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Live Events
Live events are story line arcs that build on top of the lore for Ultima Online. These story arcs build up to an event in the game. The event schedules and the stories leading up to them will be posted here.
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Game Fiction - Britannia News Network
The Britannia News Network is the official news site for Ultima Online. All articles are written by our Interest staff based on actual events and situations in the game. From time to time fictional stories may be provided by the developers, expanding upon the lore of Britannia.
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Game Credits
In its decade-plus history, UO has been shaped by many extraordinary people. We are deeply grateful to all of these amazing development teams. The game credits for all of UO's expansion packs are archived here.
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Newsletter Archives
We send out a periodic newsletter covering the most recent changes in the game and on the Web site. If you would like to join, all you need to do is provide us with your Email address.
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UO International
To support Ultima Online's global community, we have several affiliate sites available that provide UO information pertaining to their area of the world.
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Fansite Information
There are hundreds of fan created and maintained Ultima Online fansites throughout the world; we are constantly evaluating them and will continue to present new and unique sites here.
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UO Facebook
Find out what Ultima Online is up to and follow what the developers are doing.
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