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The foremost technological center of Britannia.

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Dim: 580x500 - Size: 243k
Britain   Buccaneer's Den   Cove   Delucia   Gargoyle   Jhelom   Magincia   Minoc   Moonglow  
Nujel'm   Ocllo   Papua   Serpent's Hold   Skara Brae   Trinsic   Vesper   Wind   Yew  


Baked Delights
(10435'S 3914'E)
Paladins Library
(9701'S 4744'E)
Bank of Britannia
(10533'S 3452'E)
First Trinsic Stablery
(10430'S 4757'E)
Trinsic Royal Bank
(9320'S 4051'E)
Trinsic Stablery
(9820'S 3530'E)
The Trinsic Cut
(11105'S 4736'E)
Adventurer's Clothing
(10724'S 4637'E)
Trinsic Healer
(10430'S 4133'E)
Trinsic Meeting Hall
(9542'S 4124'E)
The Rusty Anchor
(10430'S 4942'E)
(10120'S 3703'E)
Travellers Inn
(9826'S 3625'E)
Trinsic Fine Skins
(10859'S 4723'E)
The Keg and Anchor
(10234'S 4331'E)
Trinsic Training Hall
+ Training dummies
(9913'S 4843'E)
The Pearl of Trinsic
(10435'S 4038'E)
(1901, 2814, 0)
Brotherhood of Trinsic
+ Training dummies
(9744'S 4331'E)
Britannia Provisions
(10321'S 3707'E)
Sons of the Sea
(10708'S 5012'E)
(2037, 2843, 0)
Honorable Arms
+ Training dummies
(10115'S 4253'E)
Tinkers Guild
(9330'S 3724'E)
Shining Path Armory
+ Forge
(9124'S 4030'E)
Counselor's Guild
(10703'S 4017'E)
(9558'S 3431'E)
Encyclopedia Magicka
(9521'S 3711'E)

Other Points of Interest

(11622'S 3530'E)
(9619'S 4938'E)
Mess Hall
(9346'S 4352'E)
(9439'S 4318'E)
(9402'S 4314'E)
(9407'S 4443'E)
(11018'S 4942'E)
Southern Gate
(Smugglers Gate)

(11328'S 4748'E)