Prisoner transfer from Trinsic to Yew

Genn Wintord

UP: Britannia

    Sir Geoffrey of the Royal Guard announced today that the first of the FOA prisoners will be transferred from the jail in Trinsic to the prison in Yew. This will begin tomorrow evening, Wednesday the 13th. Only one prisoner will be moved at a time. Further transfers will take place every second day as needed.

    Sir Geoffrey realizes the possibility of trouble during these transfers and is seeking to recruit volunteers to help escort the prisoner. Any wishing to aid the two royal guards who will be taking the prisoner to Yew will find those guards at the jail in Trinsic the evening of the transfer. Payment will be in gold, and should the transfer go well, all involved will see their renown increase.

    Check with the town criers in your city tomorrow evening for word on when the transfer is ready to begin.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Tuesday, October 13th 1998