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Mother's Day 1999
When one thinks of online role-playing games, the first thought isn't of Mother's day, obviously. However, we've been noticing a trend towards more families playing Ultima Online together. In celebration of this, and in celebration of Mother's Day, we decided to spotlight some wonderful stories of Mom's for May. After asking you to send in your own personal stories, we picked two to share with the rest of you on this very special day.
Our two spotlights are for Tess, of Great Lakes, and for Myst, also of Great Lakes, but this month's spotlight is dedicated to all our players who also happen to be mothers. Happy Mother's Day!

The first story is of a 28-year-old mother of three, Tess, from Great Lakes. Tess' real-life family is spread out across three states, but they find connections again in UO. Tess's son; husband; his brother; and quite a few other family members all play Ultima Online. Tess tells us,

"I'm a 28-year-old mother of three and I love to play the game! Not only do I enjoy the interaction with the many other players I encounter each time I log on, but I get the pleasure of playing with lots of my family members as well as my 5 yr old son, Ian. He is a little computer wizard at age 5 and is also formidable character in the game thanks to daddy!
Truth be told, many in our family regularly play UO. "It's a family thing!" we say! Let's see, who started it anyhow? Oh, that would be my husband Amulek of SK, who then got his brother Enoch of SKV to make characters on UO as well. After that, I believe Amulek's sister and brother-in-law, Mayla and Coriantimur of SKV to join in the game for some real fun! Then I, Tess of SKV, became interested in where they were all spending so much time and having so much fun! A couple of other siblings have joined our ranks as well. Lastly but by no means least, we helped our 5 yr old son make himself a character as well. It is a lot of fun to play with our son and watch other people interact with him as they find out he is a 5 year old (we keep a close watch on him too!) We are all enjoying each UO experience; live or die; hunting or helping each other out! And we have a ton of laughs to boot!

"The funny thing is, we are all in a guild together and no one really fights! LOL and my mother-in-law can see what we are all up to by looking on the computer screen there at her house!

"She thinks it's is a great way for all of us to bond with one another considering we live in three different states now; Illinois, New Mexico, and Texas. Since we cannot possibly see one another as often as we'd like to, we enjoy the online interaction of playing UO together. My husband and I have even bought a second computer and a second UO account so that our immediate family can play side by side and "BOND" as our Mother would say!

"Overall, UO is a great family game. If our five-year-old can interact with all of us, his family, as well as others in the guild, etc....it is good for anyone! And, as a mother, I really enjoy the great stress relieving benefit of such an interactive game to play! After a long hard day at home with three kids ages 5 and under, I NEED SOMETHING! LOL and Calgon just doesn't cut it!"

-Tess of Great Lakes

The second spotlight centers around Myst, of Great Lakes, and her son who have been gaming together for 8 years! They may not have gotten their entire family to join in, but Myst's story is a sweet one, which many mothers will enjoy. Myst tells us,

"Yes, I'm a mom, and yes, I play Ultima Online… and SO does my son! This was his game first, but we have always been game buddies. From the time he was 5 years old we have been. We played a lot of games together, from Mario on the Super Nintendo, to Quest games on the PC. We both grew up and advanced to the now famous Ultima Online.
"Neither of us had ever played an online game before we started UO together. At first we chose to play on different shards. You know, he wanted to be ON his own. He bought his first house and had it all taken the first week he had it by a band of player killers.

 "I told him, 'Son, come to my shard! It's friendly here and I have made lots of friends and we can get a house together!' And he did! And now we both own a house together and a nice Forge by Minoc.

"There are days when we have our troubles. He just turned 13 and sometimes he thinks I'm just a mom and I can't relate to teenagers. But, in his eyes, I'm Myst, the master mage, and he is proud of me. We will always have UO to talk about and shard ideas about. If nothing else, that will be what keeps us best friends.

"He is Black VIII, Master archer… my strong warrior son. I will never forget this time on UO that we have shared together. If anything it will be truly wonderful memories in later years as the best times for us and memories we both will treasure forever.

"I think all mom's should share game time with their kids. If anything, I know where he is and I don't have to worry about him! And HE keeps our UO house SPOTLESS! LOL! (I wish he did the same for our real house. ;)"

- Myst of Great Lakes
We hope you enjoyed these spotlights as much as we enjoyed finding them. May 9th is Mother's Day. Whether or not your mother plays Ultima Online, be sure and spend some time with her, letting her know how much you care about her. And if you are a mother who plays Ultima Online, well, this day is for you! Thank you for being a part of this world.

Published: May 1999
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