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Celebrating the Player Run City of Oasis
The world of Ultima Online is made exceptional by the efforts of the players within that world. This spotlight is a truly special example of a continued contribution to that world on the Sonoma shard. Let us celebrate the City of Oasis, a grand player run city and its very popular Fight Night. I called on Lady Flaeme, Duchess of Oasis, to tell me more about this place and how it came into being. Here is her account.
 "A hot wind whisked across the castle parapet, I rubbed my eyes to clear the sand from them. Behind me the shimmering red moongate atop the altar of the Temple of the Rose hummed softly. To the south I could see the sharp rocky crags of towering peaks, just beyond the last houses of the city, rising quickly from the desert floor. Far west above the shimmering haze and heat waves, rose more majestic mountain peaks. Scattered below to the horizon are the houses and shops of the many people of Oasis. As I stood there, I tried to put a face to Oasis. Who are these many different people? What are their hopes and dreams?
 "They come here from all over the globe, as Oasis never sleeps. Some work the many rich mines in the mountains nearby, others come with merchants to display their varied goods. Some come to use our many training facilities in the castle, a place for young warriors to grow to where they can compete in the arenas. Some come for a cool drink and relief from the hot sun in the Desert Rose Café.

"I dreamily remember when we first laid the castle stones, Lord Jonas, Lady Rei, Lady Smitten with Love, and myself. With great magics we did erect all the inner city buildings in one long day. And I reflect how at first, a few rangers and journeyman lost in the desert came upon it and marveled. Then how others, hearing of the large "city on the desert sands" came to see what we had wrought. And soon how throngs of people would visit, some shopping, some just chatting in our roadside cafés, having a cool drink in the shade of a palm, or inside the tavern. Soon warriors from far and wide began to come to show their skill in the arenas. The clash of steel and iron mingled with the crackle of magics and the shwoosh of singing arrows as fighters and mages struggled to win the grand contests. And then the glorious evenings as the sun dropped and let the sand breathe a cool sigh of relief from its relentless gaze and the singing and dancing in the many pubs.

 "Suddenly I am startled from my reflections. Looking down, I see a large group of warriors laughing and making their way to the arenas. Smiling I knew Fight Night was fast approaching and soon the streets would be filled with fighters and the crowds, the roars of the spectators and the cries of the fallen. I noticed the city guards were beginning their patrols, carefully watching for thieves and murderers who would try to test our defenses.

 "Looking to the east I see the referees for the events, experienced veterans all, as they assemble the lists of the day's competitors. Nearby, warriors and mages begin to practice and warm up, preparing for their event. I can feel the crowd's excitement and anticipation beginning to grow. Suddenly, there is a cry as a thief is caught. Briefly a furious battle ensues as the city guards and spectators quickly swoop upon him. Then the roar of the crowds echoes through the streets as they applaud the gruesome entertainment and the thief's body is left in the hot sun." - Lady Flaeme, Duchess of Oasis

 Oasis is easily one of the largest and oldest player run cities in Ultima Online. Lady Flaeme, Duchess of Oasis, informs us that the city encompasses more than 50 buildings scattered over the huge desert of Compassion north of Britain and west of Vesper. The people of Oasis vary in both interest and county of origin. The mining district hosts players from Australia to Japan while the inner city is comprised of mostly U.S. and Canadian players.

Oasis currently hosts the Children of the Muses once a month and the famed Fight Night every Sunday. Coming up this month is the very special 50th Fight Night, Sunday April 25th, which marks over 1 and 1/2 years of Fight Nights. Additionally the fighting rings can be used for private parties during the week or guild versus guild matches.

Currently the Lady Flaeme, Duchess of Oasis, runs Oasis. You can check out their website at http://www.oasisuo.com, which is graciously run by Bayhawk. Other important figures in the city include Wyrmsachter, The Captain of the City Guard, Sardonynx - The Royal Diplomat, Tancon - The Royal Chef, Hamburglar - The Chief Scribe

Lady Flaeme would also like to give credit to some important motivators such as Bob Bowrest, former Mayor of the City and Sif, Guildmistress of the OSP. And most importantly, she wishes to thank the people who make Fight Night possible by giving their time and energy every week to referee the events, notably Ziggy and Misha, and the many fine members of the Warlords. Lady Flaeme insists that there are numerous others who deserve mention too both past and present and she apologizes if she's missed you.

We hope that you will take a few moments at some point to enjoy the city of Oasis, when next you are in Sonoma, and that you will celebrate with all of us the achievements of these great contributors. See you at the Fights!

Published: May 1999
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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