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How do I register for an account or access my account options?
You may set up a new account or make changes to an existing account by visiting our registration web page, which you can find here.

I am having problems registering. What should I do?
Click here to visit our Account Support page.

How do I purchase time on a UO account?
Whether you would like to set up a new account or add time to an existing account, you have two options available to purchase time in Ultima Online. You may use a major credit card or you may pre-purchase time using Game Time Codes. You can find more information on Game Time Codes by clicking here.

What is the difference in using a credit card as opposed to using Game Time?
Using a credit card allows you to be billed monthly for Ultima Online. You do not have to renew the service, it automatically renews every month, and you can cancel at anytime using our web page. Game Time removes the need for a credit card by allowing you to pre-purchase Ultima Online playtime in three month intervals.

By playing UO, what am I agreeing to? What are the terms and conditions of having an account?
Click here to view the Service Agreement Terms and Conditions.
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