Box of dreams



    Aye, Times are troubling when evil creatures can steal our most treasured artifacts from their magic vaults and use them for evil purposes. 'Tis exactly what took place on this day in Britannia. The "Box of Dreams" was taken by a Daemon and whisked away to the depths of the Dungeon Despise. What is the Box of Dreams? 'Tis an ancient artifact that is said to collect the dreams and hopes of all Britannia as it sleeps. If this Box were to fall into the wrong hands these dreams could be evilly twisted then brought to reality, causing an unbalance in good and evil.

    Many a warrior gathered this day to find the Daemon and return the Box of Dreams to the guild of mages. A Large battle took place as warriors struck a wall of undead creatures that helped the Daemon guard his newly stolen treasure. Many a warrior visited the realm of death as the battle raged on against the undead. Making a final surge to the center of the bottom most level of Despise, the warriors were met by the Daemon himself. The Daemon let forth spell after spell upon the warriors, but they pressed on, driving the Daemon closer and closer to deaths door. The final blow was stricken and the Daemon lay dead.

    The Box of Dreams was carefully transported back to Britain. There, Toray the Mage checked to see that the magical bonds on the Box of Dreams were still intact. To the relief of all bystanders the bonds held strong. Toray thank Lord Dekion and Synd Valete for returning the box and called the powers of Light to reward the brave warriors. At the request of the Guild of Mages, Toray displayed the Box of Dreams in the Sorcerer's Delight Shop in Britain, Unfortunately the Box of Dreams had to be removed do to attempts of vandalism on the part of some unsavory types, for this we are sorry. 'Tis not often that an ancient relic can be viewed by the public.



From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Tuesday, March 19th 1998