User Settings

By either clicking on the "Main Menu" button in the main hotbar next to your backpack, or hitting escape, to bring up the main menu, click on "User Settings".

The user settings gump consists of six tabs across the top.

Remember: When you have changed a setting, it will not take affect until you click on the "apply" button located at the bottom of the gump.


Windowed Resolution:

This is the setting for the window in which the uo client runs. This window size can not be changed like the 2d client can, this is an absolute setting. Only by setting the resolution size within this option will the client size change.

Fullscreen Resolution:

If you run your UO client in full screen mode, this is your resolution setting for it. When you change this setting and click apply, your screen may flicker, sometimes it might go black for a second, don't be alarmed! It will return to the resolution size you have selected.

Flexible Desktop:

Once you have got the desired windowed resolution, it is a good idea to then change the size of the play area, which will increase or decrease the black area. To do this, click on "Flexible Desktop", Click apply (so the changes take affect), then located at the bottom right corner of the play area window, you will notice a little triangle. Click and drag the triangle to change the playing area. At the same time you will see the change to your playing area as you do it.


This will set the Brightness of the UOKR Client.

Mob Animation Cache (MB):

By sliding the bar left or right, it will change the amount of cache used for when you find yourself in a mob situation (more then one monster). The higher the cache setting, the smoother UOKR will run when in a large combat area (such as doing a spawn).

Particle Detail:

This will set the graphical depth of the UOKR Client. For lower end PC's, it is wise to set this to medium or low, this will increase your UOKR Client speed on your PC.


This area shows your default key bindings for the UO KR client. At the bottom of this area you will see two options.

You can switch between old style 2D key bindings, called "Legacy Default", or use the "UOKR Default" key bindings.
Below is the list of the UOKR Default keys:

Below is a list of the Legacy Default keys:


Enable Sound:

Allows you to mute the sound in the UOKR Client.

Sound Volume:

The slide bar lets you adjust the volume for the sound for the UOKR Client.

Enable Sound Effects:

Allows you to disable/enable the sound effects for the UOKR Client, such sound effects as lightning.

Enable Music:

Allows you to enable/disable the music in the UOKR Client.



Set the desired language for the UOKR Client.

Always Run:

This will make your character always run, instead of walking when your cursor is closer to your character.

Show Names:

To show, not show, the names of all characters, monsters, and NPC's -
All: You will see the names all the time.
Approaching: Only names of characters, monsters, and NPC's as they are approaching you. These will fade after a given time.
None: Turns off the Show names option.

Use Circle of Transparency:

Having this option turned on will allow you to see through walls. This is great for when you customizing your house with items and wish to place them in an area you can't normally see due to a blocking wall.

Query Before Criminal Attack:

If you do not wish to be flagged as a criminal, and turn grey, by setting this option it will ask you if you wish to proceed with an action that will cause you to be flagged as a criminal.
REMEMBER: Once you are flagged as a criminal and turn grey, anyone in Felucca is able to attack you without being flagged as a criminal.

Always Attack:

This option will have your cursor set to attack mode all the time.

Always Show Health, Mana, and Stamina:

This option will display your Health, Mana, and Stamina in numbers on your character bar. As seen below.


Enable UI Scale:

When you change the setting for the graphics, everything in the UOKR Client will decrease or increase in proportion with what you have set. This setting enables you to change that, making it easier to decrease the size of things such as hotbars, icons, etc.

UI Scale:

This slide bar is used to decrease or increase the UI Scale from 0.0 to 1.00 (meaning 1 to 1 ratio with the UOKR client)

Chat Window Fade Delay:

The amount of time it takes for the chat window to fade, set in seconds.

Overhead Chat:

To enable or disable the character chat to be seen over your characters head or not. You are still able to see the chat in the chat window if this is disabled.

Overhead Chat Fade Delay:

The amount of time it takes for the over head chat to fade, set in seconds.


This enables or disables the tooltips. When you place your cursor over anything in game, there will be a pop up that tells you what that item is.

Legacy Chat Mode:

This options will set UOKR to use the old 2d style of chat. Meaning that you can type without hitting the enter key first.
REMEMBER: If you have the UOKR Default keys, these will still activate them unless you switch the keys to legacy default as well.


Filter Obscenity:

By enabling this, all obscenities, such as swear words, will not be displayed in the UOKR Client.

Ignore Players:

By enabling this, you will be able to ignore (not see) any chat coming from a player that you have added to your ignore list. You can also remove someone from your ignore list so you can see them chat once again.