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Strange Sightings In Edinburgh Mine
In me wanderins around tha village of Edinburgh, I were told by many o’ tha villagers tha they hae seen an old friend and buyer o’ me wares, a miner known ta me as Smithson. They said tha this miner hae bin seen in tha village a runnin from their mine and screamin ‘bout a “golden earth elemental.” In this fantastic tale they say tha Smithson claimed tha he hae been goin aboot his daily diggin and hae hit upon a vein of gold. As he workd it, it were more than gold tha he did spawn, for soon a golden colored earth elemental di appear. 

The Edinburghers expanded their fantasy tale by claimin tha soon thereafter they di find bones of Smithson in tha nearby woods. Being people o’ faith, they di bury tha bones under a nearby tree and go back to their normal tasks. But tha very next day one o’ tha village miners were shocked ta see a golden elemental in the back o’ tha mine just outside the village. Tha creature – like none eer seen afore – did glare at tha miner and speak in strange tongue. As best tha villagers could understand, or so they said, tha creature claimed tha tha mine belonged to it, tha Smithson hae stolen itss gold, and tha it had killed tha miner fer his crime. 

Well, as one knowin of the dangers of too many a wee dram, I found tha tale not one ta be believed and so I told all who repeated it. “It be a spell cast on yer village,” I di say. There were no possibility tha it be true. First, there be no such creatures known ta man or woman. And I knew me old friend Smithson ta be an honest sort, if a bit slow o’ wit, and one who neer wud steal from man nor beast. 

Try as I might ta dismiss this fantasy tale, tha villagers were insistent tha it be true! So I did agree ta stay in their town fer a few days, ta see fer meself if wha they say be true. 

Well, on me father’s grave I tell ya true, ifn their story nae be true, then tha be a strange and powerful spell tha hae come oer tha place. Aroused from my sleep by one of the townspeople, I did enter tha mine. Thar before me own eyes in tha far end o’ the mine stood such as I hae neer seen in all me born days. Tha golden creature stood over a pile of ore o’ tha same color. And around him thar were other creatures, but nae so colored. 

Or so it did seem ta me then. But I tell ya true, I still know nae wher ta belive me own eyes or to think tha I too mae hae been spelled by me time in tha village ta believe tha fantasy tha I hae been told. Somethins a man experiences he knows ta be real. Others seem tha they must be a dream fer they cannae be real. Wha be this golden one? Creature or creation o’ tha spirit world? 

Published: October 2000
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