Wake for Sage Humbolt

Byron Garland


Many come pay their respects

    BritainSage Humbolt hath been honored by a Wake held in his memory at the Public Library in Britain. The library was one of his favorite haunts, and it was the obvious choice for the place to bid him farewell. Many members of Britannia set aside their differences to remember the great Sage, to swap tales of his doings, and to brag of the parts they played in aiding him.

    Sage Humbolt had long been toiling to find a way to defeat the sibling liches, Lathiari and Kyrnia. This pair hath been terrorizing the realm for as long as memory serves. At great cost to himself, Humbolt had thwarted their plans time and again. Frantically searching all the while for some means with which to end their threat, once and for all.


    This he eventually found. The discovered that their one weakness lay in their black hearts which must be consumed. The best method would be to hurl the hearts deep within the bowels of a volcano and let the immense heat destroy the twisted relics. But such a thing would cost too many lives, deduced the Sage, since it meant traveling with the hearts a great distance. The liches would have ample opportunity to regain the hearts during such a journey, and make those who aided the Sage pay dearly. No, Sage Humbolt realized there was only one way – he himself devour the hearts. With this decision came the certain knowledge that he would surely perish. Aided by a thick, foul-tasting potion made from Xulen Distillate, Damarpak Bitumen, and small bits carved from the statuette of Jyndom, Humbolt felt he could survive long enough to completely consume both of the liches black hearts. The potion was enchanted using the Bell of Courage and heated over the Ebon Flame. Wasting no time after completing the concoction, Sage Humbolt set out for the dungeon Despise and completed his chosen destiny. Thus bringing the end of Lathiari and Kyrnia, the dread liches.

    We all mourn his passing and the realm will be lessened by this loss. But many have been inspired by the Sage. Many messages were left for him at his wake:

    A legend hath passed from our world; his death brings sadness to us all. Those who did not know him grieve; those who did carry his memory in their hearts. Sage Humbolt died with honor and our many thanks, but his spirit lives on in those who knew him. True heroes never die.

    And so the cycle continues… Sage Humbolt hath passed this phase of the journey, but his contributions to Sosaria will not be forgotten.

    We mourn now, but soon we will celebrate thy life. Thou art an inspiration to all of us. I can only hope to live a life as well as thee.

    It is said that a man's life can be judged by those who attend his funeral. If that is truly the case, then we can judge Sage Humbolt as one of the greatest men to ever live.

    The people came to show their support to the man who made their lives better. From noble warriors to wizened magicians. From simple farmers to the Rangers who protect the forrests. From the humble healers to the famed Bards of the land.

    There were many who came to pay their respects. To a man who deserved even more.

    To one of the greatest to grace our land.

    Farewell, great and humble Sage. May the rest of thy journey be peaceful.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Sunday, May 17th 1998