Biography : Lathiari and Kyrnia (destroyed)

    In the past, Lathiari and his sister, Kyrnia, were banned from the mainland when they were found to practice necromancy at an obsessive level. Their wicked past was exposed by the Town Cryer reporters, and it gives a good insight into the minds of this diabolic duo. It is no suprise they came back as liches, the very incarnation of undead evil.

    Unleashing undead hordes on several occasionsin the Yew area, where they had made their headquarters, they were unconcerned by the consequences of their experiments. They designed a deviced that would spray corrupted shrinestone powder into clouds, raising the deads where it was used, only the unselfish actions of Sage Humbolt brought about their ends. After having discovered their hearts, and a mean to destroy them, Sage Humbolt led a party of adventurers in Dungeon Despise, where he also perished in accomplishing his task.

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