Caravan from Trinsic to Britain ambushed

Jalerial Whyzen

UP:Great Lakes

    Lizardmen and Ratmen are the predators of the swamp, as every good Britannian knows. Today, some of our unfortunate citizens found out first hand. A caravan, on it's way to Britain, was ambushed and destroyed by a group of Lizardmen, ratmen, giant rats, and slimes.

    The attack was well orchestrated, and every member of the caravan was slaughtered, including those mercenaries who had hired on as guards for a hefty sum. The destruction and bloodshed was spread out through the dismal bog of the dark, damp swamp. Not a creatue stirred save the lizardmen who danced with their victory over the humans.

    'Tis unfortunate that in these times a simple delivery cannot be made between two major cities such as Britain and Trinsic. Some of the finest warriors in the land were slain, as well as many innocent merchants. But there may be more to this than meets the eye.

    After the destruction of the caravan, with but a few of the attackers still lurking in the area, several men and women rode by the spot of the attack and made several discoveries. The first of which was, a large sum of gold, near 4,000 that the lizardmen apparently missed in their haste to flee the scene.

    The second, and perhaps most important, discovery, was that of a book which detailed the caravan's route and where the guards would be positioned. It appears the book was written by the cretin Juo'nar, and would go a long way in explaining how the creatures were able to get through the caravan's defences so easily.

    'Tis a sad day for all Britannians. One of our own has turned against us.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Monday, March 30th 1998