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Undead Unrest in the Britain Cemetary!
I arrived this morn’ in the great City of Britain to a great unrest. It was very early still, the sun had only recently risen, when the crier began yelling that the undead were restless and that they had attacked a caravan coming in from the north. She was calling for anyone that could help to come quickly to the Cemetery. 

Being the curious sort that I am, I followed the brave souls that went out to quell the tide of undead. Oh, was it a sight to see - there were Great Mages and Warriors and Rangers alike, all prepared for the nightmare battle that would face them. To see the Rangers fighting alongside their great tamed beasts, beside the wielders of magic – well, it was something the likes of which I had never seen before, and perhaps never will again. 

I stayed out of the fighting, its true, but they didn’t seem to need me much anyways. There were about fifteen adventurers in that brave group, with two Dragons and a White Wyrm on their side. It was crazy for a while there - everywhere I turned there was a Lich or Bone Knight, and there was always a Bone Magi somewhere near, it seemed. But just as I thought that the citizens of Britain were going to finish off the last of the vile creatures, another horde of undead began pouring out of the nearby crypts. 

That was when I began to worry over the fate of my comrades in arms – but, to my surprise, they worked together well, healing each other and pushing back the latest threat, finally overtaking this final assault. After all the small skirmishes and battles were over with, the adventurers cleaned up their wounds again and started the long journey back to town. All of us were wondering what had stirred the resting souls from their slumber in the cemetery, but as the group of adventures entered the Tavern and I parted with them, I heard someone say the wisest thing of the night: "Alas, I don’t care what stirred them as long as they are at rest again!" 

Published: August 2000
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