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Ultima Online and GenCon
Toad and I stepped off the plane with a grin on our face on Sunday evening. GenCon was a good experience. In many ways it felt like a four-day player lunch! The OSI booth was constantly busy with players who wanted to find out what the new DevTeam is all about. Toad and I spent a great deal of time discussing all kinds of issues from player housing to the intricacies of Player vs. Player combat. We handed out UO t-shirts to current players and to new players who signed up online at the convention. It was very cool to see so many people walking around the next day proudly wearing the UO logo and we’d like to thank everyone for stopping by the booth.

There were several other people from OSI in attendance including Matt Orlich from the marketing dept (the man guaranteed to have a banner at the booth next year), and from Quality Assurance Rhea Shelley and Brett Bonner. Many thanks to Rhea and Brett for doing most of the work in getting the booth setup! Finally, Scott Jones from Ultima IX: Ascension and Aaron de Orive came to the convention on their own time. These gentlemen were kind enough to man the booth for a while, enabling Toad and me to checkout all the goodies on the floor.

The only thing that we didn't have this year was a player lunch. I intended to correct that next year. While you're here, check out the great pictures we brought back from GenCon (thanks Matt!).

We definitely plan on being back next year, bigger and better.

Lead Designer

Published: October 2000
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