Orc celebration causes trouble in Vesper and at the shrine of Sacrifice

Natanel Remba

UP: Catskills

    Vesper - I was just coming back from Minoc on the northern road, following the shore, all that water had made me thirty for a good pint of ale so as soon as I came in sight of the first roofs of Vesper I was running already. Much to my dismay, I butted into a group of orcs who seemed to share my thirst, but not for the same liquid. Needless to say I quickly ducked in the underbrush.

    Pretty soon I realised the entire area was alive with orcs and ettins, apparently marching towards Vesper. My first thought was for the safety of the city I call home, but as I reached for my sword I realised I was without it again, so I resigned to hide and try to sneak past them. Normally I can find my way around pretty well, but being chased by orcs in the middle of the night, I soon found myself at the mouth of the rivers that run alongside the shrine of Sacrifice.The Shrine of Sacrifice sacked by the orcs and in ruins

    There was less activity here, so I stopped to get my bearings, and I quickly found what I thought to be the familiar lights of Vesper in the distance. Then I looked at the river, and realised the light was north of where I was, and a good deal too dim to be Vesper. It seemed as if the orcs had lit up a bonfire, and maybe this was the reason for their attacks. They must have been burning more than wood, for even in the dark of the night a thick, black smoke was visible. I seem to recall something about them celebrating some dark God at this time of the year, but who pays any mind to orcish holidays? My thoughts came back to Vesper, and I headed due south, this time at a slow pace.

    After a while of circling around patches of orcs and angry-looking ettins, I finally reached the edge of the town, where brave warriors were firmly holding their ground against the onslaught, and I made a run for it, hoping the beasts wouldn't expect someone charging from behind them.

    Sure enough I reached the safety of Vesper, and continued my race all the way to the inn to alert more citizens and get that well deserved ale.


From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Monday, December 7th 1998