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Something Wicked Near Destard
As I was out hunting south of Skara Brae farmlands, I came upon a sight I rarely see unless bards are involved. Two sizeable groups of lizardmen were engaged in combat with each other. I would not have paid any more attention to it if it were not for the fact that a young man stood in the back, holding a large package under his arm. He did not act as if he was a prisoner - indeed, he looked as if he was the leader of one of the groups! I had to investigate further. 

I circled around the clearing where the fighting was thickest, managing to get quite close to the young man - close enough to overhear what he was saying. I cannot be sure, but it seemed as he was giving some of the lizardmen orders. He seemed to have absolute control over his force, for even though the orders he gave were purely suicidal, the lizardmen obeyed instantly. Before the battle ended, the young man, who seemed to be a wizard of some skill, recalled away. I followed his lead, making myself scarce before one of the lizardmen caught my smell. 

I decided to head south to see if I could find more lizardman activity and, sure enough, not long after I left the first two groups, I came upon a larger band that was led by one of the largest lizardmen I have ever seen. Something else made him stand out however : his skin had a strange tint to it - not the ordinary green of lizardman scales, t’was instead a pale blue. 

As the leader was walking around and talking, or perhaps chanting, to the others, a group from the party I had met earlier returned. They had managed to take some prisoners too. The large one started to interrogate them on the spot, and it did not take long before he seemed to be finished. What seemed a bit odd was that the prisoners were treated extremely fair - as if they were the leader's siblings themselves. 

Panic struck me when they started marching. They marched towards Skara Brae! I took a shortcut and ran as fast as I could to bring the townspeople this bit of news. At least now they can prepare for things to come. 

Published: January 2001
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