Sage Humbolt   Biography : Sage  Humbolt (deceased)



   Among the greatest heroes of our age, Humbolt has given his very own life to protect Britannians from the evil liches, Lathiari and Kyrnia.

    He joined the battle at the very beginning, and fought it until the last moment. It was him who discovered how the liches used a device to spray clouds of corrupted ground shrinestone to raise and control the dead. It was him who found how to destroy them permanently, by destroying their heart.

    After brewing a potion to allow him to survive up to the last moment, Humbolt lead a group of adventurers to the bottom of Dungeon Despise, where he devoured the poisonous hearts, bringing the liches to their final rest once and for all, and him with them.

    We can only wish he would be here again to help us against the Followers of Armageddon. His successor, Winslow, seems to be much less concerned...

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