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Lucky and a Friendly Visitor
Luck can often appear in human form - with a fortuitous meeting, a passing discussion, or a timely arrival. In our Spotlight story this week, Vixen and Ricktaxx of the Knights Hospitaller guild meet the stranger Pokyo - who arrives bearing more than simply good tidings.

"Pokyo was a name that none of us knew, but a heart that was truly a member of the Knights Hospitaller - if not by name then by actions. This is a tale that all Knights should unto listen, as it is a true tale, though it may sound of a tale of fairies as told by our parents.

"When hunting one day, in the far lands of Sonoma, I was sent an urgent message by Vixen to return hence to her house to meet a guest. When it was safe, I did take out what limited magic I could and with focus managed to recall myself unto her dwelling. Upon my arrival was introduced to Pokyo, a man of many years with a wise and noble look. He did ask of who I was, and what virtue my heart did follow. I said that as a Knight Hospitaller I followed all virtues but lived strongest to the path of compassion. He was not impressed as he had spent his life in the lands of Sonoma and had not heard of our deeds or us. Vixen then did offer to him a copy of our charter to read. While he read she regaled our new friend with stories of the deeds she has seen done and how she left another guild to join the Knights in their quest as we held truer to the path she wished to follow. A smile grew on his lips and as he sat back in his chair with a sigh I heard the words, 'at last.'

"Pokyo then told of his plight and that he has been searching for ones to carry on his dream of doing only good as his time in the land grows short, and was almost at an end. He did then stand forthright and ask of a rune to return to this house in one days time when he would have a gift for our great guild. I gave him my rune and asked what this gift would be, but no matter my probe or resolve, he would not hint as to the true nature of his gift. So, with a smile and handshake, Vixen and I did bid our new found friend a good night and with a wave of his hand, he did vanish, to where we did not know. As it was late, I asked a favour of Vixen to be down in her workshop for the night to await Pokyo's return.

"At first morning's light, I did wake with a start to the sounds of approaching magic. I grabbed my nearby axe as we were quite close to the well-guarded Orc Fort. As my eyes did clear, I saw a fellow being chased by two Ettins and an Orc who had the skills of magic. I did quickly ready for a fight and called out the Vixen to come forth and help. As I stepped outside, I saw an Orc Mage land a fatal blow. I did rush to try and save this man's horse, but was to late. Taking out my lute and hiding just short of being seen I did provoke the mage to attack one Ettin as the other did loot the fallen lad's body. As he looted, I took my first swing and did battle. Once I dispatch the first Ettin the Orc Mage finished the second, leaving only us. As he was well battered, the mage was no match for me on this morning. As the mage fell, I began to clean up and gather meat when the fallen lad, newly resurrected, returned. I did hand over all items I found and helped to finish healing his wounds. We did return unto Vixen's home where my steed became his, under protest. He thanked me for the return of his belongings and for the fallen beasts loot and rode off.

"As I bid this fellow safe travels I turned to see Pokyo sitting waiting in the workshop. I saw a small tear on his cheek that he did quickly wipe away while standing up to greet me. "'That doth prove you are the right choice, you and your guild are truly the ones I have sought.' Then with a wave of his hand, Pokyo opened a blue gate, 'Come Ricktaxx, it is time to receive your gift,' and prompted me to journey through the gate. As the blue faded from around me, I saw myself in the midst of a wooded area, new but somehow familiar, standing before a sandstone home. As Pokyo stepped through the gate he did have a look of sorrow on his face and did wave his hand in the air, 'My gift to you and your guild, on one condition.' I was taken aback, 'This is too much. We can not accept this without some compensation for you.' Pokyo raised his hand to stop me, 'I have only a few days left to me in this world. I will not take anything save your thanks and an oath, that this gift, and all it includes, is used only in the name of ' I looked at his face to see a very deep look of peace and truth and did accept his offer and took up his oath and vowed that the Knights Hospitaller would continue his good work. He then handed me his keys and deed, and a paper on which was dawn up a bidding that all he had would be come the property of the Knights Hospitaller on the day he did leave this world.

"Pokyo could see that I was becoming a bit emotional, as was he, and offered a tour of his fine home. The tour showed of many wonders and some very rare items that would make a king jealous. He then made one last request and ask for help in gathering his belongings from friends and family through out the lands. I said to travel on ahead to Britain and I would send word forth for those of magic to help him in this quest. Before he left, he did untie a horse from outback of his house, 'For the one you gave up.' We said goodbye and Pokyo did recall to Britain.

"Vixen and Lady Jose did at that time show up to help him in his quest. As a group, they traveled the lands by magic gathering items and gold and returning it to Pokyo's home. When they had finished, Pokyo did thank them by giving a gift to both Vixen and Lady Jose, and did once again turn to me. 'I have gathered all my gold and belongings for you to give unto your guild when my time is up,' Pokyo added, 'and ask that you stay good and true to your ways.' We then left him to enjoy his last few days in peace and harmony. Both Jose and Vixen vowing to place the gifts given in treasured places of honor in their homes.

"I did not see Pokyo again until his last, when he did pass on that he was very happy in finding the Knights, and had in his final days heard many tales of our deeds and met many we had help adjust to life in the land. He thank me for the work we were doing, bid me farewell and as he faded from this world reminded me that, 'You travel the hardest path to follow, for when few travel a path it is oft cluttered and hard to find. Your duties are doubled as leaders on this path, you have the further task of clearing it for others.'

"'Tis hereby proclaimed that from this day forth the building and home of the Knights Hospitaller on the lands known as Sonoma shall be called "The Pokyo Hospital" in honor of one who was a true Knight at heart"

-    Ricktaxx, Grand Prior of the Knights Hospitaller, Sonoma and Lake Superior
If you are interested in learning more about the Knights Hospitaller, please visit their website at http://uo.darkintent.org/.

Join us next week as we continue to spotlight your tales of luck in Britannia with a tale of luck from a slightly different perspective. As always, keep an eye on FYI for new spotlight topics!

Published: March 2001
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