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    As both the dearest friend and the fiercest opponent of Lord British, Lord Blackthorn is a somewhat controversial figure. Although he would never do anything to directly harm the King, Blackthorn is a known agitator (cf. his book, A Political Call to Anarchy) and he has gained popularity by defending concepts such as individuality and freedom of belief through the creation of his own Virtue of Chaos. In this context, Chaos does not represent the destructive force it is usually associated to.

    Blackthorn believes that Lord Bitish's Virtues propose a frame too strict to properly uphold individuality. He was opposed to the founding of the Guards of Virtue, and countered his friend and liege by the formation of protectors of the Virtue of Chaos, granting them the same priviledges given to British's Virtue Guards.

    Lord Blackthorn has also sponsored a series of books on the other intelligent species of Britannia, and has proven himself to be an active defender of their rights. He resides in a small castle north of Britain.

   Blackthorn appears much more often in the realm. We was sighted during a protest held at the gates of Castle Britannia, and a couple of times in the realms, adventuring. And of course, his wrestling matches against the Hulkster (on Atlantic). He became involved with the main plot when the evil liches, Lathiari and Kyrnia, pushed him through a red moongate and stranded him in a foreign world. He found his way back in time to join the struggle against the Followers of Armageddon.

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