Sage Winslow journeys to Trinsic

Wyzark Diam


Finally did Winslow arrive in Trinsic amongst his protectors, 11K

    Britain - - It comes as no surprise that Sage Winslow would take an interest in the Zog Cabal message that was supposedly found on a sunken ship near Vesper. In fact, it would have been more surprising if he hadn't. Since the day he and CrawWorth witnessed the death of a local citizen outside the Counselor's guild in Britian, CrawWorth has spoken endlessly of this mysterious cult and their plots to destroy Britannia and all its residents.

    So, with a gleam in his eye and a smile on his lips he set out for Trinsic with a large retinue of friends and retainers. The group intended no more than a brisk stroll through the woods and the scenic country side of Britannia. Winslow was hoping to stop by the river and rest his weary bones. But in fact that was not to be the case.

    The plague that has held the country in its grip for so long struck once again, soon after Winslow and his merry band left the cities bounds. Undead, orcs, even the vile ettin were spotted just south of Britain, and harrassed poor Winslow and his group as they made their way to the walled city of Honor. Fortunately many of the men who went with the kindly sage were trained in the arts of war or magic, many of them both. For the strength of these men kept Winslow from suffering serious damage at the hands of the vile creatures who are allowed to roam free within our lands.

    Winslow seemed to tire as the day progressed, and every attack by the outlandish fiends seemed to tear at his poor heart. It is these attacks that keep Britannians wary, not mysterious cults who may or may not exist and who send secretive messages by boat to recipients who are no more than fairy tales. Men like CrawWorth must see treason at every turn. Plots down every pathway. Conspiracies around every corner.

    When will the young learn to respect the old. Winslow is no more than humoring CrawWorth with this trip to Trinsic. He hopes only to allay the mans fears. To help him understand that what happened to Hartham was an isolated incident, and not the predecessor to some evil overlord who wishes to rule the world or destroy it. Not even the words of a madman at a funeral can change that.

    Would that CrawWorth had sent more help to Winslow as he heard about the attacks. We know that word reached Trinsic about the sages plight long before the sage arrived. But CrawWorth, busy scheming and plotting against the "invisible" forces against him had no time to offer such help. And that my dear readers, is the true folly of our land.





From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Friday, July 10th 1998