A night of terror! Juo'Nar claims responsibility
Rylthae Penston


    Shrines attacked! Juo'Nar's Message! Finth Mourns! World in turmoil!

    The world of Britannia endured an attack on the very foundation of our civilization. Reports from across the land tell of devastating attacks on the Shrine. Yet after the war cries died down, it appears that this was all part of a magnificent diversion.

    Trinsic was the first city to put out the warning. The newly appointed captain of the guard, Finth Desryn, called upon citizens from across the land to defend against a horde of Orcs, Ogres, Ettins, and Lizardmen. Oddly enough, these groups worked together, showing a uniform sense of purpose.. The Lizardmen and Orcish hordes, legendary rivals after their territorial wars almost a century ago fought side by side.

    After the local guards from the townships and the citizens were mobilized to defend the shrines, the threat was dealt with promptly. Some of the fighters reported an odd quality to the movement and tone of the creatures. It seemed as if they were under some form of control. Several of the corpses from battlefields across the land have been gathered together for closer examination.

    After the shrines had been defended it was discovered that a large force of creatures had waylaid a caravan that travels between Trinsic and Skara Brae. Normally this caravan travels under the protection of the guards, but their number had been drastically reduced due to the emergency. Left with a light escort, the caravan managed to escape into the caves west of Trinsic. Alas, these caves became the spot of their slaughter.

    Although no official description of the caravan’s goods and purpose has been released, several sources within the Skara Brae council admitted that a large amount of weapons and other armaments were present.

    The head of this caravan was one Tali Desryn, the wife of Finth Desryn. Finth spared no expense and wasted no time in dispatching as many people as he could to assist the caravan. Alas, when the goodly citizens returned a certain necklace to his possession he knew his wife and all other caravan members had been slain.

        A lesson to thee I present this fine day. When thine eyes tell thee of a truth, question fast the reality thou hast witnessed.

        Mine name has been besmirched by a subtle lot with an agenda I find deplorable. Betrayed by men close, and now even closer to thee.

        With these tools thou hast kindly provided me I will not wreak havoc, nor shall I bring Chaos upon thee. I am most desirous of an Order. An order borne of service and dedication to the truth I shall enlighten all of Britannia with.

        All of civilization shall be reborn under my firm hand. And birthing is a most bloody process, so grip tight the bit with thine teeth and steel thineselves for the shock.

        For it will come without notice.

        Will it not, Finth?

    --Lord Juo’Nar

    Captain Desryn was without comment, as he has been in mourning ever since the discovery of his wife’s death. The only sight people had of him were of him mourning at the sight near the Paladin Hall where he and his late wife exchanged vows.

    With Juo’Nar’s latest statement, it seems that Britannia has more megalomaniacal ideologues presenting platitudes of domination than ever before. We are searching for a pattern, however these events have happened so quickly as to make judgement difficult.

    We at UP are concerned about these trends and will continue to provide the most up to date reporting of all that occurs. As soon as the forensic examiners have finished their study of the fallen creatures on the battlefield we hope to have some more information for thee.

Finth Desryn Grieves

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Thursday, February 19, 1998