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Troll response to the Lord British speech
The abbreviated Troll Reaction to Lord British’s speech, translated from Trollish by Sir Kadon of Vesper, who has of late been missing and unheard of for many days.

G'Ruagak speaks:

Vesper is ours.

There will be no debate.

I am G’Ruagak, British. G’Ruagak is mighty and all who've come before will be forgotten.

G’Ruagak has gained knowledge no other troll has ever had about why and how our land was taken back from us.

If the Dark Mistress will help us take back Vesper, we’ll help her take all of Britain.

I am G’Ruagak, and this is so.


Roka do tchi.

Na kacha.

G’Ruagak bo’rok, Britmog. G’Ruagak haroka e la sa ubay dora skamalak.

Do ba rahk, G’Ruagak nar Rokaan sva umalak ra do ki bi za ta choki ga rokatah de vaka da ga.

Shra Umaha do sta-docas ga ratha-ra Roka, do ga ratha la Britsos.

G’Ruagak bo’rok, e raga sta.

UP: Brittania

Published: March 2000
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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