Strange ghost spottings

Vincent de l'os

UP: Chesapeake

    Many, I'm sure, recall the old ghost stories that they told amongst themselves as children. Perhaps not word-for-word, but at least the memory of the shared experience of attempting to frighten one another around the campfire is something that many of us had in common in our youth. Some believe that what has happened recently is the beginning of such a story coming true.

    A strange ghost has been sighted recently, often appearing behind someone and then vanishing as soon as the person notices. The ghost appears to have the name of Zaine the Lurker. No one knows what exactly a "lurker" is in this context, but that seems to be only a minor part of the mystery.

    Sightings have been frequent this past week, mostly in Britain, but also as far south as Trinsic. I was fortunate enough to talk to a few people who had spotted this bizarre spirit first-hand. One such eye-witness was quoted as saying, "Aye, I saw it. I even spoke with it! My friends thought I'd never have a practical use for the skill of spirit-speaking.. And yet, there I was, the only one on the street who could understand what he was saying. Tis a strange manner of being, as he seems to remember very little of where he came from or where he is going. He spoke only in single words, and kept mentioning some sort of strange rock, and a skull. Oh yes, and he kept repeating the word "pain". Damn riddles! Perhaps he's lost his mind or something."

    Another was heard saying, "It was damn frightening, I do say! I was about to sit down to read a book in the park near the east bank in Britain, when suddenly this bluish ghost with an erie green-glowing lantern appeared right in front of me. I nearly soiled myself! Then it vanished, only to reappear a few yards away where it spoke to a few adventurers. They seemed quite interested in the rock it spoke of. That is, until the ghost said it was not a black rock. At that point someone began yelling over everyone else, and the ghost appeared a bit flustered and vanished for good."

    Some of those who have had extended conversations with this apparition have come to the conclusion that he is searching for some sort of magical rock that is somehow tied to his pain. As to whether the "rock" at that location will resurrect him, or lay him to rest, or do something completely different, no one knows. The only thing that is known for certain is that he is not your run-of-the-mill ghost, and can not be resurrected by normal means. Also, he seems to weaken after a short while, and then vanish.

    This mystery is still wide open. Perhaps one of our readers will find what the ghost is looking for, and solve the puzzle. However, I would suggest doing so with caution, for it is not clear how or why Zaine died, or how he got to be in his current state.


From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Monday, September 21st 1998