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City of Sacrifice

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Dim: 480x530 - Size: 200k
Britain   Buccaneer's Den   Cove   Delucia   Gargoyle   Jhelom   Magincia   Minoc   Moonglow  
Nujel'm   Ocllo   Papua   Serpent's Hold   Skara Brae   Trinsic   Vesper   Wind   Yew  


Warrior's Battle Gear
+ Forge
(9156'N 8430'E)
Healing Hand
(8944'N 8806'E)
Bank of Minoc
(9330'N 8306'E)
The Forgery
+ Forge
(9243'N 8038'E)
The Slaughtered Cow
(10610'N 7840'E)
Gears and Gadgets
(10228'N 8047'E)
The Oak Throne
(10022'N 8327'E)
The Stretched Hide
(9537'N 8422'E)
The Barnacle
(10626'N 8038'E)
Minoc Town Hall
(9537'N 7741'E)
The Mystical Lute
(9357'N 7758'E)
The New World Order
(10403'N 8129'E)
The Old Miners' Supplies
(10445'N 7952'E)
The Golden Pick Axe
(10403'N 8245'E)
The Survival Shop
(9330'N 8508'E)
The Matewan
(9929'N 7952'E)
(10925'N 8414'E)
Counselor's Guild
(10347'N 7815'E)

Other Points of Interest

(8154'N 9653'E)
Minoc Mines
(9836'N 8650'E)
Mt. Kendall
(Mountains east of Minoc)
Freemen Camp
(8459'N 8525'E)
Mining Camp
(9624'N 8839'E)