Force under command of Juo'Nar take fort

Saldron Cordameir


    The old fort south of Yew has seen it's share of action in these dangeroustimes, but now it's become the target of one of the most evil men to roam Britannia since Mondain's time. Juo'nar.

    A force of orcs, including mages, ogres, and led by a Troll, attacked the fort in force, killing at least three people, and taking control for an extended period of time. They were remorseless in their slaughter of those spending time at the fort, no doubt relaxing during a long journey to Yew. With opposition out of the way they began to settle in.

    But, as things often go for the side of evil, their own chaos helped to defeat them. Disorganization set in as soon as the initial assault was over, allowing the creatures to be destroyed by marauding bands of warriors with revenge on their minds. Soon after it was discovered that Juo'nar himself ordered the attack on the fort.

    A book, detailing plans for the attack, was found on the body of the troll, presumably the leader of the unhuman forces attacking the area. The book stated that they were to wrest control of the fort from whoever had it and to hold it for as long as they could. No specific reason for the control of the fort was ever given.

    Juo'nar did comment in the plans that the creatures were not to lose the plans to the human forces under any circumstances, thus making sure that he would not be connected with the attack in any way. Unfortunately for Juo'nar, Trolls make better soldiers than covert specialists, for the simple beast had the book tucked away in his pack within sight of anyone who cared to look. After his death it was a simple matter of reading that connected the fiend to the attack.

    Juo'nar's scourge of the land seems to come at a most unfortunate time for Britannians, what with the Liches Lathiari and Kyrnia still at large. Dangerous times indeed my friends. Don't go out of towns alone these days, you're likely to become part of the history of our fair land.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Monday, March 30th 1998