Trainer Hartham of Trinsic felled by Assassin's blade

Brought Back Alive

    T'was a grim day at the Brotherhood of Trinsic when the body of Hartham, esteemed head trainer of the fighter's guild was found dead. The events that transpired are herein recorded and revealed for all to read and understand; lest the same fate befall others.

    A cowardly dagger in the back was his fate. The remnants of a poison most foul was discovered in the blood. The killer, a man known only as Duryn, was captured by the guards, however managed to escape Trinsic's legendary jail.

    A manhunt ensued, organized by the acting Captain of the guards, CrawWorth.


    Captain of the Guards CrawWorth was quoted as saying, "It disturbs me greatly that this could have happened in the middle of our proud city. No one man, or loosely organized band of thieves could have managed this."

    Crawworth described Duryn as a cunning assassin whose, "demeanor and condition indicates more than just a petty criminal. He has the soft hands only a privileged life can provide."

    Indeed, the evidence points to a conspiracy of a terrible nature. Duryn was able to, in daylight most revealing, murder the Head Trainer of the Fighters Guild in his very training facility. Duryn was then able to escape from under the very noses of CrawWorth's men.

    CrawWorth immediately put together a massive hunt for the fiend, so that the details of this conspiracy should be uncovered.

    Many a great hero responded for the call to arms, Ambrous, Merlin MFS, Wolf-Silver, Bridgette, and many, many more answered the call and made Trinsic proud.

    Duryn was found in the Swamps of the Western Coastlands. Upon his return, CrawWorth confronted him. What follows is a transcript of their conversation:

<eyes burn>
Duryn…Unfortunately you look to be in good health. Methinks I will have to change that.

<smiles softly>
Thou hast very capable servants Crawworth, how long a leash dost thou keep them on?


<Glares Menacingly at Duryn>
Citizens not servants, worm.
<Turns away>
I thank thee for returning him, thine names will not be forgotten.

Aye, not forgotten, but obliterated when the time arrives.

Cease your chatter.

<closes his eyes, throws his head back>
And a word was spoken, then a world consumed.

I cannot yet cut out thine tongue till mine ears have heard the truth I will burn from thee, but I can gag thee if---

And one man stood standing, as chaos took bloom

Nonsense. A cold prison floor should knock that out of you.
<reaches into his backpack for some rope>

<opens his eyes, stares directly at CrawWorth>
Thou wilt understand mine words as clearly as mine actions. Soon, the truth shall be told. Soon the end of all held dear by thee shall come to pass. Much like Hartham, whose breath I stole with the help of allies as close to thine breast as the air that sustains thee. The truth shall be known.

What truth? If this be more lunacy, I shall—

<emote laughs>
Not lunacy. A warning. The first act of a new age.
<Grinds his teeth together, an audible crunch is heard>

    T'was at this point that Duryn fell dead as stone to the ground. The coward swallowed some form of poison he had concealed within his mouth. He has left us with more questions, and much mourning for the esteemed Trainer Hartham.

    A journal was found by one observant citizen. It contains a self-serving diatribe whose meaning is yet to be truly understood.

    Hartham is survived only by CrawWorth. CrawWorth was adopted by Hartham after his family was killed in the first great sack of Paws. It has been arranged that a wake be held for the fallen hero at the Keg and Anchor tavern. This will be on Friday of this very week. CrawWorth will give the Eulogy.

    Specific times will be posted on the Calendar.

    Let us hope that this tragedy leads us to greater alertness in these troubled times. Lest we all fall victim to the deadly sting of an assassin's blade.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts Cont.