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ST. Patrick's Day 1999
Have you ever had something good happen to you in Britannia that could only be explained by...well…luck? As it turns out, there are quite a few of you who can answer “yes” to this question. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we asked you to submit your best “good luck” story to us for our Player Spotlight of the Month. You responded with so many stories, we started to think that there really is something magical going on in Britannia. So read on to hear the story of Bono, Mase and Superman. Sing an Irish tune and raise a glass of green beer to their good fortune.

Well, it wasn't just another day for Bono, Mase and Superman (Chesapeake). It was the day they were going to place their stone keep. Bono was a fisherman and a cook, Mase was a miner and a blacksmith and Superman was a lumberjack and a bowyer . They slaved for three long months, chopping trees, catching fish and smelting ore to get enough money together to buy a deed to a small stone keep. Having saved for three months, it was time they harvested their hard-earned labors.

They got set to make the long journey from the city of Trinsic, where they spent most of their time, to Vesper, where they would buy the deed. Now here's where things got interesting. The deed was going to cost them 170,000 gold pieces and they didn't realize that the money would be withdrawn right from their bank account. So now the problem for them was getting the gold to Vesper where they were going to buy the deed. They pondered this for many hours, and finally came to the conclusion that they should buy a boat and put all the gold on the hull and sail to Vesper. After studying the map for many arduous hours, they discovered it was straight north from Trinsic to Vesper, so it should be an easy trip. When they loaded all the gold on to the boat, they set sail.

Now you have to remember they didn't have much on them in the way of weapons or armor because they were trying to stay light. They were already carrying all that gold from the bank to the boat and they didn't really expect any trouble while out at sea. Well, they were wrong. A giant sea serpent approached and the only thing they could do was pull out their daggers and try to fend it off. After about twenty minutes, they finally vanquished the vile creature and carried on with their journey. A few minutes later, two water elementals advanced with bellicose attitudes. After realizing the elementals’ magic capabilities were too much for the group to handle, they luckily out-sailed the watery foes. Their problems were not over yet. Just as they approached Vesper, they sailed by another boat with four people on it. Bono said, "Hail and well met." Mase said, "Arrrr matey." And Superman said to the tillerman, "TURN LEFT!!!" But these were no ordinary sailors; they were The Dread Lords, Lefty Righty, Gwek, Dint and Righty Lefty. The first thing they said to Bono, Mase and Superman (I guess after seeing all the gold on the hull of our ship) was "Vas Flam." Lucky for the trio, they had just sailed into the protection of Lord British’s guards and that’s exactly who came to our rescue. The four evil sailors were dead and Bono, Mase and Superman proceeded to unload their gold.

Superman was curious about the evil sailors and walked over to their boat and to his surprise the boat was unlocked (probably a stolen ship) he jumped aboard and checked their corpses and to his disbelief there was a deed to a tower!!! The three of them cheered "WOO HOO," and did a traditional dance that only the three of them can do.

The next problem was where to place these large structures. They looked for four hours and couldn't find a single spot. We decided to set sail in the boat and check some islands for empty land. This time we were more readily equipped for the dangers that lurk out at sea.

They found themselves on an arctic-like island that seemed to have ample space for both their buildings. The only problem was an angry horde of orcs coming at them!!! They battled the ten or so orcs for over a half an hour and finally, after Mase died, they killed all the orcs. Luckily for Mase, there was a shrine on the island and he was back in shape in no time.

The stone keep was placed and the tower right in front of the keep. ‘Twas a happy day for the three friends, and it’s also a lesson to those who have chosen a life of evil that crime indeed does not pay. Or, on the other hand, it could have just been our luck, for after everything was said and done, Superman looked up on the calendar and it was St. Patrick’s day and the three lucky fellows with the new homes just happened to be Irish.    

Published: March 1999
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