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Purple Knight's 1st Dungeon Experience
We all remember the first time we took that deep breath, steadying ourselves before stepping into a dungeon for the first time. The anxiety of not knowing what to expect and the fear of meeting an untimely death often keeps many from taking that first step.

But as Purple Knight from the Lake Superior Shard relates to us in his Tale of his First Dungeon Experience, the presence of friends can help overcome that fear. After that, it is the evil beasts of these dungeons that had better be afraid!

 The air was fresh and clean when I awoke that morning, oh so long ago. Despite the time that has passed, however, I will never forget that day.
My guildmate, Red Knight had convinced me to join him on a hunt to a place I had never been, a deep, dark dungeon named Shame. He was a mighty warrior, a Great Lord and a member of Lord British's elite Order Guards. He assured me with him around, as well as the other Knights, I would learn a lot about swinging my halberd in a fight. I have been in the woods for many years as a lumberjack and carpenter and I thought I was more than able to handle myself. Even a carpenter must defend himself against evil, both man and beast alike. I had also been studying the arcane arts for quite a while and had recently gained the skill needed to cast many powerful spells. I thought to myself of the riches to be had and glory to be gained. I learned quickly that this was naiveté on my part!

I joined with my friends at the guild house ready for adventure. I double checked my reagents and gave my halberd a final swipe with the sharpening stone. As my guildmaster, Blue Knight dropped the rune for all to use, I watched Green Knight depart first, followed by Gold Knight. Then it was my turn. I uttered the words "Kal Ort Por" to cast my recall spell and was instantly in a place darker and more terrifying than anything I could ever imagine. The odor of death hung in the air, like a fog that never lifted. I managed to cast nightsight upon myself so I could see better. Soon everyone was there and we moved out to locate and engage the evil beasts.

With my halberd at the ready, we moved around a corner and there were several earth elementals. I had never seen anything like them, made from solid rock and towering many feet above us. I looked down at my trusted halberd and it suddenly looked small and feeble compared to these beasts. My guildmates jumped right in, swarming over the first of the elementals, as I stood there and watched them fight. Soon enough, my fear was replaced with eager anticipation as I saw how easy they felled the first, then a second elemental. I was ready when I saw one of the beasts come strait for me. As soon as he was in range I swung my halberd with all my might...and missed! The mighty beast then smashed down upon me and connected with a blow so strong I was shocked and almost dropped my halberd.

I heard in the background the words "In Vas Mani" hoping in the back of my mind that the powerful healing spell was coming my way. But I could not wait for it, for the elemental was still there, about to pound on me again. I gathered my wits and swung my halberd again. This time I connected! Chunks of rock flew back at me as a large piece of the beast was now missing. I swung again and again continuing to remove large portions of it. Suddenly, I felt the soothing power of magic wash over me a couple times as my guildmates healed me. But I was determined to beat this beast despite the beast within me...my own fear. Finally the rocks crumbled for a final time and the elemental was destroyed.

I was washed over by a feeling of elation as several of my guildmates ran up to me. Blue Knight told me "That was a close one my friend, for I healed thee once or twice". I looked down upon my vanquished foe, now nothing more than a pile of rocks. I knew that day my own fear had crumbled along with it. After searching the pile for a couple of gold coins and a trinket or two, we moved on down the tunnel. I could only hope to find more of these beasts, for I knew they could not defeat me now.

-Purple Knight, Grandmaster Scholar, Lake Superior Shard

With the closing of Dungeon Month, we'd like to again thank everyone who submitted dungeon stories. These tales truly reflect the vastly different experiences one can have when adventuring in the dark confines of a dungeon.

Dungeons are dangerous and unpredictable places, yet those brave enough to dive into their depths are often rewarded for their efforts with vast riches and powerful magic. So sharpen your blades, ready those bows, and prepare the reagents. The dungeons of Ultima Online await thee!

Published: October 2000
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