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Murder of Moonglow Alchemist Points Finger at
Margot, a well liked Alchemist, with many friends amongst the ruling council of Moonglow was murdered recently, in Buccaneer’s Den. At the time, Margot was purchasing alchemical supplies from Captain Diego, a notorious ruffian and, reputedly, a pirate. Reports of the incident show that Diego was warned that Margot would try to kill him, and when an unaffiliated passerby attacked the Captain, Diego slew Margot, and fled. This source was reputedly Vizier Hareem, of Nujel’m. The goods that were to be sold to Margot, a large quantity of Nightshade, were traced to a herbarium deep within Spiritwood. 

An attack on this illegal reagent farm (believed to be the property of the Sultan of Nujel’m) was organized, and citizens were deputized for the purpose. The party, led by June, a Royal Army Scout who located the building, met stiff resistance approaching the Herbarium. Just as the battle against the guards turned in the citizen’s favor, however, a gate opened, and a man who identified himself as Vizier Hareem appeared through it. Bringing forth powerful, and foul magiks, the Vizier summoned up a horde of undead, to drive Btitannia’s warriors from the area. He very nearly succeeded, but was set upon by several citizens. When repeatedly struck, the Vizier let drop an illusion he had woven about himself, uncovering his true form: a liche! (Reliable sources claim this was none other than Acruvir, the powerful Liche Lord that attacked Moonglow repeatedly from the cemetery several times, until his confirmed destruction roughly two months ago. These rumors of his reappearance have yet to be substantiated) After a lengthy running battle, the Liche Lord was forced to retreat through a gate. 

This unsettling development raises many questions about the Nujel’m government. How is the Sultan linked to the forces of undeath? Is there, perhaps, a more sinister force behind the Nujel’m government?

Editor’s note: This letter was received by messenger before the article went to print. Here, at BNN, we always try to tell both sides of the story. 

To the people of Britannia, 

We urge caution when listening to such blatant and obvious attempts to discredit Nujel’m. As many of you already know, yes, our two cities are having diplomatic difficulties. The severity of these problems have, thus far, been understated. Several attempts to sabotage Nujel’m interests have already been made by mages connected with Moonglow, most of which have been thwarted by agents of our most noble and esteemed Sultan. Negotiations between our two cities have temporarily broken down over this incident. Nujel’m is dedicated to resolving this crisis peacefully, and diplomatically. However, the framing of a friend of the Sultan, Captain Diego, has tried even our patience. Yes, we freely admit connections with the Captain. He is a legitimate businessman. The allegations of piracy upon the part of Moonglow are utterly false. The Captain was working for us, transporting reagents from our facilities in Spiritwood (Which were entirely legal, as guaranteed by the Sultan’s sovereignty agreement with the Britannian Crown) An action in the court of Truth has been started, to retro-actively cancel the authorization, and therefore allow us to seek damages against the city of Moonglow, in an undisclosed amount. We are not seeking legal action against the “deputies” that were duped into murder by Marcus, on the behalf of the Moonglow Town Council. 

As for the issue of this Vizier Hareem, the government of Nujel’m would like to ensure the people of Britannia that if such a man exists, he is in no way, shape, or form connected to the great city of Nujel’m! It is more likely that this Liche is connected with the Moonglow government. The isle of verity is the city with magical connections, not us. Undoubtedly, this “Vizier” was sent to destroy our herbarium, in case the deputies failed in their duty. 

The Citizens of Nujel’m 

Published: August 2000
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