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Knowledge Base
This section is for frequently asked questions and up to date information regarding in game issues.
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Contact Support
Players can use this to contact customer support for billing or other in game issues.
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Policies & Rules
This section explains payment options, rules of conduct, harassment policy, and lists the Terms of Service.
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Avoid Scams
These are tips on avoiding common scams within and outside of the game.
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These are the system requirements to run both the classic client and the Kingdom Reborn client.
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Maint. Times
These are the times listed to show when the shard will be down. All shards come down for regular maintenance once a day during non peak hours.
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UO Approved Apps
The applications listed here are to help players using the client. Only these programs are permitted to be used with UO. If you don't see a program listed here, it is not approved for use with UO.
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