Ok, first of all, and INI file (filename.ini) is a file that stores all program information, such as paths to UO and other settings that you make while using a program, in this case UOJC.

In UO Journal Converter you will see 3 INI files that do the following:
  • uojc.ini: This file contains all the settings for UOJC except the Crafting messages and application starter data.
  • crafting.ini: This file contains all the crafting messages that UOJC will filter out. You can download the latest version from the main page.
  • apps_data.ini: This file contains all the application starter data, names of programs, paths etc. You will not see it, unless you add an application to the application list.
In the INI file, the only option that I suggest changing manually is AutoConvert.

If you want to add more skill (crafting) messages to the crafting.ini file, then you should read about how to do so in the filtering section.

If you have activated AutoConvert, you cannot access the program options, then you should open the UOJC.INI file by double-clicking on it and change: AutoConvert=1 to AutoConvert=0

If you would like other info about the different things in the INI file, Email me. (I frankly cant be bothered to explain every little option, but I welcome any questions)