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City of Industry

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Dim: 530x610 - Size: 253k
Britain   Buccaneer's Den   Cove   Delucia   Gargoyle   Jhelom   Magincia   Minoc   Moonglow  
Nujel'm   Ocllo   Papua   Serpent's Hold   Skara Brae   Trinsic   Vesper   Wind   Yew  


The Magicians Friend
(6931'N 11754'E)
The Adventurer's Friend
(6600'N 10639'E)
Warrior's Champion
+ Forges
(7220'N 10639'E)
The Adventurers Supplies
(8629'N 11617'E)
The Twisted Oven
(7514'N 11733'E)
The Majestic Boat
(7055'N 11613'E)
The Mint of Vesper
(8335'N 11036'E)
The Ironworks
+ Forges
(6730'N 10751'E)
The Busy Bees
(8009'N 11457'E)
The Spinning Wheel north
(8753'N 11544'E)
The Ranger's Tool
(7220'N 10804'E)
The Spinning Wheel centre
(6533'N 10639'E)
The Butchers Knife
(7426'N 11754'E)
The Gadget's Corner
(7256'N 11109'E)
The Hammer and Nail
(7143'N 11147'E)
Farmers Market
(7514'N 11915'E)
Vesper Customs
(6105'N 11432'E)
Fisherman's Wharf
(7426'N 11936'E)
Healer of Vesper
(6751'N 11251'E)
Vesper Museum
(5811'N 11217'E)
The Ironwood Inn
(5657'N 10140'E)
Tanner's Shop
+ Basement
(5548'N 10816'E)
Vesper Youth Hostel
(6549'N 11613'E)
The Champions of Light
+ Training dummies
(6245'N 10747'E)
The Marsh Hall
(6311'N 11200'E)
The Ore of Vesper
(7829'N 10821'E)
(2864, 731, 0)
The Shimmering Jewel
(7921'N 11002'E)
The Musician's Hall
(7757'N 11109'E)
The Bubbling Brew
(8422'N 11027'E)
The Fishermen's Guild
(7055'N 11613'E)

The Magical Light
The Circles of Magic
(8258'N 11213'E)
Counselors Guild Hall
(6105'N 10713'E)
The Colored Canvas
(7927'N 11114'E)

Other Points of Interest

(8154'N 9653'E)
(6631'N 10243'E)
Guard Post
(5615'N 10028'E)
Stone portal to Buc's Den
(6105'N 10713'E)