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City of Justice

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Dim: 860x800 - Size: 548k
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Nujel'm   Ocllo   Papua   Serpent's Hold   Skara Brae   Trinsic   Vesper   Wind   Yew  
The Jolly Baker
(55°21'N 53°20'W)
Bloody Thumb Woodworks
(53°25'N 52°09'W)
Bank in Empath Abbey
(70°34'N 47°19'W)
Healer of Yew
(57°22'N 54°28'W)
Yew's Finest Cuts
(53°25'N 54°24'W)
Deep Forest Healing
(47°11'N 47°31'W)
The Sturdy Bow
(56°34'N 52°51'W)
The Tanned Hide
(55°31'N 56°05'W)
Great Oak Bowyer
(41°50'N 49°13'W)
Ye Olde Winery
(64°45'N 48°50'W)
Empath Abbey
(67°12'N 47°56'W)
Court of Truth
(62°59'N 67°28'W)
Yew Mill
(69°14'N 53°54'W)
(76°31'N 38°31'W)
Counselors Guild Hall
(56°30'N 49°46'W)
Passage to Lighthouse
(72°41'N 71°0'W)
Orc Fort
(11°15'N 48°30'W)
Secret Doors in Prison
(75°45'N 71°51'W)
(43°30'N 42°11'W)
(75°24'N 24°45'W)