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Skara Braen Search Unearths Dead
Two archeologists from the Vesper Museum have begun searching the mainland south of Skara Brae for the long-lost treasure of notorious pirate captain named Martin Bloodeye. Local digs, however, have begun unearthing skeletons and zombies rather than the pirate’s treasure.

Martin Bloodeye was a famous pirate captain whose reign of terror extended along the coast from Skara Brae to the Dungeon Destard. Vesper scholars Simon and Seamus Finlay search for the late captain’s famous signature weapon, known as the “Bloodeye Cutlass.” The cutlass is rumored to be buried somewhere south of Skara Brae, on the mainland.

The Brothers Finlay are uncertain as to the nature of the associated Undead uprisings, but suggest they are a clear, direct result of digging up related pirate treasures. They have been unable to locate Bloodeye’s last known buried treasure, even though using maps and documents allegedly drawn up by Martin Bloodeye himself. The Finlays do claim, however, to be narrowing down the possible location, and hope to pinpoint the exact spot before the end of the month. 

Published: June 2000
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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