area.

    "I am in urgent need of your help. My fellow Seers, who have been scouting the land, have lost their ways. Please come to the Skara Brae Counselor's Hall and offer your assistance to us. The journey will be hard but the reward will be great.

    Seer Nacrom Sable
    Chesapeake Shard"

    -----------OOC Notes-----------

    Please go to for more information on this Event. We hope you will join us all in this first of many Volunteer Seer Events.

    If you have any questions please contact Seer Nacrom Sable at [email protected]

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    Posted on Monday, October 1, 2001, 5:23 PM EDT by Idun Syn (Chesapeake)

    The Regent Visits Yew
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    Yesterday evening I had the honor to accompany Barahir Netanve, regent of Britania on a formal visit to Castle Brimstone in Yew. Led by his honor guard and nobles from all over the realm the procession departed from the Abbey southwards to Pryville in the heart of Yew. This report we received from the Cabal of his Majesties Royal Guards:

    Hail fellow citizens of this fair and tested land, Cabal here, Regular in His Majesty's Royal Guard troop to tell ya all about last nights splendid events.

    We was loungin' round the guard house, playing dice and talkin' 'bout birds when the sergeant come in and says we best step lively as there was official escort duty a comin'. Well, being crack troopers to a one, we slung on our kit and saddled up our trusty steeds to head on out to Empath Abbey to meet His Grace, Barahir Netanve, Nobleman of the realm, Regent of Britannia and by the grace of heaven, Lord British's representative in these here troubled times. No sooner had we arrived when we was right near knocked off our horses by the size of the crowd what turned out to greet His Grace the Regent. Formin' up in an honour guard, we soon made the place safe from rabble and hangers on, sos that His grace could get the procession movin'.

    Trooper Joan and me was sent on ahead to the great castle of Brimstone in the village of Pyrville, in the heart of Yew dark wood, to tell them that the Regent was on his way. When we got there we saw that rightly so, them local's had made the place fitten' and ready for such a grand procession. Soon His Grace at the head of a great mass o' nobles and soldiers came to into view, to the cheers of the assembled mob, and was greeted right proper by the local lords of the castle. 

    They headed on inside with the Royal Party, assorted Nobles and a couple o' members of the paparazzi in tow. Me an' a few other Royal Guards was stationed at the door to keep things calm as many more tried to pour in and witness the momentous events about to unfold within. The Local guards was keepin' a close eye on the mob and only admittin' them what was on the official guest list, even though loads o' folks was trying to weasel their way in, some tellin' tall tales o' their selfs, some sayin' as they was official entertainment for the evening's festivities, others tryin' ta sneak a peek at the list to claim themselves a name there, and others still just curious ta have a look see what all the fuss was about. 

    Inside them Nobles and official types was set down to a fine feast where they no doubt gossiped and quarrelled about all that stuff what taxes the minds of the high born folk, while we loyal guards kept the peace and patrolled the area to ensure the safety of the dignitaries inside. We are right pleased to report that we had no trouble and the event was carried out in complete security. 

    Eventually, His Grace called all down stairs to the Audience Chamber where he was fixen' ta make a few Royal Proclamations to the assembled throngs. Once silence was established, Lord Barahir, Regent of the realm made his first proclamation, namin' Lord Graystone as Duke of Yew by the Grace of heaven and the King his self. The crowd was right pleased by this and Lord Graystone pledged ta make good his appointment and remain ever loyal to the Crown and the Royal Court of Britannia. Next, the Regent named his top aide Lord Marius as the Baron of Brimstone, second in command to the new Duke o' Yew. Again folks seemed heartened by the news, all that is except one sulkie fellow who we was told was called Garland Orunitia War chief of some outfit what calls itself the Followers of Zhenterim, what ever that is... We guards all took note o' his bad attitude and made sure ta keep an eye on them lot. In the end, it were a grand occasion and the crowds seemed well pleased. We was sure them Noble types must a had themselves a right nice time, as they all stumbled out lookin' more than a bit tipsy and headed on there ways with much slappin' o' backs and promises of alliance. We helped His Grace back home ta Britain and he made sure we all knew he was right proud with our loyal service and protection.

    For King and Country!

    Cabal, Royal Guardsman of Britannia

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    Posted on Monday, October 1, 2001, 5:22 PM EDT by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Shadowfell Grand Opening Festival
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received this announcement from the Shadow Imperium:

    Greetings! A grand festival will be held on October 7th, at 1 PM PST to celebrate the founding of Shadowfell, City of legends and nightmares. We invite you to join us for a day of revelry. For directions to Shadowfell visit here.

    Dark Soul Competition - The most evil folk in the land will gather and be judged on the basis of their appearance, speech, and ability to answer questions. The winner shall be dubbed The Darkest Soul of Baja and recieve a 100,000 gold piece check! The competition will be judged by celebrity guests from a prominent role playing guild on Atlantic.

