The Zog Cabal message revealed!

Hulin Sturm


    The Zog Cabal's Message

    Delievered into the hands of representative for both Lord British and Blackthorn was a mysterious parchment. This delivery coincided with the message given at the Wake for Hartham in Trinsic, however, neither British or Blackthorn had made this text available until today.

    Scrawled in what was assumed to be blood on aged paper was this brief statement:

    Timely fears across a baneful sea drift aimless and outward. Drafted from the abyss of deep waters rises tides of aspect most terrible. Carved bloody from obsidian form. Cast forth silent amidst the din of foolish prophets.

    These choices made, stained with falsehoods. Philosophies of order disordered and destroyed.

    We choose not the sleeping death of passions frozen cold by restriction that serve but one Listless Brute.

    Fools in noble garb serving the platitudes of decadence lain soft in bedding woven smooth by silken hands of complicit nature. This fate chosen by a Broken Tyrant shall also not be ours.

    Our future will now begin. The shadows will live, the secrets made flesh.

    Drink deep the beautiful torments that order will suffer. Gorge thineselves on the feast that bountiful chaos will spawn.

    Sink slowly into the whirlpool. Inhale the only freedom thou wilt ever truly know.


    The true meaning of the document is still being determined. What this holds for the future, we will have to wait and see.

From t he Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Thursday, Feb 5