Download and Installation

Guide written by Modboy

First go to file planet and register

It might show the wrapper page but click on the link at the top right 'Continue to FilePlanet'

or if you wait long enough the page automatically changes to Fileplanet's main page.

Click on the Register link (Top Left)

Its free so don't sign up to anything (just read carefully and register)

You might have to wait for an email where you have to click on a link to activate ur free account I cant remember. But if you do it will arrive almost immediately in your mailbox

Once registered log in (important log in first or they will try and dupe you to sign up for a paid service you don't need) and goto this page

Click on 'Download Now'

You should get the Servers Page (or try this link CLICK HERE ) Below at the bottom of the page is 'Free Public Servers' (scroll down if you have to)

It even tells you the wait time on each server. Pick a server and click on 'Download Now'

Windows firewall might block an active x from running. Just click and allow like you usually do. This will allow you to run the Fileplanet Downloader

You may get an Internet Explorer Script Error. Just close that window and ignore it.

You want Kingdom Reborn Client at the top of the download manager. Press Play

Now you will have to wait approx. 18min in a queue then the download will begin.

Once downloaded, go to the UOKR_Client file you just got from Fileplanet. Right click and go to properties. This file should be 2.21GB or 2,380,728,370 bytes. If not its a problem with your internet service. Unfortunately if you did not get the whole file you'll have to continue downloading.

Some people try to extract the rar file and get this error with Winrar:

"The archive is either in unknown format or damaged"

and go back into the queue and download again. Don't do this.

Right click the file and select Extract... (don't use Winrar or Winzip). Use the Windows Extraction Wizard that came with windows XP to unzip the rar file first. A window will open saying Extraction Wizard. If you installed another program and set that as the default extraction application uninstall that application, reboot then try to Extract.

After you have extracted it using windows Extraction Wizard. You need a program called Winrar.

download Winrar and install it.

Don't open Winrar.

Ok now go to the unzipped folder from earlier and you will see inside it the Setup.exe file.

Click on that and Winrar will unrar in the background during the installation

Enjoy Testing!