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The Life of Faramir
Over a year ago, we were fortunate enough to share the happy tale of two adventurers who made a difference in each others’ lives. Now, we share a man’s sorrow as he sees his love no more, and he remembers their lives together in the guild of Custodes Fati and the Halls of Spiritwood.
The Life of Faramir
By Almion the Bard

“During the dark early hours, of a midwinter's morn.
In the township of Yew, a new life is born.
A father cradles gently, his son in his hands.
And wonders what future, he holds in these lands.

From a babe newly born, to a tall strapping lad.
He grew straight and grew strong, bending nary a tad.
He worked sixteen plantings, and harvests of grain.
With dreams of the future, and honors to gain.

By daylight he toils, by candle he reads.
Tales of great heroes, their codes and their deeds.
He bows to the virtues, whose path he does walk.
He gives thought to his words, before he does talk.

Then comes the day, it is time to leave home.
It is time to strike out, start a life of his own.
With the clothes on his back, an old sword, wooden shield.
With a hundred gold pieces, he sets out across field.

Wandering the township, he comes to a crossroad.
And enters a building, of the Guardsmen's abode.
Meran Lew charges coin, for some small bit of training.
And regards him quite closely, to make sure he's no taintling.

After a while, he joins up with the Guard.
A trainee still learning, that life can be hard.
He battles beside warriors, each one of great skill.
At a time when Militia means honor and goodwill.

Along comes a great day, though he knows it not then.
When he meets a new trainee, her name Fabienne.
Over time they become close, as the Militia does stray.
From the ideals they hold dear, and the Virtues’ own way.

Fabienne follows her conscience, and takes leave of the Guard.
He stands there quite shaken, as she walks out of the yard.
The battle he then faces, is not fought in a war.
It is fought in his heart, till he can stand it no more.

His fate he decides, in a north forest's fair glade.
He looks into her eyes, and his decision is made.
He resigns from the Guard, and starts his new life.
Alongside this fair lady, who will soon be his wife.

They heed their friends' call, and prepare to move away.
To start their new lives, in a town near Skara Brae.
In Spiritwood lies a vision, of the future they'll build.
The Custodes Fati welcome them, and become their new guild.

So many good people, so many good friends.
It seems that their search, has come to its ends.
In the Halls of Spiritwood, by the Lion they wed.
And are given the gift, of their own home, their own bed.

Fabienne is now a seamstress, of great skill and reknown.
People come from all over, to her shop in the town.
He battles in Trinsic, and other campaigns.
As the Custodes Fati proves itself Evil's bane.

The friends they have made, the list is so long.
There are so many, it would fill a whole song.
The years they go by, he lives in true bliss.
He thinks to himself, it can get no better than this.

More years pass by, and his heart fills with concern.
As his wife move more slowly, with each season's turn.
In the years still ahead, he will think back to this time.
And wonder if his travels, were the cause of this sign.

But still happy together, until this very day.
Returned home all alone, at the end of his way.
He goes about his business, knowing in his heart still.
That soon she will be there, he just knows that she will.

Days turn into weeks, then months become years.
Till he denies it no longer, and accepts his worst fears.
Fabienne has left his world, she is no longer by his side.
He is filled with an emptiness, which he struggles to hide.

He wanders through Spiritwood, and the last home they bought.
And thinks he sees her everywhere, but when he looks closely she's not.
His friends try to give comfort, and he thanks their good heart.
But the memories still haunt him and he knows he must part.

He ponders in the dark of many nights what to do.
But the answer was clear; he should go back to Yew.
In the land where he was born, he would live out his days.
In the cloisters of the Abbey, and reflect on his ways.

And so it comes, that he lays down his sword.
Having fulfilled his service, to both Nation and Lord.
He teaches the Virtues and tells tales of great men.
Children clap with delight, and beg to hear them again.

In the spring of this year, he begins to feel frail.
He knows that he approaches the end of his tale.
He thinks back on his life, and ponders a while.
"I haven't done badly,” he thinks with a smile.

In the dark final hours, of a midsummer's night.
In the township of Yew, a life loses its light.
A monk prays over the body, and arranges his hands.
And wonders what past, this man held in these lands.

It's the people and their relationships that truly make the world of Britannia a place to call home, and the stories of those people range from the sad to the triumphant. Be sure to keep an eye on FYI for future Spotlight topics, and keep checking back each week to learn more about the citizens of Britannia!

Published: September 2002
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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