Crawworth   Biography : Crawworth (deceased)
   Crawworth was killed during the expedition in the new lands



   Crawworth led a difficult life, his parents training him up in the virtues for as long as they could. His father, being a guard himself, died in battle and his mother abandoned him. When his small village of Paws was destroyed in an orc raid, he was adopted by his rescuer, Hartham, the head trainer of Trinsic's Fighter's Guild, and Crawworth came to look upon him as a father figure. Hartham was murdered, killed by poison by Duryn, an agent of the Followers of the Armageddon, and thus began Crawworth's crusade against the Followers..

   As Hartham's closest living relative, Crawworth gave his eulogy, during which a Follower of the Armageddon appeared and took credit for Hartham's assassination. Crawworth ordered an investigation, in which Juo'Nar was exposed for seemingly unrelated crimes.

   Vengefull and concerned by the threat of the Followers, Crawworth resigned from his duties as Captain of the Guard and left without an explanation, presumably on a quest to stop this evil. He resurfaced after a while, and became entangled with Sage Winslow in a fight to prove the existance of the Followers to Britannians. Winslow denied the existence of the cult, and mocked Crawworth until it was no longer possible to deny.

    When the failed attempt at casting Armageddon created an earthquake and opened passages to a new world, Crawworth was one of those sent first as explorers. He was killed by the creatures that inhabit those lands.

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