Guide to Ilshenar
Creatures and Monsters


Giant Black Widow - A somewhat weak, yet very deadly spider.
Centaur- A half man, half horse creature of myth.
Ethereal Warrior - Unknown angels of Reg Volom.
Ki-Rin - A beast said to have eastern origins.
Pixie - Small yet powerful spellusers, will cast a final powerful spell at death.
Unicorn - Beautiful and powerful creatures of good with unique abilities.


Serpentine Dragon - A creature with a nasty habit of turning dragons wild, lives with the pixies in Mistas. Strong Melee and magic attacks.
Skeletal Dragon - An undead dragon that bends life itself to his will. Has the ability to summon his undead brothers for aid.
Succubus - A nasty female daemon from the depths of the Abyss. Strong melee, magic resistance, and will steal your life and add it to her own.