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Evil Mages Attempt to Enter Moonglow City Tra
Hail, I’m George Blades, a traveling reporter here in our fair land of Britannia, and I’ve come upon some most disturbing news this day. I felt that the citizens of Moonglow in the facet known as Trammel should know that, although they are in a less threatening environment, there is still danger that lurks very close to our fair city. I spoke to a young man who gave his account of what he encountered : 

“Well sir, I was tending my animals down near the Moonglow moongate when I hears this yelling and screaming from one of those Healers that travel our land. I runs as fast as I can to see what he’s screaming about. There before me I see’s , about three Evil Mages casting magic on him. I saw him go down and I ran like the dickens. Cause them Mages then started running after me. I lefts my animals there and ran. I ran back to the city to tell the Cryer so he could announce to strong brave folk to come help get rid of them.”

“Well sir, after a few folks gathered, I followed them back out. I saw them defeat one Evil Mage after another. They must’a been very strong folks. I just stayed back a bit so as not to get myself killt. After awhile more folks started arriving. But the Mages did not stop coming - they seemed to have spread out all over to the south of the Moonglow gate, right down near the Zoo. There was bodies everywhere. Then some of them angry mages started summoning helpers like Ettins and Orcs. Trying hard to push forward toward the city. But them Town folks that came to the city’s aid was strong ones, cuz they defeated them Evil Mages.”

“I never did find out why theys was trying to get into Moonglow. Methinks though that from what I heards the city had a bunch of Mages that turned to evil long ago. Perhaps they came from the land of Felucca, noone knew. Anyways, I gots to go back to my animals before they gets lost. Goodbye, sir.”

Well that was his account of what happened. I’ve also managed to get a couple portraits of the battle from a traveling artist who paints the news as he sees it. I am glad to provide you with any portraits and information as I find it. I’m off to seek out more news. Until then, safe journeys.

Published: June 2000
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