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Mad Mage Attack!
Like any good combat chronicler, I travel our lands extensively. Just recently I was passing from Skara Brae towards Britain when I caught the smell of sulphur in the air. Now I’d have expected the stink of orc or the musty scent of undead, but sulphur? My nose told me that something different was going on, so I whipped out stylus and parchment and took to the woods to creep closer to the odiferous area. 

 It’s a good thing I’ve nerves of steel, for in front of me was a scene straight from the depths of the foulest dungeon. Cabals of mages were chanting and the ground was spewing forth daemons! I do not lie! The mages seemed intent on using the daemons to take over the city of Britain. Fortunately, a large group of citizens were fighting back the small army. 

The ground would shake now and then as a daemon stomped by, intent on some victim. Spells were thick in the air and people were screaming, both for help and in retaliation to the mages. The battle seemed to range along the entire stretch of road, starting at the crossroads area and moving all the way in to the pass to Britain. 

I could see that some folk had fallen to the mages and their pet daemons, but a pair of stalwart healers brought the fallen back to life. Without a moment’s hesitation, the valiant warriors would then dive right back into the fray. 

It looked like the cabals were made up of four mages and one mage lord. Together, they would summon up a daemon and then the whole lot would descend on the closest adventurer. 

 After some time, I can’t say exactly how long, the noise died down and the stench of sulphur began to lessen. Bodies littered the ground. Fortunately, most of them were of the mad mages and their pet daemons. No one seemed to know anything about the attack and no power came forth to claim responsibility. Perhaps it was just a group of disgruntled mages from Moonglow, perhaps not. 

For now, the attack remains a mystery, perhaps never to be solved. I’m Cara Newsman, till next time, may the Virtues be with you.

Published: August 2000
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