Biography : G'Thunk and G'Splat (Trolls) (Slain)

   These two trolls are quite unusual. Not only are they able to use rudimentary human speech, but they also seem to possess some tactician skills. They are fighting to reclaim to land that was once theirs, although for a while it was unclear if they were allied with the other evil that threatened Britannia.

   They have launched a series of attacks against the town of Vesper, trying to blocade the northern bridge, and placing signs in the wilderness north of the city claiming the land as theirs and that of their kin. Indeed, this area is not travelled much, and has always been infested by the likes of G'Thunk and G'Splat.

    After a final daring raid, G'Splat was cornered and slain by brave adventurers. His brother was quiet for a while, letting people forget about him. He has been seen in the lands he calls his, speaking (as much as he can) to travellers, pushing his claim forward, but there has been no other raids.

   When the war against the Followers picked up again, G'Thunk showed up a number of times to fight against the FoA, surprisingly enough. He appeared in the Court of Truth when one of their member was captured, and beheaded him, and again when during the final confrontation with the leader. G'Thunk wanted to kill him too, but Halston Montil and a few adventurers stood up against him and slew him, believing justice would be better served if the leader was properly tried.

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