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The Tower of Fallacy
Home is where the heart is, and this decorator's heart is in rares and meticulously constructed furnishings. Here for your viewing pleasure is a tour of this truly magnificent tower.

The Tower of Fallacy

The original 'Tower of Fallacy' started in Felucca about eight screens northwest of its current location (71 6S 40 42E). However, when Lord British made the announcement that another facet had been discovered, I made the decision to pack up and move. I wanted a place that was relatively quiet and out of the way of evil visitors, so I decided upon a nice shoreline spot just across from the north coast of Trinsic.

Originally, I had intended to make the whole tower into a simulated marble shrine and museum. It was to be dedicated to lost friends and companions that I had adventured with over time and have now since departed or passed away. Part of the tower was also going to display rare artifacts of Britannia. I started with a marble archway and marble pillars on the entryway stairs. It turned out very nice and I even started a huge temple on the roof, but the undertaking was more than I had expected. The Temple and archway still stand, but the rest of the house was changed to feel lived-in and to appear useful.

The idea on the first floor (and all the subsequent floors) was to make it feel comfortable and not crowded, while creating as many illusions as possible in the given space. The new center piece of the house was going to be a bar, but I had a dream of running a tavern one day, so a simple bar would not do. That, of course, was after I decided not to build a marble shrine. Alas, I decided against it, since it would violate the reasons for moving here: peace and quiet. So, I built a bar with an overhang just for me and my friends. It's very well stocked, just in case I do get a few friends over at the tower all at once.

The classical grand piano was perfected by a close friend, Captain Scurvy (he had won the last Napa Valley house decorating contest that was held on Stratics). He went way beyond the typical piano that is seen in Britannia and ensured that every edge and curve was almost perfect. The piano was built to add a little fun to practicing my barding skills, plus, when my friends and I get drunk at the bar we can entertain each other.

The fireplace was to add a nice cozy feeling to the overall atmosphere of the first floor and to show off a few minor items that I have accumulated along the way. The illusion of fire was replicated by using communication crystals that flicker beneath piles of ore.

The back room, which is also my study, is hidden behind a very large painting that was procured from an old shipwreck. In this room, I do all of my research into the arcane arts, including: writing scrolls and informational books, designing special runebooks, and so forth. I have a small treasure hunting library there as well as runes to many of the more popular spots to visit throughout Britannia. It is my get-a-way from those long journeys on the road and my own private sanctuary from the daily grinds of life.

The far back corner, near the stairwell, was an afterthought; I had decided to use it as a holding area for pets. Thus, I got the idea of adding a water trough with running water, to make sure the pets always had enough to drink.

I have collected ninety percent of the items that you see in the photo during my many adventures across the lands of Britannia. It is a sad thing to see once beautiful homes degrade into a state of decay and then fall, taking all of their history with them. So, I have made it a point in my adventures to ensure that the grand treasures hidden within those fallen walls are once again put on display for all to see and experience. Thus, I have many rare and wondrous items throughout the tower for your viewing pleasure. Some of these items were acquired through great peril to my own life, but they are worth the effort in order to preserve a little piece of history in this fine land we fondly call Britannia.

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Published: August 2001
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