    The Grand Tourney - Members of -S- and the Shadow Imperium Elite will vie for the title of Champion of Shadowfell in a single elimination duels. Festival goers can bet on who they think the winner will be. 50,000 gold piece prize to the champion.

    Summoner of the Abyss - The mage who can summon the most deamons in fifteen minutes will win the title Summoner of the Abyss and a 50,000 gold piece check.

    Dire Duels - A dozen dire wolves will duel to the death - Festival goers will bet on the winner. 10,000 bonus to the gambler who selects the winning wolf.

    Baja's Best Assasin - The assasin who can poison the most blades fastest wins a 50,000 gold piece check.

    Posted on Monday, October 1, 2001, 4:37 PM EDT by HellRazor (Baja)

    Chronicle of Evil
    Hail dark friends,

    The evil of our lands are braggarts and enjoy nothing better than to tell grand tales of pillage and plunder.
    There is a place I know of, where the cutthroats and brigands tell their tales and share the renderings of their adventure.

    Come read this Chronicle of Evil, but be discreet, for you would not want to draw this crowds attention to yourself!

    --Adam Ant

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    Posted on Monday, October 1, 2001, 4:10 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (CandidCoverage)

    Vet Rewards Server Maintenance
    And another news from FYI:
    The Veteran Rewards server will undergo a routine maintenance cycle every Monday at approximately 1 pm CDT. We expect the maintenance cycle to last between 1.5 to 2 hours. During this time, the Veteran Rewards system will be unavailable and players will not be able to choose any rewards for the duration of the maintenance cycle. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    [ Comment on this article ]

    Posted on Monday, October 1, 2001, 12:54 PM EDT by Teich Dragon (GeneralNews)

    New Client Patch
    Now on FYI:

    We will be releasing a client patch on Monday, October 1st at approximately 9:40 am CDT. This patch contains localization files, and does not contain any gameplay changes.NOTE: As there are no executable changes contained in this patch, the in-game version numbers will not change, and should still read 3.0.4p (2D client) and 3.0.4p Build 77 (3D client).If you have any difficulty receiving this patch, please check the following:
    • Check the "Patch" directory within your Ultima Online directory (the default location is C:\\Program Files\Ultima Online\Patch). This directory should be empty. Any files in this directory should be deleted.
    • If you are unable to connect to the patch server at all, and are using an original (Non-T2A) version of Ultima Online, you may need to update your verinfo file. For details on updating this file, please see the information posted at
    • Run a virus scan on your computer. Undetected viruses may cause conflicts with patching Ultima Online. For information on up-to-date virus detection software, please visit
    If after trying the above, you are still experiencing difficulty patching the Ultima Online client, please contact Technical Support at [email protected].

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    Posted on Monday, October 1, 2001, 11:58 AM EDT by Teich Dragon (GeneralNews)

    BMG 3 on 3 Competition
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<This Sunday 7th at 7pm BMG will be holding it's second 3on3 comp.
    There will be 8 places with some reserved. If there is enough intrest then it will be increaced to 16 teams, maybe done over 2 nights.
    The prizes will be:

    • 1st Place:250K from the sale of myself at OtR's auction (thx to Hubba Bubba)
    • 2nd Place:3 Vanqishing Weapons, type of weapon to be decided
    • 3rd Place:3 Power Weapons, type of weapon to be decided

    If you Wish to enterthe competition please do the following:

    • Get your team organised and make sure you can all attend
    • ONE of you then ICQ me on 33996402 with BMG "3on3 comp" as your request for authorization.
    • You will be given a number and asked for the character names of the 3 members in your team.

    It will be first come first served, so don't delay.
    As always, Admission is free.

    GM of BMG

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    Posted on Monday, October 1, 2001, 10:46 AM EDT by Diangelo Grey (Oceania)

    Clashing views (Sindra's Soulstone part 2)
    After many rounds of ale at the Buxom Wench Tavern I did but coax this story out of my ale swilling companion...


    Kurgan DarkBlade vomited. His tall frame was curled into a ball on the wet grass as he fought to calm his churning stomach. A cold sweat plastered his mattered hair to his forehead, drips reddening his already bloodshot eyes.
    Hairs upon the nape of his neck still stood erect, his instincts warning him of the use of magics.

    “Tsk, tsk Barbarian.” A cold voice said.

    Kurgan rubbed a shaking hand across his mouth and looked up, there within the gloom of twilight stood Sindra.

    She stood relaxed, arms folded across her blackened chain mail, leaning upon the wall of the Buxom Wench.

    Her face was calm, eyes glittering with humour, lips drawn into a smirk.

    “What have ye done with yerself Barbarian?”

    Kurgan grunted and struggled weakly to his feet, his whole body shivering. “ The mage, Kaladarn, healed my hand.” He muttered, “ He..he used sorcery on me.”

    Sindra’s face shifted to a look of infinite sadness. “ You fool, you further increase yer chances of being corrupted by it.

    Kurgan nodded. “Aye I know, but my hand was broken, I could nay hold a sword.”

