Sage Humbolt gives magic weapons to questers

Caitlin Elopidat

UP : Britannia

    Sage Humbolt sweetened the pot for some of those who retrieved items for him by giving those who returned a magic weapon, sometimes letting them choose, and sometimes just choosing for them.

    The weapons were all very special and following is a description of each one.

    The sword, StoneBite, was crafted by the Legendary Jindam Ro. A reknowned blacksmith and weapons crafter, he was the greatest metal smith of his age. Witnesses and legend say the he could fold metal with the slightest touch of his hand.

    The Mace, HammerFist, was hewn from a molten blob by the Bobbit hero Bonchu. Bonchu was thought to have been the first Bobbit to single handedly strike down an Ettin. Alas, he was not strong enough to save his race from the hideous plague that the fiend Mondain released upon them before the end.

    The Bow, Rylthynynnolinshyn, is named for its elven origin. Drawn tight by the great elven bowyer Iynolinyshyn Fyrhyinjuionen (referred to as Iyno by his human friends) this bow struck down a dragon, supposedly, with but one shot. Although it's power is diminished from those wilder times of more powerful magic, it is still quite formidable.

    The Crossbow, Uolinsho, was also crafted by Iyno. It was a gift to a human friend who lacked the grace and finesse to wield the elves normal bows. This weapon was a sign of the enduring friendship between elves and man.

    Finally, the Staff, Crag. This was probably the hardest for Sage Humbolt to relinquish to the hands of a stranger. It's origin is unknown, but it's strength is reknown throughout the land. It has been handed down from family member to family member in Sage Humbolt's family for may generations. Sage Humbolt has graciously sacrificed this heirloom to entice the good citizens to find the items he needs to defeat the liches Lathiari and Kyrnia.

    Use the weapons well friend. Now you know what it is you wield.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Thursday, Mar 12