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Scholarly Thanks
I’d like to express my gratitude to those brave adventures that helped escort me to the Shrine of Compassion from Empath Abbey. As a scribe and monk I do not get out often, but I am aware of the dangers in our land. It was for this reason that I put out a modest call for an escort as I made my pilgrimage to the Shrine of Compassion. Brother Edward had been there for the past month meditating on the Virtue and I was to relieve him. Five stalwart gentlemen came forward in answer to my call for help. Orion, Scrib, Maldoror, Sinteres and Jharo. 

The trip started out with a few mongbats accosting us, which were rapidly dealt with. We’d decided that taking the road would be safer than cutting through the wilderness. This had the side effect of having to pass by the local cemetery where some skeletons decided we should join them in their eternal rest. My companions dissuaded them of this idea. 

We pressed onward, encountering ettins, orcs, trolls, dire wolves and even a gazer! At one point an orc mage attacked and focused on myself. It was very frightening and the world went black at one point. Fortunately, one of my traveling companions was able to bind my spirit back to my body and we continued onward. 

The rest of the journey was punctuated by more attacks, which seemed to grow fiercer the closer to the shrine we came. Some part of me wondered if something did not wish me to arrive and meet with Brother Edward. The worst of the attacks hit as we entered the desert around the shrine. Scorpions, spiders and earth elementals seemed drawn to our group. Many of the brave warriors fought on, even while poisoned. The Virtues were with us that day, though, as we managed to push through the monsters and finally arrive at the shrine. 

Brother Edward was pleased to see me and a bit surprised that a month had passed already. We both thanked the five gentlemen who’d escorted me and I gave them some food and drink for the trip home. I am proud to know that there are brave souls in the world still who are willing to take time from their busy lives in order to help those of us who are not skilled in the arts of combat. My thanks and blessings go out to all of you who stop to lend aid to those who are weaker and in need. 

Published: August 2000
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