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    Was Sage Humbolt’s steady hand and assistant while he held the office of Sage of Britannia. Little is known about Winslow’s past, but after Humbolt’s death he was given the title of Sage and has gone about the duties that Humbolt left behind. He has openly scoffed at the idea of a mysterious cult such as the Followers of Armageddon taking credit for the many evil deeds of the land, and suggested that CrawWorth may be going insane.

    As the plot unfolded, however, it became obvious that the threat of the FoA was real, and his continued denial became suspicious. When hints of collaboration between the FoA and Winslow was found with FoA evidences (notes were found, signed by "W", and Winslow's obsession with the Wisps, who we all know are the source of the knowledge of the Armageddon spell), Winslow brougth in for questionning, but was eventually released. Shortly after, he met with Lord Blackthorn.

    It is rumored that Winslow convinced Blackthorn to "dispose" of the members of the cult held in jail, and there was indeed an attempt on their lifes. Hertun and Gorenck, two assassins hired by Gruzak, poisonned the criminals, but were killed during their escape from the prison grounds.

    At about the same time, reports came in of a skeleton (the regular, dead kind of skeleton) of a man, laying at the bottom of Dungeon Shame. Next to it was a staff of an unmistakable shade of green: Winslow's staff. After investigation from Halston Montil and a few helpful adventurers, it was revealed that the skeleton was in fact Winslow's, the real Winslow, and it had been there for at least a few months. The conclusion was inevitable, the Sage we had all believed to be Winslow was but a fraud, an agent of the Followers. More than that, he was later revealed to be the leader.

    Indeed, after Halston led a small group accross Britannia following hints, they found the leader, the false Winslow, just as he was going to be hammered by G'Thunk, with Julia and Mariah trembling in fear nearby. G'Thunk was here to get revenge, and did not listen to Halston when he was told to surrender. A fight erupted where G'Thunk and Julia were killed.

    The Leader was escorted back to the prison of Yew, where he is now awaiting his trial...

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