    “ Can you feel the sorcery now Barbarian?” Sindra moved from the tavern wall, standing close to Kurgan, he could see the twisted lochs in her raven-black hair and the swirl of madness in her eyes. “It is around you, within you, it is part of you.”

    Kurgan felt his stomach churn and groaned. “ Nay..Kaladarns spell is done.”

    “Fool! It is not his spell, it is the Ward. Sanctuary’s Ward. WARD. It surrounds us; every spell opens a small doorway within you, allowing more and more tainted darkness to flow into you. It is killing you… YOU!” She cackled, the sound a dry chortle.

    Kurgan felt his face pale, cold sweat trickling down his spine. A ghost of a smile flashed upon Sindra’s lips as she watched him. She continued, “ I have told you before barbarian, it is constant, it leaks into you, I warned them not to create the Ward. The mages did not understand it as I do. They can protect themselves, as I can, CAN, but you..” She trailed off ominously and turned away.

    “Wait!” Kurgan said, his skin crawling with superstitious fear. “There must be something I can do.”

    Sindra stopped and smirked, she turned slowly. “ I once tried to break this Ward. I have stolen one of the relics.. You can have this item as a token of my friendship with ye, ye can destroy it and save yerself and others from a slow death.” Her eyes twitched as she watched Kurgan.

    Kurgans mind reeled, Uthgar would not look kindly one him if he died, drained by sorcery. At least attempting to cleanse himself and others offered a greater chance of respect.

    “Let us gather this relic.” He muttered.

    Sindra nodded and smirked, rising atop her ghost-steed.
    Together they rode through the crimson twilight.


    The forest was silent. Many leagues distant the normal sounds of the forest had ceased. Now only the damp, pungent smell of the rotting leaf-litter was evident in the near dark. The sky held only a slash of crimson as the sun finally succumbed to the night.

    Sindra cackled to herself. “ The Dark Sun…” She muttered, barely audible, then cackled again.

    Kurgan loosened the kryss in his worn sheath, eyes scanning the tangled trees. His nostrils flared as he caught another smell, even over the overwhelming freshness of the forest.

    “An orc! “ He hissed, dropping instinctively into a half crouch. A bare heartbeat later a figure stirred ahead, the squat, powerful figure of an armoured orc.

    “Eh, Wat yu du her hummies?” The creature’s eyes glowed faintly. Sindra cantered forward on her ghost steed.

    “Be gone fool, FOOL.” Her voice reached a shrieking pitch as she twitched visibly.

    The orcs face twisted into a snarl. “ Xug hab herd ob da Mal Ruk, yub hab it?”

    Sindra looked confused and looked back to Kurgan.

    Kurgan blinked. “ Mal Ruk? What is that orc?”

    The orc’s grip hardened upon his War-Axe. “ Da s..soul? Ruk?” He seemed pleased by his knowledge of the human tongue.

    Sindra’s face twisted with anger. “ This stone be none of yer concern orc, It be Cyrics and his alone, not, NOT the concern of some forgotten god.” Her lips peeled back into a sneer.

    The orc took a moment to digest the words then screamed and ran forward, axe raised.

    Kurgan’s Kryss slid from the sheath easily and rose to block the descending axe. Blue light sparked from the clashing metal. Suddenly the orc was punched back as Sindra’s spear skewered home into the orcs chest, pinning the creature.

    Kurgans eyes blazed, “ Now orc..” as he began the orc snarled and twisted, snapping the spear, howling in rage the orc sprinted into the undergrowth and disappeared.

    “Leave..LEAVE him. We have other matters.” Sindra spat, throwing away the useless remains of the spear.

    Cautiously they wound their way through the forest, until the shell of a deserted house loomed through the darkness.

    “We are here.” Sindra whispered, muttering a string of words unheard to the Barbarian.

    Sindra prepared two torches and began her tinder. They flared to life, the flames fighting to keep away the oppressive gloom. Together they entered the house. Kurgan’s eyes darted around the house, the flames sending shadows dancing upon the scorched walls. Sindra went instantly to the shattered remains of a great hearth. Kneeling, she searched deep within the fireplaces chimney.

    “Got, GOT it.” She muttered, dragging forth a rapped item. She tossed it to Kurgan, twitching silently to herself.
    Kurgan caught it and instantly felt a thrill of supernatural fear through his muscular frame.
    He unwrapped it and revealed a large axe, ancient runes carved into the perfect metal. It glowed faintly. Nervously, Kurgan lifted the axe aloft.
    Instantly a voice boomed forth.

    “ HOLD STRANGER.” Kurgan spun; the voice seemed to come from within himself, deep within his mind.


    Kurgan snarled. “ I will nay be slain by some unseen Ward, nor will my friends. I take this axe, tormalite, defend it if you will.” Kurgan felt the presence within his mind flow forth, suddenly Sindra gasped, her body going taunt. Her eyes clouded over, the pupil disappearing under a surge of white.

    “So be it.” Sindra’s lips moved, the voice that issued forth was hollow.

    Sindra/Malith took a sh