Finth Desryn    Biography : Finth Desryn

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   Current profession: Captain of the Guard of Trinsic


   When Crawworth resigned, he named Finth Desryn, at that time Master of Arms of the Paladin's Guild to take his place as acting Captain of the Guards of Trinsic, one of the best security forces in Britannia.

   So far, Finth has been very thorough and dedicated in his investigation of the agents working against the security of Trinsic or Britannia. He was the one responsible for the discovery of Juo'Nar's treachery in the first place, in the investigation ordered by Crawworth, and he has since then tightened the grip on Trinsic's guards, to avoid another unpleasant occurence like this.

   While attempting to seize the load of a caravan transporting weapons, Juo'Nar slaughtered Finth's wife, Tali Desryn. It is yet unclear if this was in retaliation for Finth's involvment in the fall of the ex-paladin, but he certainly brought him on his back, this time it was personnal.

   As the number of attacks on Britannia receded, Finth took the opportunity to organise a counter-strike, and prepared for the next confrontation.

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