The Liche Lathiari


    Evil Returns, for what purpose?

    As I write this, I have heard tale of battles ongoing at three points in the realm. The one I report on involved a figure from the past, and an undead evil the likes of which I have never seen.  Near Yew, the dread Liche Lathiari made his presence known.

    My encounter, brief as it was, has left me fearful of the future.

    I remember the trial held against the brother and sister Lathiari and Kyrnia.  I remember the discovery of hideous experimentation? necromancy. After the council ruled to banish these two from Britannia's mainland, the curse they put upon us sent a cold spike of fear through mine soul.


    Now, that curse seems to be coming true.  Lathiari reappeared in the fearful aspect of a Liche.  Never before have I witnessed one mortal born take the step towards such a pure manifestation of evil.

    As I was heading towards Empath Abbey I saw him? it? speaking to the poor citizens caught in the path of his undead horde.  At first he seemed to be ordering his army with commands such as:
"hOlD bAcK tHesE roTting sAcKs of liFE"
"kIll tHesE mOrTals!"
"pAthEtic mEaT?oUr gOal bE NOT THEE?"

    He then uttered the following phrases which hint at his purpose?

    "ThInE vIcTOriES PaST shALL bE BurIED by tHE fuTure"

    "yOu caNNoT stOP uS froM reGaining the ShRiNesTonE"

    "My SiStER and I hAvE RetURNED. OuR BODiES havE ReNEWED StRength!"

    "OuR PlaN wIll NOT FaIL AgaIN?We hAvE a NEW ALLY"

    He then left the scene of the battle and headed towards a dilapidated house that he and Kyrnia shared, a presence mysteriously absent from the proceedings. He seemed to have found something he needed, but what that was, we cannot be certain.  All we know is that after he left the house he stated:

    "tHis baTTLe meAns NOTHING compared to WHAT WILL FOLLOW"

    What will follow?  Who was this "ally" of which he spoke?  This correspondent may not be able to bring thee the answers ye seek.  I will of course record all that I experience, however, I do not seek to truly "experience" any more of this fear.