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Brigands Attempt to Gain Foothold In Moonglow
Greetings readers. In the news today, an attempt by a band of brigands to take the island of Moonglow. Whilst dropping by to visit a friend at the Lycaeum I caught wind of a defense force that was being hastily put together to head to the south of the isle to stop a brigand incursion. Excusing myself from the Mage I was interviewing for Scholars Monthly, I grabbed quill and parchment and headed for the teleporter pads. 

Arriving at the southern point of the isle, I made my way through the forest there until the sounds of metal striking metal came to my seeking ears. On the southwest edge of the isle, near where the Mage Tower would be had we been in Felucca, was what looked like a brigand camp of some sort. Torches, bedrolls and storage chests were set out with brigands standing guard in the area. Just to the north, along the road, I could make out some Moonglow residents going head to head with more brigands. 

I must admit to some deep surprise when a lightning bolt crashed into the tress near to where I was taking my notes and drawing my pictures. Seems the brigands had mages with them, and not just ordinary ones, but mage lords by the looks of it. Tufts of ground would spew into the air as a bolt of lightning came crashing down from the heavens. A horse fell over dead, its rider lying unconscious nearby. 

 The brigands mocked the defenders, calling out for help from the guards, shouting about foul murder being done. This did not deter the Moonglow defenders, though. Even though the brigands had managed to press their way almost as far north as the moongate, the defenders gave as little ground as possible. It did not look good for the locals, though. Fortunately, reinforcements arrived and the tide of the battle started to shift. The brigands were now the ones slowly being forced back south to where their camp was set up. 

 Time crawled by, but the fighting went on. Beads of sweat threatened to drop from my brow onto the parchments the fighting was so hot and heavy. The Moonglow defenders had managed to push the brigands all the way back to their camp when a blue moongate opened within the camp. From the gate poured out more brigands and mages. As if this were not bad enough, the gate must have led to the depths of Hythloth for daemons were also emerging from the gate. Fortunately they were few in number and the defenders had finally organized their attack strategy. 

Just as the sun colored the horizon crimson as it headed towards its nightly rest, the last of the brigands fell silent to the ground. Tendrils of sulphur rose from the smoking bodies of the daemons and the mages lay in heaps nearby. Strangely enough, no cries of victory were given off by the defenders. Instead, a quiet retreat back to the town occurred where the crier was heartily thanking folk for coming to the defense of the island. Will the brigands attempt another foothold in Moonglow? Was this the precursor to a larger invasion or a self contained attack? Only time will tell. Until then, I’m Cara Newsman, your Combat Chronicler. May the virtues be with you! 

Published: September 2000
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